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Smuggler Gary's Crew, also known as SGC, is a crime ring associated with the Underground PWN Mafia, under direct protection. SGC is the largest smuggling organization in Antarctica and the most sucessful. It is run by non other than Smuggler Gary. SGC follow orders from Smuggler Gary. SGC smuggle illegal immigrants into other countries, Doom Weeds, X-Burgers, Judgies and other illegal products for use. The SGC headquarters is rumoured to be somewhere in Double Sicilia or the UPM Headquarters. Castle Bugzy also appears on the list.


The gang started even at the start of Smuggler Gary's smuggling career. Apparently Smuggler Gary had associates and class mates in his school in Shiverpool to help smuggle in and out things from sweets and cards to confiscated mobile phones. However Smuggler Gary was mostly a loner when it came to this business and didn't officially have a gang. Eventually, he was caught and punished so hard he'd stopped smuggling. Instead he concentrated on his school work rather then his chickhood crime. Never again did he smuggle anything - chocolates, sweets, candy floss, anything. He wasn't going to risk it.

Well until the rent risen and they were relocated to Satellite City. There, there were no schools at all and unemployment was high there. His parents never found any job and they struggled to survive. It was the same for everyone. It was there that Smuggler Gary most daring raid; he would sneak over the border and smuggle in goods. At night, he crawled passed Penguin Police Troop and was able to steal a huge supply of cookies. Smuggler Gary realised hen needed help and formed 'Smuggler Gary's Crew'. He appointed himself as the 'Godfather' and everyone else as is 'Coyotes'. With a gang to do it, the raids got bigger and more was stolen. Since the gang consisted mostly of chicks, it was easier for them to steal stuff.

One day, the Smuggler Gary was doing his most daring raid; he had to redirect a convoy of three Java Coffee lories. As he was changing the signs, a PPT trooper caught him. He was arrested and his family was fined. However they couldn't afford it and instead the chick was sent ton Social Services after the PPT decided that his parents 'weren't fit enough' to look after them.

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