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Slender, waving to you
Born Antonio Mason
October 16, 2000 (2000-10-16) (age 19)
Died 3rd July 2057 (age 56)
Magonian Imperial Gardens, New Riffleton, Magonia
Cause of death Unknown disease
Resting place Mason Family Mausoleum, New Riffleton
Residence Magonian Imperial Gardens, Riffleton, Magonia
Gender Male
Nationality Magonian
Other names Slender
Ethnicity Zhouese-Emperor Penguin
Citizenship Magonia flag.PNG Magonian
Education Self-educated, later got Master's in Finance and Business Administration
Alma mater University of New Riffleton
Occupation Chancellor of Magonia (until 2018), Emperor of Magonia (starting from 2018)
Years active 2010-
Employer Imperial Government of Magonia (until 2018), Magonia as a nation (starting from 2018)
Home town Muçao
Salary Billions (private income)
Known for Introducing Magonia to the Antarctic stage and turning it into an economic power
Title Emperor, First Citizen, Princeps
Political party Nonpartisan (Independent), Magonian National Front (2016 - 2018;founder and president until 2018), Magonian Libertarian Front (2015 - 2016;renamed the Magonian National Front)
His (Imperial) Excellency Slender, Emperor and First Citizen of Magonia
Slender crowned.PNG
Reign 2018 - 2057
Coronation 1 March 2018 (inauguration)
Full name Emperor Slender Mason
Titles First Citizen, Princeps, the Magnus
Born 16th October 2000
Birthplace Muçao, Zhou
Died 3rd July 2057
Place of death Magonian Imperial Gardens, New Riffleton, Magonia
Buried Mason Family Mausoleum, New Riffleton, Magonia
Predecessor None (Position created)
Successor Xavier Mark
Consort Katherine Chandos
Offspring Refer to the family section
Royal House House of Mason
Royal anthem Nil
Royal motto Nil
Father Andrew Mason
Mother Gwen Feng
Not to be confused with SlenderXP, User:SlenderXP, Xlender, Slendar or Xlendar.

Slender Mason, better known by the name Slender, (2000 - 2057) is a Magonian statesman and financier who served as the first Chancellor of Magonia and the first elected Emperor of Magonia. He is a Zhouese-Emperor Penguin who, due to his red iris, white hair (from birth) and white feathers, has a distinct appearance. However, he used to wear fake black feathers and shave himself bald. Being originally from Muçao, Slender resided at various locations during his life, first at Dancing Penguin City, then South Pole City before finally settling down at the Magonian capital of New Riffleton. His wealth derives from his numerous holdings, although it can be traced back to his GemCity malls and the Avaritas Banking Corporation.

Despite being able to enjoy a life that others could only dream of, Slender's whole life could be described as turbulent because he was forced away from his native homeland, and being forced to move constantly to other places in order to achieve what was considered to be a better and peaceful life in his own standards. However, the rivals who constantly seek to bring him down always managed to force him to retreat to another place to recover and strike back at them once more, never achieving a permanent victory for each enemy he brought down, another will enter his life.


Early Life

Slender was born in the year 2000 in Muçao, with the name Antonio Mason. His father, Andrew Mason, was an Emperor Penguin who established himself as a high-ranking civil servant in the colonial civil service. His mother, Gwen Cheng-Mason, was a Zhouese public prosecutor. Genealogists later traced the origins of Slender's paternal ancestors to Honk Gong and Devin (a province in Grand Permatan, while his maternal ancestors were revealed to have originated from Nampai and Quandon (both of which are some of Zhou's most prosperous cities in the present day). As Andrew also owned some SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as a 'sleeping investor', his income was supplemented by the dividends generated from his shares. Although his relatives were exceedingly wealthy, his own father made his own fortune as he was disinherited by Slender’s paternal grandfather.

Due to his family's fortune, Slender's parents could afford to send him to a prestigious primary school that catered to Muçao's wealthy. It was there that he met his first crush Summer Chong, who would later be his first girlfriend many years later. Academically, Slender performed well. He excelled in English, History, Mathematics and Geography, but he was not as skilled in Mandarin Chinese. Slender initially took up taekwondo classes, but he later dropped out of them so that he could pursue his then-interests in fencing and archery.

When Slender was 10, his life started falling like domino blocks. His father's businesses were insolvent and he was demoted to a position at least two ranks lower than his previous position. In order to regain his fortune, Slender's father embezzled some money from the colonial government and he was subsequently coerced by an official to become a member in a corrupted gang of high-ranking officials. However, this doesn't please the Muçanese, who were tired of the corrupt practices. In order to save their own feathers, his partners in crime used him as a scapegoat.

One day, an angry mob stormed the Mason family's mansion. In the chaos, Slender's father was arrested and roughed up badly by the mob. Later on, he mysteriously died in police custody, allegedly stabbed by a crooked police officer under his blackmailers' payroll. Seizing a a chance to escape, Slender took as much money as possible and set the mansion on fire, diverting the mob's attention. Slender then set off on a ship to an unknown location. The previously soft-hearted Slender changed from that day onwards. He swore revenge against those officials, and anyone else stupid enough to cross him in the future.

Life in Shops Island

3 days later, the ship arrived at its location, Shops Island. Getting off the ship, Slender purchased a house at Shops City. Slender held several occupations, such as providing translation service to Zhouese immigrants and providing security to businesses, and supplemented his income by trading in the financial markets. After acquiring a sizeable capital, he opened a mall with a Margatian called Nicktang10. The mall was named GemCity. However, the two was busy with their own things so the management of the mall is left to someone else. The original USA GemCity mall started a franchise and opened branches at Shops Island, UnitedTerra, Margate and Polaris as well, making the two rich.

Slender wanted a larger fortune, South Pole City-style fortune, as he deemed his fortune to be 'inadequate' despite the fact that he had recouped what his family had lost by then. He created a hedge fund, through which he earned a reputation for being one of the best hedge fund managers in the business. By the time his hedge fund, named Slender Capital after himself, was well established, he had already joined the elite world of billionaires. Slender Capital was later merged with the Avaritas Banking Corporation, which he founded in 2014.

When the Shops Intelligence Agency was formed, the adventurous youngster joined, because he wanted to fill a void in his life( according to his own words). He was trained to be an expert marksman and a good fighter. He even saw combat during the Frosian War. A few months after enlisting, Slender bought a castle-like residence in Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island as he felt more 'homely' there due to the island's considerable Zhouese influence on its culture. It was there that he developed a cultural preference for a fusion of both Archipelagoan and Asiapelagoan cultures. Not long after settling down, he contested in a local election and managed to be one of Shops' Administrators for a brief period of time.

Abandoning Shops and Settling in the USA

After returning from the Frosian War, support for pacifist politicians was at an all-time high thanks to the destructive nature of the war. Many 'hawkish' jingoist politicians, such as Slender, lost their positions in an election. It was then Slender decided to, in his words, 'screw Shops and move to the Land of Opportunity'.

Slender left his home of Shops, abandoning the life he'd started there, and moved to the USA, where he bought a mansion in an affluent part of South Pole City and built another mansion at Club Penguin with a part of his fortune. Beside that, Slender was also transferred to the EPF from the SIA. As a fresh start, he legally changed his name to Slender Mason.

Slender was soon integrated into the so-called elite 'one percent' class of Antarctica, making friends with Spike Hike, TurtleShroom, Judge Xavier, Uncle Bungee (allegedly) and some other penguins. From these friends, a wealthy and patriotic lawyer convinced Slender to switch his allegiance to the USA. The day after that, Slender started expanding his business empire in Antarctica by building some GemCity malls in Club Penguin Island, South Pole City, Eastshield, Fanon City and even in Mattress Village. Not long after, he started a chemical-engineering company and an arms manufacturing company in Nexon, Margate to join the thriving industries. However, all of these came at a cost. Due to his status and wealth, many attempted to become his rivals and take him down, or become his partners and backstab him later. By 2015, he became so stressed and tired of the constant challenges that he decided to find another base of operation.

Magonian Chancellery

In February 2015, Margate and Munijoch opened up trade with the isolated nation of Magonia. As a result, numerous companies from both countries heavily invested in that nation (including Slender's). While Slender read about the REFORM treaty, and how it would change Magonia's government- he saw a new opportunity, and gained a new desire- become the leader of Magonia. So, on a whim, Slender built yet another mansion, this time in Magonia, and moved his permanent residence there.

With his wealth, Slender used what could be considered a dirty but still technically legal technique - he bought off the ownership of most Magonian advertisement and media companies. This allowed him to start a massive campaign to elevate his own party, the Magonian Libertarian Front, and diverted the media's attention from the other parties. As a result, his party won a significant majority of the seats in the newly established Parliament. Shortly after that, the new Magonian Chancellor began attending a series of meetings with Terrain President Ninjinian, Margatian President Frederick Mueller and Munian President Joseph Yslenski to talk about the possibility of the formation of an alliance between the four nations. Finally, on July 15th 2015, the Connection Pact was signed at Tops Tower. After winning the election, he passed on the management of Slender Capital to his protege, but still retained his stake in the business, along with other enterprises that he owned.

Policies as Chancellor

Luckily for the Magonian masses, Slender turned out to be an efficient leader. With his connections to numerous prominent businessmen and magnates around the Fanon World, he encouraged them to invest in the nation, modernizing Magonia's infrastructure. With the large amounts of cash flowing into the nation (including his), Slender decided to save up most of the foreign currencies in the national coffers instead of spending them like crazy. However, he did used his companies to develop Magonia in a non-governmental way. Using his companies, Slender developed the Magonian automobile-manufacturing and IT industries. Tall skyscrapers soon dominated the skyline of Riffleton, the Magonian capital. Eventually, Magonia was not only lifted out of a serious economic crisis, but also entered a new age of economic prosperity. From an original 900 billion CPC, Magonia's GDP tripled to around 2.2 trillion CPC by early 2016, mostly thanks to The Zeta Connections and Slender's genius. This effectively secured him the Chancellery for many years to come.

As a former soldier, Slender also focused on the modernization of the Imperial Magonian Armies (IMA). He launched a recruitment program and reformed the military, raising the number of soldiers to at least 450,000 by the end of the year. Thanks to Margatian and Munian arms-manufacturing companies opening up factories in the country, Slender was able to arm the IMA with futuristic weapons such as plasma rifles. In addition, the Magonian government also collaborated with the Margatian Space Command to start a space program.

Ascension to the Throne

On 15th January 2018, then Magonian Emperor Kalieth the Great passed away due to natural causes. As he didn't have any heir at all, the nation was thrown into a constitutional crisis as it lacked a head of state for a few months. At the time, the Magonian National Front (the ruling party at the time, which was headed by Slender) suggested that the country be converted into an elective monarchy. Despite the Parliament voting to amend the Constitution into favouring an elected Emperor, the move was criticised by some political opponents of Slender, who claimed that he wanted to become the Emperor.

The Members of Parliament had to vote for the next Emperor on 12th February of the same year, on the condition that the winner must have an absolute majority (more than three-fourths) of the Parliament's vote. Aside from Slender, a Socialist politician by the name of Victor Johnson was contending for the throne as well. In the first round of the election, Slender won around 82% of the MPs' vote (with Johnson winning 9% and the remaining choosing to abstain).

However, Johnson disputed the results, forcing another election to be held via popular vote on 25th February 2017. This time, the candidates had to score over 65% of the popular vote. With a voter turnout of 84%, Slender emerged victorious yet again with over 72% of the vote, while 19% of the voters chose to abstain (invalid ballots were counted as abstain) and the rest voted for Johnson. This system was forever set as the system for electing the Magonian monarchy. With the Magonian people showing their support, Slender was enthroned as the Emperor of Magonia on 1 March 2018, the first monarch to be elected.


Initially, Slender had trouble with adjusting to his new position as the Imperial Bodyguards forbade him from driving alone (something that he liked to do) and he had to get used to the presence of an army of servants and staff in his residence. Despite having grown up in a household staffed by a few maids, years of independence and self-reliance made the concept of having staff in his own residence alien to him as he got used to living by himself or with his girlfriend Katherine in recent years. One of the worst dilemmas that he had to deal with was that the newly enthroned Emperor wasn't allowed to be involved in any political parties. As a result, he resigned from the party presidency and renounced his membership in the Magonian National Front, initially believing that he had lost grip of national politics.

However, this soon proved not to be the case as Slender managed to build an informal political alliance with his successor as Chancellor and MNF President, Markus Kang (who happened to be the former President of the Avaritas Banking Group). The latter required his support in order to have his bills passed as law. The two soon integrated numerous elected officials (even those from the Opposition), civil servants, military officers and businessmen into Slender's 'political machine'.

As the Emperor, Slender was given the powers to veto Parliamentary bills and to draft and propose them. In addition, he was also allowed to appoint top-level government bureaucrats, the judiciary, the heads of the military (in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief) and heads of Magonia's security apparatuses (including the Inspector-General of the Imperial Magonian Police and the Director of the Magonian Secret Service). The Emperor had the right to convene and dissolve Parliament as well. He has the right to sit and speak in Parliamentary sessions and Supreme Court meetings in a non-voting role. Emperor Slender had the power to sign international treaties, declare war or make peace (with Parliament's consent) and declare martial law during exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, he is also granted the power to order the arrest and detention of any creature for up to 3 years if they are found guilty of compromising national security and public order. The Emperor also has the power to seize ownership of assets if they are acquired via illicit manners. The Emperor also has the power to direct the usage of the country’s foreign reserves, although this is normally delegated to the central bank’s governor.


On the night of 2nd July 2057, Slender was playing a game of billiards with several political allies (including several senior civil servants, senior members from his former political party and military officers) at the Magonian Imperial Gardens when he remarked that he felt a sharp pain in his head. Despite that, he continued playing, drinking strong beverages and chatting with his friends. The Empress Katherine claimed that the Emperor only went to bed at 2.35 AM.

A few hours later, at 7.30 AM, when the Empress tried to wake him up, Slender was unresponsive. An emergency medical team was quickly called, but he had long been dead before then. His death was announced to the Magonian Empire three hours later, with 'natural causes' stated as his cause of death. The same was repeated in his death certificate.

Subsequently, a mourning period of 2 weeks was declared throughout the nation. As the head of state, Slender was granted the honour of a state funeral by the government. He laid in state in a specially-designed coffin at the Magonian Imperial Gardens, where politicians, relatives, friends, businessmen and foreign leaders came to pay their respects. Slender was finally buried on 15th July 2057 at the Mason Family Mausoleum. His funeral was attended by many statesmen, including Penstubal, who gave a speech at his funeral in which he remarked how powerful Slender was and how he immediately struck Penstubal as a wise man.


Slender has often been described by many, including his inner circle, biographers and contemporaries, to be an enigma. He appears to have a constantly changing personality which some thought was a personality disorder. However, those in the know are aware that he is maintaining this in order to confuse and deceive his rivals.

However, several character traits do remain constant in his personality. Slender usually maintains a calm and cool demeanour when talking to others. This is even more apparent during occasions when he was faced with threats. Behind this facade, he was actually ruthless and cunning. If someone ever did him wrong, Slender would ensure that the individual who did so will regret doing so. He also has a soft side as he often helps those in need if he possesses the ability do so. He is also noted to have other traits such as a good sense of humour, generosity (due to his numerous philanthropic activities), lack of compassion (although this is only confined to those who don't deserve it in his opinion), an extroverted persona (but many would think that he was introverted whenever he was emotionally troubled) and sensitive emotions (as explained by how easy it is to make him happy or provoke his silent wrath). While he likes to befriend everyone, an occasional emotional overload (which he fondly called his 'emo' mood) would leave him wishing that people can just leave him alone and stop bothering him.

Despite this 'good side' in his private life, Slender is a completely different penguin in his official capacities as the owner of numerous businesses and the Emperor of Magoni. In this 'side of Slender', he never showed mercy and remorse. Many of his boundaries in his private life were often broken when he was on official business, such as the excessive usage of capital punishment for criminals despite claiming that life is the most important thing to ever exist in private conversations. Slender definitely doesn't feel sorry for others, and he won't think twice about the ethics behind his solutions and tactics, as long as they are efficient in producing the results he desired.

For someone in his position, Slender is surprisingly humble and not much of a showoff. He claimed that humility was an important part of his own moral principles, and often stressed its importance. This is not to say that his position protects him from other showoffs who attempt to challenge him just because they wanted to, though. It should be noted this constant annoyance has pestered him for almost his entire life, causing him much stress. This caused him to be wary of those who attempted to befriend him in his later years as he would suspect that they were planning to stick it to him in one way or another.


As a former SIA agent, Slender possesses some skills in firearms and unarmed combat, mainly the former. As a chick, Slender also learned fencing, giving him some skills in sword fighting. Later when he confiscated a rare Deathsaber from the International Syndicate, purported to be formerly owned by Emperor Octavian, he decided to further emerge himself in his duelling practices in order to protect himself. He learned how to deflect bullets with it, and always carries it after gaining the prized weapon.

Besides that, he also has a photographic memory, however it can only be activated when it was 'triggered', such as during emergency situations when he needs to recall an important detail. Slender also has the ability to speak and even write in many languages, including English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Malay (good writing skills but average speaking skills), Portuguese (basic conversations only), Spanish (basic conversations only), French (only a few terms) and German.


Back when he lived in Shops Island and the USA, Slender's taste in gastronomy was relatively more casual. He would usually eat Joseonean fried chicken (paired with macaroni & cheese and craft Cream Soda brewed by a microbrewery that he financed), medium-rare steaks (with salad) or fried rice (served Zhouese style or Hindonesian style, which is called nasi goreng). His arrival in Shops caused his gastronomical preference to switch from Zhouese cuisine to 'Westernised' cuisine, although he is still fond of having dim sum for breakfast. One dishes that Slender has always enjoyed is a lavish version of the Ligurian pasta dish known as cacio e pepe, which is spaghetti or linguini cooked with pecorino romano cheese and pepper in a wheel of said cheese. Occasionally, truffles would be added.

However, as he found himself entertaining more guests in his residence, Slender hired renowned Frankterran-Japalandese chef Charles Mizaki as a member of his household staff. The chef, who was adept in cooking many Archipelagoan cuisines but specialising in Frankterran-Japalandese fusion cuisine, taught him the fine art of gastronomy. On Mizaki's request, Slender built an organic farm in order to supply his household with fresh and organic ingredients. The subsequent addition of more chefs to his household meant that it's literally impossible for him to eat a certain dish more than once every month. Despite that, Slender still retains his fondness for the 'comfort food' that he used to have and he would occasionally ask Mizaki to cook it for him, albeit with some twists added in. On the other hand, Slender stopped dining at fast food restaurants upon launching his political career in Magonia. Even before then, he was not particularly fond of fast food as he would only dine in fast food chains on an average of three times per year.

Like Swiss Ninja, the Magonian leader is known for having a sweet tooth, but instead of candies and sweetmeats, he likes ice cream instead. Slender is said to be an ice cream 'connoisseur'. Despite having tried out a very large variety of flavours in his life, his favourites revolve around a few, which include Frankterran vanilla, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, tiramisu, salted caramel, durian, coconut milk and matcha (green tea). Slender is known to be fond of both coffee and tea. This is because he believes that caffeine is beneficial for him. When it comes to coffee, he would either have an Austiceian-style flat white, a long black or a 'bulletproof coffee' (coffee mixed with organic butter and coconut oil). When it comes to tea, Slender prefers earl grey or sencha (green tea), but he is also known for having matcha. In addition to caffeinated beverages, he also drinks cold-pressed juices and drinks that are 'strong' in nature.

Eggs Slender

Eggs Slender is a breakfast dish that Slender himself came up with. It is intended to be spin-off of Eggs Benedict. The dish consists of two halved Anglish muffins, each layered with foie gras (could be either made from chicken or geese). They are topped with a poached egg each, hollandaise sauce, kale, caviar, truffles and a type of meat. This meat ranges from seared abalone slices, smoked goose slices, bluefin tuna to small strips of beef tenderloin and lobster meats. The first time that this was served was during Slender’s coronation as Emperor, with iberico ham being served with the dish.

A more lavish version of this is named Eggs Slender Imperial (or Imperial-style Eggs Slender). There is only one Anglish muffin instead of one.. Instead of poached eggs, a scrambled egg is placed on top of it instead, which itself is topped by an ortolan. This variant keeps almost all of the ingredients above, except that lobster meats and red king crab meats (both wrapped in iberico ham) are also served.


Slender often jokingly described his favourite passion to be sleeping. In all seriousness, his interests include listening to music, reading (the bookworm has an impressive collection of books in his residence), keeping himself fit and gastronomical pursuits (he was a gourmet but not an exceptional cook). He was fond of playing tennis and basketball with his friends and aides, but otherwise he just kept his workout in the gymnasium (his own gym). Aside from a few favourite activities, the Emperor also enjoyed trying out new things such as skydiving, backgammon, golf or soccer. Slender is also fond of surfing the Internet and Beakbook, which Katherine had often referred to as an addiction.


Because of his enormous wealth, Slender believes that it is the responsibility of the wealthy to give back to society by performing various philanthropic acts. Some of his include:

  1. Contributing millions of Club Penguin Coins in donation to the National University of Magonia and the Magonian Institute of Civil Service Preparation. annually. This ranges from building new facilities to providing scholarships that exempt academically gifted students from paying tuition fees. This helped to attract many talents from overseas, who were required to stay in Magonia for at least 5 years as part of the conditions of accepting the scholarship.
  2. Building the Slender Mason Performance Hall in New Riffleton, which serves numerous purposes such as hosting fundraising events for charities, gala dinners and providing venue for live orchestra and opera performance.
  3. Donating 10 to 20 million CPC annually to the Coins for Change charity foundation, giving the foundation the right to decide on which area to spend the money on with the condition that at least 65% of the money be spent on helping the sick and disabled.
  4. Donating an average of 300,000 CPC to each of the five largest charities in Magonia annually.

Most notably, Slender passed a law in 2017 which regulated the spendings of charities in order to ensure that donations were actually used for the organisation's official goals and aims.

Personal Relations


  • Bro - Used to drink Cream Soda together when Slender lived in Shops.
  • Chill57181 - The two met while Slender was still living on Shops, and still occasionally interact for political reasons.
  • Dps04 - One of Slender's best friends, they still visit each other even though they no longer live near each other.
  • Penstubal - The two got to know each other when Slender invested some money into Stubal's constituency.
  • Penquino - Slender knew Penquino in the SIA. Other than that, the two do not interact much.
  • Joaquim Barros - A singer he considered excellent, Joaquim met Slender when the singer went to a ball that one of Slender's companies' CEO hosted.
  • Ninjinian - The two were first introduced to each other by their respective aides during the founding meeting of the Zeta Connections. Ever since then, they have enjoyed a smooth partnership in the alliance, while also corresponding with each other in their private lives as well. Their enthusiasm for hip-hop music is said to be one of the core reasons that led to this relationship.
  • Emperor Kalieth - The Emperor was technically Slender's boss, but others consider the two to be more or less equal. Even then, they enjoyed a rather nice private friendship as they used to hang out in the same country club.
  • The Globalist - The Globalist's mysterious and secretive nature managed to attract Slender's attention. Despite sharing different ideologies (with the Globalist believing that war is the mean to Antarctic domination and Slender believing that whoever controls the global economy will emerge dominant over Antarctica), the two still got along in their professional careers. However, the two do not have much social interaction, and Slender would usually be the one to start an interaction.
  • Charles Mizaki - Slender's personal chef. Mizaki often takes the role of being the Magonian leader's teacher in the art of gastronomy.
  • Juno Rossi - Slender's private secretary. The two were so close that some thought Slender is in an adulterous relationship with her.
  • Joseph Yslenski - Thanks to relations between Munijoch and Magonia, the two are good friends even though Yslenski is no longer the Munian President.
  • Katherine Chandos - His current lover, Slender is always loyal and loving to Katherine, whom he calls 'Kath' or 'Kathy'. He even said that his life would be worthless if he never gets to know her, and even said that he would rather want her over absolute world domination. He wasn’t aware of her status as an Azukrian royal back east he first met her in 2016.
  • Nicktang10 - As business partners, the two have good relations with each other, even though they are no longer involved in the day-to-day operation of GemCity.


Bold indicates those who are Slender's worst enemies.

  • Victor Johnson - As the leader of the Magonian Socialist Party, Victor can be considered to be Slender's most well-known political rival ever since the latter ran in the 2015 Magonian Parliamentary Election. As Slender's government was hardline capitalist in nature, Victor naturally became an outspoken critic of the Magonian National Party. Even after Slender became the Emperor of Magonia and adopted a nonpartisan role in national politics, the socialist leader continued criticising him, especially because Slender started incorporating Victor's rivals within his own party as part of what Victor alleged to be Slender's 'political machine'. Despite that, Slender's attempt in kicking him out of his own party ultimately failed, and Victor was detained following then-Chancellor Markus Kang’s failed coup. He was detained for 7 years, before he was shot dead after attempting to escape prison.
  • Xlender - Upon his 'birth', Xlender instantly became Slender's most formidable enemy as not only did Xlender sue him to claim some of his assets in court, but he also won the case by representing himself.
  • Markus Kang - Initially regarded to be Slender’s protege (as the President of the Avaritas Banking Group and the Chancellor of Magonia), Markus fell out of favour when he attempted to launch an abortive coup against the Emperor in 2028. Slender’s retaliation was swift and brutal - many of his co-conspirators were charged with treason and ended up being executed (military officers who conspired with Markus, including Markus’ son) or sentenced to life imprisonment (major non-military conspirators, such as Magonian National Front Treasurer Wyatt Dong). Despite that, Markus himself had a relatively better fate as he was detained for up to 7 years before he was finally sentenced to lifelong house arrest at a relatively comfortable bungalow in a rather expensive beach town (given to him by Slender). Like Victor Johnson, he was later shot dead by guards after attempting to escape.
  • Waddler Whatever - Of all the heads of state in Antarctica, Slender only seems to have a negative opinion towards the President of Duck Island.


Slender can't run very fast and usually got out of breath in just a few minutes. He can't fight very well, making him an easy opponent when he isn't armed. In order to combat this, Antonio armed himself with a brass knuckle.

Due to his albinism, he is supposed to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Sunlight doesn't do any major damage to him unless he's exposed for hours, but he usually stays indoors just to be safe (or he wears a hat when he is outside).

Slender also has a very bad internet addiction which takes up a lot of his time. At work he waits impatiently to get out and go home and use the internet. Slender does all sorts of things on the web, such as play video games, watch videos, and write fan fiction on wikis. This has concerned his girlfriend, who also didn't like a lot of the videos he downloaded on his computer, and deleted them all. This made Slender crazy, and he was taken to a support group called Internet Addicts Anonymous to end his addiction.


While he was slightly shorter than the average Emperor Penguin (due to his mixed ethnicity), he was overall taller than other penguins and considered to be average in weight, at times even slightly underweight. He is also born with white feathers and hair, as well as a pair of eyes with almost blood-red iris. This has led to many speculations that Slender is either a Vampenguin or an albino. As a result, these natural characteristics also made him stand out in a crowd and appear unique in one way or another.

Slender prefers a spiky hairstyle like his current one, which he had since 2014. He used to get his hair cut every three weeks or so. While he used to hold membership in an exclusive hair salon, Slender would pay hairstylists to come to his residence in order to cut his hair nowadays. Showing a slight dislike for facial hair, he also shaves every day. In later years, however, he grew a well-trimmed beard.

On his official duties, Slender would wear custom tailored suits made by both Permish and Magonian tailors. Their colours range from jet black, navy blue to a lighter shade of royal blue, always a dark colour. He also wear these suits when not on duty, although he also dons casual sweatshirts and hoodies (such as the Gold Letterman Jacket) as his casual attire. He has shown a preference for long-sleeved clothes. As for accessories, he has been spotted wearing numerous expensive wristwatches (with a price range of 18,000 CPC to 260,000 CPC). However, it is also known that he had ordered watchmakers to manufacture 'bespoke' wristwatches and pocket watches (which he would wear during formal events), with their value sometimes speculated to be over a few millions. He would also occasionally wear a pair of black, thick-framed glasses which primarily serves a decorative purpose. Depending on the occasion, the Emperor would also wear his four-tiered crowns (at an average of three days every week).


Slender's wife is Katherine Chandos, who’s the Empress of Azukri in her own right. They married in 2018 when Slender was 18 years old and Katherine was 19 years old. The two went on to have a total of 12 offsprings. The following is among some of them:

  • Jonathan Mason - Hatched in 2018, Jonathan is Slender’s eldest son. He went on to become the Governor of Magonia’s Central Bank in 2030 and Finance Minister of Magonia in 2032.
  • Slender II - Hatched in 2019, Slender II is the Emperor’s second eldest son and Diana Mason’s twin brother. He went on to become the Grand Vizier of Azukri in 2034 and the official Azukrian Emperor in 2044. After Xavier Magnus’s premature death, he was also elected as the Emperor of Magonia, a move that was widely criticised by his siblings and resulted in a split between his branch of the family and the rest.
  • Diana Mason - Hatched in 2019, Diana is Slender’s eldest daughter and Slender II’s twin sister. She became the Chief Executive Officer of the Avaritas Banking Group in 2034.
  • Stanley Mason - Hatched in 2020, he became the CEO and executive Chairman of Dexter Bryan Langley, a major investment bank, in 2032..
  • Sandra Mason - Hatched in 2020, Sandra is the second eldest daughter of the Magonian Emperor. She became an artist.

One of Slender’s closest cousins is Joanna Mason (b. 2002), who is said by many to be a female lookalike of him. It is often rumoured that Joanna’s actual father is actually Slender’s father Andrew Mason instead of her purported father Harry Mason, but this claim has been disproven. Born in Honk Gong, Joanna is currently a senior associate in a prestigious Magonian law firm that counts Avaritas Banking Group as one of its clients. She lives in a modern, four-storey detached house that is at a luxury development in New Riffleton.


Accusations of controlling the world's finances

Conspiracy theorists have often accused Slender and his family of controlling the finances of the world due to their power in the financial world and ownership of numerous banks and investment funds, as well as several multinational corporations and conglomerates. They claimed that by controlling much of the world's money, they are the true power behind the throne. This is further evidenced by the fact that Slender's own Avaritas Banking Group (which he has a 75% stake in) is Magonia's largest banking corporation and among the world's largest in terms of assets and net profit. However, while they do hold vast amounts of influence in this sector, they are far from completely controlling it. It is also important to note that this accusation comes from racists who thought that the Zhouese controls the world's money supply, and Slender coincidentally having partial Zhouese ancestry made him a target too. Many in the Bureau of Fiction noted that this accusation is oddly similar to one that an extremely wealthy family in the human world has been facing for centuries.


When it comes to achieving his goals, Slender is notable for being ruthlessly efficient in it. While this has allowed 'his team' (Mason Family, Avaritas Banking Group, his other companies, Magonia, etc) to be among the best in their respective leagues, they do come at a price. Many politicians who dared to cross the Emperor had their reputation tarnished thanks to 'background manipulation' and businessmen who were his rivals often ended up losing money to the extent that they had to declare insolvency. In some extreme cases, his opponents ended up having their relationships tarnished and ostracised by their friends and families.

Orange juice controversy

In October 2018, controversy erupted in one of Riffleton’s restaurants when a High Penguin immigrant, who recently acquired Magonian citizenship, got offended that the restaurant served complimentary orange juice. Orange juice was an object of controversy among some radical High Penguins because they were forced to make orange juice during the era of Khanzem. A brawl soon occurred, which ended with a server being grievously harmed by the immigrant. After days of controversy, Slender finally issued a ruling on the issue, stating that businesses are free to offer any product or service as they wish. Privately, he said that the radicals’ hatred for orange juice on a historical basis is “ludricious and they might as well ban breathing if the Naughtzees forced them to breath”, which led to controversy among more radical quarters of High Penguins. Several High Penguins in the country spoke out against the Emperor, but they apologised to Slender after they were “invited to watch a movie” by the Magonian Secret Service.

Other People's Opinions of Slender

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... he has such a cunning personality, his casinos are all over the place ...
Penstubal, in a private conversation, referring to the region of Golden Coast

Incredibly generous, humble and possessing a strong leadership that lifted Magonia out of an economic crisis.

Slender? Yeah, he's rich... and a bit too egotistical for my liking.
Penquino, in a conversation with his apprentice.

While the man may seem harsh and unforgiving, I admire his lack of hesitation to give brutally honest criticism when necessary, and I also admire him for what he's done to serve his country.
Brant Esser, in a press conference regarding Magonia


Sleep and rest allow us to prepare for a longer journey in life.
— Slender

It is essentially suicide for a civilisation to 'bring back the good old days' of social conservatism and be blinded by superstitions.
— Slender, in reference to his contempt for social conservatives

One may be able to find inner peace within themselves, but I can guarantee that it won't be permanent.
— Slender

Those who find loopholes in the Game will eventually be the ones making the rules in the Game, but even these rules will be vulnerable to loopholes. This cycle shall go on until the end of time itself.
— Slender, when talking about the game of life

Those who threaten public order of their countries should be dealt with by their governments, lest their seditious speech will cause discord and fragment society.
— Slender



Slender’s theme song.

  • Slender got the nickname "Slender" when he used it as a signature. Later, some of his Jerk Penguin friends greeted him as "Slender, man". This created his current name.
  • In an interview with his girlfriend Katherine, she revealed to the interviewer that Slender is very ticklish. This is later confirmed by Slender, who joked that she used this fact to 'keep him under control'.
  • Before starting his political career in Magonia, Slender used to have a small entourage of cronies who followed him around. After settling in Magonia, it quickly expanded in size as he hired bodyguards, political aides and secretaries out of necessity.
  • Due to his tendency to avoid sunlight and his red eyes, he is often mistaken for an albino or a Vampenguin. This has led to several different occasions when media outlets foreign to Magonia erroneously described him as the 'Vampenguin Emperor of Magonia'.
  • Slender's first name used to be Antonio.
  • Slender is around 116 centimetre tall, which is considered to be short even for those who are Emperor Penguins.
  • There are unverified allegations that Slender suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
  • He is rumoured to have sponsored the Multicolour Revolution of Azukri, notably by being the penguin who bribed then-Emperor Edward V into abdicating in favour of his wife Katherine. The bribe was alleged to be over 5 billion CPC.
  • He holds the ceremonial title of Emperor in Azukri, alongside his father-in-law Edward V (despite being deposed). When Edward V passed away in 2023, his title went to Slender II. While they are entitled to use the royal residences, a 21 gun salute and other perks enjoyed by Empress Katherine, holders of the ceremonial title do not hold any power in the Sublime State.
  • Near the end of the Shops Civil War, Slender directed several raids against the Shopper Empire in an attempt to steal valuable artworks and its crown jewels. He personally led the raid to steal the crown jewels. Initially intending to return the artworks to the USSI if it wins, he later kept them for himself when Shops Island was destroyed. However, he returned artworks made by artists hailing from member states of the Shops Union.
  • Slender owned a large residence in Shops City. After the city's destruction in the aftermath of the civil war, he purchased a piece of land in Moon Island and had the same residence built in the capital, right next to several embassies.
  • While there are numerous estimates of Slender’s personal wealth, none of them has ever been confirmed by the man himself.