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The arrow is pointing to the real SliduX
Title Your local cloning machine
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Nightmare
Health high
Status Eating
Location In Slidur's igloo
Birth date Pecking, Zhou
Occupation Crazy
Interests Eating
Friends His creator,other X-Antibodies
Enemies Many
Archetype Good

SliduX is the good X-Antibody of Slidur.He can clone himself and eat anything he desires.He was born while Slidur was on vacation.


The story of how Slidur had formed his best friend is a quite strange evolution. This story starts as he was passing a bridge in Zhou when he suddenly stepped on some X-Virus stains and SliduX was born. He looked left and right, saw his new X-Antibody, and ran. SliduX and his clones yelled "It's OK! I'm good." ."So he ran back to see more clones. Slidur thought about it,and then he said quietly "Clone me".SliduX got out his cloning gun and shot Slidur with it. He saw two more clones of himself on his right.His new X-Antibody got tired of his clones and placed out a complete opposite of a cloning gun. So, no more clones. SliduX currently lives with Slidur as of now.


  • OM NOM OM NOM!!!
  • Who's my favorite <anything> sandwich?


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