Snellville Elder

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Snellville Elder image.jpg
Title The Snellvile Elder
Gender Male
Race RocketSnail
Faction Is steam-driven, not rocket fueled.
Health Old... very old.
Level 0
Status Friend
Location Snellville, Town Hall

Snelder, officially referred to as the Snellville Elder, is both the mayor and founder of the village of Snellville. He is the first RocketSnail to come to Antarctica. Founding the trading post of Snellville in 1997, it didn't take long for more RocketSnails to arrive.


Snelder is the oldest living RocketSnail known to exist, and it shows. Unlike every other RocketSnail, the Elder is steam-driven, running on crude propellers, wires, poles, and a coal-powered engine which draws power straight out of his shell. A brilliant mind, he built the town of Snellville alone, only requiring assistance from a few passing penguins on the occasion.


As the founder of Snellville, as well as the oldest living RocketSnail, Snelder has quite a lot to tell you if you listen. His stories are long and rambling, but you could learn a lot about places such the Skip and 90-150 Island if only you could stay awake.


  • The Snellville Elder could easily have upgraded to the modern RocketSnail's rocket, but he chose not to, considering he's stuck in his ways. Remember, old habits die hard.
  • Snelder flies exactly half the speed of a modern RocketSnail.
  • The Elder's favorite food is coal. He uses this to move around.
  • Snelder lives in the Town Hall of Snellville.
  • Snelder's shell is a lump of coal, and if he was hungry enough, he could eat it.
  • The Elder also PWNed WitchyPenguin in a speed race to the Arch of Snellville.

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