Snelten Island

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Snelten Island
State flag of Snelten Island.
National name The State Snelten Island
Country Culldrome Isles
Capital city Snelshell City
Largest city Snelshell City
Formation 2000s
Inhabitants RocketSnails
Other info
Population 1,000+
Leader A snail.
Location Southern Culldrome Isles
Alliances Other states.
Neighbours Treshurr Isles, Menap Island, Skulldrome Isles

Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles
Outline of the Culldrome Isles
Ninja Occupation
Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
Battle of Culldrome
Shadow of Culldrome
States, Islands and Territories
Skulldrome Isles
Treshurr Islands
Menap Island
Snelten Island
Culldrome Yow
Toxic Island
Daire Isle
Civ Island
Notable Locations
Culldrome City
Golden City
Bluetower Castle
Mt. Charlamander
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Culldrome Military
The Axle Powers
Confederacy of Independent Culldrome

The State of Snelten Island, commonly known as Snelten Island and sometimes as Snelten, is a small island located in the southern seas of the Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles. There are many RocketSnails who live on the island, making it one of only two major RocketSnail settlements, the other being Snellville. However, there are also some Penguins and Puffles living, as well.



In the 1990s, the Porcyal War broke out in the Culldrome Isles. The was began when the Ninjas from the Skulldrome Isles invaded the rest of the nation in search of Porcyals, sparking a civil war. During the early stages of the war, the ninjas started to build a weapon of mass destruction. The weapon consisted of a large laser, which could vaporize and destroy vehicles, armies and even land. The weapon took a couple of years to build and was finished near the end of the war. With the weapon complete, it was aimed towards the direction of Culldrome City. The weapon's laser was would strike the capital, quickly forcing the Culldrom forces to surrender and the war to end.

However, the Culldrom army reached the location of the weapon. In a last minute accident, the laser was not aimed properly and missed the city by a large margin. The weapon was instead fired at a loose piece of land on the mainland coast. The piece of land, which was a large icy wasteland, dropped off into the ocean and drifted south in the currents.

For many unknown reasons, the giant piece of rock and ice could float. As the war ended, the government noticed the island. Deciding that it would eventually float out of Culldrom waters, they dismissed the issue. In early 1997, the island continued to drift south, and situated itself over an undersea volcano. The floating island got snagged by the volcano which was located just underneath the sea. Soon after, it erupted violently, spewing lava everywhere. The lava filled the gap between the volcano and the island. This acted as a "glue" and made the island a permanent fixture.

In 2000, after puzzling many scientists, it was officially recognized as a territory of the Culldrome Isles, and given it's own flag. However, it was called Culldrome Magma after the volcano that had contributed to the island's formation.


In July 2000, a small scientific outpost was established on the northern shores of Culldrome Magma. The weapon that created the island had left a lot of residual energy in the process. This puzzled many scientists, who conducted lots of research and tests. This research also attracted the attention of RocketSnails from the USA. Many flcoked to the island to conduct research. There were many Rsnails present and the Culldrom government had wanted to construct a permanent settlement on the island.

They decided to form a town called Snelshell City, just like Snellville in the USA. The population mainly consisted of RocketSnails with a few scientists. Over the years though, some penguins and puffles have migrated to Snelten. Despite this, however, there were only a few inhabitants on the entire island, nearly all of them RocketSnails. The government then decided to rename Culldrome Magma into Snelten Island, after the RocketSnails, and to change it from a territory to an official state. In addition, scientists and researches opened up many laboratories, hoping to further Culldrome in scientific research. Today, Snelten Island is well known for the RocketSnails, as well as the scientific research that is conducted.



Snelshell City[edit]

Snelten Island only has one settlement: Snelshell City. The city resembles a small town rather than a city. There are many brick high-rises in the city, housing around 4000 RocketSnails and 500 other inhabitants. In addition, there are also other buildings, including a city hall, a few shops, a large park, a large library resembling SnellBook and a few scientific laboratories. The majority of the RSnails work in these laboratories, conducting research on all kinds of new technology. The scientists there have also been known to research different types of RocketSnail propulsion (nearly all attempts have failed).

The library is called ShellBook, mimicking the name of SnellBook. Although very large, it comes no-where near the size of SnellBook. In fact, it is the third largest library in Culldrome, only behind Bluetower Castle's and Culldrome City's main libraries. There are thousands of books ranging from all sorts of topics. Although it is located in a very isolated part of Culldrome, many still visit just for the library.

On the outskirts of the city, near the coast, there is a small boat terminal, which is the only link between the whole island and the rest of Culldrome. There are no factories or any kind of industries whatsoever. Things like food and electronics are shipped from the mainland. There are two Telenacles located in the city, providing necessities such as water, electricity and telecommunications. Also in the city is a large school and university complex, where most of the local inhabitants are educated. The whole educational complex offers vast knowledge to it's students and rivals even some of Culldrome's largest schools.

The RocketSnails in Snelshell City all live harmoniously and peacefully with each other. When penguins and other creatures visit from afar, they all remember the great hospitality and most of them wish to return in the future.

Southern Outskirts[edit]

At the southern end of the city is a small dirt road that goes off into the distance. Many think that it leads of to a rubbish dump, since many trucks travel on it. The road actually goes off into a large laboratory and scientific research complex. The vast complex even includes a smal weapons testing area. Here, many different weapons, gadgets and bombs are tested by the local scientists and the Culldrom military. All kinds of futuristic technology is researched, with hopes of it bringing Culldrome as a technological superpower in the future.

To get into the area, you must go through a security checkpoint. At the checkpoint is a small settlement, with some warehouses and a few offices. The entire testing area occupies an area about triple the size of Snelshell City and is located in the mountainous area in the middle of the island. The ferocious weather here means a bad time for the scientists, but provides a good environment for research, testing and development. Only a few know about the existence of this.

Geography and Climate[edit]

All of Snelten Island is basically a large, desolate ice land. Other than the town, there is not much to see. Towards the middle of the island, are a few hills, cliffs and mountains. These obstacles are often struck by blizzards, making survival there quite hard. The temperature is almost always cold, as opposed to the warm back north in Culldrome. Rain and snow sometimes occur, although not very often. The rough seas that surround the island buffet the coast, creating lots of rocks, cliffs and beaches. Altogether, Snelten is a terrible place to live.


  • Even though the island was created through artificial means, it is considered a natural island.
  • It is said that the energy left over from the Porcyal War won't disappear until 2096, a hundred years after.
  • Due to the isolation and desolate climate of the island, many scientists want to test many kinds of weapons of mass destruction.

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