Slick Conry

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Slick Conry II
Title Heir to the Conry Vault
Gender Male
Race Chinstrap Penguin
Faction The Conry Gang
Status In Hiding (as usual)
Location Unknown: possibly Happyface State
Birth date Sometime in 1989
Occupation World-renowned Thief
Interests Thiefing
Abilities Parkour
Criminal record International Theft, Jail-break
Jail time accumulated Zero. He always gets away.
Friends The Conry Gang
Enemies Police, other thieves
Archetype Villain
Weapon of choice The Conry Icicle

Slick Conry is an international thief, and the leader of the infamous Conry Gang. He is the son of Slick Conry I. Slick was born sometime in 1989. He is the heir to the Conry Family's riches, currently hidden in the Conry Vault.

Slick is well-known for stealing an entire museum's art exhibit in an hour, IN THE DAY.


Slick hatched in 1989.

Death of his Father[edit]

When Slick was five, his father was killed by rival thieves after he stole the engine of their car. The stealing of the engine resulted in their leader being arrested. After his death, the rival thieves, known as the Sons of Raphael, broke into Conry's house and stole the Larcin Penguin, the book that documented Slick's family's methods for crime, and covered their entire modus operandi'. Or, in other words, it was the book the family used to raise its next generation of thieves. It was what gave the family a competitive edge in the underground act of burglary.

After his father's death, Slick was moved to an orphanage. There, he met, Sherman, a dim-witted but loyal polar bear, and Toby, a smart turtle, whose parents were also thieves. In the orphanage, they began their thieving career, stealing cookies, crayons, and finger-paints. Nowadays, Toby usually makes slideshows and diagrams to show the plan for a heist.

When Slick was 13, the trio broke out of the orphanage and moved into the real world. For the next 3 years, Slick and the gang began gathering as much information as possible about the Sons of Raphael. They also fine-tuned their thieving skills.

Bringing Down the Sons of Raphael[edit]

When Slick was 16, he began his attempt to bring down the Sons of Raphael. First he attacked Charleston, an extremely short Little Penguin. He lived on a private island, with a strange rain-forest environment. Slick pulled off a major heist and got the police to chase him there. When he confronted Charleston, face to face, Slick threw him into a 8-foot pool, where Charleston passed out. Slick tied him in front of the police's makeshift HQ. He gained two pages of the Larcin Penguin.

Next, he attacked the Polar King. A polar bear, much more fierce than Herbert Bear, Polar King lived in a giant ice fortress. He was the explosives expert of the Sons of Raphael. Slick eliminated him by imploding his fireworks. Polar King then retired from crime, and retired in Pengolia. He found three pages of his book after the battle.

Slick moved on to Ms. Crazee, the only female of the Sons of Raleigh. She was the voodoo expert of the Sons of Raphael. During an operation against her, Sherman hallucinated that Slick was a cop, and attacked him. Toby had to calm him down, and while he was doing this, Slick confronted Ms. Crazee. Realizing that she can't be defeating physically, Slick began taunting about how she was the only female in the Sons. Ms. Crazee went insane, and turned herself over to the police. After she went insane, he ransacked her hut, and found five pages of his book.

The gang moved on to the leader's right hand man, Photobomb. Photobomb is a Jerk Penguin, who is into body-building and gun slinging. He owned a casino. Slick attacked this casino, taking all the money and destroying all of the machines. In the final battle, Photobomb was buried alive by his own coins. He found 8 pages in Photobomb's vault.

Photobomb revealed the leader's identity. The leader, Autoklock, a rare falcon who came to Antarctica for easier prey. Autoklock outfitted himself with a metal exo-skeleton when he came to the USA, to instill fear into his victims. His fearsome yellow eyes were usually the last thing his victims saw. Toby built him a jetpack that shoots missiles. After a quick showdown, Slick took him out, and he crashed into the USA, dying from the impact. The officer who has been chasing the Conry Gang, Inspector Carmen Foxee claimed victory, and got promoted to Head Inspector.

The Conry Gang made a hasty retreat, and began planning a new heist: stealing a golden chocolate bar.

Operation: Nugget[edit]

Antarctica's only golden chocolate bar, made by Hershee Chocolate was being shipped by a convoy of planes. Slick hatched a plan to steal it, and sell it to the highest bidder.

On the day it shipped, Slick and the gang flew by plane there. Sherman, the muscle of the gang, jumped onto the main plane and ripped the door open, and fighting his way past the guards. Slick jumped inside the plane, using his skills to evade the laser security system. Meanwhile, Toby was outside, shooting down the other planes. Head Inspector Foxee's troops came to attack Toby, and Toby had to fall back.

Stealing the golden chocolate with his cane, Slick and Sherman set up explosives in the main plane and blew it up. Slick hijacked Head Inspector Foxee's plane and flew back to base with Sherman and Toby.

Autoklock Rises Again[edit]

It has been two years since Autoklock was brought down. Slick is now 18, wiser and a little more mature. When Autoklock's corpse was retrieved by the government, it was kept in safe-keeping, until released to a museum. The Conry Gang made amends to steal it and destroy it. However, a Constable, by the name of Liza, was put in charge of guarding it. She was a robot, and she had other plans.

Two weeks after the release of Autoklock's body, Constable Liza put her parts into Autoklock. Liza became AutoLiza, with the intention of becoming the new ruler of Antarctica, beginning with Slick Conry. Slick and the gang built a new machine, and took her out. Slick cooperated with the cops during this battle. Slick delivered the final blow to AutoLiza, with a whack of his cane, which was passed down from his father.

After the battle, Slick removed a memory chip from Autoklock. Dubbed, the "Hatred Chip" by officials, it was destroyed by Head Inspector Foxee.

Conry Vault Opened[edit]

After reading some of the Larcin Penguin, Slick found out about the Conry Vault. He found out that his ancestors hid all of their riches in there, and hid even more thieving techniques. Slick decided to find the vault, and he did find it. However, his father's old accomplice, Professor K, took over the island and is trying to break into the vault. Slick decided he needed an army of professional thieves.

During a "trip" to the police station, Toby slipped off the roof, and Sherman failed to catch him. Toby became crippled, and had to use a wheelchair to travel. He upgraded his wheelchair to be a hover-chair. It also has mechanical arms that drop bombs and pickpocket guards.

Sherman felt extremely guilty for this, so he left the Gang to work for Burger Khan, attempting to find Inner Peace.


Slick is very witty. During his arrests, his is always heard saying something witty. He is also very flirtatious and gentlemanly. He has always flirted with Head Inspector Carmen Foxee. He has once faked amnesia just so he can spend some time with her.

Slick is shown to be lonely at times. He misses his father, and seems to have found a father-figure in Toby and Sherman.


  • Slick is a parody of the popular, PS3 Exclusive series, Sly Cooper.