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NukeSnail (Snell-Libro)
Here's that book you wanted.
Here's that book you wanted.
Snell Libros don't really have arms. The artist made the mistake.
Snell Libros don't really have arms. The artist made the mistake.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Order: Pulmonata
Family: Helicidae
Subfamily: Alipedis
Genus: Cocleae
Species: volucremiraculae
Subspecies: textibybliothecae
Trinomial Nomenclature
Cocleae volucremiraculae textibybliothecae

Librarian, Nuke-Snail

The Snell-Libros are the two librarians who manage, catolog, organize, check, and add books in the entire SnellBook library. The also created the "Eeewy DaSnail System", the organization code used for said library.


Snell-Libros are a special, seperate breed of RocketSnail, and actually fall under their own subspecies, Cocleae volucremiraculae textibybliothecae (Latin for Flying Wonder Atomic Libraian) and are some of the most brilliant creatures in Antarctica, right up there with G on the genius scale. Only two exist, and no one really knows how Snell-Libros came to be. Snelder says they "just showed up" three days after the town's library was built.


The Snell-Libros know the entire library by heart. By the time a tourist asks for the basic topic of the book they want, the Snell-Libros have already zoomed to the requested book subject and bring back every book on that topic.


  • Snell-Libros are considered a seperate type of RocketSnail, earning the title of NukeSnail and a seperate species.
  • Snell-Libros literally run on nuclear power, nuclear fission to be exact. They eat uranium, but since it comes in such short supply, they recycle the hazardous waste from the fission process and start the fission all over again.
  • Snell-Libros move about by nuclear fission, with the exhaust expelled in a blue mist from special pipes on the snail's body, while the hazurdous waste is recycled for a pretty much unlimited supply of locomotion.
  • Snell-Libros can move under nuclear fission for four years on one gram of uranium.
  • A Snell-Libro's eyes are not attached to its eye stalks, instead, the literally float in midair. The same applies with the graduation cap above it's head.
  • Snell-Libro is a parody of the Spanish term of "el libro", Spanish for "the book".

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