Snoss-Castillan War

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The Snoss-Castillan War
Snoss-Castillan War Cover Final.png
Date May 10, 2011 - July 4, 2011
(1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days)
Location Islands around Antarctica, Sub-Antarctic
Result The Ligurians and Japalandese intervene in the fighting and force both sides to sign a treaty; officially ending the war peacefully.
Casus belli The Snoss bomb the Buckingham Tower in Metido and bomb the Castillan Embassy in Snowzerland
Many new islands from the Sub-Antarctic fall into the hands of the Snoss, Castillans, and Batavians.
German States:
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
Alemania Flag.png Alemania Osterreach Flag.png Osterreach
Lichenstien Flag.png Lichenstien
UK Flag 2.png Grand Permatan
Flag of Castilla.png Castillan Empire
Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia
Liguria Flag.png Liguria
FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja
Snowzerland Flag.pngRoyal Bounty Hunters
Flag of Castilla.png King Carlos Goberna I
Flag of Castilla.png Clovis Hochstadt
Flag of Castilla.png Jock Hochstadt
Flag of Castilla.png Piper J. Cub
Flag of Castilla.png Leonardo di Tremezzo
Pengvaria Flag.png Queen Hooliana
Liguria Flag.png Bruce Collini
Liguria Flag.png Papa Flywish
FlagOfJapaland.png Shikoguno Mikishinai Katoni
The Snoss has high technology and RDA Troopers, Grand Permatan has an organized army Has a large army and has many ships, Has a powerful army that is good on the sea Have brand new armies that have revived and are very large in numbers.
Lazy Soldiers, Grand Permatan Soldiers can't survive without their commanders Lack of cutting edge technology Ligurian Soldiers are linked with Ligurian Mafia and can be bribed with money.
The USA stayed neutral on this war since they did not know that Castilla was never part of Snowzerland until after the war.

The Snoss-Castillan War was the first major war between Snowzerland and Castilla. Although it started because of the Snoss bombing a Castillan building and an embassy, it later became a monopoly for more land as they began to take over new islands as their own.


It was May 10, 2011. Clovis Hochstadt and Jock Hochstadt had fully healed from their injuries, and King Carlos Goberna of Castilla was going to hold the War Council Meeting with the nation's Congress of Deputies and the Senate to vote on declaring war on Snowzerland. Ever since Snowzerland bombed the Buckingham Tower a couple months ago, Castillan citizens have grown a hatred towards the Snoss because of that senseless attack on innocent citizens. On the day of the War Council, crowds of citizens and paparazzi waited as King Carlos arrived at the Palacio de Los Diputados, the meetingplace for the Congress of Deputies.

Congreso Palacio de Castilla.png

Everyone was cheering for him and were holding banners of support for the war. Many penguins were affected by the bombing of the Buckingham Tower, and many of them wanted to do something about it. King Carlos adjusted his cape and waved to his citizens. Then, Carlos entered the building to see all the Deputies discussing and preparing for the war council debate. Everyone was already here, including Clovis, Jock, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo.

King Carlos sat down in his seat and addressed the issue:

King Carlos:"There comes a time when war is neccessary. Such a time is now. The Imperial Empire of Snowzerland has attacked and even imprisoned Castillan citizens for illegal reasons. They trespassed Castillan soil and bombed a building full of innocents. They have done many intimidating things to us, and I believe, as well as the Hochstadt Gang, that now is the time to act and teach them a lesson about respecting Castilla. So today, Congress of Deputies and the Senate, please vote on whether we shall declare war on the treacherous Snowzerland, or not!"

All the deputies and senators soon sat in their desks and began to cast their votes. As soon as they did, the votes were tallied and placed on the overhead screen. It was a whopping 97% voting "For" and a minority of 3% voting "Against". The 3% that voted Against were pacifists from the Basket Country, a small High Penguin minority territory in Castilla that wishes to gain independance. Nevertheless, Castilla keeps them under control and under their rule.

King Carlos excitedly went out of the Congress Palace and announced the Congress of Deputies' and the Senate's decisions.

King Carlos:"Attention, everyone! The Congress and Senate has decided! We SHALL go to war against Snowzerland!"

The large crowds surrounding the building roared in applause and appeal. The bombing of the Buckingham Tower had really opened up their eyes, and they were very passionate about giving Snowzerland what they deserved.

The signed document of war declaration was soon faxed to the Embassy of Castilla in Snowzerland. An intern soon delivered the message to Swiss Ninja himself, who was in his castle.

Swiss:"Hello, intern from the Castillan Embassy. What do you have now? Another plea to free the Hochstadt Gang again? Not going to happen."

Intern:"Not this time. Castilla declares war on you, Swiss Ninja. WAR!"

Swiss Ninja snatched the document copy from the intern's flipper and read it. Swiss Ninja growled loudly and ripped the paper up to shreads.


Swiss Ninja's eyes became bloodshot and punched the intern square in the jaw.

Swiss Ninja:"Soldiers! Arrest the intern! So want a war? WELL I'LL GIVE YOU A WAR ALRIGHT!!! Austin! Django! Get your rocket launchers ready! It's time for a raid!!!!"

A few minutes later, the Embassy of Castilla was surrounded by Snoss army tanks. Suddenly, Snoss Soldiers stormed the building and arrested every penguin and puffle who worked at the embassy, and when everyone was out of the building, it was bombed to the ground instantly.


The smoke cleared, and the embassy was nothing but rubble. Swiss Ninja was clearly not happy about the Castillans declaring war on them.

Swiss:"No! NO! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY declares war on Snowzerland! Snowzerland declares war on Castilla, that's what!!!!"

Austin:"Ok. Finally, another war. I've been waiting for a while, already."

Django:"This will be my first war in a very long time, and I think I should introduce you to a friend of mine who can help us as a new bounty hunter."

Swiss:"Ok. That's fine with me."

Half an hour after the embassy was destroyed, King Carlos was with the Clovis, Jock, Piper and Leonardo when he recieved word on Swiss Ninja's response and attack on the Castillan Embassy in Snowzerland. A scribe gave the King a newspaper transcript.

King Carlos:"Oh dear."

Clovis:"What is it, your majesty?"

King Carlos:"Swiss Ninja had gotten word about Castilla declaring war on Snowzerland. He is very angry."

Jock:"Well, that's not suprising."

King Carlos:"Yes, but once he heard about the declaration of war, he ransacked the Castillan Embassy, arrested all the workers who worked there, and blew the building up completely."

Piper:"Then this only proves that war is neccesary to teach the Snoss a lesson."

Leonardo:"Yes. What should be our first move?"

King Carlos:"What move?"

Leonardo:"The first military action that will start the war."

King Carlos:"Oh, right......the thing is, is you know of the Treaty of the Ninja Archipelago Peace?"

Leonardo:"No, I haven't."

King Carlos:"The treaty states that no Ninja Archipelago island is allowed to invade, conquer, or destroy another Ninja Archipelago island mercilessly. The treaty was signed only a few months ago ever since the USA attempted to bomb Snowzerland."

Piper:"Hmm. Well, perhaps we can do it on the sea?"

King Carlos:"Well, it would have to be outside Ninja Archipelago boundaries. Besides, Swiss Ninja wants Total War. If so, we would have no choice but to fight on foreign soil."

Clovis:"What about fighting on the Antarctic mainland?"

King Carlos:"No. They would not like that, even if we were going to leave the citizens alone. It would be too much of a nuisance."

Jock looked at the large map of Antarctica and the surrounding islands.

Jock:"Well, what about those helpless islands that surround Antarctica? I think it's a perfect for battles. The victor will be able to keep the island as an annex of territory. It's a great way to expand."

King Carlos:"Yes. I believe that would be a good idea... Scribe! Fax Swiss Ninja and tell him that this war shall be fought over the new islands that await to be conquered!"

Swiss Ninja had returned to his castle again when the second fax arrived. He was waiting for Django Ghent to bring him this colleague of his that would help in the war.

Austin:"Hey Swiss, we got another fax from the King of Castilla again. He says he wants to fight the war on the helpless islands around Antarctica...outside of the Archipelago."

Swiss:"Sounds great, actually. WE WILL DOMINATE THEM! This will be a chance to expand my empire!"

Austin:"And for theirs too."

Swiss:"Yes...but we'll make sure that won't happen."

Django entered the room.

Django:"Hello, Swiss. My colleague has arrived."

Swiss:"Well, bring him in so I can see the guy."

Then, Ben 100022 walked into the room. Swiss Ninja immediately recognized him.

Swiss:"Hello, Ben. So, I finally get to meet you at last. How did you know Django for all these years?"

Ben:"Oh, I was a friend of his for many years."

Swiss:"Where did you go after being kicked out of the weekee?"

Ben:"Oh...I met Django Ghent and worked as a general of the RDA Troopers in Terninia for many years."

Swiss:"Hmm. I had no idea this famed penguin has been under my authority all along. Ben, your overthrowing of TSP's dictatorship inspired me to make my own empire. It would be my pleasure for you to join the Royal Bounty Hunters."

Ben:"Thank you. I can finally do something else besides bossing around all those soldiers. I haven't left Terninia ever since the Day of Reckoning, you know."

Swiss:"I see. Well, I think you'll make an excellent bounty hunter."

Ben:"I won't dissapoint you, sir."

Swiss:"As for all the bounty hunters, prepare to go to Mccoon Island! It's our first stop!!!"

Chapter 1:Let's Start This Thing!

Clovis and Jock soon found themselves on a Troopship heading for Mccoon Island. The bounty hunters were also on a different Troopship, also heading towards the island but coming from a different angle, as seen on the map below.

Old Mccoon Map edited-1.png

Castillan Commander:"Alright, Generals Jock and Clovis, it's time to board the smaller boats and land on the island. Get your guns ready."

Jock:"Clovis, take your AK-47 Icebullet gun. This might not be pleasant."


On the Snoss Troopship...

Austin:"It's been a while since we've had a Great Snowzerland War. But those war series are over."

Java:"It's a new chapter."

Ben:"This is going to be my first war ever."

XTUX:"We should destroy everything in our path."

Django:"Don't hold back."

Johnathan:"So let's start this thing!!"

Bounty Hunters:"Let's start this thing!"

The bounty hunters, Snoss Soldiers, and elite RDA Troopers then boarded the smaller boats to land on the island.

Many of the residents of Mccoon immediately spotted the Snoss and Castillans on both sides of the island. They immediately began to evacuate under their basements and bunkers, and awaited for the battle to begin.

When the first boats arrived ashore, the soldiers in both directions began charging towards the center of the island where they would meet. Their guns were all ready and when they finally were in view, the first shots were fired. More soldiers began pouring in through the streets of Mccoon Island, hiding behind buildings and used windows and doors as barricades from the enemies bullets.

Then, Clovis and Jock arrived. They took their guns and hopped off the boat and charged towards the battle scene.

Jock:"Hey, look! A fire escape! We can fight from up there since it's an advantage."

Clovis and Jock soon ran up the fire escape to the top of the building, and began firing down on the enemy Snoss.


Dispite being able to attack from above, they could be seen easily, making them easy targets. They had to duck several times just avoid getting shot at. Then, Austin spotted them.

Austin:"Hey Django! I see you old enemy Jock and his nephew Clovis on the roof. Let's sneak behind them and shoot 'em down."

Django:"No. We would get hit by a Castillan before we do."

Django suddenly took out a cluster of grenades, lit them, and quickly threw them at the corner of the building that Jock and Clovis were standing on.

Django:"Snoss! Take cover!"



Clovis and Jock then jumped off the building and grabbed a nearby clothes' line, and as the building blew up and collapsed, they swung across the street to the next building. Jock shot and shattered the nearest window, and both of them jumped into it.

Austin:"They're in that building!!"

Ben:"Don't worry, I got them!"

Ben pulled out a giant rocket launcher and aimed at the next building.

Clovis:"AH!! They're after us again!!!"

Jock grabbed Clovis's flipper and ran towards the back of the building and shattered another window....and when Ben fired, they jumped out of the window and into a cluster of bushes.


The building collapsed as it blew up, and went into flames.

Jock:"Hey, let's retreat up north to the Town Center!"

Clovis and Jock then ran and shot their way across the battles, retreating towards the Castillan side and headed north to the still abandoned Town Center.

XTUX:"They're heading for the town center! After them, men!"

Clovis:"Hey, Jock! They're coming after us!!!!"

Jock then spotted an abandoned Motor scooter and hopped on it, with Clovis sitting in the back.

Java:"Oh no you don't!"

Java, Django, and XTUX then activated their jet packs and advanced ahead of the other bounty hunters to attack Clovis and Jock.

Jock:"Don't just sit there! Fire back at them while I drive this thing!"

Clovis:"Ok, ok!"

Clovis turned around and started firing his AK 47 Icebullet gun at the incoming bounty hunters, while Jock did the best he could to accelerate the Motor Scooter towards the town center. Meanwhile, the bounty hunters were throwing grenades and rockets at them, which also had to be avoided.

The explosions of the two buildings that blew up resulted in catching the nearby buildings on fire, and now the bombs blowing up on the streets began to spread the fire more. The Snoss and Castillans continued to blow up more buildings to destoy the Soldiers hiding in there.

XTUX:"Stand still, Jock and Clovis!"

Clovis:"We can't be running forever, Jock!"

Jock:"KEEP SHOOTING! I'll think of something!"

Clovis rolled his eyes, but before he turned back to shoot, he spotted a manhole ahead and had a plan. As soon as they got close the the sewer manhole, Clovis yanked Jock off the motor scooter as well as himself, and the bounty hunters, who had not expected it, passed them by instantly.

Clovis had no time to lose, and threw a grenade at the manhole and blew it up.

Clovis:"Jump in!"

Jock:"What? Why are we going in there!"

Clovis:"Bah, just do it!"

Clovis pulled Jock down into the manhole and climbed down the metal ladder to a small dark pathway that was next to a mucky canal of sewage slosh.

Jock:"We are NOT hiding! We MUST fight!"

Clovis:"Well, we are cornered, and we're not hiding! We're running!!!!"

Clovis started running down the dark sewer pathway that led into the unknown.

Jock:"Come back here, Clovis! This is all stupid..."

Suddenly, Jock could hear Java, Django, and XTUX returning to the manhole, ready to go down it. Jock soon caught up with Clovis.




Jock looked back to see that the bounty hunters were bombing the sewers.

Jock:"Run faster!"

Clovis and Jock soon went around several turns and twists until they came across a group of penguins, also armed with guns.

Guard:"Stop! Who goes there?"

Jock:"I am Jock Hochstadt and this is Clovis Hochstadt. We are from Castilla."

Guard:"INVADERS! You're here to invade our island! Flippers up! You're under arrest!"

XTUX:"That won't be neccessary, we'll be taking them."

Jock and Clovis soon found the three bounty hunters right behind them, pointing guns at their heads. Clovis wondered how they could have arrived so fast.

Guard:"Who are you three?"

XTUX:"Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland. No, you're not arresting us."

Guard:"Oh, then I guess we'll have to kill you, then."

XTUX, Django, and Java then pointed their guns towards the Island Guards, and loaded them.

XTUX:"We're not afraid of you, cowardly islanders."

Before the guards could answer, XTUX and the bounty hunters fired on them, and they all were on the floor.

XTUX:"See? Don't give them a chance."

Jock:"A chance, eh?"

XTUX:"Yeah. Like you. Anyways, you all have the rights to remain...."

Jock and Clovis suddenly shoved XTUX, Django, and Java into the canal of sewer slosh, and sped off to the nearest manhole. Little did they know that XTUX, although being a cyborg, was waterproof, or in this case...sewer slosh proof. XTUX and the two Ghents easily got out of the Canal and continued to persue the two Hochstadts. The sight of Mccoon island changed completely ever since they submerged into the sewers. Almost all of the buildings in the city were blown up or caught on fire, and the soldiers already advanced into the main town center.

Clovis:"Where to now?"

Jock:"Let's see if any of the Castillans built any campgrounds from where we landed."

Jock and Clovis found the Motor Scooter right were they had abandoned it, and drove it back towards the place where their boats had landed. Sure enough, a Castillan camp was built there, and part of it was already being used as a temporary hospital. General Hermosa had only arrived an hour ago, viewing the progress of the mission.

Jock:"How has the battle been going?"

General Hermosa:"Well, it seems like the Castillans are able to stand their ground, but they're not moving forward, neither the Snoss. The war so far is tied..."

Suddenly, a surprised Castillan Soldier arrived, who had news.

Castillan Soldier:"Sir! I saw Batavian ships heading this way! I believe they're here to aid us!"

General Hermosa:"Bless their noble hearts! That feisty Queen of Batavia was ready for a war to show off her army to. I was sure they could not resist staying out of the war without allying with us."

Soon enough, the Batavians arrived on the southern edge of the shore, and began to aid the Castillans in the battle. XTUX, Django, and Java soon noticed this, and abandoned their plans about persuing the two Hochstadts and rejoined the rest of the bouny hunters to battle the incoming Batavian soldiers. Meanwhile, Clovis and Jock decided that they've been in enough action, and agreed to command the mission with General Hermosa back at the landing camp.

It was 6:00 PM; it's been several hours ever since the battle began. Now, after rigorous battling occured, the Snoss had retreated, and the Batavians and Castillans celebrated. The battle had it's share of injuries, for the bounty hunters were hit by several Castillan icebullets but lived, and Clovis and Jock nearly were blown into pieces when a Snoss soldier attempted to bomb the camp.

Now, the battle was over, and the island lay in ruins. Not a single building remained. General Hermosa then meet General Gelderlandt of Batavia to discuss the victory.

Hermosa:"Thank you, Batavians."

Gelderlandt:"Same with you, Castillans."

Hermosa:"Please, General Gelderlandt, take Mccoon Island as your colony as a token of our gratitude to your help today. We really needed it."

Gelderlandt:"Batavia accepts her gift with pride. Thank you. We shall rebuild this island once more, and make it better than it was before."

Soon, the Castillans left and let the Batavians take care of rebuiling Mccoon, and General Hermosa decided to bring the invading fleet back to the nearest Castillan Colony of Gulapada. There, they stayed at the closest town village could find, and docked for the night.

General Hermosa:"Well, the village isn't very populated, but I chose this spot for a reason."

Jock:"Which was?"

General Hermosa:"Well, knowing the Snoss, they aren't going to retreat that easily, and I am sure they're going to persue us very soon."

General Hermosa was right. Swiss Ninja was not very happy when he heard about the Snoss retreat on Mccoon Island, and now he was planning the fleet's course towards Gulapada for another attack. Therefore, the General already began deploying Castillan Soldiers into Submarines to patrol the premesis so that they could be alert on whether the Snoss were approaching or not.

Among the Soldiers patrolling in the submarines were Jock and Clovis, with Piper and Leonardo with them this time.

Piper:"So let me get this straight. You didn't want us to fight in the first battle, but now you let us join the next one? Why is that?"

Jock:"Well, I knew that the first one was rough. I didn't want to risk it, Piper. Those bounty hunters were on our heels. We nearly died."

Piper:"Well, if I was there, I'd..."

Jock:"Quit yabbering and keep looking out for any signs of the Snoss. Meanwhile, I've got a submarine to maneuver."

Clovis was checking the radar, and Leoanrdo was standing by the torpedo launchers just in case.

On the other side, Ben was maneuvering the iBoat Submarine, Django was on the lookout, Austin and Java were looking at the radar and other instruments, while Johnathan and XTUX were standing at the torpedo launchers.

Austin:"Hey, I think we've detected an enemy submarine nearby. We're very close to Gulapada Island, so I'm not surprise. Prepare the torpedoes!"

XTUX and Johnathan soon placed the torpedoes into the launchers, and prepared to launch.

Meanwhile, Clovis detected them as well.

Clovis:"I see an imcoming iBoat! AAAAHHH!!!! Incoming missles!!!"

Jock submerged the submarine deeper into the ocean, and the torpedoes nearly whizzed by, nearly hitting them.

Clovis:"Dang! That was close! Man the torpedo launchers!"

Clovis soon joined Leoanrdo into loading the torpedoes, and attempted to launch at the Bounty Hunters.

Piper:"I'm calling in for backup..."

Once again, the Bounty Hunters evaded the Hochstadt's torpedoes.

Austin:"Hmmph. That was a petty attempt to attack us. Full speed ahead, charge towards the enemy!!"

The Snoss iBoat charged at the Castillan Submarine, and fired another pair of torpedoes at them. This time, they were successful.



Clovis:"AAAAHHH! We're hit! The submarine is sinking! Abandon ship!!!"

The Castillan Submarine re-emerged to the surface of the ocean, only to have the Snoss iBoat board right next to them, which they didn't notice at first.

Jock was the first to pull open the manhole of the submarine, and saw his old time rival Django Ghent get out of the iBoat.

Django:"So we meet again, Jock."

Jock:"So we have, Django."

Django and Jock got out and stood on top of the submarines while the rest of their men got out as well.

Jock:"I've killed you before. I can do it again."

Django:"Not on my watch. I've learned some tricks up my sleeve since my revival. Thank XTUX for it."

XTUX:"You're welcome."

Ben:"Enough chatter already, where's the action?"

His question was answered when Clovis popped out of the submarine with a deletion rocket launcher.

Clovis:"Eat deletion, snotty Snoss!"

The bounty hunters jumped out of the line of fire and threw grenades at the Castillan submarine.

Piper:"Look out!"

Piper knocked Jock off the submarine, and Leonardo knocked Clovis off as well to avoid the grenades that landed on the submarine.



The submarine blew up, but the two Hochstadts and the two puffles were still in one piece; swimming in the water.

Austin:"Bad move, boys. Bad move."

Austin and Ben took out more grenades and threw them in the water. Jock and Clovis soon dove deeper into the water with Piper and Leonardo on their backs. They were able to evade the first set of grenades, but they couldn't keep running for long.

The explosion of the Hochstadt's submarine alerted the Castillan Soldiers immediately, who spotted the Snoss iBoat immediately.

Castillan Commander:"THE SNOSS IS HERE!!!! TO YOUR STATIONS!!!!"

The Castillan Soldiers soon lined across the coast with their guns in flippers, ready to fire, and more Castillan Submarines were deployed. Some airplanes also decided to join the fight as well.

Austin:"Oh great! Everyone in the iBoat! They're calling for backup! We can defeat the Hochstadts with our torpedoes."

Java radioed:"Alright men. Commence attack. Enemies straight ahead."

Suddenly, a large cluster of Snoss iBoats re-emerged from the ocean, and in the distance, several aircraft carriers could be seen.

Jock and Clovis were swimming as fast as they could while they were paddling towards the shore.

Austin:"Prepare the torpedoes..."


Django:"What the...?"

Austin:"Ah! We're hit!!! XTUX! Patch up the hole! One little hit isn't going to stop us!"


After a slight silence, a whole symphony of explosions could be heard.





Suddenly, several of the Castillan submarines re-emerged onto the surface on fire, yet some of them still survived. One of them was able to rescue the two Hochstadts and two puffles on time and took them to shore. When Jock and Clovis arrived, they were greeted by the commander.

Castillan Commander:"What now? It seems like they're going to get us now!!!"

Jock:"Let's take it to the skies, boys. To the skies!"

Clovis:"Yes, but keep an army down on the beaches just in case if any of the Snoss try to land."

Jock:"General Clovis, would you mind to lead the air assault for us? Piper can accompany you as well."


Just then, General Hermosa was holding the flag of Castilla behind one of the soldiers with a cannon, who was ready to fire it on the Snoss Submarines.

Beach Battle Gulapada.png

Fifteen minutes later, General Clovis was soon in the sky with his squadron of Castillan Aircraft.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"Snoss aircraft, straight ahead. Prepare for battle."

Castillan Soldier 1 (SQUADCOM):"Roger that, captain."

Clovis pulled up slightly and fired his aircraft's missles at the closest Snoss aircraft he could lock on to.


Clovis (SQUADCOM):"Bull's eye!"

This angered the Snoss immediately. Their responce was with an invading flood of flying missles and bullets heading straight towards the Castillans.


Clovis, preparing for a battle like this, dodged with the rest of his soldiers as they tried their best to evade the outpour of missles and bullets. Some Castillan planes already got hit, and everyone else only barely made it.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"Don't just sit there! Charge back at them!"

The Castillan Soldiers as well as Clovis then started firing at the Snoss, who also did the same. Soon, every Castillan chose a single Snoss to dogfight with. Somehow, Austin was able to get back to his aircraft carrier so that he'd be able to battle Clovis.

Austin:"So, let's see how good he is..."

Clovis:"Oh great. It's Austin."

It seemed as if the rest of the world faded away; for the battle was only between Austin and Clovis.


Austin then launched a pair of rockets at Clovis, who evaded them and countered it with a raid of bullets.

Austin (SQUADCOM):"Come on, is that all you got? You've got some fancy flying skills, but aren't you going to fight me yet?"

Clovis turned red and decided to launch some missles at Austin, who also evaded them. Then, they started circling each other to avoid being hit easily.

Then, Austin launched another pair of missles and they were luckily able to hit one of Clovis's wings slightly.

Clovis:"AHH!!! The wing is broken; it looks like I won't be in the air for much longer, but I must not lose....Aha...I know..."

Austin (SQUADCOM):"How did you like getting hit, Clovis? Looks like game over for you!"

Clovis:"No way, pal. I'm doing it TaliBEAN style."


Suddenly, Clovis was flying straight ahead at Austin, attempting to collide at him.


Austin tried to pull up, but Clovis came in and crashed into his aircraft. That minute, both pilots activated their ejector seats as their planes exploded, and both of them began to parachute down into the sea.

Austin:"Let's hope there's some Snoss submarines where we land!"

Clovis:"I don't think so!"

Clovis pulled out his pistol and fired at Austin's parachute, puncturing holes in it. Austin quickly pulled out his pistol and did the same. Their parachutes soon tore and the both splashed into the ocean.

Clovis soon started swimming back to shore the best he could, hoping that a Castillan submarine would pick him up. Instead, he fell into pack of Snoss iBoat Submarines, who already began to fire torpedoes at him.


Then, one of the torpedoes slid past Clovis and a broken part of the torpedo caught his shirt, pulling him with it.


Clovis was able to pull his shirt off it, but kept holding onto the torpedo so that he could reach the shore faster. Suddenly, he saw that he was heading towards a Castillan submarine. Since the torpedo was about as big as Clovis was, he was able to guide it away from it while he rode the torpedo like a surfboard. The next thing he knew, he found the torpedo gliding onto the shore of Gulapada Island, right in front of two Castillan Soldiers.

Clovis:"I rode my way back. I guess this torpedo was a dud."

General Hermosa came over.

General Hermosa:"Maybe it's not. Soldier, put it in the cannon and fire it!"

Two of the soldiers helped place the torpedo in the cannon and fired it at the Snoss iBoat.


The Snoss iBoat was now in flames, for it wasn't a dud after all. Clovis was just lucky. Or was he?

Clovis looked up into the sky to see, dispite his failure, that his troops were able to knock out the Snoss aircraft out of the sky, and were now doing an air raid on the Snoss Aircraft Carriers.


One of the Snoss Aircraft Carriers were destroyed from the bombs of the Castillan Aircraft. Then, the Snoss iBoats were retreating. The Snoss were retreating completely from Gulapada Island completely. This would truely be Castilla's first victory...yet Snowzerland would be prepared for another backlash.

Chapter 2:Japaland's and Liguria's Armies

It was a grey and overcast day at the foothills of the mountains of Japaland. The wind blew lightly though the nenon-colored hair of the nation's chibi half, and through the equally odd (but normally colored) styles of the redneck half. The chibi/anime penguins were wearing robes, overalls, or robes over overalls (hard to tell), while the rednecks were wearing pretty much the same thing, but more overall than robe. The culture fusion was as creepy as ever. Leaves were blown in the air, and they twirled and danced in a manner that could not be scripte any better. It was like a scene from a badly budgeted B-movie.

Several television cameras seemed to be present and facing a tall building. One half looked like a white temple of sorts, the other half an old-fashioned red barn, the two divided straight down the middle.

From this building came what was apparently a chibi penguin, but a tall one. His bubbly eyes were a red color that contrasted with the black hair that framed his face and almost covered the tops of his eyes. His beak was twisted into a harsh frown, that, adorable as it was, was certainly serious business. Small lack glasses finished the weirdness. He was wearing a purple suit and a white tie with red hexagons on it. Under the suit's sportscoat was a robe the same color as the suitjacket.

He looked like a laughing matter, but he certainly wasn't. This odd bird was, in fact, Shikoguno Mikishinai Katoni, the head of state of Japaland and, as the customs came to call it, the "commander guy" of the nation.

The chibi ruler greeted the penguins in fluent Japanese- accented like it came from Mattress Village -but perfectly understandable. After a moment, he dramatically lowered his head and closed his eyes.

The wind whipped the robe under Katoni's robe in a dramatic fashion as he stood firm. The head of state looked back up and opened those big eyes with a ">: (" sort of face. He switched to English and began in that tenor sound that helped him be such a good speaker. Katoni's English wasn't accented.

Shukogono: "My fellow Japalandese, both noble farmer and brilliant electronic builder, I was elected on the sole promise. That promise..." the Shukoguno whipped his head to a camera as it zoomed in on him, "...was to revive Japaland. We were once a nation of CONQUERERS. WINNERS. WE KICKED BUTT AND TOOK NAMES."

The Japalandese who were watching the Shukoguno in person began to cheer loudly in support of his promise.

Shukogono: "So it give me great pleasure to say that we shall indeed restore our army once more!"

The Japalandese roared loudly with approval, ready to do anything to bring their army back.

Shukogono: "Some may think that the USA will try to stop us. That's not true. We have made an alliance with an old friend...the country of Liguria, who fought together with us on the side of Khanzem in the Khanzem War one hundred years ago! So it shall be that they will support us again in restoring our army, and bringing glory to our nation once more!"

The Japalandese clapped, danced, roared, and cheered even more, for this day would never be forgotten in Japalandese history.

That day, the Japalandese officials began opening up enlistment posts to register the new soldiers. The lines were enormous, which made the Shukogono very proud. Meanwhile, the Shukogono went to the Ligurian city of Dellaroma for a summit.

President Bruce Collini was there to greet him. The Shukogono greeted him with the high five and bowing combo that baffled many a leader. Bruce, though, was very used to the mixed culture of the longtime ally to his nation.

Bruce Collini:"Bon giorno, Signore Katoni." (Good Day, Mr. Katoni.)

Shukogono Katoni:"おい!y'allを参に良いに!" (Hey! Good to see ya'll!)

Bruce Collini:"So, I hear your people are eager to sign up in the army now."

Katoni:"Yup. It's all going to go down. We'll be coronating a new Emperor."

Collini:"My army has already been built up to it's greatest peak since the great war long ago."

Katoni:"That's wonderful. We can't wait to pick up our guns and rush into. We shall teach the USA and the abomination called Freezeland a lesson they will NEVER forget."

Collini:"Oh, but alas! There's already a war going on! Don't you know?"

Katoni:"There is?"

Collini:"Yes. Castilla got ticked off at Snowzerland and now has waged war on them a couple days ago. I've heard they're on an island conquering spree. They're fighting over islands like girls fighting over clothing."

Katoni:"Golly. That's... well, I didn't see that coming."

The chibi penguin placed a flipper on his beak in thought.

Collini:"I plan to get involved unexpectedly. Would you like to join us?"

Katoni:"Heck yes!"

Collini:"Once we prove ourselves worthy, we will ally with Snowzerland and the other German States. They're the closest thing to Khanzem, anyways."

Katoni:"Hmm, I'm not sure those Snoss would appreciate us."

Katoni gestured to his robe/blazer combination.

Katoni:"We haven't contacted the German States in forty years... I fear they'll laugh at us. Plus, our government's 'bout to go under a transition, what with the army and all. Crowning an Emperor, me stepping down..."

Collini:"Perhaps... -but he's no stranger to unique governments. Anything that'll help him."

Katoni:"Yeah, but again, will he accept us? Half of us look like an exotic comic book and half of us haunt the dreams of the mainland's left-leaning realms... -and is he as committed to the Lesser as old Whoot was?"

Collini:"That... I don't know."

Katoni: Maybe we should find out. :3

Calloni:" do you make that face, Shukogono?"

Katoni stopped.

Katoni:"I just can. What I mean is that we relay him the news of our transition immediately. Im sending a messenger now."

Meanwhile, the Snoss retreated from Gulapada Island and returned to Snowzerland for refueling and to get more supplies. During this time, Swiss Ninja decided to hold a war council meeting in his Castle.

Austin:"So what, Swiss....we lost at Gulapada...barely though. We were SO close."

Swiss:"No matter. You lost one battle. It's not..."

Johnathan:"Technically two....the Mccoon Island battle was lost because the Batavians got involved..."

Swiss:"Ok...we lost two battles...they're only but small pieces of the pie! Trust me, we'll get them next time."

Ben:"Where to?"

Swiss:"Don't know yet. Be on your toes though. I'll come up with a place tomorrow morning before you leave, ok?"

Austin:"Got it."

Austin left as Swiss Ninja dismissed the others.

The next day, Swiss Ninja went to tell the bounty hunters their next move.

Swiss:"It's going to be the South Shetland Islands. We can't lose this. The South Shetland Islands are the key to the USA. Of all the successes that you DO make, please let it be this one."

The bounty hunters were silent and looked at each other. Austin sighed and said:"Yes sir. We will do our best."

The Bounty Hunters saluted the Kaiser, who saluted back.

When the bounty hunters boarded their ship, Austin called for a group discussion.

Austin:"Swiss is right. Those islands are the key to Antarctica. We must NOT let those Castillan scumbags take what's rightfully ours!"

Ben:"Well, it technically isn't rightfully..."

Austin slapped him.

Austin:"You know what I mean."

Java:"Yeah. It's also a preferred trading spot."

Django:"I'll take it from here. Men, we must give our all in this next battle! Destroy them! Do not give the enemy any chances. It's total war. We WILL destroy everything in it's past. For Honor. For Glory. For Snowzerland! HUZZAH!"

The other bouny hunters cheered:"Huzzah!"

Swiss Ninja:"Well said."

Everyone turned around to see Swiss Ninja, who just arrived.

XTUX:"Hey SN. We didn't see you there."

Swiss:"I decided that I'll go with you on this one. I'd like to battle with you guys as well for a change. Oh, and I also acquired ourselves an ally."


Swiss:"The Pertish Soldiers from Grand Permatan, one of my secret colonies."

Austin:"Oh my! The Pertish are coming! The Pertish are coming! I'm sooo scared!"

Swiss:"Hey, don't you make fun of them! They're a quite organized army, unlike my own. They're a perfect match for the Castillans...and even the Batavians."

With that being said, Swiss Ninja and his fleet sailed to Grand Permatan to meet General Cornawallis, the grand commander of the Pertish Army. The two met in the Parliament Building in the city of Snowdon. The Bounty Hunters came with him.

Austin:"Wow. This country is so fancy...they talk like High Penguins a little bit, but a little bit more proper."

Swiss:"Of course. They are very fond of manners, so don't embarrass me in front of General Cornwallis, alright?"

Austin:"Of course we won't."

Swiss Ninja then opened the doors into General Cornwallis's office room, which was very large and spacy. It's floor was a carpet that had many exquisite and intricate designs everywhere. There was even a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. General Cornwallis was writing something on his shiny wooden desk that was in front of a large glass window when they entered.

General Cornwallis greeted them in his fine Pertish accent, saying:"Oh, come on in, your Highness. Please do sit down and make yourself comfortable."

Swiss Ninja also greeted him in a Pertish accent, in a respecful way:"Why, thank you. You look dashing today."

Swiss Ninja sat down in the comfy chairs with the bounty hunters.

General Cornwallis:"Who are these peasants? USA delegates?"

Austin:"Hey, we're not peasants! I'm probably better than you are, redface."

Swiss:"Austin! Calm Down!"

General Cornwallis:"Who do you think you are, boy? You're nothing but an intruder....guards!!!!"

Austin:"Guards? What're you going to do, drag me out of the room?"

General:"Yes. Clearly there is a mistake. SN would never have such an honorless lowborn as his guard."

Big mistake. Never insult a Pengolian's honor. Austin turned red and jumped on General Cornwallis and started beating him up. Two guards then came in to get Austin, who also had to struggle to fight with him.

Swiss:"Stop it! Stop it now!"

Austin and the guards did not pay attention to them, so Swiss Ninja stood behind them and took out his snowbullet gun.


Austin and the guards stopped to look at Swiss Ninja. There was a hole in the wall.

Swiss:"Get off of him, Austin."

Cornwallis:"This is most unaccept..."

Swiss:"General Cornwallis, I'm the leader here now. Guards, don't take Austin away, for he is one of my beloved bounty hunters."

General Cornwallis stood up and looked at Austin for a minute; he was scruitinized that this lowly looking penguin was of high rank.

General Cornwallis:"Very well then. I'm sorry I misjudged you, Mr. Austin...."


Austin and the General shook flippers.

Cornwallis:"You don't look like someone of great power. Your majesty, may I make a comment?"

Swiss:"Of course."

Cornwallis:"Yes. I've heard of your great Bounty Hunters. But I think THIS ONE needs a bit more dicipline and self control."

Swiss:"Eh. Well. We don't do it the Pertish way. Austin is pretty diciplined and self controlled in the fact that he would NEVER betray me."

The commotion was interrupted when a scruffy penguin ran in. He was wearing a robe that seemed to be made entirely out of flannel. He was a Japalandese redneck, and he had thin, black combovers of hair over his otherwise bald, brown feathers. He was wearing a thin pair of glasses.

He was breathing heavilly.

Redneck:"Pardon mah interruptin', yer majesty."

He faced Swiss Ninja and bowed.

Redneck:"Important writins'... *heavy breathing* ...from Shukugono... Katoni. King Swiss... ya'll... oh my.... I'm winded."

The hick sat down in a chair and reached into his inventory. He removed a glass of iced tea and noticed a Pertish teacup.

Cornwallis:"First a Khanz and now a robed farmer? Your majesty, are these the penguins with which you rule your kingdom?"

Swiss:"He's not one of mine."

Cornwallis:"Robed farmers. That sounds like something you'd do."

The general smirked a bit.

Cornwallis:"Maybe you were annoyed one day and declared 'All Farmers Wear Robes' day to be a few days ago?"

Swiss Ninja was not amused. The Japalandese redneck, meanwhile, snatched one of the Pertish teacups from a table and poured his sweet tea into it with out-of-character-like grace and skill. For a hick, he knew how to serve tea. He drank it down as the two argued.

Redneck (to himself):"So keepin' this here fancy teacup."

He adjusted his glasses and continued drinking his tea, waiting for a chance to interrupt.

Redneck:"Pardon ya'll... can I stop yer quarrelin' fer just a second?"

Cornwallis:"Don't speak until spoken to, peasent!"

Redneck:"I ain't no stinkin' peasent!"

Cornwallis:"You talk like one! Peasent!"

Redneck:"If I talks bad, ya talk like a snob. Get off yer high hoss."

Cornwallis:"You think you can speak tht way to ME?"

Redneck:"Mah people don't usually like rapsacallions like yerself. So, I reckon I CAN say that to ya. Snob."

Cornwallis:"I'll call the gaurds. I will. I dare you; do it again!"

Redneck:"This really blows yer skirt up, don't it?"

Cornwallis:"No, but I bet it does your dress."


Cornwallis:"It's so a dress."


Cornwallis:"If you are as stupid as you sound, I'm amazed you found it here."

Redneck:"Ya'd better quit insultin' mah honor like that. I don't take that too kindly."

Cornwallis:"You? Honor? Ha! Ha ha! Ha!"

Swiss Ninja looked to the general.

Swiss:"General, that's a messenger from Japaland. You know, the ones with the funny faces and the willingness to build a phreaking huge army that could wipe the continent like back in 1913?"

Redneck:"Ya know what? I was goin' ta invite ya'll to the cornatin' of our new Emperor, maybe build a good diplomacy-type thingamadoodle 'tween our two home states... but ya know what? I'm not. I'm gone go tell Shukogono Katoki how big a snob you Snoss have gone and been."

Swiss Ninja:"Honorable Japalandese messeger-"

Swiss Ninja said, trying to save face,

Swiss Ninja:"That's not a Snoss general. He's Permish."

Redneck:"Permish? That sounds like somethin' a barber would go and do on one of our girl elders."

Austin snorted as he tried not to laugh.

Cornwallis (extremely insulted):"That's a PERM. We're Permatan."

Redneck:"Yeah. Ya'll could use a perm AND a tan. Ah-yup yup up!!!"

The Japalandese slapped his feet and laughed a hillbilly laugh. Austin laughed as well.

Redneck:"Yeah, and you'd look real Kawaii with the same hair as mah grammy. Do you an improvement, it would."

Austin continued laughing as Cornwallis fumed. A gaurd rushed in when he heard Cornwallis screaming.

Guard:"General, is there something wrong?"

Redneck:"Yeah. Soldier Snobby over there's got his pants in a knot, Swiss Ninja ain't goin to see our Emperor, and... hey, are ya late fer the sushi festival, or is that how yer mama dressed ya?"

Austin:"BA HA HA A HA HA!"

The Gaurd cleared his throat in embarassment.

Redneck:"Ya'll look like them koi the animes fish back home, 'cept yer real red. Like lob-stuh. Folks should be a-callin' ya'll lob-stuhs."

Cornwallis and the Gaurd were really angered now.

Redneck:"We're just buildin' back our troops. Bet we Japalandese could take ya'll out soon as we get an Emperor."

Cornwallis:"Watch it, bumpkin. We have to have one of the greatest air forces in the Archipelago!"

Redneck:"So, flyin' lob-stuhs? They drop rocks? Heard about them rock lobstuhs. Make good music, if yer an anime."

Austin (between chortling):"Come on man, I'm going to split my sides if you keep this up..."

Cornwallis:"Ugh! This is no way to treat me! I never want to associate with you Japs a-"



Even he knew not to say that to the militiant Japalandese.


The redneck said some colorful words in Japanese as he exited. He ran back in and swiped the rest of Cornwallis' teaset.

Redneck:"I'M KEEPIN THIS."

Then, he left.

Swiss Ninja:"I hope he doesnt talk too much about that, Cornwallis. You do NOT want those penguins on your bad side.



Redneck:"Them Snoss were nice enough, but them Permanent Tan Lobstuhs, or whatever ya call 'em.... they're a-insultin' our honor."

Katoni:"That will not be tolerated. I'll let the new Emperor know of this immediately."

Swiss Ninja stirred his tea while Cornwallis was dusting himself off from the fight with Austin.

Cornwallis:"My apologies, your magesty."

Swiss:"Great. You ticked off one a Japalandese guys. They're going to get you back now. Anyways, are we ready to set sail for the South Shetland Islands?"

Cornwallis:"Yes, your magesty."

Swiss:"Good. Then I'll see you at the ships with your men at 1600 hours. (4:00 PM)"

Cornwallis:"Yes, your highness."

Cornwallis saluted "King" Swiss Ninja before he left. (Grand Permatan is the only country that calls Swiss Ninja a King. Everyone else knows him as "Der Kaiser")

"King" Swiss Ninja saluted back to him, along with the bounty hunters.

Swiss Ninja and General Cornwallis soon met the next day on the coast of Grand Permatan, ready to take off to the South Shetland Islands.

Swiss:"Are you ready for your first war since Colonial Antarctica?"

Cornwallis:"Of course, your magesty."

Chapter 3:South Shetland Islands Skirmish

The day that the Snoss and Castillans arrived at the South Shetland Islands was very foggy. Ironically enough, the first island that they were going to reach was Cornwallis Island, which was one of the islands General Cornwallis discovered himself, only to hand it over to the USA later. The islands were bare and did not have anyone living on it, so taking the islands would not be so serious.

Cornwallis Island, specifically, is about a little less than half the size of Snowzerland and only has one mountain on it, which is found in the center of the island. The rest of the island is all dense forest filled with tall trees. In these conditions, the Snoss, Castillans, and especially the Pertish prefer to have a classic bayonet fight, which can easily be done on any kind of rifle, even modern ones. Once again out of habit, the Snoss and the Castillans arrived on the two opposite sides of the island. Strangely enough, when it comes to fighting other Ninja Archipelago Islands, battles tend to use old fashioned Napoleonic tactics, where soldiers would charge against each other on an open battlfield. This battle, although being in a forest, would be no different, except that it would be an ideal spot for a bayonet fight. Unfortunately, these tactics of warfare were quite useless since the modern technology usually caused more casualties. Yet again, only the strongest of the strong could survive quite an endeavor, which is also a way to see who's army was best.

Clovis:"I'm nerveous about this."

Jock:"Don't worry, you'll do fine, I'm sure. This forest can be perfect for hiding in."

Clovis:"But we're not using 'Gorilla Warfare' techniques. We're plainly charging at each other in sight. It seems pointless to me."

Piper:"Hey, at least Leonardo and I are here."

Leonardo:"Yeah. We've got your back. Well, mostly Piper does, but still."

General Hermosa had decided not to get involved in the ground battle this time, and stayed behind at the ships to deal with the naval battles occuring on the sea. Therefore, he strangely chose Clovis to lead the soldiers to the battle. Jock, Piper, and Leonardo were right behind him.

Ironically enough, Swiss Ninja, Clovis's brother, was leading his men...personally. Behind him was Django, Austin, and XTUX.

Clovis:"Bayonets Ready! Enemy in sight!"

Everyone attatched their bayonets to their AK-47 Snowbullet rifle. It is customary to put bayonets on almost any type of rifle, since many Ninja Archipelagoans always found it useful for close combat.

Swiss Ninja:"Bayonets Ready! Enemy in sight!"

As the two forces marched closer to each other, Swiss Ninja, as well as Clovis, decided to be the first to duel each other, while Jock was to duel Django, Piper was to duel Austin, and Leonardo was to duel XTUX in a close combat bayonet fight.

Clovis:"Ah! Enough of this drama! CHAAAARRGE!!!!"


Battle on South Shetland Islands.png

Swiss and Clovis charged at each other with their bayonets in their flippers. Austin jumped up into the air, attempting to attack Jock. Austin smashed his rifle against Jock, but his helmet protected him and only made him stagger back. Piper jumped in and took out his gun to challenge Austin. Jock charged towards Django, and Leonardo attacked XTUX. Then, the other soldier began to charge and attack, while Clovis and Swiss Ninja were dueling with their bayonets.

Suddenly, Swiss Ninja did an overhead attack. This gave Clovis a chance to quickly block his hit and go for the opening. Clovis stabbed Swiss Ninja once the opening was made.


Swiss collapsed to the ground. Luckily, Clovis stabbed him in the area right below his shoulder. As much as the small fight was a good victory, it's outcome would not be very pleasant for the Castillans.

Snoss Soldier 1:"THE KAISER IS DOWN!"

Pertish Soldier 1:"ATTACK!!!!!"

This seemingly only angered the soldiers more, who vowed to save their Kaiser and do his will. Ben 100022 came to Swiss's aid, and safely dragged Swiss Ninja back to the ship.

Clovis was now running away while whordes of Snoss and Pertish Soldiers were chasing him with their swords and bayonets in their flippers. They were making a heavy advance against the Castillans, easily outnumbering them.


Jock turned around and said:"WHAT? NO! WE KEEP..."

Suddenly, Django knocked him with the butt of his rifle. Jock suddenly jumped up and said:"OK! RETREAT! RETREAT!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Soon, Leonardo and Piper joined Jock and Clovis as they were running away from the advancing Snoss.

Suddenly, a bomb was thrown right behind them, and they jumped away as it exploded.


Leonardo, Piper, Jock, Clovis:"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Jock:"Get up quickly, we must..."

Jock suddenly pulled out his sword and stuck a Snoss Soldier who attempted to charge at him.


Eventually, the two Hochstadts and the two puffles soon made it back onto the rowboats and started heading for their ship.

On the Castillan ship...

General Hermosa:"Hey, you're early...wait...Oh no....This can't be good."

Clovis:"No. It isn't. I stabbed Swiss Ninja, only to have the Snoss Soldiers backfire on me like a really angry mob. We had no choice but to retreat."

General Hermosa:"Don't they 'backfire like an angry mob' in any war?"

Clovis:"Well, they got more angrier than ever, fighting ten times harder."

General Hermosa:"Yes. I see. Alright men! RETREAT! Return to Castilla!"

Java, who stayed on the boat, looked out his telescope to see General Hermosa call the commands.

Java:"You're not retreating quite yet..."


Leonardo:"AAAHHH! The Snoss are firing at us!"

General Hermosa:"Darn! They're making a blockade! Our only option is to go further into the South Shetland Island Archipelago."

The Castillan Destroyer began to turn towards the South Shetland Islands, hoping that they could cut through and turn back around to Castilla to avoid more casualties. Nevertheless, the Snoss wanted to play dirty ever since Swiss Ninja was attacked.

It was several hours later. All the Castillan Soldiers, whoever was left, were on the remaining Castillan navy ships, who were following Hermosa's destroyer. The Snoss were also persuing them, but not without exchanging a couple shots.

Clovis:"Don't they know anything about retreating??? We're done! We lost! Shouldn't they be happy?"

General Hermosa:"That's a short lived glory, Clovis."

Jock:"They want to get us back for attempting to kill Swiss Ninja. They know that we are just going to come back and get them again."

Piper:"In this case right now, it's the survival of the fittest."

Clovis:"Like last time?"

Piper:"Well yeah. That's what most of the Ninja Archipelago Wars are about."

Clovis sighed and said:"I hate this."



The destroyer shook violently and began to tilt towards the stern.

Castillan Soldier:"AAAHHH! We're hit!!!!"

General Hermosa:"Oh great! Looks like our only option now is to retreat to that nearby island right there and wait for another Castillan destroyer to help us. Waiting in the water will only kill us."

The Castillan Soldiers soon deployed small motorboats, which were actually old fashioned rowboats that had a motor attatched to the back of it. The motor boats would the most efficient way to avoid the Snoss from destroying them as easily. By then, Austin and the other bounty hunters, as well as the injured Swiss Ninja, was also on their ship already.





Clovis:"AAAAAHHHH!!! They're firing at us!!!!!"

General Hermosa:"Just dodge, that's all. We can make it."

Unfortunately, some of the Castillan boats were hit, which exploded with a splash.

Jock:"The island is approaching. We should hide in the trees. It's time we use those Guerrilla Warfare tactics now."


Just as they were close to the island shore, a missle exploded right behind the Hochstadt's escape boat, which flew Jock and Piper in the trees, General Hermosa, Leonardo, and two of the Castillan Guards into a small patch of grass, and Clovis faceplanted into the beach sand.

Everyone was all right, and soon Jock was helping Clovis get up while urging him to run into the forest. They all ran, along with all the other Castillan Soldiers who escaped, deep into the woods. It was a fair distance away from the beach when they stopped.

Jock:"OK. We'll need to climb these trees. We'll make a sneak attack there...those Snoss Soldiers will never expect us up there. They still think we're using those Napoleonic Tactics."

Everyone climbed up the trees, except for Clovis, who was struggling.

Jock:"Come on Clovis! The Snoss are coming any minute! Get up here NOW!!!"

Clovis:"I...I can't! I can't climb trees!"

Jock facepalmed.

Jock:"Can you at least try?"

Clovis:"I did!"

Clovis tried again. He hugged the tree as if it was Swiss Ninja himself and tried to climb up the tree by running up it. That only made him stumble and fall back onto the ground again.

Piper:"Wow. He's worse than I thought. He can't even climb a foot off the ground."

Jock:"Never fear. Clovis can be another use to us."

Leonardo:"He's toast..."

Jock:"I doubt that. He's all alone, so the Snoss think, right? Clovis will be our bait. The Snoss will probably just come up and take him as a prisoner of war. I doubt they'll kill him."

The Snoss arrived on the shore and charged inland, expecting to find the Castillans hiding in a cave ready to surrender. Instead, they stopped when they found Clovis all alone. The Snoss Sargeant, who was commanding the attack, was the first to approach him.

Snoss Sargeant:"Hey, jester! What are you doing here in these woods? Don't you know there's a war going on?"

Clovis:"There is? I am but a castaway! My ship was destroyed quite a while ago, and I've tried my best to survive on this place."

Snoss Sargeant:"Wow....nice acting, Clovis Hochstadt."

The Snoss Sargeant smacked Clovis with the butt of his rifle, which made him fall back onto the forest floor. The other Snoss Soldiers laughed at him.

Jock whispered:"Now!"


To the Snoss surprise, the Castillans started peppering them with their icebullets. The Sargeant and the Snoss Soldiers nearby were instantly knocked down, and the Castillans began to charge the Snoss back to the island's shore again. By now, the Castillan Destroyer that was expected the pick up the Hochstadts and their troops arrived and sent reinforcements to aid them. Thus, the Snoss were sandwiched between the two Castillan forces, having no choice but to surrender. However, the battles went so fast that they either got deleted, injured, or killed before the Castillans could do anything.

The two Hochstadts, the two puffles, and General Hermosa soon were on the second Castillan Destroyer, ready to sail back home. They could only go down so far before they reached Club Penguin Island, which was at the edge of the South Shetland Islands, but they wanted to avoid that spot so that the USA wouldn't get involved, so instead they turned north and headed back to Castilla. After the battle on Rouge Island, which is what it was called, the Snoss stopped attacking the Castillans, and the South Shetland Islands battles ended.

After the Castillans retreated, the Snoss and the Pertish celebrated their victory on Cornwallis Island, where the battles began. In honor of their victory, they built and founded the town of Kaiserstadt on the shores where the Snoss first arrived. Luckily, Swiss Ninja healed enough to make a speech and eat as they celebrated their new achievement. A military base was also built next to Kaiserstadt to protect it in case if any Castillan tried to invade again.

Chapter 4:The Maps Island Conflicts

Although the battles at the South Shetland Islands were over, Swiss Ninja was already looking at their next target area. In the recent news, he heard about the Maps Island Civil War, with two sides fighting over what kind of goverment they wanted to have. One side wanted Democracy, while others wanted a Monarch. Swiss knew that this would be Holyswissia all over again... Yet this time, Castilla would get involved. Swiss Ninja already had a plan: Snowzerland would ally with the West Confederates since they supported a monarchy. King Carlos Goberna agreed that Castilla would ally with the East Republic. Compared to the previous battles, this one would be the most gruesome of them all, with innocent civilians (most of whom survived the battles) and terrorists involved.

Swiss Ninja soon arrived at the Confederate side of the island to meet the Maps Confederacy's King in a Summit. Special guests General Cornwallis, Austin8310, and Django Ghent went with him, along with a small group of soldiers who were on guard.

King Humuhumunukunukuapua'a I, or just plainly known as King Louis Chantam, was in his office when the Kaiser and his men arrived.

King Louis Chantam:"'Ello, Kaiser Swiss Ninja and company."

Swiss Ninja:"Hello. As you know, we're here to ally you in this civil war you're having. I promise you, with us on your side, you will definitely win."

King Louis Chantam:"How splendid. I hope this will be a glorious alliance. We shall defeat the wretched Republic, and I shall be King of the whole island."

Swiss Ninja:"Erm....Yeah."

King Louis Chantam:"You don't sound very enthustiastic about it? Do you doubt yourself?"

Swiss:"No. But I'd like your men to leave the room. I wish to speak to you privately."

King Louis Chantam:"Alright. Let it be. But please have your men leave too, then."


Swiss turned around and winked back at the other bounty hunters and General Cornwallis, who silently left.

While waiting in a nearby room, a sudden scream was heard, some banging, and then it was silence once more.

Austin:"Hey...what's going on in there?"

Austin, Django, General Cornwallis and King Chantam's guards rushed to the scene to find Swiss Ninja sitting in the King's desk by himself. The window behind the desk was wide open, and the curtains had red stains on them.

Everyone was shocked and did not say anything.

Swiss:"Oh, hello. Just writing something down here."

Confederate Guard 1:"Hey, where's the King?"

Swiss:"Right here, of course."

The two Confederate guards exchanged alarmed glances.

Confederate Guard 2:"No, we mean, where's his royal highness King Louis Chantam?"

Swiss Ninja:"Oh, he's in the garden right now. Look, you can see him from the window."

The two confederate soldiers looked out the window to see their motionless king lying in a thorny bush that was right below the window.

Swiss Ninja:"You see, I'm your new King, if you like it or not. Now if you try and think about any rebellion, you might as well join your king down there."

The two Confederate Soldiers' expressions turned very fightened, and saluted saying:"NO SIR!!"

Swiss:"Oh splendid. Looks like we might win this war after all, boys."

He left with his usual arrogance, pleased at the outcome. He just hoped that he could stop any rebellions for killing King Chantam.

News spread about King Louis Chantam's assasination very quickly, and the East Republic of Maps Island celebrated for a little bit, that was, until they heard that Swiss Ninja took the throne instead. Now, many of them were in great fear that they were going to be easily crushed by this new enemy.

The Castillans planned to ask the Republic if they could ally with them, but once the assasination occured, it was the Republic that asked Castilla to aid them. Thus, the Eastern Republic called in the Generals of Castilla for a summit. (They did not want King Carlos Goberna to come since they hate monarchs and fear that he would kill their president like SN did to the Confederacy's King.)

President IrishProvo1916 shook the hands of the Generals as they entered the meeting room.

IrishProvo:"I'm sure you all know about Swiss Ninja assasinating the King of our wretched enemy, the Confederates. Correct?"

General Clovis:"Of course, sir."

IrishProvo:"After getting rid of the King, SN crowned himself as the King of the Confederacy and annexed it into Snowzerland. I fear that he is going to conquer us next."

General Jock:"It's only the obvious. Swiss Ninja reaches all the opportunities he can grab."

IrishProvo:"Well, our armies can put up a fight with the Confederacy. But we are DWARFED compared to Snowzerland's army..."

General Hermosa:"True."

IrishProvo:"I've come to ask you, Castillan Generals, to help ally with us on the battlefield and defend us from Snowzerland and the Confederates. We do NOT want you to take us over, for I wish to reunify this island as one country once more."

General Hermosa:"Alright. We shall aid you and your men on the battlefields here on Maps Island. This is the next phase of the War, I suppose."

After the summit, the Generals went back to their military ships. They prepared to sail to the Maps Island Border to start aiding the Republic in their Civil War with their new enemy, Snowzerland.

General Hermosa:"President IrishProvo should know better than to know, whoever wins, that the Republic will be conquered. It's either going to be the Snoss or us, but I'll let him find that out when we kick Snoss butt."


Flywish was visiting Maps Island for a vacation with his army, who happened to be near the border when the Two Hochstadts and the Castillans arrived. Being allies, Flywish decided to meet with them, which he did not do for a long time.

Flywish:"Hello, Jock, Piper, Leonardo and Clovis. Good to see you two again."

Clovis:"It's good to see you too."

Flywish:"Where are the other Hochstadt Gang members? On a seperate misson?"

Jock:"No, they're captured by Swiss Ninja. We're planning to liberate them soon, though."

Flywish:"That's good. What brought you guys to Maps Island?"

Jock:"War. Castilla is fighting Snowzerland, which is going to happen on this border."

Flywish:"Yeah, I heard. Can't believe Swiss Ninja killed the king like that. It was so unexpeced. I'm so glad it was a good decision to kick him off of my army. He wasn't useful anyways."

Jock:"Do you and your army want to help us with the battles here on Maps? We will need all the help we need. I hope our intervention is going to end the Maps Island Civil War quickly."

Piper:"At the same time, our own war with Snowzerland continues to rage."

Flywish:"Sure. Why not? I'm in for a challenge."

Two days later after Flywish agreed to ally with the Castillans and the republic, they found themselves right at the border. They were all standing behind a dug up trench. The Snoss and Pertish Army and the Confederates would arrive any minute. The two Hochstadts, the two puffles, the Castillan Army, Flywish and his army we all prepared.

Then, the sound of marching could be heard, and it was coming from the Confederate side. Leonardo peeked over the trench to see that it was the Snoss and the Confederates, marching towards the Republic's border. Austin8310 was leading them.

Austin:"Hmm. I wonder where they are? Shouldn't they be here by now? I guess we should just cross this trench border and just invade."

Nevertheless, Austin didn't see the soldiers hiding in the trench, and before he knew it, a whole array of Castillan and Flywish Army rifle barrels stuck out of the trench and fired immediately.



All the Snoss and the Confeds jumped as the bullets flew past their feet. However, most of the soldiers who were in the front nearest to the trench had already fallen. Austin pulled out his bayonet and attatched it to his rifle, and then jumped into the trench thrusting the bayonet at the nearest soldier.

Flywish:"Hello, Austin. I see you decided to betray my army."

Austin:"No I didn't. I just have a double job for SN. Unlike you, he pays more attention to me...and I get more money from him!"

Flywish:"Eh. You're not worthy enough to fight. Just move along to the next Castillan or something."

Austin:"If I could, I would retreat because of you, but I am not going to lose to the Two Hochstadts and the Castillans."

Another Castillan charged at Austin, who smacked him with the butt of his rifle.

That day, the Castillans drove the Snoss out of the trench, who retreated back to the capital city. The Confederate Soldiers were not happy with this, and ever since their former king was killed, they were planning to assasinate/overthrow Swiss Ninja. Being smart enough to know that, Swiss Ninja decided to confront these "rebels" himself, and invited them to the Confederate Palace to chat. The angry soldiers, terrorists, and other oppositionists gathered in front of the palace, where Swiss Ninja arrived with two elite War Bots by his side.

Swiss sarcastically said:"Hello, joyful citizens!"

A hiss of booing and shouting of disapproval was heard.

Swiss Ninja:"ATTENTION EVERYONE! A good ruler knows how to make a good speech. I am one of those good rulers, and so I shall give you a speech of encouragement which will please everyone."

Swiss Ninja started to (fake) cry and took out a hankerchief to wipe his tears.

Swiss:"The press lied about your king! Lied, I say! I never murdered him! That beloved man was dying long before I arrived, and he called to me! Yes! Called to me, I say! He knew that day that he was to die, so he asked me a secret wish, a favor that he wanted me to carry out. Do you all know what that wish was?"

Everyone in the crowd looked at each other and shook their heads.

Swiss:"He said, 'Succeed me; help win this war. You will bring the nation to it's peak.' So I did what he wanted! It was his wish that he wanted fufulled before he died of a terrible illness! I cried that day, for he was a great...."

A penguin from the crowd said:"SO WHAT IF HE SAID THAT? WE DONT LIKE YOU!"

Swiss:"Oh, but look, my fellow friends. I am only going to win this war for you...and then I'm going home. Leaving you to have your own king."

Confederate Soldier 1:"Yes, but we liked King Chamtam better than you!"




The Confederate Soldier 1 fell to the ground. The crowd stopped charging towards Swiss Ninja and began to back away.

Swiss:"Look. I didn't want to do that. But you're stuck with me no matter what! Castilla has allied with the Republic, and if I leave, you're going to be toast!"

The Crowd looked worried for a moment, and began to discuss among themselves about what to do.

Swiss:"I promise on my flipper that I shall leave once..."

King Chantam:"Hello, citizens! Swiss Ninja is not lying! I am here, alive and healthy!"

King Chantam walked out of the palace, all cheerful and uninjured.

The crowd was surprised him and cheered in delight.

Swiss:"So, it seems like King Chantam was revived like XTUX and Django Ghent! Hurray!"

King Chantam:"Oh, glory day! Glory day! Everyone! We must ally with the Snoss to fight the Republic and it's terrible ally Castilla! Do it for the Confederacy; do it for me!"

Crowd:"Yes, sir! HURRRAYYYY!!!!!"

Swiss Ninja sat in the king's desk, still happy his trick worked. XTUX was not very happy at him though.

XTUX:"Man! How much longer must I be in this stupid king costume?"

Swiss:"Until the battles on Maps is over. Hey, at least they thought you were the king. The voice manipulator simulated his voice perfectly."

XTUX:"But why do you want to fake the King still being alive?"

Swiss:"Let's put it this way. The King is trusted by the people, and I want them to feel safe around me. Most of all, I want the Confeds to proxy war with the Castillans. No use wasting my soldiers on this.

XTUX:"Oh great. What if they find out?"

Swiss:"They won't until after the war. I promise."

Lurking in the caves in the mountains at the north side of Maps Island, a group of ragtag, dirt-covered brown penguins huddled around a flat rock. On it were papers laid about and various battle maps and plans.

A penguin was in the middle. He was wearing a threatening mask and carrying a staff with the seal of the original Maps Island nation. He looked very intimidating, and when he spoke, he had a deep, thundering voice that sounded like Darth Vader. He had on a cheap, raggady old white T-shirt on and was wearing a necklace with the seal of the original Maps Island. A sash- which really looked more like a shopping receipts taped together and placed over him -was on his body, and he was holding an AK-47 model deletion rifle in his right flipper, as any good militaristic resistane should. His left flipper was behind him.

Leader: "Fellow penguins, united under one banner. Early this year, we threw our great land into a civil war to set in motion the unification of the greatest nation in Antarctica. Lives will be lost and houses burtn, but such is war, and such is the cost of the cause."


Leader: "That's right! Now tell me, who are we?"


Leader: "-and what do we oppose?"


Leader: "YOU BET'CHA. We will not stop. We will not be silenced. We are LIBERATORS, HEROES, and when the Revolution is finished and the sects dissolved, we'll make Maps Island a world power!"

Other penguins: "HECK YES!"

Leader: "By blood we will win this, and only by blood will it ever be taken away! Fatherland or death, we will WIN!"

Applause filled the cave. It was then that the Leader removed his mask. Outside of the Liberators, it'd shock the viewer to see who exactly was ruling all of this. It wasn't some tough, muscular penguin, or some dirty old revolutionary.

No, the Leader was a scrawny fellow, one could even say frail. His brown coloring was a pale, sort of pasty look. He had black hair that looked so greasy that it looked like he would probably never really keep it in a good position. In front of his eyes were the thickest pair of dorky black glasses east of Dorkugal, taped by some old silver duct tape, probably "liberated" from a house the LMT looted. As a terrorist, the nerd finally found companions and a position of power.

His total dorkiness was matched only by his dedication to his cause. This constrasted with the muscles and height of several of the other Mapsian terrorists, who looked like they should be shoving their leader into a locker. Still, off to the side, were some more nerds, so it seemed to be a truly united front.

Without the mask, the Leader also removed a headset and a thick black box around his neck. This was a voice changer, also hidden by the mask, and now, he spoke in his real voice. It was a shameless, high and nasally voice, clogged even more by severe allergies (probably the result of living in a cave).

Leader: "Yeah, I had to take off my mask. Sorry for ruining the threatening image there, my revolutionary bretheren- *cough* -but my allergies, you know they want to keep me down. Anyway! Friends, we're going to overthrow- *sniffle* -excuse me, overthrow the oppressors and lead our fatherland to victory!"

More applause at their geeky leader.

Leader: "My parents didn't move here to get run over by greedy, power hungry nations with no respect for the national sovereignty of other realms. I will- excuse me..."

The Leader paused for a moment to sneeze (immediately followed by a muscular terrorist resonding with "bless you"), and the Leader promptly pushed those thick glasses back up his beak.

Leader: "Sorry. I will die for this cause. I will die for this country. We are the liberators of this nation and we will not back down just because they have better weapons or more soldiers. What those foreigners don't have is the love of their country, the will to defend what their ancestors worked for, and the dedication to this country that we, the Liberators, have. Now, let's get out there and win, for our-"


The Liberators and their dork were interuppted by a voice at the entrance. It was a Snoss trooper, slowly clapping in a sarcastic manner.

Soldier: "This is the strangest Stellar Travel convention I've ever seen. Really."

He sneered at the leader. Their Leader didn't take that too well; he took his gun and tried to charge at the soldier, but several terrorists, far bigger than him, grabbed him to hold him back.

Terrorist: "Whoa there, Carter. Don't attack just yet."

The Snoss soldier, trained to be attentive, saw the leader- apparently named Carter -try to go at him. He laughed, especially after he figured out what was in his left flipper.

Soldier: "Is that an inhaler?"

The terrorists all let out a large sigh at that comment. They really weren't a fan of being led by such a geek, but they all respected Carter immensely. No one was more dedicated to the cause than he was, and the terrorists decided to make merit blind to have the best leader they could.

Carter, meanwhile, feeling pressed to prove he was intimidating enough to lead a threatening resistance, quickly motioned for two strong terrrorists to grab the Snoss trooper. They quickly removed his weapons from him and draggd him in, away from where other soldiers could hear him. He smiled wickedly, or, at least as much as a nerd could

Carter: "Heh heh ha ha ha *snort snort*...... ha... *sniffle* ...ha!"

He used his inhaler after a moment. Before he could speak, the Soldier interrupted, his voice caked in sarcasm.

Soldier: "Uh oh! It looks like the nerd got me. What are you going to do, four-eye-"


The sound of Carter's assault rifle going off interrupted his mockery. The bullet hit him square between the eyes, and he was deleted on the spot.

Terrorists: "Carter! He could have had valuable intelligence for us to gather!"


Carter pridefully twirled around the AK-47 a moment, like a Western movie, but he clumsily dropped it on the floor. He sheepishly picked it back up and chuckled nervously out of embarassment.

Carter: "The enemy is going to come looking for this guy. See, this is why we use deletion weapons, brothers. They leave no mess and no trail for the enemy to follow or trace."

The others nodded.

Carter: "The enemy has apparently found out base, though. Quickly! Everyone-"

Carter sneezed again.

Snoss Soldier: "Bless you!"

Everyone turned to the opening. Another soldier was standing at the entrance. He then pulled out his weapon, ready to mow down some terrorists.

Soldier: "NOW DIE!"

In seconds, another terrorist shot him down and deleted him.

Carter: "Hurry everyone! Out the entrance we dug in case this happened! Grab every weapon you can, stuff it in your inventory... leave no trace of- *sniffle* -anything!

Carter grabbed his weapon and all the papers he could stuff into his player card and hopped down the escape tunnel. The other terrorists followed suit, and they got away.

When the rest of a nearby Snoss squad came in, they didn't see anything.... except...

Soldier: "Is... is that an inhaler?"

He picked it up. It was one of Carter's spare, backup inhalers. On it was taped the seal of the old Maps Island regime. He recognized it as the symbol of the Liberation of Mapsian Territories group.

Soldier: "Nerds? The dreaded Liberation of Mapsian Terrotiries......... are NERDS?"

The other soldiers laughed. They relayed this (false) information to the Kaiser. It seems that they didn't consider who else could be there. They would never be prepared for what would come if they thought it was an all-nerd group.

News of the discovery soon arrived to Swiss Ninja very quickly. He was not impressed.

Swiss Ninja:"Nerds? Are you sure?"

Snoss Soldier:"Yes, I'm positive. We have this inhaler to prove it."

Swiss:"Hmm. OK. This might be a trick! I don't trust these Mapsian fools...."

Snoss Soldier:"Well, Nerds are quite known for having inhalers..."

Swiss:"What did I say, you numbskull?? It's a trick, obviously! Here, give it to me! I WANT THIS INHALER ANALYZED. We'll see who's DNA this is."

Swiss Ninja took out some plastic gloves and grabbed the inhaler. Later, a pair of forensic scientists arrived, and took the inhaler to a local laboratory to do some research on who's inhaler it was. Unfortunately, no matches were found, but the results showed that he was a Dorkugese penguin and showed specific traits he had, which was good so that they could tell what he looked like.

Swiss Ninja:"No. This can't be a soldier. If he is, he would be of a low rank."

Snoss Soldier:"But you're doing that from your standards, sir."

Swiss:"Yes, because MY standards are the BEST standards, which I have learned from previous leaders before me. Why do you think I visited Whoot at the Snowflake Valley Retirement Home every Saturday when I was a kid?"

The Snoss Soldier just looked at Swiss Ninja as if he was crazy. No one really knew that Swiss Ninja visited the hated dictator of Khanzem as a kid, especially since Swiss Ninja himself was a High Penguin. Somehow, Whoot admired the young High Penguin for his interest in his life's "accomplishments." Wierdly enough, Swiss Ninja's family did not know of this, even to this day.

Swiss Ninja:"Knowing those Dorkugese Nerds, they are very smart and make perfect leaders rather than soldiers. They have brains, but no muscle. The Jock and Jerks have muscle, but don't have brains. I, however, have both brain and muscle, as we can all tell, right?"

Snoss Soldier:"Um...yes, I guess?"


Swiss:"I feel sorry for you, boy. You don't seem to have any taste in good armies. Here, have my autograph, you crazy fan of mine..."

Swiss Ninja took out a photoshopped picture of himself being a big muscular body building penguin and signed it with a black pen.

Swiss:"Here you go, take it and run along now. I don't need you anymore."

Snoss Soldier:"Thanks?"

Swiss Ninja prepared an army to go out and search for the terrorists once more, but meanwhile, he decided to have a meeting with the Castillan enemy at the border of the island.

Swiss Ninja:"Clovis, Jock, Piper, Leonardo, and General Hermosa....It's good to see that you all made it."

Clovis:"What do you want, Swiss? Are you here for another battle? 'Cause we're ready!"

Swiss:"Not this time, little brother. I'm here to team up with you guys....just for a little bit..."

Piper:"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Team up? With YOU? I'd pass..."

Swiss:"You haven't even heard my reason for it, yet."

Jock:"What's your reason? To betray us? Not going to happen..."

Swiss:"NO! Look, guys, there's a third party playing this game, which I don't want."

Clovis:"OOOOHHH. So this is something that YOU want? We're not your slaves!"

Swiss:"Well, I don't think you want them either. They're terrorists that don't like foreign rule. We all know that I am going to...err...I mean...someone is going to conquer this island for their nation, no doubt. However, these terrorists might bring...well...terror to us. We must stop this rebellion and continue with this war."

Leonardo:"I feel like this is like a game or something. It seems unreal that our worst enemy is actually talking to us right now."

Swiss:"Well, I am quite lively, and besides, that's why I have guards and soldiers."

Clovis:"Alright. Who are these...terrorists?"

Swiss cleared his throat and said:"The Liberation of Mapsian Terrotiries group. According to sources, they hide in caves and such. They will do anything to rid this island of foreigners like you Castillans and us Snoss and Pertish."

Jock:"That does sound concerning. We will try to do our best to stop them, but not with YOUR help."

Swiss:"So it seems. Have it your way. I guess we'll kick your butt the hard way after all, I suppose..."

The Castillan Generals and the two puffles turned around and left Swiss Ninja without notice, and Swiss Ninja returned to the palace; angry that his army would have to deal with the terrorists on their own.

Chapter 5:The Mowdown

Swiss Ninja did not think much of the terrorists after his (unaccepted) failure with trying to temporarily ally with the Castillans to destroy the terrorists together. Swiss wasn't happy that they denied his invitation, but he figured that the Castillans were of more importants than the terrorists at the time.

Austin:"So, you're saying that you want us to get rid of the Castillans first, and then deal with the terrorists?"

Swiss:"Of course. The Castillans are the reason we are in this mess in the first place. Let's take care of our first concern, and then we'll go to the next."

General Cornwallis:"Splendid, your magesty. Just splendid. A thoughtful strategy."

Swiss:"Thank you, General Cornwallis. We all know that I am the best at war strategies."


King Chantam (XTUX in disguise) was already arousing the Confederate Troops early in the morning, alerting them that they were to go to battle with the Snoss immediately.

Austin:"*Yawns* Gee. You really want this to be over with, I see."

Swiss:"Of course. These battles in this war is already as tiring as it is."

Swiss shivered, even while wearing his gray military trench coat. It had many patches, badges, and medals on it.

Swiss:"Austin, Java, and Django...take to the skies. XTUX, Johnathan, and Ben will be fighting with the troops on the ground."

Austin:"OK. What are our orders?"

Swiss:"Cross the border and bomb the Republic side of the city, of course. Try to destroy as many of the enemy's ground troops as possible, and take down any Castillan aircraft if nessesary as well. Today, we are going to drive the Castillans out completely, so give it your all!"

Austin:"We shall."

Clovis, Jock, General Hermosa, and the two puffles were all asleep in their complementary villa when the Snoss attacked the republic side of Maps Island. The first sounds of explosion woke them up immediately.

Clovis:"Woah! What's that???"

Jock:"Argh! An invasion probably! That crafty Kaiser probably decided to attack now when we're off guard."

Leonardo and Piper opened up the doors to the villa's balcony and saw the Snoss aircraft crossing the border, already bombing buildings. Suddenly, Austin's bomber approached the villa and dropped a bomb right in front of it.


Part of the villa blew up, but luckily it was not the side where the Generals and the two puffles where. They immediately evacuated the villa and joined some of the Castillan and Republic troops who already were firing at the incoming Snoss Aircraft and troops.

General Hermosa yelled at a Castillan commander and asked:"Commander! What's the enemy's status? What happened?"

Castillan Commander:"The Snoss crossed the Republic border by land and air. They've made several air strikes on the city. Most of the Republic Citizens have had to evacuate into their basements or bunkers."

General Hermosa:"Hmmm. We're getting hit really hard. We're going to have to risk it. I guess our best strategy is to do what they don't expect us to do, just like they did to us."

Clovis:"Attack on their side, then?"

General Hermosa:"Yes. Exactly. They probably expect you to try to defend yourselves, which some of us will have to do. But Clovis, I want you to lead your squadron into bombing the Republic Side of the city and fire on enemy troops. Try to make it to the Confederate Palace as well. Swiss Ninja will not see THAT coming."

Leonardo:"Clovis, can I come with you?"

Clovis:"I don't see why not. I'm going to use the P-51 Icesting, so I guess you will just have to sit in that little space right behind my seat or something. You can watch the show if you want since there isn't anything for you to do and since you don't know how to fly."

One may think that a P-51 Icesting might be an outdated choice, but Clovis's Icesting was modified and had modern technology attatched and replaced on it. The rest of the fleet would be Mega Cubs and other various modern bombing aircraft.

Piper:"I'll maneuver my own aircraft. I'll follow you with the bombing run."

Jock:"We'll then get a couple of our best bombing pilots for the rest of the attack fleet."

Maps Island Air Attack 1.png

The fleet soon followed General Clovis as they flew out to sea, where they would give the Snoss the appearance of retreating.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"Twenty more miles and then we're going to turn around and attack the city from the back. Got it?"

Piper (SQUADCOM):"Roger that."

After flying twenty miles away from the island, which was now out of sight, the bombing aircraft began to turn towards the Confederate side of the island.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"The city is in sight! Dang! I can see the battles going on at the Republic side of the border! They're really pounding on them...but not for long! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"

Clovis flew over the Royal Confederate Palace, which was empty since Swiss Ninja was out commanding the battles, and dropped bombs on it.


The Palace was now in flames, and now the rest of the pilots began to drop bombs on the rest of the city.

Clovis:"Feel the burn, Snoss and Confederates!"

The Citizens of the Confederacy were ceartainly not prepared, and many of them began panicing like crazy. Most of those whose homes that were not bombed began to hide in the basements or in war bunkers.

Leonardo:"Heh. I can't believe we're actually doing this...this seems too easy..."

Clovis:"Yeah. TOO EASY."

Suddenly, a missle came flying out of nowhere and hit one of the Castillan Mega Cub bombers.



The Pilot and his crew jumped out of the aircraft as soon as possible and parachuted to the ground safely. The Aircraft fell on it's own and crashed into another civilian home, causing another fire.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"I thought so! Alright! Prepare for enemy resistance! Abort mission! We're returning back to base!!!!"

Clovis and his squadron began to dodge the missles and the enemy aircraft that were heading towards them while they were heading back to the air force base. Eventually, everyone was able to avoid the attacks from the enemy, and made it safely back onto the base. By now, the sky was already filled with pillars of smoke.

General Hermosa came to them with urgent news.

General Hermosa:"Men, the Snoss are advancing over the border! We have to retreat immediately! They're getting more violent. Fly into the sky and land on one of the aircraft carriers that already left. May I join one of you?"

Piper allowed him to come join him in his Mega Cub, and the squadron was once again in the air once more. They soon landed onto a Castillan aircraft carrier, heading back home to Castilla. The Castillans had lost another battle to the Snoss once more.

It was Several Hours later in the afternoon. Huge swaths of Maps City had crumbled or were simply razed to ashes. The rest of the island was pockmarked by the scars of war, but it remained in survivable shape. Swiss Ninja stood on top of the rubble of the Capitol building of the Republic, and placed the Snoss flag on it. The Castillans had left the Republic on it's own, and it's army was now no match for the Snoss. IrishProvo was arrested and was put into jail as a prisoner of war.

Carter: "It's a dark day for the realm, friends."

The nerd looked somber, on the verge of quitting. This was the first time that any of the Mapsian terrorists had seen their leader in any disposition aside from hope and patriotism. He sniffled several times as he tried to keep his allergies under control. Beginning to cough violently, he took his inhaler and used it until he could breathe properly again.

Carter: "The country we all love has fallen to those wretches from islands beyond.... *sniffle, cough cough* ....with no respect for our sovereignty, they mowed us to the ground and destroyed the capital of both sides. Our goal to unite the island as one superpower... *cough* was in vain. The greed of other nations has spilt blood... -and what have we done but hide and watch?"

Carter sneezed and lost his glasses to the floor. A muscle-bound penguin nearby picked them up and deftly laid them back on Carter's beak. These caves were wreaking havoc on his body. Dorkugese penguins simply weren't meant to live in these conditions. That, though, was one of the reasons the Liberators respected him so much. He was willing to make himself sick and aching all over for the interests of his nation. Had they not raided the clinics before the war, they wouldn't be able to keep him well enough to lead without all of that medication.

Terrorist: "Carter, you've never actually told us what we'll do after the victory."

Carter: "If it's war and imperialism, I'll have none of it when we win. Maps Island, under our rule, will be rebuilt and made prosperous. We'll lower taxes and encourage businesses to come and build our economy. We'll help farmers- *sneeze* -and becoming as self-sustaining as we can. Allying with other nations, we'll foster bonds of trade and rise to be a nation that's more than just a little smudge on a map. Essentially, the new government will give freedom and prosperity to the island. My goal is not power, but prosperity. I'm in it for the country- *sniffle* -not for me."

The other terrorists nodded. Dorkugese penguins were humble by nature. Again, this was the purpose of choosing Carter. He never thirsted for power; he was was genuinely patriotic.

Carter: "...-but the question is what now. We've been annexxed into the cold, heartless regime of the Snoss. Our spies saw Swisshead kill the Confederate monarch. We all know what really happened. We've seen the casualties and the violence. The Snoss and Castillians seem to prefer to use bullets and elad over deletion and rules of engagement. I bet they beat up nerds and step on baby puffles for fun."

Terrorist: "Carter, you can't abandon the cause like that. Their victory should be even bigger a drive to stop this. These Snoss don't care about Maps Island. They'll just gut us of our resources and tax the bajeebers out of us, and then lock us in perpetual poverty... just like they all do."

Carter: "You're right."

The nerd wiped his beak with his flipper as he sniffled back his allergies. He smiled a cheesy, geeky smile, the first one in quite a while. His eyes lit up in inspiration.

Carter: "We can't stop. In fact, I actually have a plan!"

Terrorist: "Now that's the leader we all love!"

The terrorist put a ripped flipper on the frail Carter as he began.

Carter: "Basically, it's this. Six-sevenths of the nerds in the Liberation Front will approach Swiss Ninja and appear to surrender. Intelligence tells me that they think the entire Front are a bunch of little geeks."

Carter laughed and then snorted loudly a few times. The other terrorists laughed, too. The Snoss would never expect the ripped penguins to be an enemy.

Carter: "Anywho, some of our burlier members, disguised as Snoss Soldiers- we'll use the uniforms from the strewn bodies across this realm -will pretend to take them away. When we are gone, and Kaiser Head begins gloating, we'll open fire from the hills overlooking Maps City. When they turn to counterfire, we duck down and run. Make sure no one is left behind. We'll meet back and repeat the process. Other, faster members, especially the nerds amogst us, will sneak around and plant deletion bombs on key Snoss vehicles. -and there will be three nerds that will plant twenty explosion bombs on the ship that carried in the Snoss scum. We'll raid her at midnight tonight, and take all of her weapons. Then we'll sink her. With no place to go, Swiss Ninja will call a helicopter to get himself, but leave his soldiers and war bots stranded. We'll surround them with every weapon we have, and offer them to surrender the island to us or face deletion."

Terrorist: "That's all fine and good, but what happens when Swissy tries to send a colonial ruler to administer Mapsian territory?"

Carter: "When Swiss Ninja sends a colonial governor or other form of foreign rule, we assasinate him on the spot. We will do the same for any Snoss diplomat, ruler, or being of power."

Terrorist: "Without discretion?"

Carter sniffled a bit and nodded.

Carter: "If it's Snoss, delete without mercy, unless they have a white flag of surrender or they want to cede Maps Island back to the Mapsian people. If it's Castillian, follw them around and delete if necessary. If it's any other realm, follow them and gauge their dangerous-ness. If they seem to be a threat, open fire. The same holds true to any hostile nation, but do NOT shoot any United Antarctic Nation ambassadors. You'll recognize an UAN by their powder-blue robes. NEVER shoot any Antarctican creatures, either. In fact, greet them and respect them as if they were Mapsian. We need a superpower on our side. After their last war, they won't fight the Snoss and the Snoss won't fight them."

The terrorists nodded.

Carter: "To sum it up... a group of nerds, including one that looks the most like me, will pretend to surrender. The stronger penguins of this group will be in disguise to take themselves and our nerdy brethren out of harm's way. As soon as that's done, open fire and delete anything you can hit. After that, delete any Snoss that steps onto Mapsian soil. Raid the Snoss trooper ship at midnight and sink her after liberating her of all weapons you can carry in your inventory and your floppers. Shoot when needed and never stay in the same spot for long. I'll be travelling around this island with others. You will all rotate so that each of you can have some time to rest with me. If push comes to shove, though, I'll join you in the front lines if we can't find reserves."

The terrorists nodded again, approving of their leader's plan. Carter quickly divided his goons into each group he required, while he and some of his closest Mapsian terrorists would waddle around the island to ensure continuity of the terror network. They'd check up on each cell when need be and would occasionally switch around those following Carter so everyone could get some rest and some action.

They had all the supplies ready. Now, they just needed to wait foer the time. The "surrender" delegation had already gone out, and the ship sinkers were halfway to the docks by now.

They were ready.

That next day, the nerd "army" marched into the rubble which was Maps City, right to the rubble of the old Confederate Capitol building. Swiss Ninja and other important officials had made camp right next to it. The Snoss Soldiers poined their guns at the arriving nerd "terrorists" who raised their flippers in their air and flew the white flag of surrender.

A Snoss Soldier went into Swiss Ninja's tent and exclaimed:"Sir, the terrorists have surrendered!"

Swiss:"What? Oh joy, this is easier than I thought."

Swiss Ninja walked out to see that the Nerd terrorist army raised their flippers in the air and flew the white flag of surrender.

Swiss:"Hmm. I guess the terrorists were all nerds after all. Very well then. Men, have these terrorist rebels executed at once!"

Snoss Soldier:"Yes, sir!"

The Snoss Soldier, who was really a terrorist in disguise, then led the nerds into a military truck, and drove them out of town and into the forest so that they could flee back to safety.

A couple hours later, Swiss Ninja decided to deliver a speech to the deprived citizens of Maps Island.

Swiss Ninja:"Today is another historical day. Your Kaiser has ridden of the atrocious terrorist rebels, for now this island is safe!"

The Mapsians looked around and talked among themselves a little bit. Swiss Ninja expected to clap, so he repeated what he said.


The Mapsians still talked among themselves and did nothing.

Swiss:"Oh, @#[email protected]$%@!!! CLAP, YOU IDIOTS!!!! CLAP NAAOUGH!!!! NAAAAAOOUUGHHH!!!!"

The Snoss Soldiers loaded their guns, and the Mapsians began clapping, even cheering and dancing, madly.

Swiss:"OK. That's enough! Let me continue!"

The crowd stopped immediately, seemingly in unison.

Swiss:"OK. As I was saying, the island is now safe. Therefore, we shall rebuild the city and the island in my talented image. I wish to treat you all like regular Snoss citizens..."

Suddenly, an unexpected explosion occured.


Some of the rubble exploded, and all of a sudden, the real Mapsian Liberation terrorists arrived and began firing at the Snoss. Meanwhile, the innocent Mapsian citizens began to flee in fear. Secretly, Swiss Ninja knew that the army wasn't all nerds, so to confuse the terrorists, Swiss Ninja jumped into the crowd and ran among them; he luckily blended in. The battles between the rebels and the Snoss had begun at last.

Swiss Ninja ran quite a distance, for he was already near the coast. When he felt he was far away from the terrorists as possible, he turned around and climbed up the rubble of a civilian home. Beyond him, he could see the explosions of the bombs the Snoss and the Terrorists where detonating on each other. Swiss stayed there, alone, for many more hours. No Snoss soldier came to aid him, but he didn't want to leave the spot he was in anyways since it was safe. Swiss Ninja, who was used to sleeping in luxurious beds could not sleep that night. First of all, the rubble was not comfortable to sleep on at all, and second, the explosions kept him awake and worried.

It was almost midnight when suddenly he saw two Terrorists running towards the Snoss troopship. They were the first two penguins he ever saw since he ran off into hiding.

Swiss:"Oh no...they're trying to corner us by destroying our escape route! NOBODY CORNERS A SNOSS!!!!!"

Swiss Ninja pulled out his icebullet pistols and fired on the two terrorists right behind them. They didn't even know what was coming. Swiss Ninja ransacked their inventories and found that there was loads of actual explosive material that were capable of blowing up the ship. Swiss Ninja saved his own butt, proably doing somethng useful for the first time in who knows how long.

Swiss was sure there was more to come, so he ran to the ship and stayed on guard. He was shocked to see that no one was guarding the ships, for all his soldiers were out to battle.

Voice: "Well, well, well.... *snort* it looks like we have the leader of the Snoss already under our custody."

Swiss Ninja turned around to see that it was Carter and a squad of his most elite terrorist warriors. Swiss Ninja began to frantically look around, hoping that there would be a Snoss soldier to aid him...but there were none.

Carter:"Where's your army, Swissy? I guess they abandoned you."

Swiss:"They would never betray me! You obviously got rid of them."

Carter:"You think? Prepare to die, Swiss Ninja! The blood of Mapsian- *snort* -freedom fighters is on your flippers! Your life is mine."

Swiss:"No, NO! This can't be happening! We're supposed to take you out... not the other way around! This...this must be a dream or something."

Carter:"HA HEH HA HA *snort snort* HA! No, it isn't! You're awake! Now, your life shall end under justice for all the trouble you've caused!"

Swiss:"Heheheh. Why don't you just delete me like you usually do?"

Carter:"Agent Meltie of the United States of Antarctica made an inexplicable return to the mortal realm from the CyberVoid. Thus, it's possible to come back. Somehow, some way, your people, so cold and zealous in their quest to crush this continent, will conceive a means to revive you... -but they can't bring you back if you die."

Swiss sighed. His heart was beating quickly. Could he really die such an embarassing death? To a nerd?!

Carter:"Now...finally I must say: Do you have any last words, Swiss...aaahh...AAAAHHH...AAAAAAHHH...!"

Swiss Ninja did not wait a single moment to allow Carter to sneeze. Swiss Ninja grabbed the Carter's beak and began to wield him like a club, knocking the surprised terrorists to the ground. Carter waslight enough to throw around, and the impact of his body weight knocked the terrorists unconcious. Swiss Ninja threw Carter at the last remaining terrorists, which knocked them all unconcious. Suddenly, a surge of Snoss soldiers arrived and cheered for their leader's heroic deed. Swiss Ninja picked up Carter and pointed a gun at him and walked him away to camp. The Snoss had won, only because Swiss Ninja had ran away and stopped the terrorists from bombing their ships.

Two days later, Swiss Ninja decided to have Carter and his captured followers to be executed in public for real. Swiss Ninja, Carter, and two Snoss Soldiers stood on a wooden gallows that was built for the occassion. This would be the first hanging in Snoss history.

Swiss:"Fellow Mapsians, I am an honest penguin who will not hurt anyone....but there are those few who do not accept my rule and try to overthrow me. It brings me great distress when this happens, but I have no choice but to get rid of them. However, I shall give Carter here another chance, dispite his major act of treason by heading a rebel terrorist army. Carter, will you apologise to me and accept my rule?"

Carter stared and Swiss Ninja for a second. His face was stern. He said:"No. Never."

Swiss:"There's a rope around your little neck, geek. Reject me, and it's curtains for you. You, and all the rest of your men who will not accept my rule."

Carter:"We Mapsians do not like foreign rule, period. Our organization tried to ensure that."

Swiss:"Until you utterly failed."

Carter:"But we will die for our cause if we must!"

Swiss:"Very well then. It was nice knowing you."

Swiss Ninja reached for the lever.

Swiss:"Citizens of Maps Island, rest assure that the death of these fools will pay a reminder to you all that anyone who will oppose us will be...."

Suddenly, a rifle popped up right behind Swiss Ninja, and it suddenly whacked him in the back of his head, knocking him unconcious. Swiss Ninja fell down to the floor to reveal that it was Leonardo di Tremezzo who did it. Leonardo poined his rifle at Swiss Ninja's head.

Leonardo:"Hey, Snoss! Leave this island, or else your Kaiser shall die!"

This took everyone by surprise. Leonardo was once Swiss Ninja's pet, and this was the first time he ever betrayed him. The two Snoss Soldiers on guard loaded their guns.

Snoss Soldier:"You and what army?"

Leonardo:"This army."

Then, a bunch of Castillan Soldier arrived to the scene, already armed and ready to fight.

Leonardo:"I repeat, leave the island, or Swiss Ninja dies."

The Snoss wouldn't dare to even think to betray or kill their Kaiser. They didn't have a choice.

Snoss Soldier:"We surrender."

Leonardo:"Good. Take your Kaiser's body with you and leave NOW!!!"

The Mapsian citizens cheered with joy now that the Snoss were to be driven out of their land. The Snoss immediately retreated to their ships and left.

Carter turned around to Leonardo and the Castillan Soldiers.

Carter:"Thank you, young yellow puffle, for saving my life."

Leonardo:"It is of no charge, Carter. I hear that you are the leader of the Mapsian Rebels?"

Carter:"Yes. And you must be a Castillan, then. The Snoss may like to run over baby puffles for fun, but I think I was wrong about your military training for battle by beating up nerds."

Leonardo:"Oh no, Castilla isn't bad, Carter. It's only Snowzerland. We are bitter enemies, why, we're fighting a war with each other!"

Carter frowned. He didn't seem to buy it.

Carter:"Yes, but you two are both Imperialist Nations. I see why you came to Maps... so you two could fight over who would have it! You treat our fatherland like some sort of little- *sniffle* -prize!"

Leonardo:"Perhaps, Mr. Carter."

Carter sighed and said:"Well, I suppose you Castillans are here to take us over now. All you imperialists want to do is to impovish us more and make profit from us!"

Leonardo:"What? Oh, no...perhaps Snowzerland might do that...except for the impovish part, but Castilla is your friend. Look Carter, Castilla is a friend to many, and it's colonies prosper like independent nations under Castillan rule. Everyone has equal rights, and we will all be treated as Castillans all the same..."

Carter pointed an accusatory flipper at Leonardo.

Carter:"Year 1827 Anno Domini. Viceroyalty of Beru. Castillian conquistidor Bizzaro beat the bajeebers *sniffle* out of the native penguins and have placed their yoke over that realm to this very day. They, despite your claims, are as poor as my attempts to keep these glasses from breaking."

Leonardo:"Hmmm. You....seem like a people's person. I can tell that you are wise and make a good leader, which is probably why the Rebels picked you as leader in the first place. Surely you must have great plans for your nation!"

Carter crossed his flippers.

Carter:"Yes. You read my mind exactly. The Liberation's junta, when in power, will lower taxes and encourage businesses to come and build our economy, and become self sustainable! I want the new Maps country to be prosperous, not powerful."

The Mapsian citizens applauded at his inspirational words.

Leonardo:"Look, if you want an ally to help you, Castilla is here to help. Trust me, you will like it's rule. We shall help you prosper tenfold as a colony."

Carter:"Yes....but...I'm of Dorkugese descent. Dorkugal has been a sworn enemy of Castilla for centuries. I can't betray my own blood. -and we must be independent."

Leonardo:"But Carter, it does not matter where you came from, but who you are. You have a good heart and would make a good ruler for this island."

Carter:"*snort* I suppose so..."

Leonardo:"Unfortunately, you will have to deal with Castillan rule, which I'm sure you will become very fond of. But, since I am good friends with the King and his Generals, I hereby elect you to become the Royal Govenor of La Isla de Mapas...or...perhaps Castillan Maps. Whatever you wish to call it."

Carter:"I can't accept your terms, your majesty. Maps Island must stand as an independent name."

General Hermosa, Jock Hochstadt, Piper, and Clovis soon came to the scene.

Clovis:"Maybe Maps Island could remain independent but stand in a trade pact with Castillia?"

Carter:"Well, if that doesn't mettle with sovereign affairs, it seems right.

General Hermosa:"I accept Carter to become the govenor, no, even better, the President of Maps Island. Leonardo, you have done a noble thing to save this young penguin's life and spare him from misery. Go on ahead, and let Castillan Maps Island's new President free from those ropes!"

Leonardo took out a knife and cut the noose from Carter, and all the Mapsian Citizens soon cheered louder, for this was surely a happy ending. Yet it was quite strange how the Castillans returned from defeat, which baffled Carter.

Carter:"By the way, why did you return after such a gruesome battle that you got defeated in?"

General Hermosa:"Well, we wanted to surprise the Snoss. They would have thought that we were not going to come back, so we wanted to come back to surprise them so they'd be off guard like they did to us."

Carter:"I see."

Leonardo:"And when we did arrive, we saw the Snoss ships abandoned, so we knew something was going on."

General Hermosa:"Alright. Shall we proceed with the inaguration of President Carter?"

Leonardo:"Of course."

For Maps Island, it seems like all went well and ended well. IrishProvo was released and Carter became President of Castillan Maps Island, happy to be aided by Castilla. Leonardo's speech inspired the Liberation of Mapsian Territories group as well as other Mapsians to accept Castilla as ally. Leonardo was also praised for inspiring them to join Castilla but most importantly for saving Carter's life, therefore a statue of him was erected in front of the newly refurbished Mapsian Capitol building.

Castillia provided national loans to help rebuild Maps Island as Carter and his new government saw fit. They cooperated with each other, and, as a show of gratitude, the Mapsians had a beautiful embassy built for their ally to negotiate in. (The embassy was actually bigger than their capitol.) While the island was being rebuilt, trade began to blossom with Castillan Colonies like Penguifornia, Caltexico, Beru, and Castilla itself, which became cheaper thanks to the free-trade agreement. Farming also became promoted amd Carter's ideas began to be passed by the new Mapsian government.

In the end, Carter's system was a civillian junta, a commission consisting of Carter and his elite ex-terrorists. By virtue of their service, the Junta held life tenure. Carter was President of this institution. Serving alongside this Junta were two legislative bodies- one affectionately named the "Congress of Western Deputies" and "Congress of Eastern Deputies" to honor Castillia -on a one term mandate of two years, each serving their respective half of a unified Maps Island. This body was overseen by the Junta, which served as an upper house. A Castillian officer also held a permanent position on this Junta.

The monarchists were pleased at Carter's duel system. The Junta embodided the "leader and guide" they sought in a king, while the elected Congresses pleased the democracy faction, checking the Junta and voicing the people.

Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja didn't wake up from his unconciousness until he arrived back in Snowzerland. He was fumed to hear the news of an independent Maps Island, but he got over it and was ready to prepare for the next battle that lay ahead.

Chapter 6:Polaris's Prank

After such a victory, the Castillans were invited to Polaris personally by Mayor Kratz himself. At Maps City International Airport, a Snowing 767-400ER was sent to pick up the delegation to Polaris-City International Airport, and by limosine to the Polaris Harborfront Center to meet with Mayor Nathaniel B. Kratz and the Polaris City Council.

Piper: "Nice plane. Especially the interior. This massage chair is so nice, it's like this city is full of businessmen."

Leonardo: "It is one. It operates on a MULTI-BILLION Fish budget every year."

Piper: "Well, Sancho Monte Captio could be home, he did care for me for many, many years."

After a few hours, the plane touched down at the airport. Piper and Leonardo witnessed the tens-of-thousands of skyscrapers on the approach to thr runway. At the plane's parking spot were a convoy comprising of SUVs, Limosines and Town Cars. A red carpet led from the gangway to the convoy of vehicles, lined with several, heavily-armed Polarian security forces.

Clovis:"When was the last time we've been treated like celebrities?"

Jock:"Yup. The war sort of humbled us a bit."

Clovis, Jock, General Hermossa, Leonardo and Piper were lead by seven security officers to an elevator in the tower's atrium. At the 58th floor, the Mayor and Vice Mayor, Annalie Reed were sitting on pearl-lined mahagony chairs, with six empty chairs waiting on a a stage. It was in the Polaris Media Conference Chamber, with a large amount of cameras

The Two Hochstadts, General Hermosa, and the two puffles went inside the limo and headed to the Polaris Harborfront Center. Once again, they appeared before a grand red carpet that led to the Center's entrance. There was paparazzi and news reporters all around. Clovis, who never had this sort of grand attention, took the best of it and began to act like a celebrity while walking down the red carpet. The others just walked normally and did not pay attention to Clovis.

The Castillan delegation was lead from the vestibule to one of seven elevators which went up to the 54th floor. Subsequently, they were lead down a long, diluted, blue carpeted hallway lined with oak siding and partially-frosted glass windows. They finally arrived at the Polaris City Council Press Breifing Chamber, where about a hundred reporters were seated. Seven empty, mahaghony chairs for the Castillan delegation on the stage were placed next to the seat of the Vice Mayor and the lectern of the Mayor of Polaris.

PCC Press Director Raymond Shue gave a briefing and introduction to the press meeting.

Press Director: "Today, ladies and gentlepenguins, I would have the honor of presenting our hallowed guests hailing from the island nation of Castilla in warm welcome to our great city. At this moment, our Mayor, Nathaniel Barnes Kratz will formally greet these distinguished guests."

The Mayor then swaggered from his leather-bound sofa-chair to his lectern, with a seal at the front of it bearing the words "MAYOR OF THE CITY OF POLARIS."

Mayor: "Ladies and Gentlepenguins of the City of Polaris, the State of Eastshield and the United States of Antarctica in open arms with the celebration and thanksgiving for the visit of our Castillan counterparts. We have invited these penguins for a summit regarding our two cities, Polaris and Ciudad Vieja. Now, the Castillan delegation would like to state a few words as well.

General Hermossa stepped into another lectern to the left of the Mayor's lectern. He was quite nervous, with a few morsels of sweat outfalling from the neckline of his navy-blue military uniform.

General Hermossa: "Thank you, Mayor Kratz. We are glad to be here in the city of Polaris in the midst of the deterioration of relations and ongoing war with the Snoss, German States, Japaland and Liguira. We are greatful to the city of Polaris, their benign Mayor, City Council and especially their welcoming citizenry. We are to meet privately with Mayor Kratz at his office in a moment. Without any further delay, I yield the floor."

The Mayor, and the seven Castillans were lead out by seven security guards to the fifth elevator down the hall. The Mayor was flanked by General Hermossa, with the Castillans following suit. The elevator door opened ,with a view of the atrium and all the hardworking city staff at work.

Mayor: " My office is on the topmost floor of the Harborfront Center, but we shall be heading downward. We will actually be heading to the Polaris Intelligence Bureau Headquarters in about a minute or two."

Leonardo: "You guys possess an intelligence agency? Are you serious?"

Piper: " Well, they are Polarian. Sancho's desk was chuck-full of Intelligence papers."

Mayor: "Mayor Sancho spearheaded the creation of the agency, after the old city hall, Connery Square Hall was almost under the threat of a terrorist attack."

The elevator went down below the glass view of the atrium, about 230 feet below the Atrium's main floor. The beautifully decorated elevator, with marble floors, oak panelling and brass handlebars was slowly descending."

One of the security guards pressed a button, which opened a card for security access to the PIB Office.

Mayor: "Welcome to PIBO. It's where all of Polaris' intelligence is stored, archived and kept secret."

The elevator opened to a view of the PIB Central Command Center, where there were numerous commanders, controllers and workers on large multi-screen computer desks lined in rows of six, and columns of seven. Each desk had three personnel, controlling the city of Polaris itself. Three LCD screens, about 340 feet across, were lined at the front of the room, in a semi-circular pattern. On the screens were Illuminated maps of the city of Polaris, it's highways, air traffic activities and countless other information as well.

Vice Mayor: "As you can see, our PIB Office is very expansive. All Police, Air Traffic, City Services, Intelligence Department, Military and Security activity within a 125 mile radius of the city's vicinity. We also track any activities in Ciudad Veija, using a multitude of security cameras placed around the city."

Jock: "You Polarians stalk the lives of Castillans in Eastshield?"

Mayor: "Oh, no. The Governor of the City met with us earlier this year to discuss a joint-security plan. Our PIB offers security, weapoms and vehicles for the Ciudad Veijan government. The Castillans in turn, provide us with building materials such as concrete and metal."

General Hermosa: "Well, I heard rumours about it. However, I never realized that it was true."

The group and the seven security guards went down a flight of stairs from the balcony to the Operations Floor. The controllers at the desks gave friendly, welcoming smiles and waves to the penguins from Castilla.

They went through the main, central aisle separating the room. It lead to a burnt-sienna, oak semicircular table, with 25 seats. In the middle were two iPear computers for court reporters. A lectern stood at the front of the meeting table.

Mayor:"But there is something that we recently discovered that you will not be pleased with. While in Ciudad Vieja, some Polarians discovered a Snoss Spy in the city. We took him in and interrogated him. He said that there were Snoss Spies rampant throught Ciudad Vieja, and even told us where most of them were after threatening him. Luckily, a thorough search throught the city was made, and all the spies were caught and imprisoned."

General Hermosa: "So, as a result will the Snoss retaliate?"

Mayor:"I'm not sure. I have to check with PIB officials for that matter. The Snoss have been notified that their spies have been incarcerated by the city of Polaris, in partnership with the Governor of Ciudad Veija."

Jock:"What happens if Polaris is bombed? We can't afford that. The economy of Antarctica won't either."

Vice Mayor: "Mr. Jock, we are doing are darnedest to diplomatically repair the situation. If not, we have a naval base with a fleet of at least 45 ships, a 57 aircraft air-base and 110,000 penguin and 34,000 puffle-sized army. Every building about 800 feet in Polaris is equipped with anti-aircraft guns and missiles."

It was true indeed. Swiss Ninja found out about the capture as soon as he arrived in Snowzerland from the Maps Island conflict. He was not happy at all, and eventually called in for an air strike on Polaris and Ciudad Vieja. He planned to deploy 23 Snoss aircraft into action, which were mostly bombers. That day the Castillans arrived in Polaris, the Snoss aircraft were deployed to their mission.

In Polaris Intelligence Bureau Office Headquarters, the Committee Heads of all the Council's Subcommittees, the Privy Council and the Mayor and Vice Mayor were converging at the semi-circular, glass and titanium meeting table. They were watching one of the large LCD screens, in which a radar location map of the incoming Snoss planes.

Mayor: "Some SONAR and radar systems have picked up the Snoss aircraft. Our counterparts at Frostborough Center Air Traffic Control Building are tracking the aircraft. They are currently 89 miles southwest of Enderby City, and have 622 miles to go before the aircraft will hit the first suburbs of Polaris."

Safety Committee Head: "The citizens as I have been notified, are prepared Sir. All store shelves have been cleared out. The emergency bomb shelters in the Polaris subway system is currently being loaded with citizens. The anti-aircraft missiles, guns and turrets are now ready.

Vice Mayor:"Now, how are we going to hide the city itself?"

Utilities Committee Head: "The Rayville Hydroelectric Power Generating Station, the Milfred Inningsburg Dam, the Polaris Biofuels Energy Station, the Polaris-Union City Solar Generating Power Plants are currently offline. Backup generators for any necessary items are currently being dealt with at the moment. All water and gas has also been closed as of now by AquaPolaris and Petro-Green.

Polaris Air Traffic Commissioner: "Polaris-City International Airport, it's terminal and five runways re currently closed. Access to Airport Island from the mainland has been restricted. Currently, all outbound flights have been grounded, and all incoming flights have been diverted to Enderby City for northbound flights, South Pole City and Glassyglow for westbound flights, Half Pipe and Gemini for any southbound flights and any UTR-bound flights will be diverted to Ulaansnowtar. The same has been done with passengers at Polaris-Rogerston International Airport.

Mayor: "Thank You, Mr. Johnson. We will watch images from the top of the Harborfront Center and from the SkyJet Tower for any visuals on Polarian bombings. We will also stay here for the remainder of the bombing. We have at least a 3-year supply of food here."

Coincidentally, about 50 miles away from the city in the Eastshieldian backwoods was a complete replica of Polaris which was built for the upcoming movie: Explorer 767 Visits Polaris, which would be about Explorer 767 and his pet puffle Mabel visiting Polaris and encounters the city's corruption. Ironically enough, the actual corruption of the city prevented the producers from shooting the movie in the city itself, so they built an exact replica out of wood, plaster, cardboard, paper mache, and lots and lots of tape. Wierdly enough, there was even a fake airport that had retired aircraft in there. The replica also had 1000 "citizens" all on it's own, all of whom are paid actors. The crew made about another 1000 penguins and puffles.

Since the real Polaris was darkened and hidden in the darkness that night when the Snoss arrived, the Snoss mistook the fake Polaris for the real one. They immediately started bombing the fake buildings.

Snoss Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Is it me, or is it really easy to destroy these buildings? Where is the opposition?"

Snoss Pilot 2 (SQUADCOM):"Yeah. You're right. It's like as if these buildings are made out of cardboard or something. Something suspicious is going on...I'm sure the opposition is going to sneak up on us, so we better be prepared."

Strangely enough, there was no opposition. They kept bombing the buildings as they pleased. The actors who were in the buildings did not see this coming, and since they thought it was part of the scene, they began to run around screaming in fear, not really knowing that they were in REAL danger.

Snoss Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"Hey, I see an airport! Quick, let's land! I bet this city doesn't even have an army!"

The Snoss pilots landed all their 23 planes and stormed into the "airport" of the fake city. It was empty.

Snoss Pilot 1:"Hmmph. They probably evacuated when we began bombing. Let's get into town and claim the city for the Kaiser!"

The Snoss Pilots soon took some abandoned cars and drove into the fake city. They then saw some penguin actors sitting at a fake Cream Soda tavern that was not destroyed in the bombing. The Snoss pilots took out their guns and rushed towards them.

Snoss Pilot 2:"Surrender, Polarians! The City is ours!"

The actors, still not knowing the reality of the situation, thought the soldiers were practicing their roles.

Actor 1:"Dudes, chill out. Save it for the big screen, ok?"

Snoss Pilot 1:"What? The Big Screen? What do you think this is, a movie?"

Actor 2:"Well, duh, of course. It's breaktime, and filming doesn't continue until tomorrow. Come and have a glass of Cream Soda if you want."

Actor 3:"Woah. Those are some really convincing Snoss Air Force Pilot uniforms you got there. The prop department did a really good job on authenticating those costumes..."


Actor 1:"Oooh! So those are Snoss Pilot Uniforms that were probably stolen or caught from Prisoners of War?"

Snoss Pilot 2:"WHAT? We're NOT actors! We're REAL Snoss Air Force Pilots!"

Actor 2:"Geez, these guys take their role seriously. I can tell these guys are newbies in the filming industry. Just relax and stop acting like soldiers."

Snoss Pilot 3:"I told you, we're NOT..."

Snoss Pilot 2:"Hush, we'll show them."

The Snoss Soldiers took out their guns.

Actor 1:"Oh, so now you're going to use the fake prop guns? Go on ahead, but I'm not going to play along with you guys. I'm too tired for that right now..."


Actor 1 fell to the floor, dead from the Snoss icebullet.

Actor 2:"Wait, I thought you said that you weren't going to..."

Actor 3:"OH MY CARROTS! He's DEAD! For REAL!"

Actor 2:"So that means....these really are Snoss Air Force Pilots! AAAAHHH!!! RUN FOR IT!!!"

The Actors began running out of the tavern and headed towards the Director's sleeping trailer. Meanwhile, the Snoss Pilots headed to the Polaris Harborfront Center replica.

Snoss Pilot 1:"There it is, boys. What should we do with it? Burn it? Bomb it? Or should we give it a makover?"

Other Snoss Pilots:"Bomb it!"

The Snoss Air Force Pilots backed away as they detonated the fake Polaris Harborfront Center, which is where the Polaris Council meets and resides.


Suddenly, chunks of cardboard, wood, and plaster flew everywhere.

Snoss Pilot 1:"Gee, that was easier than I thought. Polaris must be some flimsy town."

The Snoss Pilots then took out the Snoss Flag and put it on top of the remains of the fake Polaris Harborfront Center.

Snoss Pilot 2:" this....cardboard?"

Snoss Pilot 3:"Yeah...and is this plaster?"

Snoss Pilot 4:"I see lots of tape everywhere!"

Snoss Pilot 1:"Gee, the Polarians must be cheapskates. I mean, I know that the economy is bad these days, but making buildings out of carboard and plaster? No way..."

Snoss Pilot 3:"I'm beginning to think that we're in a fake Polaris. I mean, no one else is here, except for those actors who didn't even seem to notice us coming!"

Snoss Pilot 2:"OH NO. This can't be!"

Snoss Pilot 1 ran to the nearest building and said:"This building is made out of cardboard too!!!! And this one! And the one next to it!!"

Snoss Pilot 4:"Hmmm. If this is the FAKE Polaris, what happened to the REAL one?"


The Snoss Pilots turned to the fake airport to see a whole bunch of explosions occur.

Snoss Pilot 1:"AAAAAAHHHH!!!! OUR AIRCRAFT!!!!!"

The Snoss Pilots ran to the fake airport to find all their aircraft destroyed by Polarian Bombs. Right in front of them were Polarian Air Force Pilots and Soldiers all ready to fight the Snoss.

Snoss Pilot 1:"Oh crud. We're doomed. Alright FINE! We SURRENDER! Just take us back home in one peace!!!"

The Snoss were allowed to retreat and soon returned to Snowzerland with their mission as a failure. Meanwhile, Polaris soon went back to normal within 9 hours after turning the power off. The Hochstadts were re-invited to the Polaris Harborfront Center the next day for an important announcment. They were back in their assigned seats as the mayor of the city sat down in his chair once more.

Mayor Kratz:"Today has been a day of success. Our city was prepared for the Snoss attacks, and we were able to trick them into entering the fake Polaris while the real one was shut down. Once the Snoss landed, we bombed their aircraft and they surrendered. They were safely escorted back to their homeland in defeat."

Everyone clapped.

Mayor Kratz:"As it seems, the Snoss and Castillans are at war, and it is our pleasure from Polaris to award the Castillan city of Ciudad Vieja a fleet of 25 brand new aircraft for the city's air force fleet."

Everyone clapped again.

Mayor Kratz:"However, In return, Polaris would like to have a small base in Ciudad Vieja, if it is allowed."

General Hermosa stood up and said:"Yes, you may have your wish. You are allies with us, so we trust that the Polarians in part will protect the city."

Mayor Kratz:"Well said, General Hermosa. Come now, our staff has prepared a special banquet for our Castillan guests before they must part back to their homeland."

The Staff Members cleared all of the chairs in the Press Briefing Room, and immediately, the food and beverages were brought in, and a band began to play. Several penguins in the council decided to dance, while the others went on eating the fancy and delicious food being served while talking about politics.

The Hochtadts enjoyed themselves at the small banquet party, and as soon as they said their last goodbyes, they were escorted back to the airport to fly back home to Castilla.

Nevertheless, Swiss Ninja was not ready to give up yet. His retaliation had failed, so he was going to do another one, this time on the Hochstadts themselves. Swiss Ninja called in another group of Air Force Pilots and said:

"Men, I want you to fly down to Antarctica and intercept the Castillan Generals' Private Jet and shoot it down. If they survive, bomb them. Got it?"

Snoss Pilots:"SIR, YES SIR!"

Meanwhile, some top USA generals were discussing the recent detection of the Snoss on the mainland.

General 1: "SIR! We just got word of a Snoss touchdown in Polaris! They had weapons!"

General 2: "Polaris?"

General 1: "Yes sir. The city."

General 2: "OH FREAKING PUFFLES NO. That city's vital to the mainland's economy!"

General 1: "You know, the Snoss are violating their armstice by coming on the mainland."

General 2: "Should we nuke them again?"

General 3: "Sir! Come look at this!"

The generals came to what the third general was pointing at. Apparently, it was a surveillance camera in Polaris. There was no damage, or anything.

Generals 1 and 2: "O___O"

General 3: "The city apparently fended them off, sir."

General 1: ""

General 2: "That either says a lot about the City, or the Snoss are really, really weak now."

General 1: "Going with the latter. Municipalities would only have a police force. They'd have to call the army or a state militia for defense."

General 2: "That's a real kick-butt police force, then."

General 1: "I'll say."

General 3: "Not so fast, now. Municipalities tend to take advantage of this country's confederate tendancies. Remember Mattress Village? They had a paramilitary force in the nineties. Illegal, but present! Polaris might have something similar, possibly even bigger. All those planes and plane makers, after all, might be put to use. Know what I mean? After all, to the Polarians, the laws are just suggestions!"

General 1: "Huh."

General 3: "I wouldn't crack open an investigation, though. The last time that happened, the city almost lost its charter and we had to instate the BORNE and HOLINESS. No one wants another media circus."

General 1: "Should the public be aware of this?"

General 3: "No."

Chapter 7:The Lost Colony

It was about 11:00 in the afternoon when the Castillan Private Jet was heading towards the Freezeland/Happyface State border near the coast when the Snoss aircraft appeared.

Clovis:"Hey, those look like Snoss aircraft heading our way!"

The other two generals and the two puffles looked out the window.

Leonardo:"AAAHH!!! You're right!!!"

General Hermosa called to the pilot and said:"Enemy aircraft approaching! Prepare to dodge their blows!"

However, before the pilot could do anything, a Snoss missle crashed into one of the wings.


Jock:"AAAHH!!! We're going down! Evacuate!"

The Generals and the two puffles took out their parachutes and prepared to jump out of the aircraft. Sadly, the pilot did not want to go.

Jock:"WHAT? Are you NUTS? Come along!"

Pilot:"No! A captain goes down with a ship, therefore I believe a pilot should go down with his plane! It's for the honor of Castilla!"

Jock:"No! That's crazy! Pilots leave their aircraft if it's going to blow up! Come along and hurry!"

Pilot:"No. Go and save your own skin, I'm not leaving."

Jock:"Well, it was nice knowing you, then."

Jock jumped out of the plane with the rest, and only a few moments later another Snoss missle blew the plane into shreads. Now the plane was gone, the Snoss began shooting at the falling Generals and puffles.

General Hermosa:"Don't deploy your parachutes! Wait 'till the very last minute!"

When the group was about 250 feet above the ground, they deployed their parachutes and landed safely. The group found themselves in the deep wilderness in the mountains of the HF State near the Freezeland border.

Jock:"Great. Just Great. Where are we now? Can we even signal for help down here?"

Clovis:"Perhaps we should stay put until help arrives."

Suddenly, the Snoss dropped a bomb near them, and everyone jumped away as it exploded.


Clovis:"Um..nevermind! RUN!!!!"

General Hermosa:"Wait, let's head towards Freezeland, I'm sure they'll help us."

The group started to run towards Freezeland. The Snoss continued to bomb the land; many times it barely missed the Generals or the two puffles. They tried their best to avoid being spotted by running in the thick forest.

Piper:"Gee, I hope the HF State notices the Snoss soon enough so that they're stopped."

The Mountain Spartan Aircraft did not arrive until the group had crossed over a mountain, which took a lot out of them. Luckily, this was able to distract the Snoss aircraft as the group escaped. Soon enough a couple miles later, they found a metal fence that marked the border between Freezeland and the Happyface State.

General Hermosa:"Well, Castillans are great fence jumpers, but we can't jump electic fences, even if we tried."

Therefore, the group climbed a tree and jumped over the fence off one of the branches so that they wouldn't touch it.

Leonardo:"Where is the nearest town or village?"

General Hermosa:"That I don't know."

The land was no longer mountainious but it was still hilly and covered in forest. The group now could walk in peace as they kept continuing north towards the Freezelandian coast. They continued to walk until they came upon a clearing, and they saw an O-Berry farm.


Jock:"No, don't eat it...or else the owner might not like us and won't help us. Ah, see, there's his house right there."

The group approached a simple Freezelandian cottage home that had thatched roofing that was made out of ancient stones. The owner kept the building in great shape, and there was even a telephone cable attatched to it. Jock knocked on the door and waited. Then, a scruffy High Penguin farmer came out. He was wearing a pair of old overalls and a buttoned shirt. He also wore a variation of a bowler hat. The farmer had a thick Penguinian accent.

Farmer:"Dia duit!" (Penguinian for "Hello")

Jock:"Oh, my apologies. We don't speak Penguinian."

Farmer:"Oh. 'Ello thea. Yoo 're not frum 'ere, eh lads?"

Jock:"No...we're not. We're Castillans, actually."

Farmer:"Oy! Castilluns? Ain'cha fightin' a war with the Snoss?"

General Hermosa:"Yes. The Snoss shot down our plane and we got stuck here. Can you please bring us to the nearest major city?"

Farmer:"Of course, lads! I be goin' over to the nearest city anyways. It's called Farelle. Yer in the Province of Northfold."

Clovis:"I see."

Farmer:"Come with me, laddies. We're gonna go to teh citeh right now."

The Farmer led the group to a small old fashioned car that was more than 50 years old.

Farmer:"Eh, I think ev'ryone can fit if those puffles sit on yer laps."

Everyone got in the car, and the Farmer backed out of the dirt driveway and onto the rural asphalt road, and drove off for Farelle. It took more than an hour to arrive in Farelle. They found that the town looked like it came out of a story book. It was very ancient looking but still in good condition.

Clovis:"You can drop us off at the nearest train station, sir."


The Farmer then drove through town to the elegant train station.

Leonardo:"Thank you, sir."

The others thanked the Farmer as well for the ride as they exited. They soon took the next train to Fanon City. There, they immediately called King Carlos to tell them that they were all right.

King Carlos:"It's good to hear that you boys are all right. Another aircraft is being provided for your safe flight back to Castilla; this time, we'll have some Castillan aircraft come and protect you."

Palacio Real de Castilla.png

The group boarded their flight back to Castilla and arrived safely, without being harmed. They were soon invited to King Carlos's Royal Ball, which was what he thought would be appropriate to cheer everyone up about the depressing war that has been going on. The ball was held outside the palace in the large, luxurious garden. Food was set up for all to eat, and there were plenty of guests who were from the Congress of Deputies and the Senate.

King Carlos:"Good to see that you could make it, boys."

Leonardo:"It's always a pleasure, your highness."

King Carlos:"You all have been doing very well in the war, my friends. We've kicked the Snoss butt a lot, and we even made a strong alliance with Maps Island."

Clovis:"Same with Polaris. They gave Ciudad Vieja 25 planes as a gift."

King Carlos:"It's good to hear that Castillan-Polarian relations are doing well. Meanwhile, amidst this chaos of war, I have a mission for you all."

Clovis:"What is it, your highness? Surely we are ready for the challenge that we must face."

King Carlos:"I want you all to re-locate one of our long lost was known as Las islas Malvidas, that was, on the Castillan side. Back during the HPC, the other half was known as the Falkland Islands."

Leonardo:"The Falkland Islands? You mean THE Falkland Islands, the ones that are where the Puffle Race and it's relatives originated from?"

King Carlos:"Yes. Castilla owned one half of that island chain. The other half was owned by the High Penguin Confederacy."

Piper:"Well, what happened? How have these famous islands become 'lost'?"

King Carlos:"Well, first of all, this all began in the year of 1913. That was when Whoot overthrew the last High Penguin Confederacy King, and began to attack the High Penguins. Meanwhile, Castilla began it's civil war."

Leonardo:"OK. Go on."

King Carlos:"Well, the HPC side of the island was an all High Penguin island, so they closed their ports for good. Since Malvida, the Castillan part of the islands, did not want to get involved with the war, they too closed their port to trade, for they were only loyal to the King, who had been overthrown. The war went by, and the islands soon became forgotten since they were closed to trade, and they were soon wiped off the map because of their unimportance."

Clovis:"Malvida has probably become an independant nation by now."

King Carlos:"You are probably right, but I want you all to go there and make contact with them once more. Also, for my curiosity, visit the HPC side of the island too...I wish to see how that colony turned out to be as well."

Jock:"Yes, we will do that task, but this wouldn't be a very smart move to do when we're in a war with the Snoss. I'm sure a persuit will occur."

King Carlos:"Well, I'm sure you know how to fend them off. Besides, all you need to do is to make contact with Malvida."

Jock:"OK. As you wish, sire."

King Carlos:"Also, just not to scare the natives, I would like you to ride those modified galleons to the islands. I'm sure they will be shocked at new technology since they've been separated from Antartica for so long. Nevertheless, those modified Galleons can go as fast as any other destroyer."

Jock:"What about the Snoss?"

King Carlos:"Well, like I said, this isn't a war related mission, so I don't think the Galleons won't be a big deal. I also highly doubt that the Snoss are really going to persue you."

Jock:"As you wish."

That next morning, the two Hochstadt penguins and the two puffles boarded one of the three motor-powered Galleons heading for the Falkland Islands. It took only a couple days of voyage before the islands came into view.

They had arrived on the eastern side of the islands, which was the HPC side. What they first saw was the green mountains and hills of the East Falkland Island.

Clovis:"Um...I don't see anybody living there."

Piper:"It must be an all puffle paradise since it's our ancestral homeland."

As they got closer, they began to see a small village that consisted of small stone houses with grass-thatched roofs. There were small farms surrounding it. There was smoke coming out of their chimnies, and as they got even more closer, they could see puffles walking about. Ever since the Castillan galleons were in sight, many of them began to crowd about and view this strange sight, for they never had seen ships sail past towards their village before.

The citizens of Ganymael Village were very silent as the Castillans docked their ships and walked down the boarding plank. Jock was the first to get off and speak to the villagers.

Jock:"Greetings! We come in peace, for we are Castillans!"

The villagers were surprised to hear that name and began to talk amongst themselves.

Jock:"What is the name of this village, and what country it hails to!"

One of the villagers decided to speak.

Villager:"Aye! Ye have arrived to the village Ganymael. We unwillingly hail to the High Penguin Confederacy, and to our High Penguin Landlord Sullivan O'Pufflesboro."

Jock:"What? How can this be? The High Penguin Confederacy has long been gone!"

Villager:"Is that so? Since when?"


The villagers gasped.

Villager:"Well, tell that to his royal highness, King Mordrach the VI!!"

Jock:"Who? I've never heard of him."

Villager:"King Mordrach lives in the city of Staenly, which is found in the middle of the island."

Jock:"This must be the 'new' High Penguin Confederacy. The remnant."

Everyone in the village looked concerned.

Villager:"Oh, this is terrible. No one knew of this! Ever since 1913, being a puffle has been a terrible life!"

Piper:"How can that be? This is the ancestral home of the puffle!"

Villager:"It may be so, but these High Penguins have dominated the island! They enslaved most of us, and whoever was free were tenant farmers, like us, for we are a tenant farm village!"

Leonardo:"This...this isn't supposed to be right!"

Villager:"That's what we all thought. The only safe place is was until that revolution they had."

Clovis:"A revolution! What happened? We were going to visit Malvida, for we have been separated from them for almost 100 years now!"

Villager:"Hmm. Well, according to rumors, Malvida has been loyal to Castilla even after all these years. Nevertheless, since you guys never returned, Castilla became a legend and the island began to run itself. Just recently, they wanted to get rid of this Castillan Loyalty all together and form their own republic."

Clovis:"Oh my. Well, that was expected. Malvida has been self-governed for quite some time, I bet."

Villager:"Yes, but during this 'Castillan Loyalty' influence, us puffles being mistreated by the High Penguins were able to flee to the Malvida Colony to have better lives. There, we can have our own land and be free puffles. However, with this new republic being forth, they want to stop this immigration and close Malvida off even more."

Clovis:"Well, then it won't be for long. We shall return to Malvida, and I suppose this 'new' High Penguin Confederacy must be done with too."

Jock:"Noble villager, where is your landlord? I wish to end this slavery that should have been abolished 50 years ago!"

Villager:"Follow that dirt path right there. It is the only road that goes into this village, and the first building you see is the Landlord's Manor. Ye can't miss it."

Jock:"Come soldiers, let's have a chat with the landlord."

Jock, Clovis, and the two puffles with a group of Castillan Soldiers began to march down the narrow dirt road to the Landlord's manor. They knocked on the door, and the landlord himself answered.

Landlord:"Yes? Who are you?"

Jock:"I am Jock Hochstadt, General of the land of Castilla. We wish you to free your tenant farmers of their debt and let them own their pieces of land by themselves."

Landlord:"What? Castilla? That's an ubran legend! There's no such place as Castilla, it's something those Malvinians made up!"

Jock:"Whatever the case is, I want you to free your tenant farmers of their debt."

Landlord:"NO! I don't care if they are in debt! Money is hard to come by in the Confederacy these days! Go get yer own puffle slaves if ya want some really badly!"

Jock turned around and left without saying goodbye. Jock arrived at the village to deliver another speech.

Jock:"Sadly, your Landlord denied my offer! However, do not be discourage! We shall all attack as one force and raid his home, and give you all the land you deserve to have!"

The villagers cheered in approval.

Jock:"The raid will begin tonight, at midnight sharp. When we raid the manor, I want you all to chant, Captain Moonlight!!!"

Villager:"Um...why do you want us to chant that?"

Jock:"Oh, just for the fun of it, I guess."

The Landlord and his wife were sitting in the parlour, reading their books and drinking tea at night. They lived in luxury, for they had a large home full of expensive and well crafted furniture. They drank with porcelain tea cups and ate with silver spoons and forks.

Then, Jock and Piper took out their AK-47 rifles and fired at the Manor windows. Since the landlord and his wife had never seen a machine gun (since everything there had the technology of 1913), they freaked out like crazy as the glass shattered and hid under the parlour table.

Then, the villagers began to scream "Captain Moonlight!" and began to throw rocks at the remaining windows and torched the building.

Landlord:"This is treason! How dare they rebel!"

The Landlord and his wife then dashed for the doors and ran out of their burning manor home. Then, they were surrounded by the Castillan Soldiers and Jock.

Jock:"I asked before to free your farmers from their debt. You don't mess with Castillans, remember that."

After freeing the puffles, the Castillans moved forward down the only road to the capital city of Staenly. The city turned out to be surrounded by a large fortified castle wall. Luckily, the gates were open and the Castillans entered without question. The city itself was as old tech as the village of Ganymael, for they drove old Model T Cars and wore old fashioned clothing from the late 1900's and earlier.

Clovis:"I feel like we've stepped back in time..."

Jock:"In a sense, we have."

Leonardo:"We should ask where the King is..."

Leonardo walked up to a pompus looking penguin who wore a lavish but old-fashioned, blue dress.

Leonardo:"Excuse me, ma'am..."

Pompus Penguin:"Oh my! Aack! A runaway slave! Flee from me, wretched creature, or I'll alert the authorities!"

Leonardo:"I'm a free puffle, ma'am."

Pompus Penguin:"Lies! You're too well groomed! Constable! Constable, help!"

Clovis approached the Pompus Penguin.

Clovis:"Oh no, ma'am. This yellow puffle is mine."

Pompus Penguin:"Learn to keep your slaves in your sight, fool!"

Clovis:"He is not my slave, for we are foreigners. We hail from Castilla!"

Pompus Penguin:"Why, Castilla? Isn't that an urban legend that the Malvinians made up?"

Clovis:"No. Castilla has been separated from it's Colony for a long time, and we have come back at last to re-unite with it."

Pompus Penguin:"Sounds rather skeptical if you ask me."

Clovis:"Fine, have it your way, ma'am. However, please tell us where your King is."

Pompus Penguin:"Take this road down all the way until you reach the Palace. You can't miss it."

Clovis:"Thank you."

Pompus Penguin:"Any time, stranger."

Clovis and Leonardo then went back to the group and said:"Follow this road all the way down until we reach the Palace! We can't miss it!"

The Castillans marched all the way to the Palace, and after getting permission, they went to meet the King of the New High Penguin Confederacy. The Castillans walked into the throne hall and bowed before him.

King Mordrach:"Rise, Malvinians."

Clovis:"Pardon me, sir, but we are not Malvinians. We are Castillans."

King Mordrach:"Castillans? Aren't they a myth?"


Jock:"Ahem. Clovis."

Clovis:"Oh. Sorry. Yes, we get that a lot. No, your highness, we are not. We are Castillans who wish to make contact with Malvinia once more."

King Mordrach:"Oh, that is good, but why are you all in the High Penguin Confederacy?"

Clovis:"We wish to make contact with you too. Antarctica has changed since you have separated from it, 100 years ago."

King Mordrach:"Antarctica exists too? Oh my, how do I know that you aren't lying?"

Clovis:"Well, we bring forth new technology, and ideas."

Clovis took out his icePhone and handed it to the king.

King Mordrach:"What is this?"

Clovis:"It's called a Cell Phone. It's a telephone without wires."

King Mordrach:"Amazing!! I must have one!"

Clovis:"You can also watch videos, listen to music, and go on the internet on it too."

King Mordrach:"What is an internet?"

Clovis:"Um....long's really complicated to explain to a low tech penguin like yourself."

Jock:"OK. Our biggest reason why we are here as well is about your treatment on Puffles."

King Mordrach:"Puffles?"

Jock:"Yes. Puffles."

King Mordrach:"What about them?"

Clovis:"In our society, in all of today's society, it is wrong to enslave and abuse puffles. Those who are free are nothing but poor tenant farmers who don't get paid anything. We advise to you now that you ban slavery in your land, just like the rest of Antarctica did."

King Mordrach:"WHAT? This is ludicris! I shall NOT approve of this! This is our way of life! Your interference will ruin our economy! Especially for me!"

Jock:" well as the rest of Antarctica will not tolerate that answer."

King Mordrach:"What are you going to do about it?"

The Castillans fwipped out their AK-47 machine guns, something the islanders have never seen before.

King Mordrach:"Guns? Guards! Stop these assasins AT ONCE!"

The guards then arrived with old rifles from the 1800's and began to load their weapons. Nevertheless, the Castillan AK-47's were already loaded, and they began to fire instantly. The Guards were down in an instant.

Jock:"You can't fight us. We have modern technology that can easily defeat you."

King Mordrach:"Fine! Fine! Please...don't overthrow me! I'll do as you say!"

Jock slammed the large piece of paper onto the King's desk.

Jock:"Sign it!"

King Mordrach:" we go..."

King Mordrach lowered his pen and wrote his name, which made the document official.

Clovis:"Thank you!"


Jock handed it to one of the guards, who went to post the pamphlets of the new proclamation across the city and the island. Soon enough, all the enslaved puffles were freed, and the Castillans became heroes. They stayed for a couple days to celebrate, but soon set sail for Malvida, to finally re-establish trade and contact with the island.

Surprisingly enough, they arrived in Malvinia with full welcome. The penguins began to wave Castillan flags as the Castillan Galleons arrived into it's port.

Malvinian Crowd:"Hooray! The mainlanders have returned. They were greeted by the governor at once."

Jock:"Hola, Governor."

Govenor:"Hola, señor. Bienvenida a Malivda." (Hello, sir. Welcome to Malvida.)

Jock:"'s good to see that you have kept your loyalty to us for all these years!"

Governor:"Actually, for a long time we did. Just recently we had a revolution and made our own country, but it was a bitter dictatorship, and once word got out that Castillan ships arrived in the HPC, we immediately created a counter-revolution and overthrew the dictator. Castillan loyalty now pays off."

Jock:"Yes, indeed. By the decree of King Carlos Goberna the second, our current king, it is his great pleasure to re-open trade with the mainland and Antarctica once more. It's been almost 100 years since you have made contact with us, and HUGE modernization will occur at once."

Governor:"This is an honor, sir. We will ceartainly appreciate this, for our economy is failing as well."

Jock:"Then let's begin modernization at once!"

News about the re-discovery of the Falkland Islands spread to Antarctica very quickly. Some of the first to hear the news were the Snoss.

Swiss Ninja:"So, they're in the Falklands?"

Austin:"Yes. They're high up in the north, actually. Wierdly enough, they're suitable enough for penguins and puffles to live."

Swiss Ninja:"Hmm. That is a valuable spot, I suppose."

Java:"The island is divided into HPC territory and Castillan territory."

Swiss Ninja:"Yes, but that HPC fell long ago, to one of my favorite roll models."


Swiss:"Anyways, I have a plan. We'll overthrow the weak HPC government and use that part of the islands to invade the Castillan side. They won't expect it."

Ben:"Ok! Sounds good to me!"

Swiss:"Alright. Tomorrow, we head for Falklands!"

Chapter 8:Liguria's Return to Power

Dispite what most penguins think, Liguria was not happy with it's democratic government. It severely reduced the power of the mafia, and it made everyone equal. Sadly, Liguria had always been under the system of Mafia, which was the REAL form of government of the country for centuries. Nevertheless, the government was soon full of penguins and puffles who were involved in Mafia, which made it very corrupt. Also, rumors have spread that Liguria has been deciding to become a Socialist country like East Pengolia, where private property would be outlawed, buisnesses would be regulated by the government, and everyone would recieve the same amount of pay. Such rumors scared the Ligurians half to death since many of them had private property, had successful buisnesses, and made large amounts of profit.

Flywish didn't have a very large army. He wanted more in his life. He wanted to do something big that would be epic that would win him fame. He also wanted to get more involved in war. However, his small army prevented him from this since his army alone could not defeat collosal giants like Snowzerland or Castilla. However, Flywish soon discovered the situation of Liguria and decided to take it into his own flippers. Flywish was invited to Bugzy's Palace in Double Sicilia to discuss their plans to reform the nation's government.

Flywish:"Hello, Bugzy."

Bugzy:"Yo, Flywish. So, you've finally decided to take Liguria for yourself?"

Flywish:"Yup. If you guys help us, you'll be sure the UPM will have power in the new government."

Bugzy:"Yea. So what kind of Gangsta government is this gonna be?"

Flywish:"I don't know yet."

Bugzy:"By the way, two guys said they know you and want to help you with your campaign..."

Flywish:"Ok. Bring them in."

From out of the shadows appeared the puffles, Leonardo di Tremezzo and Piper J. Cub.

Flywish:"Leonardo? Piper? Aren't you guys supposed to be in the Falklands?"

Leonardo:"We were, but we came back to my homeland once I heard you wanted to reform Liguria's corrupt government."

Flywish:"Cool. More support."

Leonardo:"Well, I came here also to help you since you're one of my friends...and because my father is a well known gangster of Liguria."

Flywish:"Your FATHER? I had no idea...."

Leonardo:"Yes...we differ quite a lot....yet we still care for each other like family. I decided that I will help make him proud by aiding you in your quest to reform Liguria."

Flywish:"Thank you. In return, you and Piper will also have some political positions in my new government."

Leonardo:"Oh, not me, please, nor Piper. It's my father who wants the power."

Flywish:"As you wish."

Piper:"Perhaps, Flywish, you should re-introduce Facism into Liguria once more. It did bring it to it's peak."

Flywish:"True. I'll try to rule it in a good way, though. I'll have a cabinet of penguins and puffles who will also help me govern the island as well."

One of Bugzy's minions approached the group.

Minion:"Papa Tremezzo is at the door and wishes to come in."

Bugzy:"Well, I suppose you can meet Leonardo's father right now."

Papa Tremezzo walked in with two of his puffle minions. Flywish immediately saw the many scars Papa Tremezzo had on his face from fights at Cream Soda bars.

Papa Tremezzo:"Salve, mio figlio!" (Hello, my son!)

Leonardo:"Salve, Papa!"

Papa Tremezzo:"I usually don't like the UPM, but for this occation only am I going to ally with you. Flywish, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Flywish:"It is a pleasure to meet you too."

Papa Tremezzo:"So, what are we all waiting for? Let's start this thing!"

"Governo Facismo! Governo Facismo!"

were the words the Protesters screamed, who were crowding the streets of the Ligurian capital of Dellaroma, asking their government to reform. Within the protesting crowds was Flywish's Army, the UPM, and Papa Tremezzo's mafia.

Papa Tremezzo:"Alright. Let's head for the Parliament building. We'll storm the building and burn it to the ground!"

Flywish:"Ok. Should we sneak up and surprise them?"

Papa Tremezzo:"No. It's not needed. Just bomb the front doors and barge in. We'll then take care of the president and his cabinet members."

Leonardo:"I'm sure the protesters will help us as well."

The group then approached the parliament building. The protesters quickly followed them.


There were soldiers standing right in front of the doors of the building.

Piper:"I'll take care of them."

Piper threw a deletion grenade at them without warning, and they all vanished in an instant. Piper then took out a regular grenade and threw it at the building's front doors.



Flywish's Army, the UPM, and the Tremezzo Mafia ran into the building, and blasted their way through defending Ligurian soldiers into the Parliament meeting room. Just as they had expected, the President and his cabinet were having a meeting; not knowing that they was a protest going on.

Piper:"OPEN FIRE!!!!"


All the members of the Ligurian President's cabinet were down, but the president had seemed to escaped before they fired.

Leonardo:"Go through that open door! He's heading for the stairs!!"

Flywish:"We can't go up there all at once..."

Leonardo:"Fine. You, Piper, Gary the Gaget Dude and I shall go up there alone! Come on!"

Piper, Gary the Gaget Dude (who was the second in command of Flywish's Army), and Flywish followed Leonardo up the stairs as fast as they could. They chased President Bruce Collini all the way up to the top floor of the building.

Piper:"Stop right there, Bruce! You're surrounded?"

President Bruce Collini:"Is that so?"

Suddenly, Bruce Collini pressed a button and a hatch opened from the celing, which dropped a rope ladder. Bruce was going to escape to the roof, only to have Flywish and his gang follow him. They eventually cornered him again, this time at the edge of the building.

Bruce looked down and saw the protesters crowding around the building.

Flywish:"Go ahead, Gary the Gaget Dude. You will have the honor of shooting him."

GTGD took out his snowball pistol, and fired at President Bruce Collini....only to miss....



Flywish:"NO! THIS...IS....FLYWISH!!!!!!"

Flywish ran up to him and kicked him off the building. Bruce slammed head first onto the hard stone clad street. The protesters cheered in approval. Flywish stood tall and proud as the Ligurian citizens cheered his "heroic" act.

Flywish:"Attention, my good friends! I, Flywish, in approval of the UPM, the Tremezzo Mafia, and the general public, I do accept being your ruler of Liguria. I promise to be a fair ruler and bring Liguria back into it's golden age once more."

The crowd cheered loudly. Meanwhile, a couple of Governance priests took Bruce's body away.

Flywish:"Now that I have been elected leader, I must need a title! Any suggestions? I don't want any ordinary King, Emperor, President, or Honorable Chairman....I want an original name to suit my ruling of this new kleptocracy. I shall be the Supreme Ruler of Liguria, so choose wisely, my friends!"

Leonardo:"How about 'Papa'? It's original, and it's Ligurian."

The crowd discussed among themselves for a moment and then chanted:"Papa! Papa! Papa!"

The title of 'Papa' was agreed.

Flywish:"Very well, then. From now on, you shall know me as Papa Flywish!"

The crowd cheered loudly as their new leader climbed down from the roof into the building once more.

Swiss Ninja's forces soon arrived at the HPC side of the Falkland Islands. His army immediately headed towards the capital city. The air force was ordered to fly over the city to scare the inhabitants since none of them have ever seen such modern aircraft before.

Swiss:"I don't think we really need to try conquering this place. Their technology is so low tech as it is."

The Snoss soldiers pummeled the HPC soldiers to the ground very easily since they were no match. Not a single Snoss soldier was harmed during their assault. Swiss Ninja and his bounty hunters broke into the royal palace and overthrew the king himself by shooting him with a deletion rifle.

Swiss:"Well, I guess this place is mine, now."

Austin:"That was way too easy."

Swiss:"Yes, but Malvina will not be as easy since the Castillans are still there. I'm sure they're waiting for us."

Austin:"You bet they are."

Swiss:"Therefore, we're going to invade from the western shores of the HPC Islands...or now called the Snoss Falkland Islands. The invasion starts tomorrow. Java, please tell General Cornwallis as well, ok?"

Java:"As you wish, your highness."

The next day, Leonardo and Piper immediately returned to Malvida after Flywish's rule was firmly established, luckily just in time before the next battle.


Jock:"Piper! Where were you two?"

Leonardo:"We had to do some buisness back in Liguria, that's all."

Clovis:"Yesterday, I've heard some rumors that there has been some Snoss ships spotted near Malvina. I am sure they are going to stage an attack very soon. It's been peaceful for a while already."

Piper:"This war has already been going for some time."

Jock:"Yes, it has."


Suddenly, a Snoss missle flew into one of the houses of Malvina city.

Clovis:"Looks like it's time to get back into battle!"

Jock:"No. It's time to end it! This war must finish!"

Piper:"Fine then! Try our best and END THIS WAR!!!! Let's show those Snoss who's boss!"

Already, the Castillans and the Snoss met at the sea between Malvina and the Snoss Falkland Islands.

Swiss Ninja:"So, the battle has begun."

Austin:"Sir, can't be go out there yet?"

Swiss:"No. Django Ghent and a squad of RDA Clone Troopers are going to show the world a brand new weapon. An aircraft so modern it will kill the Castillans instantly."

Austin:"Oh! Cool! Finally! What is it called?"

Swiss:"The HARK-170."

Then, Django came in.

Django:"Well, Austin and Java, would you like to try out the new HARK-170? It's quite easy to use, dispite being REALLY high tech. I invented it myself back in Terninia just recently."

Austin:"YES! OH YEAH!"

Swiss Ninja:"Let's give those Castillans a good whooping!"

Chapter 9:The Final Battle

By now, Clovis, Jock, Piper, and Leonardo were on a Castillan Aircraft Carrier in the water, already commanding their troops into battle.

Jock:"Hey, the first wave of Snoss aircraft are approaching."

Clovis:"Should we deploy our aircraft to intercept them?"

Jock:"No. Not needed. We'll just fire our guided missles from the ships. They won't dare to miss."

Clovis:"Well, those aircraft are flying faster than usual..."

Clovis looked out the ship's window and spotted the approaching Snoss aircraft.

Clovis:"Actually, they're aircraft I've never seen the Snoss use before..."

Piper:"Here, I'm a plane type expert. I'll try to identify them."

Piper looked out the ship's window with his binoculars.

Piper:"Woah. No...I've never seen such aircraft before...I have a feeling that this is a new invention...."

Leonardo:"Uh oh. This can't be good..."

Jock turned on the ship's intercom and said:"FIRE THE MISSLES AT WILL!!!!"

Suddenly, the nearby ships fired the guided missles at the incoming Snoss HARK-170's. Austin and Java were co-piloting one together.

Austin:"Hey, they're firing those guided missles!"

Java:"Hmm. Those missles are no match for this high technology."

Suddenly, Java made the HARK aircraft do a barrel roll, and began firing it's laser cannons at other incoming missles. They immediately were destroyed.

Piper:"Gah! They destroyed our missles with their laser cannons...they're really high tech! There's no way we can take them down with that! They're way too fast, too!"

Leonardo:"Looks like you guys better get into your aircraft and see what you can do."

Clovis:"Ok. For this, I"m going to have to get my Snowing FA-18 Hornet. It's just as fast as those Snoss aircraft..."

Leonardo:"Can I come along like last time?"

Clovis;"I don't see why not. Just sit behind me and put on an oxygen mask."

Leonardo:"Got it."

Piper:"I'll take my own Snowing FA-18."

Clovis and Leonardo, as well as Piper, were already in the air with another squadron of Castillan Air Force Pilots. They immediately met the Snoss HARK-170's and began dogfighting. However, it seemed like the HARK-170's were more agile than the Snowing FA-18's, and they were no match.

Castillan Pilot 1 (SQUADCOM):"General Clovis, we're being slaughtered by these Snoss contraption! We need to retreat!!!!!"

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"What? We have to risk it! We've got no choice or we'll lose this war! We can't forfeit everything we've fought for..."

Castillan Pilot 2 (SQUADRON):"General Clovis, I think Jose is right. We need to retreat. We're no match for them."

Clovis was silent for a minute while he dodged the blasts of one of the Snoss HARK-170's.

Clovis (SQUADCOM):"What if we did have one of those amazing Snoss Aircraft?"

The other pilots did not respond. Instead, Clovis began retreating the battlefield in the air and began approaching the Snoss side of the Falkland Islands.

Leonardo:"What are you doing?"

Clovis:"What did I say on the radio?"

Leonardo:"Well, you tell Piper to come with you. It's not safe to go alone into enemy territory."

Clovis:"I don't need to. He's already following me."

Leonardo looked behind to see that it was true.

Leonardo:"He obviously knew what was on your mind."

Then, about a mile inland from the coast of the Snoss controlled island, they saw a clearing that appeared to be a dirt runway. Then, they saw a couple of shiny metal objects near it, and that was when they knew that this was a small Snoss aircraft base.

Clovis immediately deployed his landing gear and significantly decreased the speed throttle.

Leonardo:"We're going to land on Snoss territory?"

Clovis:"Yes. With the help of Piper, I'm sure we'll do fine. He's right behind us; don't worry. Take your gun out too and expect a quick confrontation. All we're going to do is sabotage one of those Snoss aircraft...right after we will blow up our own..."


Clovis:"By the looks of it, that aircraft justs need a pilot, a co-pilot, and a gunner."

Clovis, with Piper not too far from him, landed onto the dirt runway of the temporary Snoss base. Luckily, it only was for the air force, so there weren't any soldiers around. As Clovis and Piper taxied their aircraft towards the others, the Snoss Air Force Pilots began to notice and began shooting at them. Others jumped into their own aircraft and took off.

Clovis:"Woah. Those aircraft don't need to taxi down a runway...they just take off just like that? Hmm. That explains why they don't have any landing gears."

Leonardo:"That surely is a very futuristic aircraft."

Clovis then fired some of his ammunition at the Air Force Pilots on the ground, and then jumped out of his aircraft with Leonardo. Piper did the same with his.

Clovis:"Hey Piper, detonate your aircraft! We're gonna sabotage one of these babies."


Piper placed mines onto his aircraft and detonated them so that it exploded. Clovis and Leonardo did the same with their aircraft. When they were done, they rushed to the nearest HARK-170 that was in good shape.

Clovis sat in the Pilot's seat, Piper sat in the Co-Pilot's seat (even though it was built for penguins) and Leonardo sat in the gunner's seat. Clovis looked around at the controls, and found the name of the aircraft and it's manufacturer:


AIRCRAFT # 13742

Terninia Manufacturers Inc.

Clovis:"Hey, I figured out what this thing is called. It's called a HARK-170. It was made in Terninia. I bet it was invented by Django..."

Leonardo:"Hmm. Yeah. It's really nice though."

Clovis:"Ok. Let's start the engine...."

Clovis started the engine, and the aircraft already began to lift above the ground. Clovis increased the throttle a little bit and pulled up, heading for the battle once more.

Piper:"Gee, this HARK-170 thing is faster than it looks."

Clovis:"You bet it is...."

Suddenly, they realized that they were being followed by another Snoss HARK-170 who took off right after they did. It began firing at them. Luckily, Clovis dodged it's blasts.

Clovis:"Leonardo! Don't just sit there! Shoot back!"


Leonardo took the gunner controls and began firing at the Snoss HARK-170, and destroyed it's engines.

Clovis:"Good job."

Leonardo:"What's exactly our objective?"

Clovis:"Well, we need to support our troops by getting rid of as many HARK's as we can, that is, without severely damaging the one we're in right now."

Piper:"Oh, there's our first one in sight!"

Clovis then fired the main gun turrets at the first HARK they saw, and knocked it down. Leonardo turned to the south...and saw another wave of aircraft coming. However, they did not look like HARKs one bit.

Leonardo:"Clovis, what kind of planes are coming from the South?"

Clovis:"I don't know, and I don't really care right now. I'm trying to evade the enemy..."

Piper looked to the South and saw the planes as well.

Piper:"Say, did we call up reinforcements, Clovis?"

Clovis:"Not that I'm aware of, no..."

Piper:"Because I can already tell that those aircraft aren't Snoss...and they aren't Castillan either..."

Leonardo:"Why no....they're Ligurian aircraft..and they're coming this way!"

Piper:"Yeah, you're right....and I see some Japalandese aircraft as well!"

Clovis looked for a brief moment as well.

Clovis:"'re right...Ok, I suppose we should leave the battlefield...I'm sure this isn't going to be pretty, and I don't want to get in the way...."

Clovis flew back to Malvina, and met General Hermosa.

General Hermosa:"So, you stole one of those mysterious Snoss aircraft?"

Clovis:"Yes, it's called a HARK-170. Apparently, it doesn't need a runway to land or take off, and it has laser gun turrets. I say that we should make copies for Castilla and it's own colonies."

General Hermosa:"Yes. That's a good plan, and what an interesting design."

Leonardo:"We saw Ligurian and Japalandese aircraft heading towards the battles!"

General Hermosa:"Hmm. That's strange. Liguria is an ally of both us and Snowzerland, so who knows who they'll side with? The Japalandese are Snoss allies...that might mean they're helping the Snoss as well..."

Leonardo:"Hey they come right now..."

The Ligurians did not fire, but instead, they began charging at the Snoss and the Castillans who were in the middle of the fighting. Luckily, they all took notice, and began retreating back to their bases. Soon, the ocean waters between Castillan Malvina and the Snoss Falkland Islands were swarmed by Japalandese and Ligurian Aircraft. Papa Flywish then sent two diplomats to both of the islands, and told them to meet their ships in the middle of the sea between their territories.

Meanwhile, Papa Flywish and his Ligurian Fleet of Aircraft Carriers, and Destroyers, as well as Katoni's Japalandese Fleet, arrived and began to break up the fighting between the Snoss and the Castillans on the sea.

Soon, General Hermosa, Clovis, Jock, Piper and Leonardo boarded their ship and met with Swiss Ninja and his bounty hunters' ship. Then, Papa Flywish's aircraft carrier got in between them, and they boarded it together.

When they got on deck, they went into the conference room, where they found Flywish in his royal outfit; sitting at the head of the conference table with Mr. Katoni of Japaland. There was nothing on it except a single piece of paper, and a fancy pen.


Everyone was shocked to see that Flywish was now the leader of Liguria.

Flywish:"Sit down, everyone."

Everyone sat down, with the Snoss sitting on one side of the table, and the Castillans sitting on the other.

Swiss Ninja:"So, what is this about?"

Flywish:"It's about time you two stop fighting this war. Mr. Katoni and I have written up a peace treaty to end the fighting for you."

Swiss Ninja:"Do you really think we are going to sign it?"

Flywish:"Well...If you won't sign it...then you'll be forced to sign two nearly got the USA involved, and it too is feeling some of the heat."

Swiss Ninja:"So what happens if we sign this?"

Flywish:"The war ends, pretty much, and everyone gets to keep what they took, no more, no less."

General Hermosa:"Sounds good to me. As long as there is peace between us for now."

General Hermosa grabbed the pen and signed the Peace Treaty. Afterwards, Hermosa handed it to the other two generals, Clovis and Jock, to sign as well.

Clovis:"Ok, Swiss. It's your turn to sign."

Swiss:"NO. I don't WANT to sign."

Swiss Ninja got up and attempted to leave when suddenly, two buff Ligurian soldiers blocked the entrance. They were holding giant AK-47 Icebullet Rifles.

Swiss Ninja decided not to mess with the intimidating figures, so he sat back down in his chair.

Swiss:"Surely, Flywish, we can bargain so that we don't have to end this was quite yet..."

Flywish:"No. Nothing will make me change my mind about this."

Swiss:"No Money bribes? No new car? New House? Free Healthcare?"

Flywish:"No. All those things I already have....and can get since I'm super powerful. Liguria is known for it's luxury cars, scenic villas....and well...since I'm Liguria's 'Papa', I get free Healthcare..."

Swiss:"Hmm. You surely are hard to bargain with. Fine. I shall waste all of your time by not signing the treaty."

Flywish:"Maybe, perhaps I can bribe you..."

Swiss:"I too am hard to bargain with."

Clovis:"Well, you can keep the pen if you sign the treaty!"

Swiss Ninja:"The pen? Well, it is the nicest pen I've ever seen....."

Austin:"Swiss! Don't let them bribe you over a PEN!!!"

Swiss:"But I won't. Nice try, but no."

Flywish:"I'll give YOU some money."

Swiss:"Nah. I don't need any."


Clovis:"This delicious assortment of chocolate bars?"

Swiss Ninja:"CHOCOLATE BARS????"

Clovis:"Yes. All imported from various countries."

Swiss Ninja began to get jittery. SN has a really bad sweet tooth, and he loves imported chocolate, so it was hard for him to give in.

Piper cut in, saying:"I'll even give you a barrel of fresh, sparkling Cream Soda from Frankterre..."

Swiss Ninja:"Fine! Deal! Having so many wars all the time really tires a penguin out after a while..."

Swiss Ninja signed the contract with his own pen, as well as the reluctant Austin8310, XTUX, Java Ghent, and Django Ghent. (Johnathan and Ben did not need to sign.)

Swiss:"Alright. Fine. It's done. Bye!!!!"

Swiss Ninja hurredly grabbed the chocolates and cream soda and ran out the door. Suddenly, he was stopped by more Ligurian soldiers.

Clovis:"Why did he run off like that?"

Leonardo:"Oh no! Look! The ink is disappearing! He used invisible ink!"

Swiss Ninja and his bounty hunters were brought back to their seats.

Flywish:"So you thought you could trick us? No way. That's just cheap. Here, take this pen that you wanted to have, and sign it for real!"

Swiss:"No way. I'm never going to sign it. Ever. Do you really think I would? Sweets are my weakness, which I couldn't resist...but that moment I remembered I had my invisible ink pen with me."

Flywish:"There's no tricks this time. Sign it already! Stop wasting our time!"

Clovis and Leonardo then remembered something else that they had learned about Swiss Ninja only a couple months ago.

Clovis:"Well, Swiss.....either you sign, or else me and Leonardo are going to tell your wife about your Harem."

Swiss:"NOOOO!!!! Don't you DARE!!!!"

Leonardo:"We will."

Jock:"Wait, he has a what?"

Austin: O_O

Leonardo took out his cell phone and began to dial Maddie's number.

Swiss Ninja immediately signed the treaty, hands down. Then, he passed the pen to Austin.

Swiss:"SIGN IT, NOW!!!!!"

Austin:"You have a..."


Austin reluctantly signed the contract, as well as Java, Django, and XTUX once more.

Swiss:"Fine! You two better keep it a secret!"

Leonardo:"OK. Fine. We will. You signed the contract, so we're good."

Everyone clapped. The war was officially over.

Jock:"Wait! Swiss! Before you go....will you now release the Hochstadt Gang? They're still imprisoned and we want them released!"


Swiss ran away as fast as he could, and his ship departed immediately.

Jock:"So this war was for nothing????"

Clovis:"No. Not exactly. If he's not going to let them free, I suppose we can do it ourselves."

Jock:"And what did you say about Swiss Ninja that made him sign the treaty?"

Clovis:"Oh. Nothing. Nothing you want to know."

Chapter 10:Hochstadt Gang Liberation

The war had ended peacefully, and everyone on both sides soon went home, but the rest of the Hochstadt Gang (except for Jock, Clovis, S2, Bernard, Piper, and Leonardo) were still imprisoned by Swiss Ninja in Snowzerland. Luckily enough, they were not shipped to Pen Chi Island quite yet since the war had been stalling Swiss Ninja's plans. However, one of the many reasons why the war started in the first place was because the Hochstadts were imprisoned unfairly. Unfortunately, the treaty did not ensure that they would be freed, so it was decided by the Castillan Generals that if Swiss Ninja was unwilling to liberate his own prisoners, that they were going to do it themselves with force. Clovis, Piper, and Leonardo were in their stolen HARK-170, when they were heading for Snowzerland. They were leading a larger group of Castillan Mega Cub aircraft as well as other various fighters, and especially a whole whorde of helicopters that would land at the prison that the Hochstadts were being held in.

Clovis: (SQUADCOM) "Alright men, this mission is to be as quick and efficient as possible. We must use force, but try to make minimal damage as possible. Do whatever it takes to rescue all the Hochstadts from the clutches of the Snoss. Alright, the island is approaching. Prepare for a relatively quick battle."

Clovis's HARK began to fly over the entrance to the Zurich Bay of Snowzerland, and the other aircraft followed. The Snoss were not prepared for a strike since they assumed that there would be peace once more. Therefore, the Snoss did not notice the Castillan aircraft right away, nor did they get into their aircraft right away either.

Clovis: (SQUADCOM) "It seems like we weren't expected. Alright. Zurich City is coming up soon, so helicopters, prepare to land at the prison building."

Almost immediately, the Helicopters began to decend towards Zurich, and immediately began to hover over Zurich's only prison building. The helicopters immediately lowered their ropes and large groups of super elite Castillan Commando Soldiers (also called the Castillan Marines), who immediately stormed into the blasted their way into the building.

Fisch Hochstadt sat there in his cell with his fellow Hochstadt Gang members, just like he had usually been doing for several months already. He had never been held captive by the Snoss this long before, and neither have the other members. Since the Snoss served them nothing but a bowl of cold water and lettuce (which they called "Prisoner's Soup") for BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER, the gang was really skinny because the "Prisoner's Soup" tasted bad and repulsive and was served in small portions.

The Castillan attacks immediately got their attention. One moment they saw the helicopters arrive, and the next they saw a whole bunch of Castillan Marines at the front of their jail cells with the keys.

Fisch:"We're saved!"

Castillan Marine:"Alright, come with us, boys."

The Castillan Marines rushed out of the building with the gang and helped them climb up the rope ladders into the helicopters.

Nevertheless, Swiss Ninja already saw the whole ordeal occur at the window of his Castle.

Swiss Ninja:"Austin! Bounty Hunters! Get to the planes immediately! It's time for you to shoot down some Castillan helicopters!"

Austin:"But don't they have the Hochstadt Gang in there?"

Swiss Ninja:"I DON'T CARE! SHOOT 'EM DOWN!!!!!"

Austin:"YES SIR!"

Austin and the bounty hunters saluted and rushed out the door to the airport.

Before the Castillans left Snowzerland, the Bounty hunters were already in the air right at their tail.

Fisch:"Hey! It's the bounty hunters!"

Castillan Marine:"Got it. Hey, pilot! Tell the general we've got visitors!"

Castillan Marine Pilot: (SQUADCOM) "General, we've got visitors."

Clovis: (SQUADCOM) "Yes. I see them. Fighters, commence attack positions! Take 'em out quickly. Helicopters, defend yourselves as well as you can, and escape as quickly as possible."

Clovis turned his HARK-170 around towards the Bounty Hunters, and began firing the laser cannons at them. Other Castillan air fighters soon followed him while the Helicopters and a couple fighters guarding them escaped back to Castilla.

Austin: (SQUADCOM) "Gah! They're trying to distract us! Evade! Evade!"

The bounty hunters immediately evaded the incoming Castillan aircraft and began firing at the helicopters.

Clovis: (SQUADCOM) "So you think you can just fly right past us and go for the helicopters right away? Baaaad move, boys."

Clovis turned his HARK around. He was right behind Austin and the other bounty hunters.

Austin:"Shoot, they're...."

Suddenly, Clovis destroyed Java's aircraft, and Java jumped out with his parachute as his aircraft exploded.

Austin:"FIRE AT WILL!!!!"

The bounty hunters began firing at the helicopters. Suddenly, Fisch's helicopter was hit, and it's engines were down.

Fisch:"AAAAHHH!!!!! NOOO! We're not going to be stranded here!"

Fisch took a jetpack and flew to the next Castillan helicopter, who eventually rescued everyone else on the falling helicopter as well. During that time, Clovis fired at Austin's aircraft, and it went down too after Austin launched the ejection seat an parachuted to safety. The other Snoss bounty hunters were being pounded on now, so they began to retreat back to the airport. Luckily, the Castillans fled safely back to their homeland.

The rescued Hochstadts were immediately taken to King Carlos's Palace in Metido. They met the king with warm welcome, and the king immediately threw a party in honor of their safe return.

Clovis:"You sure love parties, don't you, your highness?"

King Carlos:"Yes. Yes I do."

Leonardo:"All is well and ends well. Looks like the war ends in a draw."

King Carlos:"Yes, I'm happy you all fought hard enough to gain more territory. We have made our mark in history once more. Now, we all must advance in our technologies so we can keep up with these Snoss. Otherwise, our numerous soldiers will be nothing against those high tech Snoss laser blasters and whatever."

Jock:"Of course, Sire."

King Carlos:"Thanks to the brave three: Clovis, Leonardo, and Piper, we have stolen one of the Snoss's newest weapon. The HARK-170."

Clovis:"Yes. I figured it was the only way we could beat the Snoss in that battle. Luckily, we didn't need to do much since the Ligurians and the Japalandese intervened."

King Carlos:"Thank them for ending this nightmare. NOW. We all know that unemployment is soaring lately in all of Antarctica, so I decided that this HARK machine might make us some more jobs....and Weapons. Clovis, can our scientists and master mechanics analyze your HARK, if you don't mind?"

Clovis:"Sure, as long as you give it back."

King Carlos:"Yes, I promise that we will. The reason for this is because we are going to produce some HARK-170's for we can get even with the Snoss."

Clovis:"This surely is the beginning of a new era, eh?"

King Carlos:"It sure will be."

Somehow, a rumor spread that the war did not end in a tie, but instead the Castillans beat the Snoss. This wasn't true, but most of the USA wanted to believe that they did lose. For Snowzerland, many news reporters came from around the Antarctic to visit the Kaiser and ask questions about the war. Nevertheless, Castilla got many reporters as well too since they "won" the war, and because the USA finally found out that Castilla was NOT Snoss territory. Swiss Ninja decided to conduct his interviews at Chateau Jsudsu, the home of his friend Archduke Jsudsu. There were crowds of reporters in the ballroom itself, where SN was sitting on a throne. Flashes from paparazzi and reporter cameras were flickering constantly.

Reporter 1:"Mr Hochstadt, Mr Hochstadt! Over here! How do you feel about losing another war?"

Swiss Ninja:"Well, I don't feel bad. It has happened so often that I don't get as angry anymore."

Reporter 2:"Are you still angry about this right now?"

Swiss:"Of course, of course, we could have done better. Yet, we still were able to score some victories; especially at the South Shetland Islands. I must thank my glorious citizens of Grand Permatan who helped me with that victory."

Reporter 3:"Are you shocked that Flywish is the ruler of Liguria now? Is this in any way going to hurt Snoss-Ligurian relations?"

Swiss Ninja paused for a moment and thought for a minute.

Swiss Ninja:"Well, of course. I knew Flywish had a puny little army. I didn't know it was that strong...I wonder how many men he lost during the battles with the Ligurian police..."

Reporter 1:"Aaaaactually, you're wrong about that, sir. Flywish allied with Ligurian mafia and the people to overthrow the president. Among the gangsters he allied with were Papa Tremezzo and Bugzy."

Swiss:"Oh. Ok. I knew he couldn't do it alone. Wait...Papa Tremezzo???? Is he related to my former pet puffle Leonardo di Tremezzo?"

Reporter 1:"Yes. He's his son, I believe."

Swiss was shocked again and was silent. Then, he continued to answer questions some more.

Reporter 3:"Are you going to wage another war soon, Mr. Hochstadt?"

Swiss Ninja:"Well, waging wars against my competitors is natural for me. Of course I'll do it again. C'est la vie."

Meanwhile, the Castillans were also being interviewed.

Reporter 1:"Your Highness, King Carlos, how do you feel on winning the war?"

King Carlos:"Winning the war? Why no, that's not true. It was a draw. Liguria intervened and made us sign a treaty to end the whole thing. Nevertheless, we are still going to celebrate that the war is over."

Reporter 2:"How are you going to celebrate the war's end?"

King Carlos:"Well....with fireworks, I guess. If this goes well, July 4th will be a national holiday for Castilla. I think we'll call it 'Fireworks Day', and it will be in honor of the veterans who fought in this war."

King Carlos kept to his word, for that night, a spectacle of Fireworks went off everywhere in Castilla, who were all celebrating war's end. All the soldiers were home, and finally, all the Hochstadt Gang could celebrate together safely.


After the war ended, the hostilities towards the two nations halted for a while. The Castillans thorougly celebrated Fireworks Day, while the Snoss went off to drink Cream Soda in their local taverns as their form of celebration. The Ligurians also celebrated, and it was credited that Flywish had heroically ended the Snoss-Castillan War with the treaty, and Clovis helped by pressuring Swiss Ninja to sign it. Although peace endured for a little bit, the two nations surprisingly allied with each other when Polaris needed them the Auzuan-Polarian War. Liguria also allied with the two countries when their Papa needed to finish some business in the War of Vengeance. Afterwards, Clovis and Leonardo were kidnapped in the story, Kidnapped!.

The End!