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Life isn't fair. Just deal with it.
— Slidur

This article is about the character, Slidur. If you meant the user,please come here. Sorry for any confusion.

Slidur Logo.PNG

That's him online.
Born Samuel Ciragel Vestönlá de Corovoû III
May 23, 1977 (1977-05-23) (age 42)
FrancterreFlag.png Parie, Frankterre
Died September 26, 2065 (age 88)
Edwinborough, Puffle'and
Residence Penguifornia
Gender Male
Nationality Frankterrean
Other names Slider (many penguin mistake his name for this), Seaguin, Swidurr (Mwa Mwa penguins call him this), Rapid
Citizenship Emperor-High Penguin hybrid
Alma mater Penguin Academy
Occupation Lot's of them
Years active 1988-
Home town Los Pinguinos, Penguifornia
Height 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight 124 lbs.
Known for Creating a popular snack brand, creating hit tracks
Children Dallas de Corovou, Bill de Corovou
Parents Ruben de Corovou, Victoria Sastorsien
Owns SnowyBars

Samuel "Slidur" Ciragel Vestönlá de Corovoû III is a penguin with who used to have some technical issues in his behavior sometimes. This includes doing back flips, go-karting while listening to pop music, and so much more. One day, scientists figured out because of his behavior, he is actually X-Treme Penguin's cousin. He often travels to many places, the most being where he grew up, Frankterre.

He loves to ride roller coasters; usually the ones with the most loops. Rumors say he could be related to Swiss Ninja,but either deny it. His Penguifornia residence has people driving by every time they have to visit any other location nearby. However,Samuel lives in a private community at the right corner so people would just be paying attention to his backyard.



Slidur was born in Parie, Frankterre on May 23, 1977 at exactly 6:00 AM as a regular egg. However, also exactly 10 years later, X-Treme Penguin was born. When he was about 3, he loved drums and other crazy things that'll make his father complain. He was always furious when someone messed with him. 6 was a big age. Slidur got his parents to enroll him in music class in his school. Now he finally got introduced to one more instrument; the guitar. He always had a small bracelet on his left hand which was a symbol of his family. But he lost it when he was 8. He still has a surf necklace with the letters "CP" on it which reminds him of the time he went to King George's Island when he was 7.He'll NEVER take it off as of now. When he was 12, he messed with a new DJ Table at his house. But it turned out he was making real music which made him be the dance jockey at a local night club at 17.

Teenage years[edit]

This is where all of this guy's crazy history happened; ages 13-17. He finally moved to South Pole City at age 13 and remained until he was 27. At this time they decided to go to Snowzerland and have vacation there to climb mountains and go ski there. But here's the thing. On the second time they went there (which you might see in the next section), they found the company that was SO popular all around Antarctica. As soon as the family got back,guess who they met ...(drums)... Winston. That's right, him. Slidur and Winston finally agreed to be friends and do stuff. Now, as mentioned in the first place, he got a job as a DJ at a local night club. He'd always bring snacks home like Poritos and all that good stuff that got everyone to sleep. His paycheck was 110 pebbles a day so he could buy spare car batteries and bean bags for reading(he received a college degree for car engineering).

Those unofficial times[edit]

Of course. We all had these moments. Slidur has done some pretty stupid things in his teenage life such as tell everyone on Chitter that he ate clams for dinner,telling ridiculously not funny jokes,and stuff like that. He even stuffed his face in a bag of chips in front of everyone. If you ever had those things happen to you, just call someone and see what they could do. You know what they say... two is better than one!.

Currently now[edit]

Right now, Slidur has gotten a job as a chef at a Ligurian restaurant due to his knowledge of cooking foods such as ravioli, rice, beans and more. He also gotten a secondary job as a blog moderator for extra money to pay his igloo rent and other bills. Instead of being a maniac everywhere and going crazy, he has been EXTREMELY calm but he could get furious at times. He got a new igloo sometime a couple of years ago with computer, fireplace, etc...but the rent should be big. Slidur also got a new chick whose name is Dallas. He had also gotten an X-Antibody named SliduX. He's good,but can get very furious; more than Slidur. People usually in fact don't appreciate that. Probably Slidur discovered in a few ways SliduX was actually opposite of him besides coloring.


He was involved in many things. One was the Snoss military. He has been a soldier for 2 years and never been in any wars (That's good. He had a lesser chance of death). Another involvement was playing as the Hashville Hashtags at age 25-26. He was actually one of the best players until his parents were seniors and he dropped out. Next, Slidur was a pilot for SkyJet Airways. He earned THOUSANDS of dollars in a month; enough to serve his parents. On Christmas Day, he came back to the Hashtags in a GIANT GIFT BOX(who would do anything more stupid than that?). He already scored 15 goals in his first 7 games which in his first game, scored 2 goals which had made his beloved team win 6-4.

As Mayor of Dolphinas[edit]

When Robert Smith had sent a letter saying that Slidur had been accepted to mayor of Dolphinas, he had accepted and was gleeful as he was when he first founded the now-defunct Kaljeria. His intelligence had also ended up creating and downloading many professional judicial online programs so he can do stuff like send and receive letters instantly from fellow Dolphinian citizens. Slidur also can create, remove, and discuss about laws right from his home. He, since has a regular 2-story house near the coast of Dolphinas, can also use HiPe at close range to talk with major judges and lawyers so he can have no charge of paying international calls from Penguifornia to Snowiny.



Single Quotes[edit]

  • Ok??
  • KOWABUNGA!!!!!!!
  • And...GO!
  • Life isn't fair. Just deal with it.
  • FORE!!! *shoots dart gun*
  • Just call me Sonic.
  • Bonjour!
  • (throws gumball in air) AND...(lands in mouth)
  • Let's get this party STARTED!
  • Hey,what the heck are you doing?
  • Try to enjoy everything we all give you.
  • Force can't make something happen.
  • Nothing is big or small.We are big to a ladybug.We are small to a dinosaur.
  • Let's just say we came from somewhere.

Conversational Quotes[edit]

  • Slidur: Mabel? What are you doing in my room? You're supposed to be with Explorer!
  • Mabel: %&>%#*%@~+/*?{|>!
  • Slidur: Well,here you go. *Mabel gets trapped in cage*
  • Mabel: I HATE YOU!!!
  • Slidur: You asked for it. *feeds Mabel garlic*.
  • Mabel: YOU'RE SO STUPID!!!

  • Rookie: Hey,you must be my relative!
  • Fooly: Yay! Let's go to the shop!
  • Rookie: YAY!!!
  • Slidur: What is up with them?

  • Slidur: So,hence your stage name,do you dance?
  • Dancing Penguin: Yeah.
  • Slidur: We'll have a contest. Whoever does the best moves wins.
    • DP dances*
  • Slidur: You're pretty good. Lets invite Amigopen here.
  • Amigopen: Did someone call me?
  • Dancing Penguin: Lets see how good you dance.
  • Amigopen: Ok.
    • Amigopen dances while everyone is watching*
  • Dancing Penguin: You're good too.
  • Slidur: Now,me.
    • Slidur dances so good that nobody knows what dance he's doing*
  • Slidur: I win!

  • Wezzeti: Õ___Õ
  • Slidur: Uh...
  • Wezzeti: Õ_________Õ
  • Slidur: Umm... Can I help you?
  • Wezzeti: ŌnŌ
  • Slidur: Oh... umm... bye! (escape)
  • Wezzeti: (((ka-boom)))

Known Personal Facts[edit]

  • His favorite food is Frian Sea bass.
  • He actually uses another person to stay anomynous about owning SnowyBars.
  • He loves to play Penguin Kart 3:Race Through Time.
  • He has a nice house where he lives in Penguifornia with a pool,computer,and other things.
  • He used to study astrology.
  • He can't whistle.
  • He likes to eat oranges.
  • His favorite restaurants are EFF and McDoodles.
  • His favorite song is the one above.
  • He's in the Fanon Character Gang.The workers even gave him a private garage.
  • He went on one of the tallest buildings in Antarctica at age 4 and never even was scared.
  • He's thinking about creating a charter airline.
  • You never noticed there was all of the digits in this article. FIND THEM!!!

His Puffles[edit]

  • Banana-His yellow puffle. Very good at digging treasure.
  • Firestar-His red puffle. Firestar was born like him-crazy.
  • Blueberry-Slidur's blue puffle. Blueberry likes pretzels a lot.
  • Snowflake-Slidur's white puffle. He loves cold weather.
  • Boulder-Slidur's brown puffle. This guy once built a robot.
  • Flameball-His black puffle. He loves to turn into fire.
  • Cactus-Slidur's green puffle. This guy can fly up 500 meters.


He has many,but Slidur keeps only these ones public.


Slidur does have some weaknesses,mostly with mental issues. First off,we have female black widow spiders(none of them live in the region,but he actually is scared of their photographs). Second,sparkling water. That's his key to craziness. Next,cauliflower. If you force Slidur to eat one of these,he'll be ill for a week. Last but not last,expensive objectives. He only buys normal priced items so he'd save money for his kids.

Casual Look[edit]

People usually spot Slidur easily as of his intense size. However, he pretty much only wears a pair of his green sneakers from Lisboagal, an old Red Suede Jacket from 2007, blue Baseball cap, red sunglasses, and no more stuff to share that make him much more recognizable. Slidur wears an extreme variety of hand and neck items though. These include party items such as bracelets, boxes, and lanterns. Occasional neck items like necklaces, stickers, and rarely tattoos of a gray penguin with a necklace reading "SWAGSTA".


Regular Mode-His usual calm mode.This mode used to be "Crazy Mode".

Stupid Mode-This is the rarest mode.He uses this mode to talk with Fooly8.

Chef Mode-Slidur gained this mode in Frankterre. He cooks tomato salad with this mode

Crazy Mode-Some people still think this is his regular mode. Slidur jumps up trampolines 7 feet with this mode.

Strict Mode-He's like Mabel at this mode.This mode is also rare.

Turbo Mode-See a penguin at the speed of 39 MPH at this mode. Slidur goes fast,so pay attention.


  • He owns a Renno due to the fact that he was born in Frankterre.
  • Slidur stars in many games. Mainly Mad Penguins.
  • He rides these animals as horses. Strange.
  • Slidur thinks that Mabel PWNs.
  • In a case similar to Hat Pop and Explorer, it actually SCARES people when Slidur takes his trademark blue baseball cap off. He issues warnings before taking the hat off. Therefore he can't be identified.
    • Nobody cares about his watch or CP necklace.
  • Slidur is part Nutzilian, small parts of every country in the AU, and the rest is Frankterrean.
  • Every time Slidur hears someone mention Swiss Ninja, he exclaims "I LOVE SWISS CHEESE!". Many penguins recorded this rare event on PengTube.
  • Doctors officially halted his growth on Snowinian Thanksgiving Day, 2013. He was 5'1/2 at the time, but had grown a half inch on December 2 due to a extremely small malfunction.

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