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Johnny C. Mcbride
Title The Warrior Skull
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Hunting for prey
Location A small hut in a Ligurian forest
Occupation Warrior, Soldier in the Ligurian Army
Interests Fighting, Hunting
Friends Flywish, Sonic Xtreme, Raven, most of the Ligurian Army
Enemies Fish, Yellow Creatures
Archetype Anti-Hero

Skull (real name: Johnny Clarence Mcbride) is a psychopathic warrior penguin. He is very well known for not using modern warfare weaponry. Instead using mostly melee weapons and slingshots with rocks. He is a soldier in the Ligurian Army and resides in a Ligurian forest.


Skull was born on November 3rd, 1999 under the name of Johnny Mcbride in UnitedTerra. He was given a red balloon when he was 2. He named it 'Joshua' and often took it with him on camping trips which is something his parents loved. One day, he was running around a room with Joshua. His father was playing darts with his friends when suddenly a yellow dart was thrown. It hit the balloon and popped it in the process. Young Johnny was devastated. He did what he could to put Joshua back together but couldn't. His dad offered to buy him another balloon but Johnny felt it wouldn't be the same. Despite his grief over Joshua, Johnny still went on the camping trips and had a lot of fun. However, one night, they were eating fish around the campfire.

Johnny: Mommy, are there anymore gray fish?

Johnny's Mom: No hun, only yellow fish.

Johnny: OK, can we roast marshmellows now?

Johnny's Dad: Why don't you eat some more fish son.

Johnny: No! I hate yellow!

After this, his parents scolded him and didn't let him roast marshmellows. Any time after this incident that he saw yellow, he would get very angry and shout "&*^t#%û!" which of course would get him in trouble. Over time, he grew more violent and aggressive. He would often get into fights during elementary school. But when he got to high school, he joined the school's wrestling team and ended up a national champion. Though his parents were proud of him, they grew worried about him. The following wrestling season, he was barred from the wrestling team for injuring a teammate after the teammate offered him a yellow pencil. To make matters worse, his parents hatched his brother who they named Darren who turned out to be yellow. In a blaze of fury, Johnny smashed a window, jumped out, and ran away from home. His parents spent weeks searching for him but ended up not being able to find him after a penguin with unkempt hair and an unkempt beard told them Johnny had left the country. However, the penguin was actually Johnny but had renamed himself "Skull". Skull spent two years in a Terrain forest hunting fish that weren't yellow and other wildlife.

After two years, Skull had to flee UnitedTerra after a run in with authority. He built a small raft and went off to Flywish Island. When the raft finally arrived after 6 months, Skull took refuge in a forest somewhere behind Flywish's house. After months of snacking on crabs and fish, a mysterious penguin approached him. It was Flywish who was on a nature walk to get his mind off his father's death.

Flywish: What are you doing here sir?

Skull: Grrrrrrrr!

Flywish: Don't you growl at me you little !€%#€%€€%!

Skull (mumbling): Sorry

Flywish: Now what is your name sir?

Skull: Skull

Flywish: Would you like to join my army?

Skull: Do I get to crush?

Flywish: Most certainly

Skull: Ok I'll join

Flywish took Skull back to his residence and gave him a Knicicle and a Fire Sword. He was given combat training and was a natural at melee. Flywish was delighted and let Skull reside in the forest behind his residence. When Flywish couped Liguria in 2011, Skull went with him but built a hut in a Ligurian forest. He resides there now.


Skull is a forest dweller but is also a warrior. He helps the Ligurian Army whenever they need help. He also works a part-time job selling his prey to restaurants around Liguria.


  • He has built a very tiny tolerance to the color yellow but still gets angry when seeing it.
    • He often gets tormented by Yellow Puffles.
  • He doesn't believe in the color orange.
    • This is because he thinks yellow and red don't mix
  • He often paints skulls on his face which is why he named himself Skull.
  • His parents miss him.

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