Skua Strait

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Skua Strait is an area of water on the north side of Greenwich Island (coming from Club Penguin) that is inhabited many by skua gangsters. It was discovered by Barkjon in 2008.


The history of this gangster base is unknown, except that it was one of the main headquarters of the Antarctic Gangster Association.

Large Building in the MIDDLE[edit]

In the middle of the strait lies a large, squarish, grey-colored building whose condition has detioarted over the years. A team of researchers went into the top floor of the building and discovered graffiti and a broken skua wing. The floors below are empty, except the tenth floor from the top which had a sofa and a vintage television, probably from 1980s Lichenblossom. The television has no signal. An Everlaunch Game Console controller was found atop the television, and proved to have been meddled with.

The building has a total of fifteen floors, eleven above water and four below water. It was said to have been built by...

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