Snoss Civil War

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The Snoss Civil War
Date January 1, 2030 - December 23, 2030
(11 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)
Location Snowzerland, Alemania, Osterreach, Lichenstien, Freezeland
Result Snowzerland is reunified as one Empire
Casus belli Swiss Ninja was assassinated, and Rebellion against his Regime became known
Snowzerland breaks into two countries
Snowzerland Flag.png Republic of Snowzerland
Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Archipelago Union
Snowzerland Flag.png Snoss Confederacy
Snowzerland Flag.pngFlag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Chancellor Pengvintine
Snowzerland Flag.png Senator Maddieworld
Flag of Castilla.png King Clovis Hochstadt
Flag of Castilla.png General Hermosa
Flag of Castilla.png Jock Hochstadt
Liguria Flag.png Papa Flywish
Snowzerland Flag.png Darth Swissius
Snowzerland Flag.png Austin8310
Snowzerland Flag.png Count Jsudsu
Snowzerland Flag.png Sasha Venom (Bellina)
Have a large RDA Clone Trooper Army, and a lot of allies Have a War Bot Army, have a lot of trained Serth, High Technology
Clones can be clumsy and take longer to create than Bots Do not have a lot of allies; War Bots break easily


This story, the Snoss Civil War, happens way in the future, in the year of 2030. (The story starts out in 2029, though) Much has changed, and by now, Swiss Ninja had become more evil, selfish, egotistical, and greedy, yet older. By then, he had stopped his attempts to capture the Hochstadt Gang, but continued to ruin relations with other nations and threatening them more that he would invade them. However, the UFLS, an anti Swiss Ninja group, had been growing and growing for many years. Swiss Ninja had been losing popularity dramatically because of his unfair rule on the people, and it had been clear to others that he was hindering the potential success of Snowzerland.

Meanwhile, some of Castilla's colonies have also been getting sick of being ruled by Castilla, and they too have been deciding for rebellion. Secretly, Swiss Ninja aids the Anti-Castillan rebels in hope that Castilla weakens as Castilla aids the Snoss Rebels who wish to weaken Swiss Ninja's regime. This war is a MAJOR turning point for Swiss Ninja, who conducts a major conspiracy to reunify his country. In the meantime, the story begins with the ailing, old King Carlos Goberna II, in Castilla.


The year was 2029, and the sickly King Carlos Goberna was now resting in his bed in his palace in Metido, Castilla. Leonardo di Tremezzo was with him at that hour, who came to visit him.

King Carlos:"Leonardo, I am very old....I never had a wife or any children...."

Leonardo:"That is true, sire. But, you were one great king. Castilla could not ask for anything more."

King Carlos:"Thank you, Leonardo."

Leonardo:"Now, let's stop talking like's creeping me out...."

King Carlos:"Why not? After are my last visitor..."

Leonardo:" you mean???"

King Carlos:"Leonardo, I am very old. I can sense that my time is near. Very...very...near...."

Leonardo:"Don't talk like that!"

King Carlos:"I am, Leonardo. I'm going to die. Today."

Leonardo was silent.

King Carlos:"I am also getting insights of....of the future...."

Leonardo:"Yeah? What do you see?"

King Carlos closed his wrinkled penguin eyes and paused for a minute.

King Carlos:"War. Terrible war....It involves Swiss Ninja, Hochstadt Gang...."

Leonardo:"What is it about???"

King Carlos:" not sure...."

Leonardo:"Ok....if you're going to die....who will be your successor???"

King Carlos did not reply.

Leonardo:"Will there be a successor???"

King Carlos:"Yes....yeeeess....there....there will be..."

Leonardo:"Who is it?"

King Carlos slowly opened his eyes and looked at Leonardo.

King Carlos:"You....will find matter of time...."

Leonardo:"No, King Carlos, tell me now!"

King Carlos closed his eyes again.

King Carlos:""

King Carlos sagged his head, and died.

Leonardo was now teary eyed, for a good king had passed away.

The news of King Carlos's death became widespread instantly. Castilla went into a state of mourning for the loss of their beloved King who had served them since 1997.

When word of the King's death reached Swiss Ninja, Swiss immediately made a public speech in the city of Zurich, who said that he was very happy to see King Carlos dead...much to the offense of Castilla. King Carlos's funeral was the next day, and a moment of silence was held across the Empire as the King was being buried in the royal cemetery. After the funeral was over, Clovis, Jock, Piper, and Leonardo took a walk in the now Kingless palace.

Clovis:"I can't believe he's dead. This is unbelievable..."

Jock:"He's been a major part of our lives for so long. It is hard to think that he is no longer with us."


Clovis:"It's just funny that King Carlos didn't have a named successor...."

Jock:"That is true....wait....Leonardo....weren't you there with King Carlos during his last moments?"

Leonardo:"Yes. I was. I asked King Carlos that question, but he was reluctant to tell me who in particular. He said that we should look in his Will, but I don't know where it is."

Jock:"I don't think no one knows where it is except for the King himself."

Leonardo:"Maybe we should look for it?"

Jock:"Who knows how long that would take...."

Leonardo:"Wait...maybe I have an idea where it is....come with me!"

Leonardo led them back to King Carlos's bedroom, the same one he passed away in. Leonardo climbed up onto the bed, which was still untouched after they took the King away.

Clovis:"Leonardo, what are you doing?"

Leonardo turned to the pillow that was still morphed into the shape of King Carlos's head, and pulled it up.

Below it was a paper, wrapped up in a red and yellow bow.

Jock:"That looks like legal document paper, wrapped in the national colors of Castilla."

Clovis:"The will is under the King's pillow? I wonder if he always kept it there or if he put it there right before he died."

Piper:"I guess we will never know."

Leonardo:"Let's see who is the true heir of King Carlos's possessions and the title of King...."

Leonardo undid the bow and the document unrolled, and everyone began to read it.

The Official Will of His Royal Highness King Carlos Goberna II, Ruler of Castilla

I, King Carlos Goberna II, on the date of December 12, in the year of 2012, have agreed to give my possessions, as well as my throne, to Clovis Hochstadt when I perish. Clovis is a true hero who has proven himself to be the perfect heir to the throne. I entrust that he will continue to bring Castilla to new heights, and that he will listen to the hearts and minds of the citizens.


King Carlos Goberna II

Once they finished reading, everyone turned to look at Clovis, who was very, very, shocked at the news. He could not believe that after all these years that King Carlos had chosen him to be his successor.

Clovis:"Me??? I....had no idea...I was thinking it would have been Jock...or General Hermosa....but not me..."

Jock:"It would have been an honor for me to be a King...but I personally don't want to be. You would perfectly fit it, Clovis."

Leonardo:"After all, who saved the USA from being nuked all those years ago? And who helped lead Castillan forces in the Snoss-Castillan War? Those were just your beginning achievements!"

Piper:"Go for it, Clovis. You were born for it. Now, you're even with Swiss Ninja. You have proven to him that you are just as capable as he is to rule a powerful country....and perhaps it's time we show him who's boss!"

Leonardo:"Oh yes, that reminds me. Before King Carlos died, he said he had a vision that we are going to be involved in a terrible war with Snowzerland. I could see that expression on his face that showed a sign of great fear. I have a feeling that this war will not be like any we've seen yet."

Clovis:"But we can't wage war with Swiss Ninja. That would upset the Archipelago Union. Chancellor Pengvintine would be furious."

Leonardo:"True. He would be. I still wonder why the Union decided to elect a chancellor to begin with. Before, it used to be a council without a leader."

Clovis:"True. Who knows? It was strange that Chancellor Pengvintine was put into office on the same day King Carlos made the will....December 12, 2012."

Jock:"Nevertheless, Chancellor Pengvintine has done some great stuff for the AU. I really do like him, and he's done a great job with his position. I'm sure that if we go to war, Chancellor Pengvintine will find a good strategy."

Leonardo:"Hmm. Not me. I find him suspicious. There's something.....not right about him...."

Jock:"Oh well. I guess I don't see him the same way you do."

Three days later, the Grand Cathedral of Metido became flooded with guests. Today was coronation day, and all of Clovis's friends and family were there, except for Swiss Ninja. Enthusiastic fans lined the streets of Metido, waiting for Clovis's Limo to arrive in front of the giant Telenacle Cathedral that had held coronation ceremonies for centuries. When Clovis did arrive, he stepped out of the limo, to reveal that he wasn't wearing his jester hat for the very first time, but he was still wearing the rest of his regular outfit.

Clovis walked down the red carpet and walked into the cathedral....where at that moment, the orchestra inside the cathedral began to play a song that was to be the entrance theme for the ceremony, as shown below:

Clovis walked gracefully and slowly, waving to his fellow guests, the news cameramen, and a couple photographers. He walked up to the front of the Cathedral, and stood next to the Telenacle's Archbishop, who was supposed to conduct the ceremony and crown Clovis. Clovis turned around to face the guests who were sitting in the pews. He saw that in the front row were his parents, Red River 2 and Tammyfeih, his elderly great-uncle Dave Hochstadt, Piper, Leonardo, Jock, Fisch, Fuut Ga and his grown up children, Gottfried, Bernard Hochstadt, Corai, and Papa Flywish.

As the Telenacle Archbishop began to speak, the golden sunlight from one of the Cathedral windowpanes began to shine on Clovis and the Archbishop. It was truely a picture perfect moment that everyone in the cathedral would never forget.

Telenacle Archbishop:"Friends, we gather here today to witness the coronation of Clovis Hochstadt. In reccomendation of the late King Carlos Goberna, we are proud to have this astounding hero with us today. The King was clear about who would succeed him, and he is sure that Clovis will become a fine King. Bring out the crown."

Then, a young penguin dressed up as a squire appeared, carrying Clovis's regular jester hat on top of a velvet pillow. It was obvious that Clovis humbly wanted his own jester hat to be his crown.

Telenacle Archbishop:"Clovis Hochstadt, do you solemnly swear to protect and give your life for Castilla and it's people?"

Clovis:"Yes, I shall."

The Archbishop picked up Clovis's jester hat from the pillow, and said:"Then, I hearby crown thee, his royal highness, King Clovis Hochstadt of Castilla!"

The Telenacle Archbishop placed the "crown" on Clovis's head, and the guests began cheering and clapping in approval.

King Clovis smiled and waved to his people, and he knew that this would be a new chapter for Castilla's history.

Chapter 1:The Assassination[edit]

Snowzerland Capitol Buidling.png

The date is January 1, 2030. Today would be the day that Swiss Ninja would be giving his annual State of the Union speech in front of the Snowzerland Capitol Building in the capital city of Geneva. At this time, Swiss Ninja was very grieved at the fact that Clovis was now King of Castilla for a while, and he was sure that Castilla would try to invade soon. To only add to his troubles, Swiss Ninja knew that his popularity had been diminishing... and he knew that there were opposition forces just waiting for the right moment to get rid of him.

Ironically enough, Jock Hochstadt, President of the UFLS, was in Snowzerland on that day to plan on an attack to get rid of Swiss Ninja. Very rarely did the UFLS plan to actually kill Swiss Ninja; they have done it six other times but they've all failed. The National Security Agency of Snowzerland, now secretly co-operating with the UFLS and other rebel groups, had decided that Swiss Ninja must die. Despite despising him, Jock and the other minor Front leaders at the meeting decided to watch Swiss Ninja deliver his speech on television.

Everyone glued their eyes to the screen as they saw Swiss Ninja, and his heir son Griante coming out onto the balcony of the Capitol building. There were several microphones placed onto the stone railings of the balcony. After waving a bit to the cheering crowd, Swiss began to speak with his adult son quietly by his side.

Swiss Ninja Older.png

Swiss Ninja:"Good Morning, citizens of Snowzerland, and Happy New Years to you all!"

The crowd cheered again.

Swiss:"Today marks the the beginning of a new decade. We have now left the 2020's, and entered the 2030's. This year will also mark the 30 year anniversary of Snowzerland's founding as well."

The crowd cheered again, but louder. The UFLS booed at the TV.

Swiss:"So today, I will start with my annual State of the Union speech. To start with, Snowzerland and the other German States have had a great year...."

Suddenly, a voice from the silent crowd shouted: "THAT'S WHAT YOU SAY EVERY YEAR, YOU UGLY CRETIN!"

The crowd gasped in shock as they stepped away from a penguin; he was tall, possibly a high penguin, wearing a simple beret - a beret with the UFLS logo - and ordinary, civilian clothes, much of it designer wear.

Swiss: "HOW DARE YOU…"

Immediately, the rebel took out a Rocket Launcher from a sports bag and fired it at Swiss Ninja. However, his aim was slightly off, and instead the rocket hit right below the balcony, causing a huge explosion. The balcony blew to pieces, causing Swiss Ninja and Griante to fall, while the walls around the balcony crumbled as well, which fell on top of Griante and Swiss Ninja.

By then, the crowds began dispersing in fear, and a moment after the Rebel fired the rocket launcher, several icebullets from Snoss Soldier rifles had penetrated him, killing him instantly.

Jock:"WOAH! Wait! We didn't give any orders to attack!"

UFLS Rebel:"Look! Two more Rebels! They're going to the scene!"

Indeed, two Rebels rushed to the rubble, and pulled out Swiss Ninja's dead body out of the rubble. Then, they ran away with it, leaving no one to stop them since the frightened crowds were very hectic.

That was when the TV cameraman turned off the camera, and the TV went static.

Jock:"Were these men given orders to attack????"

The other Front Leaders looked at each other and shook their heads.

Jock:"Argh! Those were our men, seeing from the distinct uniforms! Now they blew our cover!"

Minor Front Leader 1:"Yes, but Swiss is dead now! What do we do???"

Jock:"Ok. We need to make decisions FAST. OK. This is code red, so here is what we do now that Swiss is dead…Our primary forces need to invade the Keukenhof Castle. Our goal is to capture the rest of the royal family. Have them arrested. Anyone else, like the servants and guards, must be killed. We must ensure that he has no apparent heirs to the throne."

Minor Front Leader 2:"You can count on my troops for that mission, sir."

Jock:"Good. I will come with you on that mission. Now, we need a second group to go to the capitol building. Go to the rubble and find Griante's body to make sure he is really dead. Afterwards, cremate him. Then, take control of the Capitol building, and kill anyone who tries to resist you."

Minor Front Leader 1:"My men will do that, sir."

Minor Front Leader 3:"My men will go too."

Jock:"Good. You will need backup."

The two generals saluted.

Jock:"Now, the rest of the Front needs to occupy city streets. Destroy all statues, monuments, and propaganda that praise Swiss Ninja. Also, kill any Loyalist Snoss Soldiers that give you any resistance."

Everyone else in the room saluted.

Jock:"With that being said, LET'S DO THIS THING!!!!"

Jock and the large group of rebel soldiers made no haste as they arrived at the Keukenhof Castle. It was eerily quiet.

Jock:"Blow the doors, boys!"

Two penguins threw grenades at the front entrance, and the front doors exploded open.


Jock and the other Rebels charged inside the castle, where they were immediately caught in a battle with the Castle guards, and some of the servants. Luckily, the Rebels received little resistance since this was very unexpected. Eventually, the rebels dispersed through the castle, who went off to slaughter any servant or guard they found.

Jock and a smaller group of five soldiers made their way to Swiss Ninja's Library, where they caught Maddieworld.


Jock:"You're under arrest!"

Jock and the other soldiers grabbed Maddieworld and handcuffed her.

Jock:"Where are the others?"

Maddieworld:"I...I don't know what you're talking about!!!"

Jock pulled out his keysaber.

Jock:"Where is Bellina, Ninja Wraith, and Jessica?"

Maddieworld:"I don't know! I don't know!"

UFLS Rebel:"Sir, I think she's lying."

Jock:"That's obvious, right? So she won't tell us where anyone is."

Maddieworld began to sob.

Maddieworld:"Please, please don't kill me....I have suffered enough to see my husband perish..."

Jock:"Then maybe you can join him! Soldier, load your gun!"

The Rebel Soldier loaded his gun.

Jock:"Ready? Aim...."


Jessica had popped out from behind one of the comfy reading chairs. Jock motioned the Rebel to lower his weapon.

Jock siezed Jessica by her pigtail and handcuffed her as well.

Jock:"Where is Bellina and Ninja Wraith?"

Jessica:"I won't tell you."

Jock:"Then, perhaps Maddieworld will make you."

Maddieworld:"I won't! I will never betray my husband!"

Jock took out his keysaber again and held it close to her neck.

Jock:"Tell me, Jessica. Tell me where Bellina and Ninja Wraith are or your adoptive mother will get what she deserves...."

Jessica:"NO! DONT! She's pregnant!"

Jock:"WHAT???? Then perhaps....this would be another reason why you should tell me."

Jessica:"Fine! I will! Bellina and Ninja Wraith had escaped the castle after the assassination. We haven't seen them ever since."

Jock:"You two are useless, then. Meanwhile, put them in the dungeon cell, and have two of you guard them at all times. Got it?"

UFLS Rebels:"Yes sir."

The Rebel soldiers carried Jessica and Maddieworld away to the castle dungeon in the basement.

An hour later, all the Rebel soldiers and Jock regathered in the Keukenhof garden.

Jock:"Anything to report, men?"

Rebel Soldier 1:"Yes sir. We killed about 100 soldiers and servants in total. We did not find any of the royals in person, sir. We didn't find any Bounty Hunters, either."

Jock:"We have reports that Princess Bellina and Prince Ninja Wraith have escaped. Are there any clues to where they may have gone?"

The Rebels were silent, and did not reply.

Jock:"Well, let's check with the other rebellion groups, and see their status."

Jock pulled out his walkie talkie from his tunic.

Jock:"This is Jock speaking, what's the status Teams 1 and 3?"

Minor Front Leader 1:"We have successfully salvaged Griante's body, and have confirmed that he is dead. He had already been cremated, and we captured the capitol building with a little bit of struggle, but we were able to overcome."

Jock:"Good. Mission complete. We captured the Queen and Princess Jessica. They are imprisoned at the moment. Anything else to report?"

Minor Front Leader 1:"No sir."

Jock then tuned his walkie talkie to a different channel to chat with the rest of the UFLS Army groups.

Jock:"UFLS street occupation forces, this is Jock speaking, what's the status?"

Minor Front Leader 4:"Sir, we have successfully taken the streets. Loyalist soldiers and citizens have been silenced, and all Swiss Ninja related monuments, statues, and propaganda has been destroyed."

Jock:"Excellent! Anything else to report?"

Minor Front Leader 4:"Yes, besides the several uprisings we had to encounter, we did get reports on what happened to Swiss Ninja's body. The two rebels who stolen his body apparently have cremated him, except for the clothing he was wearing. They even have his beard to prove it."

Jock:"Good. Bring these objects to me immediately at the Keukenhof Castle. I would like to see this myself. Is there anything else you want to say before I hang up?"

Minor Front Leader 4:"Yes, one last thing. One of our troops who was passing by the Capitol building came past the body of the Rebel who successfully assassinated Swiss Ninja."

Jock:"Ok. Have you identified him?"

Minor Front Leader 4:"Yes. He isn't a registered soldier, but an avid Loyalist. We've talked with his family and neighbors, and they are shocked that he even attempted such an act. They say it's not like himself to do such a thing."

Jock:"Hmmm. Strange. Do we know how he got the uniform?"

Minor Front Leader 4:"His wife says he found it in the trash one day and kept it. She is also unsure where he got the Bazooka."

Jock:"Hmmm. Peculiar."

At that moment, the two Rebels appeared with Swiss Ninja's beard, his ninja mask, his belt, and his crown.

Rebel 1:"Sir, these are what has remained of Swiss Ninja after we cremated him."

Jock grabbed Swiss Ninja's crown and smelled it. It smelled both like cologne and smoke. Jock also examined the Ninja mask and belt, which also smelled like smoke and showed signs of small blood stains, although it was hard to see since Swiss Ninja's Belt and Mask were made out of black silk.

Finally, there was Swiss Ninja's brown beard, which was still in one piece. It appeared to have been cut off by a knife from one of the Rebel soldiers.

Jock:"I believe it. Come, let's put all this in a box and bury it here in the garden."

Jock got a small box, and placed all the items brought to him, and he buried the box in the Keukenhof Garden. Afterwards, Jock went to Geneva to begin the government transition.

That day, Jock arrived at the Snowzerland Capitol Building to give a speech to the citizens of Snowzerland. He had invited Chancellor Pengvintine of the AU Council and King Clovis Hochstadt of Castilla to witness the event.

Jock appeared with Chancellor Pengvintine and Clovis on another balcony on the other side of the Capitol Building. This time, many, many more citizens of Snowzerland showed up for the event, but instead of cheering, many of them were timid and afraid.

Jock:"Greetings, Citizens of Snowzerland. Today, was a very, very crazy day. It is confirmed that Swiss Ninja is dead, and now....Snowzerland is FREE!!! No more shall your nation be deprived of dictators, because we shall transition this nation into a Republic! Now, you citizens shall elect your Senators and Representatives, so that your voices can be heard in government! Also, we will elect a President of the Republic, so he may balance the power of the congress. Long Live the Republic of Snowzerland!"

The citizens clapped softly. However, the rebels and their families were cheering loudly. A few groans came from the non-Democratic UFLS rebels in the crowd, such as the Marxists or the Anarchists.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"May I ask you something, Jock?"

Jock:"Sure, your excellency."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"I would like to put this new republic under AU control for a while. May I ask if they would let me be their president? Or uh...chancellor?"

Jock:"Very well."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Citizens of Snowzerland! I have proposed that the Republic of Snowzerland come under AU control, and that I should become your Chancellor?"

Everyone, including the Rebels, cheered loudly at this.

Jock:"It appears that a whole lot of penguins do like you. However, we can not elect you from just looking at a crowd. We must have elections! Tomorrow, all of you must vote for one of the candidates listed on the voting ballots for the position of chancellor! The current candidates are: Chancellor Pengvintine, Franz Minsk, Halvbard Von Spatz, and Herröl Magenwire."

King Clovis:"Wait, Jock, aren't you going to be a candidate?"

Jock:"No. My duty was over. I only wanted to lead the rebellion. Now, my presidency is over in the United Front for the Liberation of Snowzerland. I wish to resign in my position and let the next chancellor of the Republic take this position, for he will be in control of the nation's army. Now before I go, I must say to you all: Good luck tomorrow at the polls!"

Chapter 2:The Confederacy's Secession[edit]

That next day, the first voting polls in history began to open in Snowzerland in several areas. All of them were packed. The voting occurred all day, and everyone was waiting patiently until the polls closed at 12:00 Midnight. Once Midnight struck, all the votes were fed into machines that tallied up the votes. By 6:00 AM in the morning, all the votes from all over the German States had been complete, and Jock held the sealed envelope with the winning candidate and the runner up inside. A few protesters against the new Democratic government were around but they weren't of much problem.

Once again, Jock appeared with King Clovis and Chancellor Pengvintine on the balcony to announce to the crowd who would be the winner and the runner up.

Jock:"Greetings Citizens of Snowzerland! Today, we will transition from a Revolutionary military state into a full democracy. And now, the winner of the election is...."

Jock opened the envelope, and read the winner.

Jock:"Chancellor Pengvintine!"

Chancellor Pengvintine.png

At that moment, half of the crowd began cheering, while the other half began booing.

Jock took a look at the runner up. His eyes grew wide in fear.

Jock:"Uh....And it appears that Ninja Wriath is the Runner-Up??? Huh?"

Chancellor Pengvintine looked concerned.

Jock:"Do not fear, my Chancellor. It appears there has been a mistake..."

Then, half of the crowd began to repeat the chant:"WE WANT A MONARCHY! WE WANT NINJA WRAITH AS OUR KING!"

Jock wasn't sure what to do.

Jock:"If Ninja Wraith is whom you want to be King, where is he?"

The crowd grew silent for a moment, but then, Ninja Wraith appeared from the shadows with a group of loyalist Snoss Soldiers.

Ninja Wraith:"Here! Here I am! Citizens! Do not listen to those Democratic Fools! They will plunge Snowzerland into chaos and confusion! Snowzerland will lose it's glory!"

Some UFLS Rebels and NSAS Agents began to point their guns at the Snoss, their flippers on the trigger. Jock gave the signal for them not to fire.

Jock:"No! Your corrupt monarchy will bring chaos and pain to the citizens. Ninja Wraith, you are as corrupt as your father."

Ninja Wraith:"Well, then in that case, I formally decide to Secede from the Republic! We shall be known as the Snoss Confederacy, and we shall live up to the glorious standards Snowzerland should have!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Flee from the Republic, Confederate Scum!"

Jock:"Go, and leave us in peace!"

Ninja Wraith:"No! I have come to declare WAR! Your Republic shall not live to see the end of this year, I promise you!"

With that said, Ninja Wraith, his soldiers, and his followers marched off back to Zurich, the capital of the new Snoss Confederacy.

Chancellor Pengvintine made himself comfortable in his new office on the top of the Snowzerland Capitol Building. He was with Jock Hochstadt and King Clovis, who wished to discuss about the secession and this war.

Jock:"Before King Carlos Goberna died, he had a vision of the future, and he said that there will be a great, terrible war. I am sure this is what he was talking about."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"So you are preparing for the worst?"

Jock:"Yes. The Rebel Army has already dissolved, since the Monarchists are siding with the Confederacy. The Marxists and the Anarchists have almost vanished, while the Libertarians are forming their own political party, so they're for the Republic. We also know that Osterreach and Lichenstein are also under Confederate control."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Hmmm. At least we have Alemania."

Jock:"Our army is terribly weakened."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Oh, is that so? Have you forgotten about those RDA Clone Troopers?"


Clovis:"I remember those guys. They kinda stopped operations back in 2025, and just became a personal bodyguard force for Swiss Ninja."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"The rest of the soldiers must have continued to live in Terninia. I will highly consider the terns living there to restart the cloning facilities again, so that we can destroy the Confederates easily. After all, the army that we have right now can't defeat the combined forces of the War Bots and the brutal Confederate Soldiers. Do not worry, Castillan reinforcements will not be needed. The Clones are sure to do their jobs well."


Suddenly, Maddieworld, who was selected to be the Senator for the Geneva Province of Snowzerland, arrived in front of the Chancellor.

Maddieworld:"May I join, your excellency?"

Chancellor:"Of course, Senator Maddieworld."

Maddieworld:"Can't we find a more diplomatic solution to this situation? Must we go to war with our own nation?"

Chancellor:"We have no choice. They want to destroy us, and they definitely will want you and I killed."

Maddieworld:"But Zurich...I mean Ninja Wraith is my son! He wouldn't dare to do such a thing!"

Chancellor:"You would be surprised what penguins would do just for power, senator."

Maddieworld:"Ok then. Before I go, may I see a map of the divided island at the moment?"

Chancellor:"Of course. We just got it in an hour ago once the borders were secure."

The Chancellor brought up the map onto his computer screen for the Senator, Jock, and King Clovis to see.

A Nation Divided.png

Chancellor:"That red line is the border. Zurich was chosen to be the capital city of the Confederacy."

Maddieworld:"Very well. This will be a very brutal war. We must do our best to recapture the nation as painlessly as possible."

Chancellor:"That will be hard to do, but we will put in our best efforts. I assure you that by the end of this year the war will end."

Maddieworld:"Good, Chancellor. I guess I shall go, then."

Maddieworld got up from her seat and began to leave, until Jock decided to apologize to her.

Jock:"Senator Maddieworld?"

Maddieworld:"Yes, Jock?"

Jock:"I apologize about imprisoning you. We just wanted to start this new Republic, and we needed to make sure you wouldn't try to take your husband's place."

Maddieworld:"I know. I once was a queen....and I now understand that it should have been the citizens first, then me. I apologize to them all as well for my husband's ignorance to them all these years."

With that said, Maddieworld walked out of the office.

Chancellor Pengvintine was in deep thought for a moment, but then he realized that Jock and King Clovis were still sitting in front of him.

Chancellor:"Sorry. Anyways, I must need my rest. I think the Republic will be now guided well with my supervision of the Congress."

Jock:"So be it, Chancellor. We will return to Castilla again, and please do tell us when the first battle is to take place. We will see to it that we come help the Republic win their victories."

Chancellor:"I will."

Jock and King Clovis walked out of the room, leaving Chancellor Pengvintine alone.

The Chancellor quietly got out of his chair and walked over to the window that overlooked the Zurich bay that went into the sea, and the Confederate capital of Zurich across the bay. The Chancellor stood there, and viewed the city of Zurich for a long time.

Deep in the dark shadows of the now abandoned Keukenhof Castle, Count Jsudsu and Ninja Wraith were watering the Castle Gardens to preserve the plans.

Count Jsudsu:"So, how will we destroy the Republic, O King?"

Ninja Wraith:"Wait for orders from Darth Swissius."

Count Jsudsu:"Who is that?"

Ninja Wraith:"A Serth. He was an extreme loyalist who lived in Luzern prior to the great assassination."

Count Jsudsu:"It's funny that I have never heard of him."

Ninja Wraith:"He was not well known. He was just a regular civilian who worked as an store cashier. Nothing big."

Count Jsudsu:"And he's a Serth?"

Ninja Wraith:"Yes. A Serth master. My father later met him after Swissius wanted to ask him to work for him. My father didn't have much to offer him, so he gave him a position in the National Security Agency of Snowzerland."

Count Jsudsu:"Hmmm? Which position was that?"

Ninja Wraith:"The head of section 0. Pretty high for a lower figure in society."

Darth Swissius.png

Darth Swissius then appeared. He came wearing thick black cloak covering his face and body.

Swissius:"Don't make such mockery out of me! We have tasks to accomplish!"

Ninja Wraith:"Yes, master."

Swissius:"Hello, Count Jsudsu. I am Darth Swissius, the penguin the King Ninja Wraith told you about. Congratulations on your promotion to Count, as well."

Count Jsudsu:"Thank you, sir. And nice to meet you. What are we going to do right now?"

Swissius:"It is time we plan for attacks, but first, it's time for me to construct something I was meaning to do for a long time. I decided to do it now because of this war."

Darth Swissius led the two penguins inside the castle, and activated his red keysaber as a source of light. All the torches and lamps of the castle had been blown out ever since the Rebels had attacked. They made their way to Swiss Ninja's old Library, where there were regular overhead electrical lights. Swissius flipped the switch and deactivated his keysaber.

Count Jsudsu:"Are we constructing the weapon here?"

Darth Swissius:"No. I'm just getting a Recipe Book."

Darth Swissius got himself a ladder and went to the corner of the room. He climbed to the very top and pulled out a very large book. In the process of doing so, he stumbled off the ladder with the book and fell to the ground. Luckily, the book was not damaged.

Darth Swissius:"Good. Follow me."

Count Jsudsu and Ninja Wraith then followed Darth Swissius out of the Library and into Swiss Ninja's Laboratory. Darth Swissius lit a match and began lighting all the candles of the lamps and the torches.

Ninja Wraith:"Woah. This is Swiss Ninja's Laboratory. He hasn't used it in years. Darth Swissius, you could have just opened up the shades to let the sunlight in."

Darth Swissius:"I don't like sunshine."

Count Jsudsu:"Oh. That's sad."

Darth Swissus:" back to buisness!"

Darth Swissius opened up the ancient looking book, and turned to page 660.

Darth Swissius:"Ah, here we are. The Formula for creating the Amulet of Wickedness."

Count Jsudsu:"That's your weapon? Don't you have anything more original? I think there already was an Amulet of Darkness made a while ago."

Darth Swissius:"Oh. Well...I could render the formula so that I could make this into a staff. But first, Ninja Wraith, break off a branch from one of the trees in the garden and bring it to me please."

Ninja Wraith:"Yes, sir."

Ninja Wraith returned to the Laboratory with a tree branch that he had torn off.

Darth Swissius:"Good. Let's see the ingredients. I will have to mix them up in this bowl."

Darth Swissius got out a bowl, the ingredients needed, and then an empty, glass orb.

Darth Swissius:"One cup of cup of Doom Weed extract...two tablespoons of a substance that contains the X-Virus...and finally, a whole lot of dark Magic!"

Ninja Wraith:"Dark Magic? You are going to use sorcery to create this weapon?"

Darth Swissius:"Fool, I am evil! I can do whatever I please! Sorcery is a wicked man's specialty!"

Count Jsudsu:"Finish the weapon already!"

Darth Swissius:"So be it!"

Darth Swissius poured the substance into the orb, and sealed it closed. Darth Swissius turned the page that contained the spell, and began to recite it:

Darth Swissius:"May malum sub omni ligno haec faciunt angulum continens officium est ad dominum!" (May evil reign in every corner of the continent and let this staff do it's duty to it's owner.)

With that said, Darth Swissius clapped his flippers, and all of a sudden, the orb began to glow mysteriously. It then began to rise off the table, and it began to emit little bolts of electricity as it continued to rise. Then, the staff began to move as it got closer to the orb. Then, a flash occurred, and the complete staff fell into the flipper's of Darth Swissius's hands. The Orb was now attached to the staff, which now appeared to be grabbing the orb with it's wooden hand. Now, the orb was an opaque and unclear dark blue.

Darth Swissius:"!!!!"

As he said so, the torches and the lamps flickered violently for a moment.

Toledo Skyline.png

The next morning in the Castillan city of Toledo, Jock woke up to the sound of laughing children.


Suddenly, six little red puffles and one little purple puffle began jumping on him.

Puffle Children:"Wake up, mister Jock!"

Jock:"Aack! Ok, Ok! Please get off me, guys. Piper! How many times have I told you to tell your children not to jump on me when I'm in bed??"

Piper:"Sorry! ¡Hijos¡ ¡Sale Señor Jock y Prepara para escuela!" (Children! Leave Mr. Jock and peparare for school!)

Puffle Children:"Sí, Papá." (Yes, Papa.)

As the puffle children prepared and left for school, Jock got himself ready and began to have a breakfast of cereal with Piper once his wife had gone to work.

Jock:"Hmm. It's funny that Clovis doesn't live in Toledo he lives in a big palace in Metido where old King Carlos lived."

Piper:"Yeah. He's still single, too. Lucky guy."

Then, the telephone rang. Jock picked it up. His expression turned from sleepy to fully awake and concerned as the phone conversation went on. Jock then hung up, ready to tell Piper what he had heard.

Jock:"Piper, it's time to get back into action again! The Confederacy has made their first strike in the Republic controlled Alemania! I just got a call from Chancellor Pengvintine, and he says he needs our assistance."

Piper:"Wonderful! I haven't used this old pistol in ages!"

HARK 170.png

Jock and Piper met up with Clovis and Leonardo, who all met at Clovis's old HARK-170, the one he stole during the Snoss-Castillan War. It still basically looked the same, but it was modified a little bit to meet modern standards.

King Clovis:"Good. Everyone's here. Piper and I will be in the Pilot and Co-Pilot's seat, while Jock will be sitting with Leonardo at the Gunner's seat."

Jock:"Sounds good, but why are you coming? You're the king!"

Clovis:"I'm just a penguin like you, no different from anyone else. I want to help out in this world, not sit around like Swiss Ninja, who just went around conquering. We need to end this war, and reunify Snowzerland under the Republic. That is our goal as a team."

Jock:"Cool! Let's do this, then!"

The group hopped into their assigned places inside the spacecraft, and it blasted it's way to the southern part of Alemania.

When they arrived into the area, they saw that the rigorous battles had begun. the War Bot Wasp Fighters had already been mixed in with the Republic's HARK 170's. The battle had already begun, and it was getting fierce.

Clovis:"Looks serious! Hey, this place isn't so far from Gottfried's Castle, right?"

Piper:"No, it's not."

Clovis:"Let's get through the battle and see if we can find him."

Jock:"Yes, I do prefer the ground."

Clovis:"And I prefer the air! But no matter, we will land at the Castle to see what Gottfried has ordered the Alemanian troops to do."

Suddenly, a couple of the War Bot Wasp Fighters had been flying towards them. Clovis was able to knock one of them down, but he had to dodge the missle that was coming from the other one. Jock was able to knock down that Wasp Fighter from behind once Clovis passed it.

Then, another group of Wasp Fighters came towards them, this time prepared.

Clovis:"Prepare for a bumpy ride!"

Clovis dodged the missles and blasts coming from the ships, while he began to descend the ship to land. The HARK shook violently as it continued to jerk and turn. Jock had to throw up in a bag, once. Eventually, Clovis landed in a safe place in the small town of Hohenterngau, which was right in front of Gottfried's Castle. Almost everyone who lived in the town was indoors, trying to protect themselves in case a battle breaks out there. Soldiers had already been building small barricades with tables, chairs, sandbags, and barbed wire around the town.

As King Clovis got out of the HARK-170 with Jock and Leonardo, they were immediately greeted by Gottfried who was conducting the whole operation.

King Clovis:"Hello, Sir Gottfried."

Gottfried:"Good day, your highness. You're going to go into this battle?"

King Clovis:"You bet I will. The skies are where I belong."

Gottfried:"Good. Jock? Do you mind helping us with the ground forces?"

Jock:"Of course. I am not going to battle on that spaceship."

Leonardo:"I'll go with him."

King Clovis:"Then I'll need a replacement for the gunner."

Gottfried:"Sure. Take one of my men for that."

King Clovis:"Ok. Piper and I are going back now. Good luck, Jock and Leonardo."

Clovis and Piper chose one of the Alemanian soldiers and the three of them went into the HARK 170 and joined the battle in the air.

Jock:"What's our assignment?"

Gottfried:"I need you and Leonardo to come help repel the ground forces of the Confederate army. Some War Bots have been deployed, and they're pretty nasty foes. There are some regular penguin soldiers with them, but they're not as well organized. We will be taking a LATTU with some RDA Troopers to the southern coast to help in battle."

Jock:"You got it!"

Gottfried:"Oh, and also, we'll be accompanied by an old friend...S2."

Chapter 3:The Beaches of Southern Alemania[edit]

S2, Jock, Leonardo, Gottfried and a couple other RDA Troopers were riding a LATTU to the Alemanian coast, where the ground battles were occurring.

S2:"We're approaching the beaches. I can see some of the Confederate Bots and Soldiers from here. Does everyone have their keysaber with them."

Jock:"You bet."

Leonardo:"Uh...I don't own one...but this gun will do."

Gottfried:"I use my modified sword that can repel the force of a Keysaber. It works."

Jock:"Well, let's do this thing!"

The LATTU landed on a bluff, approximately two miles away from the beaches. Already, there were War Bots advancing inland.

S2:"Blast them all, and don't let any of them escape! Do the same for the Confederate Soldiers! GO CLONES GO!"

S2, Jock, Gottfried with Leonardo on his shoulder, and the group of RDA Clone Troopers ran out of the LATTU. S2 and the RDA Clone Troopers began firing their guns at the War Bots, immediately blasting them into pieces. Jock activated his keysaber and began hacking away at the War Bots and Confederate Soldiers coming towards him.

Bits of pieces of robotic metal scrap was everywhere, and there were many explosions occuring. The Confederate Ships were advancing towards the coast.

After a while, the 42 year old Jock was getting tired. He had not been in a heavy battle like this in a long time. As the Confederate Ships came closer, they began launching bombs at the coast also. Jock nearly escaped two of them. Suddenly, a War Bot fired at his flipper, and Jock dropped his keysaber in pain. Luckily, he wasn't badly hurt, but he thought quickly by snatching the nearest gun from a War Bot and blasted it with it. Jock immediately retreated back up the beach up to an overlooking bluff, where there were some RDA Clone Troopers firing sniper rifles. Jock was safe there for a moment while he tried to catch his breath, at the same time by keeping War Bots from attacking the Sniper troopers. Eventually, S2 met up with Jock where Jock was resting.

Jock:"I'm getting too old for this! This battle is taking too long! We need to find a better solution!"

S2:"Well, I do suppose there's something more important for you to do, then."

Jock:"What? I'll do anything than to be part of the infantry."

S2:"Can you maneuver a sub?"

Jock:"Decently. I learned a little bit."

S2:"We need you to sabotage one of these of them has to be the Main Command Ship, where the War Bot communicators are. If you destroy the communicators, you will shut down all the War Bots that are part of that naval fleet."

Jock:"Ok. I'll take it. Can Gottfried and Leonardo come with me?"

S2:"Sure. I will come with you too, along with some of our best clones."

Jock and the group was soon in a very small submarine, while secretly gliding on the bottom of the ocean heading towards the main ship. They were luckily under the radar so they weren't spotted.

Jock:"So you're not sure where it is?"

S2:"No. All these ships look alike. They were clever to disguise it."

Jock:"I have an idea where it could be."

Jock continued to maneuver the submarine across the large armada of ships, until he saw one that seemed to be lagging behind the others.

Jock:"That's the one, I'm sure. If we're wrong, that's ok, because we will be behind all the other ships so they won't notice much. It could also be a diversion to the enemy for our ground forces if this goes wrong as well."

Jock re-emerged the submarine on one of the blind sides of the ship. The Submarine and the ship were only about two feet apart. Jock was the first to get out of the Submarine, with the others soon following. He took out his keysaber and immediately began cutting a hole into the ship's hull. It revealed to be a cargo room, and Jock and the strike team immediately went inside.

Jock's keysaber was the only source of light that guided the group through the cargo room.

S2:"Yes, this seems a lot like the command ship. All the other ships just have rooms to hold the unactivated War Bots and their weaponry."

Jock:"I found the door!"

Jock sliced open the lock, and the door opened.

Jock:"Load your guns, and stay silent!"

As they were silently walking down the halls, they were encountered by one War Bot on duty.

War Bot:"Freeze! You're under..."

Jock slashed the robot's head off in an instant, and the useless piece of metal fell to the floor. Luckily enough, Jock and the group was able to maneuver through the halls without being caught after that incident with the War Bot. They soon arrived at the entrance to the control room, where the door was locked.

S2:"I'm sure the Communicators are located in the control room with all the rest of the stuff."

Jock:"Agreed. Ok guys, let's take control of the ship!"

Jock attatched a grenade onto the door, and detonated it.

The strike group immediately started firing on all the War Bots, Confederate Soldiers, and Crew Members they could spot in the room. However, most of them had hid under their desks and controls once they heard the explosion.


The Captain immediately jumped up with a snowball gun in his hand and fired it square at Jock's forehead. Since the weapon was not lethal, Jock was only stunned for half a minute before regaining consciousness. During that time, the RDA Clone Troopers came into the room and began shooting at the remaining crew members who were hiding under their desks and controls.

Leonardo jumped off of Gottfried's shoulder and began firing his gun crazily at the War Bot Communications machine. Immediately, all the War Bots on the beaches and on the ships were deactivated. Now, only the former Snoss Army soldiers working for the Confederacy were left.

Once Jock regained consciousness, he picked up the frightened, yet still alive Captain and punched him in the face.

Jock:"That's what you get for shooting me in the face with that primitive Snowball tazer of yours. It was a foolish blow."

Captain:"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just put me down now!"

Jock:"I don't think so!"

Jock punched the Captain in the stomach. Little did the captain know that Jock had his keysaber in his hand.

Jock:"So? What do you have to say for yourself before you die the death you deserve?"

Captain:"Please no! Please don't..."

Jock turned on the keysaber, which went right through the captain. Jock turned off his keysaber, and let go of the captain, who fell to the floor.

Jock:"Ok. Good. We have control of the ship. Now, let's attatch some bombs to the bottom of the ship so we can sink this old piece of metal."

Jock handed out some bombs to the soldiers, who went to the bottom of the ship to place them for detonation. Once everyone boarded the submarine, the bombs were detonated, and the ship exploded to pieces and sank instantly. The Submarine submerged under the water once more and made it's journey back to shore.

By the time the strike group had reached the shore, the Confederate Soldiers were heavily retreating, and the RDA Clone Troopers began knocking them down the best they could. The ships began turning around, heading back to the Confederacy, and so were the Wasp aircraft.

Jock, Gottfried, Leonardo, and S2 were able to reunite with Piper and Clovis again at Gottfried's castle. Almost everyone, except for S2, was very, very sore.

Jock:"War is not the same when you're a 42 year old."


Leonardo:"We can't risk ourselves on the battlefield anymore. We're too old, now. I must admit. I have six children just like Piper! How terrible would it be to leave my wife as a widow?"

Piper:"I am the only one who keeps them in line. days of fighting are officially over..."

Jock:"Agreed. We will then have to work behind the front lines as strategists and commanding generals."

Clovis:"I agree. I am now a king, also. We must find more better ways to be of help."

Darth Swissius and Ninja Wraith saw the whole conversation from his crystal ball. After Clovis spoke, Darth Swissus grumbled and anger and banged the table. The Crystal Ball then turned milky and he could see no more.

Darth Swissius:"GAH!!!! NO! NO! NO! This is inconceivable!"

Ninja Wraith:"That they aren't going to be fighting anymore?"

Darth Swissius:"Of course! Now they're being hidden behind the front lines, planning our demise! This is exactly what we don't want!"

Ninja Wraith:"Perhaps we can send some assassins?"

Darth Swissius:"No....well....we could, but that's not what I had in mind, your highness."

Ninja Wraith:"Go ahead, tell me what your plan is."

Darth Swissius:"I shall cast an eternal spell on these penguins and those two puffles. I shall....kill them!"

Ninja Wraith:"Good idea! Now we can save money!"

Darth Swissius:"Yes. I am truely amazing."

Ninja Wraith:"Ok! Hold on! Let me get some popcorn first! This is something I don't want to miss!"

Darth Swissius:"Good."

Ninja Wraith came back with a large bag of popcorn and an old, foldable beach chair and got himself comfortable.

Ninja Wraith:"So how are you going to do this?"

Darth Swissius:"Simple. I will get out my book of Evil....and I'll cast the spell right here. I will just have to say their names, they don't really need to be here. Then they will be killed!"

Ninja Wraith:"Very well, then."

Darth Swissius took out his book, and turned to page 932.

Darth Swissius:"Ah yes. the Eternal Spell of Death."

Ninja Wraith:"I hope this witchcraft spells of yours work."

Darth Swissius:"Oh, it will."

Darth Swissius took out his staff and raised it up. He began to chant the spell.

Darth Swissius:"Vita brevis est, sic vive bene. Nisi, hic 'a alica. Dixi joven dabitur illi: Fisch Hochstadt, Jock Hochstadt, Clovis Hochstadt, Fuut Ga Hochstadt, Gottfried Hochstadt, Bernard Hochstadt, Piper J. Cub, and Leonardo di Tremezzo!" (Life is short, so live it well. If not, here's a spell. Youth shall be given to those I have named)

Darth Swissius quickly lowered his staff, and immediately the orb flashed for a moment. Then, all was still.

Ninja Wraith:"That's it? Nothing else? How do we know this worked?"

Darth Swissius:"I'm not sure. I think we will just have to find out if they announce their deaths in the news."

Ninja Wraith:"Wait, is that a smudge mark on the title?"

Darth Swissius:"No...that's white out..."

Ninja Wraith was not very pleased. Darth Swissius scratched the white out away and revealed the word to be "Youth" instead of "Death".

Darth Swissius:"Oh, what do you know...It says 'Youth'."


Darth Swissius:"I can't! I don't know how to do that!"

Ninja Wraith:"Look it up, you idiot! How can you call yourself a sorcerer?!?"

Darth Swissius:"You know what? FORGET THIS STUPID BOOK!"

Darth Swissius, in all his anger, threw the ancient book across the room.

Darth Swissius:"Fine. I'll go with your idea about the bounty hunters. We will hire Java and Django Ghent to do the job. Those Hochstadts may be younger again, but they aren't immortal."

Ninja Wraith:"Oh, that's a relief! However, those two retired like five years ago."

Darth Swissius:"That's ok. I'll just bring them out of retirement. I'm sure they will be more than happy to do a final attack on them."

Back at Gottfried's Castle, during the same time Darth Swissius cast the spell, the Hochstadts and the two puffles who were effected by it felt a slight twinge of adrenalin run through them, as well as a brief heart rate increase.

Jock:"Woah. I felt weird for a second. What happened...?"

Clovis:"I felt something weird inside of me too. I don't know what's going on, but it felt like a twinge of energy inside of me, which is strange, because I used up all of that during the battles in the sky. I don't think I'm going to fight any time soon."

Leonardo:"I'm sure it's just shock. That's all."

Jock woke up in the castle's guest bedroom in the morning, feeling rejuvenated.

Jock:"Strange...I feel...actually really good. When was the last time I felt like this?"

Jock went into the bathroom to get himself ready, when he immediately noticed himself in the mirror.

Jock:"WOAH! I look....YOUNG! This is incredible! Is this a dream???"

Jock quickly got himself ready and met King Clovis, Leonardo, Piper, and Gottfried in the living room.

Gottfried:"Jock! Look at you! You're young too! Like us!"

Leonardo:"I feel stronger again. This is like the best thing that ever happened to us!"

Piper:"I have regained my craving for warfare and guns again!"

King Clovis:"I could take over the world!"

There was silence.

Gottfried:"No, Clovis. No."

King Clovis:"Not in that sense!"


Jock:"How did we become like this all of a sudden?"

Gottfried:"Who knows. I bet this is a gift. We must use this. We must use this to fight this war the best we can! This is obviously a sign that we must go back into battle!"

Jock:"This is wonderful!"

King Clovis:"Yet, the question still remains: when will the next battle be?"

Chapter 4:Battle in Freezeland[edit]

Nine months had passed.

By then, at least 15 different battles were fought. October was looking like a bleak month for the Republic of Snowzerland. Alemania was captured and taken under Confederate Control. Java and Django have been secretly upgrading the Penguins' Division of the Snoss Confederate Army by giving them higher tech weaponry and uniforms. They had also been on the Hochstadt Gang's tail for quite a while. The Republic had attempted twice to invade the islands of Osterreach and Lichenstien, but miserably failed before even reaching the islands. Attempts to liberate Alemania had also been done, but that too was a miserable failure. So far, because Alemania was taken, Gottfried was the only Hochstadt that was captured during the war so far. However, Java and Django did not follow Darth Swissius's orders and kept Gottfried alive and imprisoned in order to mock him for the rest of his days in a cell. The Republic was looking bleak, and the supply of RDA Clone Troopers were running out. Cloning took a while, and already they have been running low on men. The most recent battle occurred on the ocean, not too far off the coast of Freezeland. The Republic had the victory this time, and they went to the Fanon City, Freezeland to refuel and regain their strength. Little did they know in the beginning that the Confederacy was planning a counter strike. When the first sights of the Confederacy navy appeared, the Republic's forces immediately left Fanon City and sailed down the coast to a very rural area. They decided that they would battle here. Immediately, the Republic abandoned their ships and went into rolling plains of snow that covered that area of Freezeland. Everyone began hiding behind some of the trees and boulders that they encountered.

King Clovis, Jock, Fisch, and S2 were hiding behind a boulder that was on top of a hill only a mile away from the coast. They could see their abandoned Republic ships sitting quietly untouched, 12 miles away from shore. Next to them were the Confederate Ships, now approaching for the coast after some spies had investigated the ships.

Fisch:"Expect to see some tanks. Those guys are slowly finding our weaknesses."

The Confederate Ships immediately began deploying the amphibious tanks into the water, which was carrying soldiers and weaponry to shore.

Fisch:"Brace for attacks! Ready your Bazookas!"

When the Tanks arrived on shore, they began to deploy several War Bots and Confederate Soldiers. Others that were not filled with soldiers continued moving forward.


Immediately, the bazookas of the RDA Troopers fired at the closest Tanks they could see. At that moment, several tanks exploded and caught on fire, but now there were Confederate Troops and War Bots charging right at them. The three penguins took out their keysabers, and S2 took out his gun. They immediately began slashing and hacking at their enemies crazily. They decided to advance towards the beaches and attempt to hitch a ride onto one of the Confederate ships.

Fisch:"Watch out for the mine!"

Fisch shoved King Clovis out of the way when immediately a mine built by the Confederacy went off.


King Clovis:"Woah! That was close! Thanks!"

Fisch:"No time for that now, let's get moving!"

"I don't think so."

Fisch, Jock, and King Clovis looked up to see Java and Django Ghent standing right in front of them.

"No, I don't think so!"

It was Commander Happy Too, who was the leader of the 101'st RDA Trooper Regiment.

Happy Too:"Fire!"

Happy Too and his RDA Troopers immediately fired their snowbullet guns at Java and Django, who immediately salted into the air with their jetpacks and flew back to the ships.

King Clovis:"Can you escort us to our Republic ship? We will need to use our HARK."

Happy Too:"Sure."

Happy Too, his regiment, and the four penguins boarded one of the Confederate landing boats and immediately set out for one of the Republic's abandoned ships. They were able to make their way swiftly to the ship. The HARK-170 was already on the Aircraft Carrier ready for takeoff.

Fisch and Clovis sat in the pilot and co-pilot seats, while Jock sat in the gunner's seat. As soon as they took off, they began firing at the Confederate Ships' towers. Immediately, several War Bots became disabled, but there seemed to be more Confederate Soldiers than War Bots this time, so it did not matter so much. Now, a couple Confederate WASP fighters began chasing Clovis's HARK.

Clovis:"We won't be able to make it back to Snowzerland with all these Wasps on our tail."

Fisch:"How about stopping at Fanon City?"

Clovis:"Good Idea. We could use reinforcements."

Jock:"I thought Pengvintine strictly said not to?"

Clovis:"I don't care! That was nine months ago! The War barely started! Things are different, and we need to get help, or we'll lose."


Jock began firing at the incoming Wasp Fighters, and was able to knock two of them down. However, the third Wasp was able to fire a missle at Jock's turrets, and the gun turrets in the back immediately blew up.

Jock:"The rear guns have been disabled!"

Clovis:"Hang on there. Time for some evasive maneuvers, then."

Clovis accelerated the HARK, and began doing barrel rolls and other fancy tricks that made quick dives down and steep arches up. Jock and Fisch had to throw up. Eventually, Clovis was able to out-fly the Wasps, because they soon began to turn around. Clovis landed the HARK in an open spot at the harbor of Fanon City. Clovis, Jock, and Fisch immediately contacted the Freezelandian military. They asked for assistance for the battle going on down the coast, and the Freezelandians agreed to help aid them with their Freezelandian Army, which consisted of a Viking Penguin infantry and navy. Jock decided to join the Freezelandian General on the commanding ship since he was too sick of flying in Clovis's HARK.

In an hour, the Freezelandian Navy and it's army arrived at the battle scene that was still continuing.

Freezelandian General:"So this is it?"


Freezelandian General:"Good. We will deploy our infantry onto the shore and destroy any of the Confederates on our good soil. The Navy will attack the Confederate ships from behind."

Jock:"Good plan. I can't believe this used to be a Viking Longship. Now it's all iron clad so it's hard to tell except for it's shape."

Freezelandian General:"It's 2030. We had to upgrade our technology some time, no?"


Freezelandian General:"Go into the ship's galley and go to the side of the ship that faces towards the Confederate ships. There will be a surprise there for you."

Jock went down into the galley, where he found a semi-automatic revolving barrel cannon.


Jock began firing at the Confederate ships' hulls crazily, creating many puncture holes. Several of them began sinking.

Meanwhile on the ground, the Freezelandian Infantry immediately began to pound on the Confederates heavily. As soon as the Navy was finished with sinking all the Confederate ships, they landed on the beaches to take care of whoever was left. Eventually, the last Confederate soldier alive was the General, who was captured and was taken to Jock, Fisch, King Clovis, and the Freezelandian General.

Jock:"Don't kill him. I have a few questions to ask him."

Fisch:"Very well."

Happy Too:"What kind of toothpaste do you use in the morning???"

Jock:"Not those kinds of questions!"

Happy Too's regiment snickered for a moment. Jock tried not to pay attention.

Jock:"Alright, scumbag! Do you know anything about the Confederacy's next attack? DO YOU???"

General:"No! No I don't!"

Jock:"YES YOU DO!"

Jock took out a knicicle and held it close to his neck.

Jock:"Tell us! We know that you're hiding it!"

General:"No, I'll never tell you!"

Jock:"Then DIE!"

General:"Go ahead."

Jock slashed the General's arm with the knicicle.


Jock:"I will torture you to death if you won't tell us! Tell us and your life will be spared!"

General:"Ok, Ok! I will! The King wants to invade.....the Republic three days..."

Jock:"Then we don't have much time left in our hands!"

General:"Let me free...please!"

Jock:"No, I don't think so. Clovis, do the honors."

King Clovis:"What honors?"

Jock tossed Clovis his keysaber.


Jock:"Just do it."

General:"No! NO! NOOO!!!! THIS IS UNFAIR!"

Jock:"Gee, all of you generals really believe me when I say I'm going to spare your life?"


Jock:"Hmmmm. This is war. Letting you live is like strapping a bomb into my chest."

General:"This is an outrage! This is..."

Jock:"Good bye!"

Clovis activated Jock's keysaber, which went right through the General's torso. The General looked down at the keysaber that went right through him. Clovis deactivated the keysaber, and the General fell to the floor.

Freezelandian General:"Hooray for Freezeland! Victory is ours!"

Jock:"Yes. But we don't have much time. Will you help aid us in an attempt to create a diversion attack?"

Freezelandian General:"Sure."

Jock:"We will need you to go to the Capital city of Geneva and help reinforce it. Be prepared for an attack from the Confederacy, but I doubt it will be as big as expected."

Freezelandian General:"Ok."

Jock:"King Clovis, contact the military of the Republic of Frostize, and see if they are available to help with the invasion plans for Alemania."

Clovis:"You got it."

The ultra modernized Viking Longships from the Republic of Frostize and a small part of the Freezelandian Navy sailed quietly with the stocked up Republic Ships, now ready to retake the land they deserve and to free Gottfried from prison.

Jock could see the beaches of Southern Alemania once more. He took out his radio, and contacted King Clovis.

Jock:"Diez-quatro compañero bueno. ¿Esta allí, mi Rey?" (Ten-Four, good buddy. Are you there, my King?)

King Clovis:"Claro que sí." (Of course.)

Jock:"Do you know which prison Gottfried is being held in?"

King Clovis:"Yes. He's not being held in a Prison. Java and Django locked him up in his own castle, and put him under house arrest. Guards are swarming around it everywhere, so he doesn't escape."

Jock:"Ok. Good. I am going to board a LATTU right now and join your ship. The Frostizian Vessels are going to turn immediately in their important campaign to capture Boorlin."

King Clovis:"Sounds good to me."

Jock hung up, and walked to the Admiral of the Frostizian Fleet.

Jock:"Ok. Have your fleet turn east immediately and start the invasion of Boorlin. This is the most crucial battle in taking over Alemania. Are we clear?"

Frostizian Admiral:"Yes, sir."


Jock saluted, and boarded the RDA Clone Trooper LATTU.

As soon as the LATTU landed on Clovis's ship, Clovis, S2, Piper, and Leonardo stepped inside the LATTU with Jock.

Jock:"Wait, what are we doing?"

Clovis:"We're going make our first assault by flying by LATTU to Gottfried's Castle. There, we will battle the Confederates and free Gottfried. By then, these ships should already be invading the beaches."

Jock:"Good. Sounds good."

The LATTU door closed and flew high up into the air, towards Alemania.

Chapter 5:Liberation and New Technology[edit]

It was already late morning by the time the LATTU's began to descend. Gottfried's Castle was in sight.

Jock:"Pilot, Fire your laser cannons onto any open Confederate troops. Do not shoot them if they're near any buildings or especially in the castle."

RDA Clone Pilot:"Yes, sir."

Then, with a great big explosion, the RDA Clone Pilots from all the LATTU's began firing down on any Confederate Soldiers and War Bots that were in any open areas. The results were loud explosions; enough chaos for the LATTU's to land in the city and start the operation to liberate the town and Gottfried.

Jock:"There isn't time for us to land. Fly over the castle immediately. We're going to parachute."

Clovis:"Do we have to? I HATE parachutes."

Jock:"After all these years as an EPF agent, you still hate parachutes?"

Clovis:"No, I hate jumping out of an aircraft...."

Jock:"Same thing."

S2:"Don't worry. Some RDA Clone Troopers are coming with us for backup."

Jock:"Good. Now....BOMBS AWAY!"

Jock put on his parachute and jumped off the LATTU first. Then, Fisch jumped. Next it was King Clovis's turn, but he wasn't planning about jumping.

S2:"Come on, face your fears, your highness."

Clovis:"I've done it before! I just don't like doing it..."

S2:"Hurry up, we don't have any time!"

Clovis:"Nevermind, I want to stay behind!"

S2:"Too late!"

S2 shoved Clovis off the LATTU, and plunged down after him.


S2:"Pull your parachute, and you'll be fine!"

S2 pulled his, and safely floated down. Clovis began pulling his, but it wouldn't activate. He began tugging more and more, but he failed to no avail.


Clovis was hurtling towards the earth like a meteor without the burning. By the time he was able to activate his parachute, he was only fifty feet above the ground. A strong, upward wind on the hill immediately blew Clovis and his parachute into a tree. Meanwhile, Jock, Fisch, and S2 landed peacefully onto the slope of the hill.

S2:"It's too quiet here. Where are the other soldiers?"

Then, from the castle walls, several Confederate Soldiers popped out and began firing at them. They immediately dove for cover as ice bullets and lazer blasts began pelting the ground. Several of the bullets were aimed at the tree, which eventually freed Clovis from the parachute. Clovis immediately hid behind a rock with the others.

Jock:"Our primary goal is to make sure the castle isn't destroyed. You know how angry Gottfried would be if we made damage to it..."

Django:"Yeah, he would be pretty angry."


Django Ghent was standing next to Java Ghent, who were standing right in front of the rock.

Immediately, Clovis, Jock, and S2 took out their guns and pointed it at them. Fisch did not pull out his weapon quite yet.

Java Ghent:"Don't fret, Fisch. We have someone else who wants to deal with you."

Fisch did not reply, but gave Java and Django a stern look.

Then, the fully grown adult Bellina arrived. By now, her scar was smaller and faded, but it was still there.

Bellina:"Oh, look. Fisch is ready to die to my two red keysabers."

Fisch:"I have been waiting for this moment all of my life."

Bellina:"I'm sure you have."

Everyone immediately got out of the way as Bellina activated her double red Keysabers, while Fisch activated his single blue one. They immediately began swinging and blocking at each other as if at first they were in an intense fencing match. Nevertheless, it was only a warmup, and the two immediately were beginning their intense blocks and strikes.

Jock did not waste time during this important moment, and he immediately jumped on top of Django Ghent's head, while S2 and Clovis tackled Java. Jock immediately jumped off, and began running up the hill as fast as he could.

Django activated his jetpack to chase Jock. Clovis immediately got off of Java and grabbed onto the back of Django's jetpack with one flipper.

Django:"Let go, stupid jester!"

Django struggled a little bit, but that didn't stop him from closing in on Jock.

Clovis:"Watch out, Jock! He's right behind you!"

Jock looked behind himself while running, and immediately dove out of the way when a rocket grenade sent by Django had nearly hit him. Then, Clovis grabbed Django's jetpack with his other flipper, and tried to get a better grip. However, Clovis grabbed one of Django's safety straps and undid it so that the jetpack turned upside down.

That moment, Clovis faceplanted into the ground, while Django was siezed backwards by the uncontrollable jetpack, and the two of them began blasting down the hill. Clovis immediately turned over so that he could face up and Django would have his helmet eat the ground while going down.

Clovis:"Feel the buuurn!"

During the process of going down the hill, Django had lost his helmet and his face began to drag rapidly down the bare dirt road. By the time the two reached the bottom of the hill, the jetpack had stopped. By now, Clovis's face was a bit battered from the first faceplant from the jetpack, but Django's was ten times worse.

Clovis was a bit dazed at first, while Django was unconcious, but Clovis then noticed that there were a bunch of Confederate troops rushing towards him. He knew he had to act fast.

Without thinking, Clovis took the jetpack off of Django's back and put it on himself. Clovis immediately activated it and blasted away in time to miss the bullets from the Confederates. He immediately made his way back to the top of the hill. However, because the Confederate Soldiers were so close to Clovis, a couple of them caught on fire, and another crisis began.

Jock Hochstadt and two RDA Troopers barged into the front entrance of Hohenterngau Castle, and began to open fire on all the Confederate Soldiers they could see.

RDA Clone Trooper 1:"Where could Gottfried be hidden?"

Jock:"His bedroom, most likely."

Jock and the two RDA Clone troopers lowered their defenses as they walked into the castle. Little did Jock know that Java was right behind him, with a metal frying pan in his flippers. At that moment, one of the RDA Troopers looked behind Jock, and saw Java immediately about to hit Jock with the pan.

RDA Clone Trooper 2:"Jock, Duck!"

Jock ducked, and both RDA Troopers shot Java down instantly. Because he was wearing armor, the lazer blasts of the RDA Clone troopers did not injure him, but were only able to knock him down since he was very close. Java immediately jumped back up and fired his lazer gun at the weak spots of the two RDA Troopers, which killed them. Jock rolled out of the way in time to miss the blasts. Jock took out his gun and was able to blast Java's weapon out of his flippers. Then, S2 ran into the room and tackled Java again. Jock left S2 to finish Java off while looking for Gottfried.

Just as he predicted, Jock found Gottfried locked up in his bedroom. After killing the two Confederate guards, Jock used his keysaber to break the door lock and break down the wooden door.

Jock:"You're free!"

Gottfried:"My door!"

Jock:"Oh, come on! Let's worry about that later! We have to liberate the island."

Gottfried:"Sure thing."

Gottfried took out his sword and followed Jock back to the Castle entrance.

After considering many things, Austin8310 decided to return to battle. He was forced to quit five years ago because Bellina told Swiss Ninja that Austin was planning to overthrow him and her. Although Swiss Ninja did not believe it at first, Bellina urged him that it was true, and that he had to believe his own daughter. Swiss Ninja had no choice to believe it. Ever since, Austin left Snowzerland, including his beautiful castle, and returned to Pengolia as a fully retired bounty hunter. Somehow, Austin was not happy during his five years in Pengolia, because he was missed the action that he loved, and he also missed the giant beautiful castle that was found at the edge of the Zurich Bay. Austin longed to leave his (now deceased) Parents' old home. The home was long empty and was too small for him. Austin knew that he was going to find a way to get revenge on Bellina. Ever since he heard about Swiss Ninja's assasination, he had been keeping up with the news. Finally, Austin decided that he would side with the Republic, since it was fighting against Ninja Wraith and Bellina. Furthermore, Austin had a feeling that Chancellor Pengvintine reminded him a lot of Swiss Ninja. This time, Austin knew that he would have to work with the Hochstadt Gang until he got his revenge...and then he would betray them and get his revenge on them.

Now, Austin arrived in Alemania, and took a bus to the top of the Hohenterngau Castle Hill. The minute he got off, he saw Bellina and Fisch fighting on the highest tower of the castle. He also saw Jock, S2, and Gottfried leave the castle.

Jock paused a moment to look at Austin. He hardly recognized him at first. Austin had switched his color to a darker green, ditched the brown belt for a black one, and was wearing a leather coat.

Jock:"Hey, Austin! Looks like you aged since we last saw you!"

Austin:"How did you guys get so young? Whatever! I didn't miss you! I'm here to..."

Gottfried:"Get your revenge on Bellina? Yes, we know. How could we forget that day?"


Austin ran off and began climbing to the top of the Castle where Bellina and Fisch were fighting. Clovis, who was still on Django's jetpack, began to follow him.

Finally, Austin jumped onto the highest tower and took out two Khanz short-swords.

Fisch:"Aaah! Austin's back!"

Austin:"Ironically, I'm not here to kill you today..."

Bellina:"So you decided to show your stupid face again? I thought I got rid of you! Ha! Swords? You're crazy!"

Austin:"Khanz don't give up easily. And these are titanium, moron. Keysabers can't cut that!"

Austin began striking at Bellina with his swords with Fisch helping him.

Although Bellina was in a tight situation, she was barely able to hold them off. Then, Clovis arrived and threw Django's jetpack off himself.

Austin:"What happened to..."

Clovis took out his keysaber and quickly slashed at Bellina and kicked her in the face. Clovis had made a second scar on Bellina, who had staggered back, and fell off the castle wall. Immediately, Bellina's body began falling down the hill and into the mist.

Fisch:"Wow. That was quick."

Clovis:"Fuut Ga taught me some moves in the past..."

Fisch:"But this can't be it. Bellina can't be dead."

Austin swore violently.

"Of course not. I've survived something like this before. If I can, she can."

Clovis:"I didn't hear a thud, so you two have to be right."

That day, the Frostizian Vikings and Freezelandians had completely invaded Alemania, and the Confederacy was completely driven out. Everyone in Alemania began to celebrate their liberation and their re-annexation to the Republic. Now the Republic was having the upper hand, and it would be not long now before the Confederacy surrendered. Despite his plans to bring Castilla into the fray, Clovis and Jock had to have a discussion with Chancellor Pengtvintine, who was not pleased with them. They had to swear for the rest of the war that they were not to bring other nations into the battles, and they didn't. Meanwhile, Austin8310 was secretly assigned to be Chancellor Pengvintine's personal assistant. By then, Austin knew who Pengvintine really was.

Now, Pengvintine has now given orders to finish the invade Osterreach and Lichenstien and destroy the War Bot factories.

Pengvintine called the generals and the two Hochstadts and puffles for a war plan meeting to begin their plans for their crucial assault.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Friends, we are almost done with this war. Now, we must prepare ourselves and make our positions. However, Fisch and Leonardo, I have a special task for you two."

Jock:"We're ready, Chancellor. Tell us your bidding."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Jock, go with Piper and send the main RDA Clone Troopers on an assault on the Osterrean capital of Wien."

Jock:"Got it."

Piper:"This should be fun."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Please, do not destroy the city. It's of historical importance, and there are still citizens in the city."

Jock:"We will do whatever it takes to keep the citizens safe, I assure you, chancellor."

Chancellor:"Good. Now your Magesty King Clovis, would you mind if you can lead the RDA Clone Trooper air squadron on a bombing run? Your objective is to destroy all the War Bot factories one the island. Once you're done, attack Lichenstien's factories."

King Clovis:"I am up to the task."

Chancellor:"You three are excused."

Jock, Clovis, and Piper saluted and left the Chancellor's office.

Chancellor:"Now...Fisch and Leonardo. Your task. Django and Java Ghent still live, and they are a dire threat to the Republic. Destroy them. Capture them. Do whatever you must to stop them from supporting the Confederacy."

Austin:"Chancellor, you can't..."

Chancellor:"Silence, Austin. They're not your friends anymore."



Fisch and Leonardo stared blankly at Austin.

Chancellor:"I apologize. whatever you must to find them, and stop them. Either if you do it by capture or death, I don't care."

Fisch:"It shall be accomplished. I will try to start looking for them by going to Terninia...their old home..."

Chancellor:"Good! Now, there IS something I want to show you before you go."

Chancellor Pengvintine motioned to one of the RDA Clone Trooper Guards to escort Fisch and Leonardo to Chancellor Pengvintine's surpirse. Meanwhile, Austin and Chancellor Pengvintine were alone.

Austin:"Swiss! Why did you tell them to KILL Django and Java!? Are you crazy???"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Swiss? I'm not Swiss Ninja!"

Austin:"Come on. I know better than that. You are obviously SN in disguise. I'm not a fool. "

Chancellor Pengvintine jumped at Austin and clamped his beak shut.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"NO MORE! SHHH! Don't say anything about that! I'm not going to kill Java and Django. I'm going to tell them that Fisch and Leoanrdo are on their way right now..."

The Guard led Fisch Hochstadt and Leonardo di Tremezzo down to an underground tunnel that connected the capitol building to a nearby military base. A small tram shuttled soldiers and political figures through the tunnel to and from the capitol building. Taking this tram, Fisch and Leonardo stayed with their RDA Clone Trooper Guard Escort. Once the tram stopped, the escort led Fisch and Leonardo to a secret hangar located in the base.

Clone Escort:"Welcome to the secret Hangar 30. The Chancellor has provided you to use one of greatest inventions ever made in Snoss history."

Fisch:"Which was what, again? Snowzer Cheese?"

The Clone Escort grimaced and replied:"No."

Leonardo:"It was the Avatar Warmech V2, right?"

The Clone Escort shook his head. "No. Not that either."

The Clone Escort led Fisch and Leonardo to a large, dark room in the Hangar and turned on the lights. In the center of a room was a small spaceship that was made in the shape of a triangle.

Alpha 7.jpg

Fisch:"Woah....I've never seen anything so beautiful."

Clone Escort:"It was invented about 10 years ago. Swiss Ninja planned to have these things mass produced in 2032 for the public."

Fisch:"What is it exactly?"

Clone Escort:"It's a spaceship. However, it can easily be used as an aircraft. It is called the Alpha-7."

Leonardo:"Cool! Does it have space for a puffle to sit in?"

Clone Escort:"Yes. See that dome on the side of the ship? That's especially for putting puffles in."

Fisch:"What are some of the features of this spacecraft?"

Clone Escort:"It is equipped with a GPS system, Radio, laser cannons, and missles. However, the Civilian Version does not have the warfare features."

Fisch:"Are the engines really loud too?"

Clone Escort:"No. These engines are relatively silent but they do make a faint humming noise from the cockpit."

Fisch:"Good. We'll take it."

Clone Escort:"Good...then this Alpha 7 is completely yours. Just sign this paper."

Fisch took out a pen and signed the contract.

Clone Escort:"Thank you, and enjoy your flights!"

Fisch:"We will."

Chapter 6:Surprise![edit]

Fisch hopped into the Alpha 7's cockpit, while Leonardo climbed inside the Puffle dome on the side of the vehicle. The escort had the hangar doors open, and Fisch turned on the engines.

The Alpha 7 gracefully lifted off the ground like a helicopter, and it slowly flew out of the hangar.

Fisch:"Now, let's see what this thing can do!"

Fisch put the ship's throttle into maximum, and the Alpha 7 dashed across the sky with a silent, but clear hum of the engines.


Fisch:"All right."

Because Fisch flew to fast, they had easily reached their destination of Terninia. Despite the fact that it was heavily raining as usual, the Alpha 7 spacecraft flew through the heavy weather without experiencing any turbulence.

The view of Terninia brought back bad memories of the past to both Fisch and Leonardo. Terninia had massively expanded since the time they first discovered it 20 years ago; it was about 10 times bigger than what it used to be.

Fisch:"Holy mullets. It's grown tremendously."

Leonardo:"Hmmmm. Try and land at any of the buildings, I guess."

Fisch:"OK, then. I'll try to land on one of the cloning facility buildings. They won't expect us there."

Fisch landed his ship on one of the landing platforms, and put on his brown cloak. He took his blue keysaber with him just in case.

Leonardo hopped out of the Puffle Dome and joined Fisch as they walked to the entrance to the inside of the building. Immediately, they were greeted by a tern who worked there. The tern welcomed them in a lifeless but still happy tone.

Tern 764:"Welcome to Terninia. My name is Tern 764. How may we help you?"

Fisch:"We're looking for someone. Do you know anyone named..."

Leonardo tugged on Fisch's cloak and shook his head.

Leonardo:"We're here to see the cloning process of the facility."

Tern 764:"I'm sorry, we are not allowed to reveal our cloning process to civilians."

Fisch:"We were sent here by Chancellor Pengvintine himself. He wishes that we see how these RDA Troopers are cloned."

Tern 764:"Very well, but do not tell anyone else about this. Follow me."

Tern 764 led Fisch and Leonardo inside the building and through several hallways. Then, the tern led Fisch and Leonardo into a hallway that went through the Stage 1 part of the building. Fisch and Leonardo pressed their faces against the spotless window to view the giant machines that were spinning around with containers that had penguin embryos in each.

Tern 764:"This is the stage one of the cloning facility. In this environment, we simulate penguin clones from a a donor's DNA. First, these clones are simulated in an environment when they are still in the mother but they are not layed as eggs yet. Eventually, once the embryo develops into an egg, we move on to stage 2. Follow me.

The tern led Fisch and Leonardo into another hallway that looked over Stage 2, which showed many, many eggs being sorted into many straight rows and columns.

Tern 764:"In this stage, we place the eggs in a warm environment and keep them in this special incubator until they hatch. Usually, by the time their egg is on the other side of the Stage from where it came, the chick hatches. Then, the chick is transported by the conveyor belt into Stage 3...which is the 'Training' stage. It is the largest of all of them."

The Tern led Fisch and Leonardo to the next hallway that overlooked Stage 3. Immediately, they saw young chicks learn the alphabet by a computer teacher, older chicks learning to work computers and equipment and young adults learning to use their lazer rifles.

Tern 764:"Unlike most penguins, the RDA Clone Chick was designed to develop twice as fast as regular penguins to save time in the battlefield. Once they reach the biological age of 18, or the actual age of 9, the fully grown adult is immediately sent to Stage 4; the armory."

Tern 764 led Fisch and Leonardo to see Stage 4, which showed four lines of RDA Clone Troopers waiting for the machine to give them their uniforms.

Tern 764:"Once these clones get their uniforms, they are transported to Section C, where they live until they are dispatched into battle."

Fisch:"Interesting. Mr. Tern, that was a very interesting process. I honestly had no idea about all of this."

Leonardo:"Me neither. Purely amazing."

Fisch:"Mr Tern, please enlighten me again, and tell me who was the donor that gave his DNA for this cloning process?"

Tern 764:"Well, that would be Django Ghent, who basically created the whole project."

Fisch:"I know this sounds strange, but do you happen to know if he still lives here or if he left, where did he go?"

Tern 764:"Yes. Django still lives here after all these years. Come, I shall take you to him."

Leonardo:"Uhh...that's not exactly..."

Tern 764:"Come, Django Ghent enjoys visitors once in a while."

Fisch:"No he doesn't."

Tern 764 turned around and looked at Fisch with a curious expression. "Just come. He is very friendly."

Leonardo mumbled to Fisch:"Sure he is..."

Fisch put the hood of his brown cloak over his head and face more to conceal himself better.

The Tern led Fisch and Leonardo to a separate section of the building that appeared not to be hosting any cloning areas. There were several metal doors, but none of them were open. Then, the Tern stood in front of one particular doorway that was right next to the end of the hallway, which was a window that overlooked other sections of Terninia. On both sides of this metal door were two futuristic lamps like the ones Leonardo and Fisch had noticed in all of the hallways, except these were lighted in a green color, not blue.

The Tern pressed the red button on the right of the doorway, and it opened up to reveal Django's and Java's living quarters.

The Tern led Fisch and Leonardo inside as Django and Java were drinking tea at the family table. This was the first time they ever saw the two bounty hunters not wearing their uniforms, but their casual Terninian clothing.

Tern 764:"Django, Java, we have some visitors who wish to see you."

Django casually stood up and walked towards Fisch until their beaks were only three inches away from each other. Fisch was irked from his corpse like appearance.

Django:"I've been expecting you, Fisch. Surprise!"

Fisch:"How so? Did my spacehship make it obvious to you?"

Django:"No, I was told ahead of time. Come, sit down, and have tea with us. We'll kill you and Leonardo later."

Leonardo:"I don't really feel like eating or drinking right now..."

Django:"Sit down, or I will kill you right where you stand, puffle."

Leonardo:"Uh...Man, am I hungry!"

Django:"Now, that's the spirit!"

Fisch and Leonardo awkwardly took their seats at Django's table.

Django:"Tern 764, leave us."

Fisch:"So, who told you about my arrival?"

Django:"I don't know."

Fisch:"Was it Austin8310?"


Fisch:"So, when was the last time have you visited the Confederate city of Zurich? Do you converse with the leaders of the Confederacy often?"

Django:"Once or twice."

Java:"Enough chit-chat, let's go get some cream soda instead so we can have a toast."

Java brought four glasses and poured bubbly Cream Soda into all of them. Once everyone had their glass, Django held his up in the air, preparing to make the toast. Fisch and Leonardo held up their glasses in the air reluctantly.

Django:"Now, let us toast to the terrible deaths that Fisch and Leonardo will suffer today! Hurrah!"

Java and Django cheered their glasses while Fisch and Leonardo lowered theirs without cheering.


Fisch and Leonardo impulsively cheered with each other and with Django and Java. Everyone drank the cream soda quickly.

Django:"Good. The drinks are over, now it's time for the execution! First, let me and Java put on our..."

Fisch and Leonardo dashed out of the room before Django could finish his sentence.


Immediately, while Fisch and Leonardo began running down the hallways finding a way to escape, a group of RDA Clone Troopers came up and blocked their way, pointing their lazer rifles at them.

Fisch:"How dare you point your guns at your commanding officer! Chancellor Pengvintine had strict orders to arrest and capture Django and Java Ghent!"

RDA Clone Trooper 1:"I'm afraid we can't do that. We can't betray our own father who cloned us."

Fisch:"Where is your loyalty? To your country, or to the evil penguin who donated his DNA to clone you?"

RDA Clone Trooper 1:"We serve Chancellor Pengvintine, our leader. It's his orders."


Fisch and Leonardo made no haste. Fisch took out his keysaber and Leonardo took out a pistol and knocked the RDA Clone Troopers down. The two immediately ran back to where they thought they came from, escaped to the nearest landing pad they would see since they had forgotten they had walked far away.

Of all the landing pads, the one Fisch and Leonardo stumbled across was worst one to pick. In front of them sat the giant spaceship that belonged to Django and Java Ghent. It was an impressive beast that was at least three times bigger than their own spacecraft.

Before they could turn around and get back into the building to correct their mistake, Django and Java were already in their full armor and had their guns loaded. A couple or RDA Clone Troopers came to back them up.

Django:"You two will not escape anymore. Twenty years is way too long to have you live."

Fisch and Leonardo still had their weapons out and did not reply. Instead, Django threw a grenade at the two. Fisch and Leonardo immediately jumped out of the way to avoid the grenade. Immediately, Fisch wasted no time and began deflecting the blasts of Django's and Java's lazer guns. Then in a flash, Fisch sliced Django's head off, and the helmet began to roll away.


Java fell to his knees and began to weep, which gave Fisch and Leonardo enough time to jump into Django's spaceship and escape.

Java:"THIS IS MADNESS! He died and revives, and then he gets killed again!"

Django:"Stop crying and take this helmet off my head! I'm ALREADY dead, remember?"

Java:"Oh, that's right."

Django:"Well, I'll need stitches to sow my head back on, but for the rest of it, I'll be fine."

Java:"Good. Men, take Django's body and his head to the medical room and sow his head back on. Send another squadron of soldiers to persue our stolen spaceship. I want the prisoners alive!"

RDA Clone Trooper Commander:"Yes sir!"

Leonardo and Fisch soon left the storm clad vicinity of Terninia in the stolen spacecraft that belonged to Django.

Leonardo:"I have a feeling that stealing this ship wasn't such a great idea. You never know if it has a homing device on there."

Fisch:"We had no choice, remember that."

Leonardo turned on the radar because he felt that they weren't out of the woods yet. Suddenly, Leonardo saw several RDA Clone Trooper spacecraft approaching them on the radar.

Leonardo:"They're after us!"

Fisch:"I guess it's a risk we have to make!"

Fisch increased the spaceship throttle and began to speed up. However, the enemy spacecraft were also gaining speed. Then, suddenly, the closest ship to them fired and hit both of their engines.

Fisch:"Oh Great! We're in for a water landing!"

Leonardo took out one life vest from a lower compartment and gave it to Fisch while the spaceship began to slow down and fell towards the sea.

Fisch:"Quick, Leonardo, you can not get caught!"

Fisch quickly grabbed Leonardo and opened one of the ship's main hatches and threw him out.


Leonardo skid off the falling spaceship and plopped into the ocean with an unnoticable splash. Once he submerged, he tried his best to stay low in the water so that no one could see him. Then, he saw the spaceship crash into the water and bits and pieces of debris fly into the air in a small explosion. For a moment, Leonardo just stared in that direction with shock. However, Leonardo sighed in relief when he saw that Fisch submerged from the water, safe and alive.

However, a LATTU arrived and several RDA Clone Troopers siezed Fisch out of the water and handcuffed him. Immedately, the LATTU closed it's doors and all the RDA Clone Trooper spaceships and vehicles turned around to return to Terninia.

Leonardo just floated there, just staring for a few moments, now knowing that he was alone in the middle of the sea. Eventually, Leonardo was getting tired in the water, so he went off to view the debris that used to be the spaceship. Luckily enough, he found a piece of debris that could float and could hold him up without sinking. Thus, Leonardo used the piece of metal debris as his small raft. Then, Leonardo noticed something floating in the water that appeared to still be intact - the radio!

Eagerly paddling to the black box, Leonardo found that the radio still worked and immediately contacted Clovis.

Leonardo was in luck. Clovis had just finished his bombing run and was returning to Snowzerland when Leonardo accessed the radio.

Clovis:"Leonardo? Is that you? What's up?"

Leonardo:"Hey, Clovis. It's me. I'm in real big trouble here. How about you?"

Clovis:"I was. It was very overwhelming. Apparently, the War Bot army appeared to have expected us coming! They had their giant spaceship there, like the one Swiss Ninja took to Mars, remember?"

Leonardo:"WOAH. Seriously?"

Clovis:"Yes. And hoards of smaller War Bot WASP aircraft. Not fun. Nevertheless, a couple strong RDA Clone Trooper aircraft and I were strong enough to withstand the attack and we were successfully able to bomb all the War Bot factories in Osterreach and Lichenstien. Now, the Confederate Army has their infantry cut short entirely. It won't be long before they surrender. Don't worry. To brighten the good spirit even more, I also got word right now that Jock and the Republic forces have successfully invaded Osterreach while another RDA Clone Trooper group occupied Lichenstien."

Leonardo:"That's good! However...Fisch and I failed at our mission....and Fisch got captured."

Clovis:"Uh...what was your mission? Who captured him?"

Leonardo:"Long story. The Chancellor wanted us to locate and capture Django and Java Ghent. We started out by looking in Terninia for clues to where they could be. However, fate took a nasty turn on us when we discovered that Django and Java have been living in Terninia this whole time, without the Chancellor knowing!"

Clovis:"Disturbing...but...didn't the RDA Clone Troopers know?"

Leonardo:"Actually...yes. They did. At least the ones who lived there."

Clovis:"This is definitely bad. We must discuss this with the Chancellor immediately."

Leonardo:"No. According to the RDA Clone Trooper, he said it WAS Chancellor Pengvintine's orders! It's a trap!"


Leonardo:"We had to steal Django's ship to escape! We were pursued and crashed into the sea! Several RDA Clone Troopers captured Fisch and returned him to Terninia, but I wasn't noticed so I'm still here in the middle of the sea!"

Clovis:"Hold on, Leonardo. I'll track your signal and pick you up, alright?"

Leonardo:"I'll wait. Thanks Clovis."

Clovis:"No problem."

It wasn't long before Clovis arrived at the scene. Clovis immediately landed, and opened up the hatch to let Leonardo inside.

Clovis:"Good grief! I didn't know the crash was this bad!"

Leonardo:"Well, our engines were destroyed by the enemy."

Clovis:"Ouch. Buckle up, then. We're going back to Castilla. I think we need to discuss this tyrannical action."

Leonardo:"I agree."

Clovis:"So tell me, can that trooper say he was serving the Chancellor? Why would the chancellor ever want you executed???"

Leonardo:"I don't know. I obviously know that having us look for Java and Django Ghent was a trap."

Clovis:"Yes. Indeed. However, why is it that the Chancellor wanted to kill or capture Fisch and you?"

Leonardo:"I....I don't know....although Austin was in the room when he gave us the mission."


Clovis pondered for a moment and looked back. For some reason, Clovis had the crazy notion that Chancellor Pengvintine could have actually been Swiss Ninja, his brother. However, Clovis was sure that he was dead. After all, didn't he see the clothing he was wearing and the blood stains? He was certain that Swiss Ninja was dead. It was impossible!

Clovis:"I know why, I bet. The Chancellor obviously wants to destroy us so that he can turn the Republic into his own little dictatorship."

Leonardo:"Hmm. You could be right!"

Clovis:"No, I'm sure of it. I'm going to send in the Castillan soldiers to help end this war. I don't trust the Chancellor anymore."

Leonardo:"Well, it also seems like the Chancellor is trying to side with the Confederacy, if you think about it. Just think...both of our attacks were expected!"

Clovis:"You're right. But then who is he for the Confederacy...?"

That day, Clovis and Leonardo arrived in Castilla in good condition. Immediately, Clovis sent word to all his generals to prepare the invasion of Snowzerland and to end the war once and for all.

Clovis:"Men, it's time we finish this war. I have suspicions that something bad will happen, but those reasons are confidential. It is our priority to end the Confederacy and to ensure that Snowzerland reunites itself once more."

Also, Clovis signaled Jock, Piper, Fuut Ga, and Bernard to come join the battle at Snowzerland. At the same time, Clovis commanded a special group of Castillan Commando officers to free Fisch from prison in Terninia.

Leonardo:"Let's hope that Chancellor Pengvintine's plan will be crushed and we can find out who he is."

Clovis:"And his intentions."

Chapter 7:The Great Purge[edit]

Three days passed, and everything seemed like a dream. All the Hochstadts who were invited for the invasion, now including Fisch who was liberated successfully, were all silent while riding inside a more newer version of the Mega Cub bomber aircraft. Everyone knew it was going to be their last battle they would have to fight for this war. When they landed at a military base in Geneva, they saw that the sky was grey and stormy like, although it wasn't raining. The Castillan army was pouring into the Republic area from all around, much to the Chancellor's displeasure. Nevertheless, Chancellor Pengvintine did not decide to complain. Instead, he watched, with Austin by his side.

Austin:"Are you just going to let the Castillans just invade your country like this??? Tell them to leave! This is a ridiculous move not to complain!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Who said it was a ridiculous move? Let the Castillans do the work for us. Trust me, we will have the upper flipper."

Austin:"Very well."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Oh, wait, lock the door for a minute, and pull down the shades. I need to make a call."

Austin did as he was told.

Chancellor Pengvintine turned on his communicator, and put on his dark black cloak.

Then, a hologram of Ninja Wraith appeared.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Your highness, it is I, Darth Swissius! Prepare the Confederate Army to to defend their borders and get ready to attack back!"

Ninja Wraith:"Yes, master."

Almost immediately, a large armada of Confederate destroyer ships began sailing towards the Republic side of the Zurich Bay. Immediately, Castillan Soldiers and RDA Clone Troopers ran to the shores of the Bay and prepared to defend the border. The Hochstadt Gang arrived with them, all armed up and ready to fight. They were greeted by General Hermosa.

General Hermosa:"Your magesty, are you sure you wish to risk your life in a gruesome battle like this again?"

King Clovis:"I will do whatever I can to help Snowzerland become democratic and to help my people be free."

General Hermosa:"You speak bravely, my king. I wish you luck."

Jock:"Come, King Clovis. We're taking a ship to come meet the Confederates halfway from the lake. Quickly now!"

King Clovis and the rest of the Hochstadt Gang ran to board one of the Republic ships to begin the battle.

As the Clone Trooper ship advanced across the water towards the enemy, the Hochstadt Gang stood proudly on the stern with their weapons in their flippers, with Jock, Fuut Ga, and Fisch having Keysabers and everyone else having guns.

Jock:"Today, I will fight for my Step Father, who died in this very place in a battle similar to this."

King Clovis:"Fight hard, Men. For today, we fight to finally end all these Snoss wars once and for all!"

Fuut Ga:"Nicely said, you're highness."

Castillan Soldier:"Your Majesty, prepare for boarding the Confederate ships!"

At that moment, Several groups of Castillan Soldiers and RDA Clone troopers came onto the deck of the destroyer ship, ready to board the enemy.

Immediately, the Republic Destroyers and the Confederate Ships came so close to each other that anyone could jump from one boat to the next. With no haste, Clovis and the Hochstadt Gang were the first to lead the group of RDA Clone Troopers and Castillan Soldiers onto the deck of the Confederate ship, and immediately engaged combat on the enemy.

Ever since the Gang and the soldiers had boarded the enemy ship, everything was in chaos. Many penguins, both Confederate and Republic alike, were being cast overboard, sometimes alive, sometimes dead. Several ships from both sides were being blown up and were sinking. The first ships that met were not the last ships to set sail; there were more waves of them coming from both sides.

Chancellor Pengvintine was spending a large amount of time staring at the battles going on from the window of his office in the Snowzerland Government Building. Austin was bored and had fallen asleep, only to wake up again a couple hours later. Still, he found Chancellor Pengvintine sitting in his grand chair, staring and pondering at the battles, which were still going on in the Bay, but had also started at the Coastline of the Confederacy.

Austin:"Are you still looking at the battle?"

Chancellor Pengvintine turned for a moment to look at him with a concerned face.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Yes. The Republic is advancing very well; they are already fighting on the coast of the Confederacy."

Austin:"Yeah, that's because we're being helped by those blasted Castillans."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"I finally found out about King Clovis's motives."

Austin:"What would that be?"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"I have a feeling that he's very suspicious of me now, ever since my attempt to capture Fisch and Leonardo had failed."

Austin:"It always had, just like good old times."

Chancellor Pengvintine's facial expression was very concerned and sad.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"I know. I miss them very much."

Austin:"Then go to those old days, again!"

Chancellor Pengvintine paused for a moment and began to ponder some more. Then, he looked up at Austin and said:"Fine. I will. Starting now. It's about time we end this stupid war, the stupid Castillans, and the stupid Hochstadt Gang! LONG LIVE SWISS NINJA!!!!!"

Austin:"That's the spirit!"

The Hochstadt Gang was at their most ruthless state they had ever been in. Ever since they had reached the shore, they slashed and blasted their way through walls of remaining War Bots and Confederate Soldiers and made their way towards the city of Zurich. Immediately, Castillan Soldiers and RDA Clone Troopers charged into the Confederate Capital with the Hochstadt Gang leading them. The City was not damaged, but many of the RDA Clone Troopers stormed into civilian buildings to arrest and attack hiding Confederate Soldiers and Confederate supporters.

In a matter of minutes, the Zurich town square was filled with RDA Clone Troopers and Castillan Soldiers. Then, suddenly, Ninja Wraith and Bellina arrived to the scene with a couple Confederate Soldiers. Immediately, the Clones and the Castillans loaded and aimed their guns at the two Confederate leaders' heads.

King Clovis:"Men, hold your fire! Let these pitiful Confederates have a chance to speak, first."

Ninja Wraith:"The Confederacy may almost be gone, but we will fight you till we die!"

Bellina:"We're gonna kill you before you kill us."

King Clovis:"Oh, please."

Jock:"Enough of this. Let's just get this over with."

King Clovis:"Not yet, Jock. I must speak first. Ninja Wraith, you disappoint me."

Ninja Wraith:"You disappointed your brother."

King Clovis:"No, you disappoint me because you're following in your father's footsteps. Your father had the potential to become a great and loved ruler, but he never got to that. Instead, he faced his fate with an assasination. Ninja Wraith, please repent from this evil that your father has brought you up with."

Ninja Wraith did not reply and had a blank face. Bellina looked coldly at Clovis.

King Clovis:"Ninja Wraith, please, hear my cry, reform from your evil ways, and I promise you to restore you back to your rightful place on the throne as King Zurich of Snowzerland."

Ninja Wraith looked down and began to reflect on his past, and all the evil that he had done. For the first time in his life, he felt bad and felt that he had done wrong.

Ninja Wraith:"What have I been thinking all these years...I was deceived by my father....he was nothing but a cold, selfish penguin who didn't care the least for me. I neglected him. I really was raised wrong."

Bellina was not convinced.

Ninja Wraith:"Fine, then, Clovis. I am sorry for all that I have done. From this day forth, I will swear to you that I will bring a golden age to Snowzerland that my father had failed to bring!"

King Clovis:"Good, Prince Zurich. You have had a change in heart."

Prince Zurich:" throne is in Danger."

King Clovis:"What is it?"

Prince Zurich:"Unfortunately, I have heard recently that there has been rumors that you found out that Pengvintine might be a shady character, and that's because he is. He's actually a Serth named Darth Swissius."

King Clovis:"I knew it."

Jock gasped.

Jock:"You mean he was evil this whole time??? How disappointing! I actually really liked the guy!"

Prince Zurich:"Not only that, but the main Confederate Council is still around and is in hiding. The Confederacy still is working underground somewhere, but IDK where. They ran off before I could find them."

Jock:"Then, we will find them."

King Clovis:"Well, Prince Zurich, what shall we have you do?"

Prince Zurich:"Bellina and I will confront Pengvintine ourselves and end him. That is the only way we can defeat him."

King Clovis:Very well, then. Take some Jerdi with you."

Prince Zurich:"I will. This Pengvintine is a crafty penguin."

Thus, Prince Zurich, Bellina, and five other Jerdis made their way to the Snowzerland Capitol Building while the Hochstadt Gang stayed in Zurich to ensure Republic control over the Confederate side of the island. Just when Prince Zurich's group entered the building, Bellina ditched them and hid since she did not want to take part in the arrest of Pengvintine. She knew better than not to kill her own kind.

Prince Zurich and the Jerdi walked into the Chancellor's office to find the Chancellor alone, watching the city skyline from his window in his chair.

Chancellor Pengvintine felt their presence and turned his chair to face them.

Prince Zurich activated his Lightsaber.

Prince Zurich:"Chancellor Pengvintine, as the Crowned Prince of Snowzerland, I hearby put you under arrest!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Are you questioning my authority?!?"

Prince Zurich's expression was solid and did not change. He held his keysaber in front of himself, ready to fight if need be.

Then, all of a sudden, Chancellor Pengvintine stood up and took out his keysaber...and when he activated it, the Keysaber turned to be red. He was a Serth!

Pengvintine made a crude corkskrew attack at Prince Zurich, who blocked the attack. Then, the other Jerdi attacked Pengvintine, but one by one were instantly killed. Once the last one died, Pengvintine and Prince Zurich engaged in a full force Keysaber match. They quickly made their way towards the giant window. Then, Prince Zurich made his move and struck Pengvintine's keysaber and drove it into the window to make it shatter. Pengvintine lost his grip and his keysaber fell out of the window. The next thing he knew, he was forced to the edge of the window by Prince Zurich, who was pointing his Keysaber at his face.

Prince Zurich:"Looks like your dictatorial reign is over, Chancellor."


Prince Zurich gasped in disbelief. Suddenly, Chancellor Pengvintine quickly took out his evil staff, and began zapping Prince Zurich with the lightning. Luckily enough, Zurich still had his keysaber out and began deflecting the blasts of lighting back at Pengvintine. Since the reflected blasts were not as powerful as the original, Pengvintine was not getting badly damaged, but only shocked. Meanwhile, Bellina arrived to the scene, which was when Pengvintine put on his acting face and pretended like he was being tortured really badly.

Pengvintine:"HEELP! HELP ME! I'm weeeak!"

Bellina first looked at Pengvintine, and then at her brother, who was struggling at keeping the lightning at bay.

Suddenly, Bellina took out her red Keysaber and sliced Prince Zurich's flipper off, and his blue keysaber fell out the window.

Prince Zurich:"AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Then, Pengvintine blasted Prinze Zurich with his staff again, this time harder, and, using the force of the lightning, blasted Prince Zurich out of the building......and onto a street that was 400 meters away.



Prince Zurich was no more.

Bellina helped Chancellor Pengvintine get up and he brushed himself off. At that moment, Austin returned with the chips and soda.

Austin:"Hey, what did I miss?"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Look around, Austin."

Austin saw the dead Jerdis lying around.

Austin:"Wow. You have improved in fighting."

Chancellor Pengtinvine:"I am a master Serth. I've been practicing all these years for this moment. My son is dead."


Bellina:"Yes, you did. Ninja Wraith was planning to kill father."

Austin:"Dang it! I missed the whole thing!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"That's ok, I have it recorded on my security cameras."

Austin:"All right."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Anyways, now that my cover has been blown, it's time to put my plan into action."

Austin and Bellina saluted.

Austin:"What is thy bidding, master?"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"The Confederate Council still exists, and I know where they hide. I will go and finish them off. Bellina, you are done for the day, so you may rest. Austin, you have a very important task. I've called in a Congress meeting that is going to occur at 4:00. Be there, and be my 'replacement'. The RDA Clone Troopers will then lock the doors so no one can come in....or out....and that's when you go and kill everyone in there."

Austin:"So basically I kill off all the Senators?"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Precisely. Don't let any one of them live."

Austin:"What about Maddieworld, your wife?"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"She's not attending the meeting today, actually. Deal with her after you've taken care of the other senators, got it?"

Austin:"You can count on me, sir."

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Gooooood...."

Then, Chancellor Pengvintine put on his black cloak and approached the holographic communicator, and turned on the intercom that communicated to all RDA Clone Troopers.

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Troopers! This is Chancellor Pengvintine! Excecute Order Swissy-Swiss; Excecute all penguins who oppose Swiss Ninja! ELIMINATE ALL REPUBLIC LEADERS, ELIMINATE THE CASTILLANS, ELIMINATE THE HOCHSTADT GANG!!!"

With that said, Chancellor Pengvintine turned off the intercom. Every RDA Clone Trooper, Including S2, heard his dire instructions.

At that moment, the Hochstadt Gang were deep inside the Zurich Rathaus (City Hall), inside the mayor's abandoned office. All of them were in there with a Castillan Soldier and S2 to guard just in case any Confederates were attempting to attack. The Gang was searching the mayor's paper files and his computer to find out any information to where the Confederate Council were hiding.

Suddenly, S2 received Pengvintine's message through his bluetooth device near his penguin ear. During the message, S2 stared blankly at the Hochstadt Gang, but didn't say anything.

Then, S2 pulled out his gun. Immediately, the Castillan Soldier smacked the gun out of his flipper with his sword.

Then, King Clovis turned around to see what happened.

King Clovis:"S2! What are you doing??? Are you mad???"

S2 grabbed for his gun for a second time and began shooting, and everyone began to dive under the desk while Piper shot him with his tazer gun. S2 fell down, unconcious.

Jock:"That's wierd! Why would he betray us all of a sudden???"

Leonardo looked out the window of the building and saw the Castillan Soldiers marching in rows while the RDA Clone Troopers stood where where they were. Suddenly, they took out their weapons unexpectedly and started shooting at the Castillans, who were killed without warning.

Leonardo:"We're being betrayed by the Snoss!"

Jock:"Let's leave before S2 wakes...!"

Jock picked up Piper and Leonardo and placed them on his shoulders and ran out of the room. Clovis, Gottfried, Fisch, Fuut Ga, Dave, and Bernhard followed.

Bernhard:"Try the basement! They probably wouldn't look there."

Gottfried:"Good idea."

The gang approached the basement entrance and locked the door behind them.

The shadowy, black cloaked figure of Chancellor Pengvintine seemed to hover over the ground as he walked to the front of the Keukenhof Castle, once his lovely home. Pengvintine had a large troop of RDA Clone Troopers following him in a straight row. Immediately, Pengvintine took out his staff and blasted open the two old wooden doors that covered the outer castle entrance. Pengvintine and his Clones made no haste to enter the building.

The group soon encountered two lazy Confederate Soldiers guarding the entrance to the inner part of the castle; which led directly into the Kaiser's throne room.

Almost immediately, Pengvintine took out his keysaber and struck them down with speed and agility.

Again, Pengvintine used his staff to blast open the doors of the second entrance. This time, only Pengvintine entered and the other Clones stayed outside.

Immediately in the throne room, he was greeted by the Confederate Council, who had been hiding in Swiss Ninja's Throne Room the whole time.

Confederate Leader 1:"Aaah! Darth Swissius! 'Tis good to see you!"

Pengvintine said nothing and took out his keysaber, instantly.

Several war bots came out and began shooting, just when the RDA Clone Troopers came into the building. Immediately one by one, Pengvintine killed every single remaining Confederate Leader, and every war bot that was not destroyed by the RDA Clones.

Pengvintine:"Today, the Confederacy dies a terrible death! For soon a new era will begin! A new era of peace and great prosperity!"

Pengvintine rushed across the throne room and jumped onto his old throne as if it was his sofa.

Pengvintine:"Oh, have I missed sitting in this throne! Everything is definitely going my way!"

The Hochstadt Gang hid in the City Hall's cellar for over an hour, and still S2 and the RDA Clone Troopers could not find them, they even checked the dark cellar and the gang wasn't caught. Eventually, S2 returned to Pengvintine, who was still sitting on his old throne in the throne room.

S2:"We have failed, master. We could not find the Hochstadt Gang."

Pengvintine:"Do not fret, for they are only hiding. Just wait until they tire themselves out from their hideout, and they will come directly to us."

S2:"Master Pengvintine?"

Pengvintine:"Yes, my subject?"

S2:"Are you Swiss Ninja?"

Pengvintine:"Yes, you have guessed correctly. Soon, I will tell everyone who I am and that I have survived the assasination. Err...well...the assasination attempt."

S2:"So it was a lie to get into power again?"


S2:"You are an amazing ruler. I am sure you will now have the power to reunite our torn nation and truely bring us into a new era!"

Pengvintine:"Yes. Yes I will."

Back in the Town Hall basement....

Leonardo:"So how long are we to stay in here?"

Gottfried:"We should wait 24 hours."

Jock:"That's way too long! We can't starve in here!"

Dave:"I think we should leave and find our way off the island immediately!"

Piper:"I agree."

Gottfried:"Don't be ridiculous! We can only be safe in here! I'm not going out there!"

Bernhard:"Well, we're not leaving you behind."

Dave:"Who said about leaving anyone behind???"

King Clovis:"ENOUGH!"

Everyone stopped their bickering.

King Clovis:"I think it be best if we find a new hiding place that is not too far from here. Just only for the time being. We'll make our escape eventually."

Fuut Ga:"Hmmm. I like that idea, your highness."

Gottfried:"Me too. I guess we can roll with it. After all, you are the King. All in favor, say I!"

Everyone in the room said "I!".

King Clovis:"Good then, let's find our way out of here...."

The group immediatly ran out of the City Hall to find it abandoned. Once they reached the streets, they had regretted that they had ever left the cellar. Everywhere, on every street corner, were at least a pile or a bunch of dead Castillan Soldiers that were subject to the attacks of the RDA Clone Troopers. Ironically enough, there were no dead RDA Clone Trooper's on the streets, only Castillan.

It especially made King Clovis sick to his stomach, and it would be a scene he would never forget.

King Clovis:"Ugh...disgusting! Let's leave...I can't fathom to see my own people dead in the streets of the enemy!"

King Clovis decided to run towards the Keukenhof Castle.

Jock:"Clovis, where are we going?"

King Clovis:"To the Keukenhof Castle! No one is there, so we might as well hide there!"

Jock:"Good thinking."

King Clovis and the Hochstadt Gang tried their best to maneuver the streets of Zurich to avoid any marching troops of RDA Clones. Luckily enough, they never encountered any, and to their joy, they found the Keukenhof Castle alone on it's green hill with no one guarding.

The Gang had no trouble getting inside the first entrance into the Castle. No one ever stopped them of caught them.

Immediately, everyone entered the dark throne room that only had small bits of light from the candles hung on the walls, and everyone could see the hints of Red from the red carpet that red to the throne and the crimson red tapestry that hung on the stone columns that led across the throne room to the throne as well. The are where the throne was especially dark, and they could only make out a dark, pitch black figure sitting in it.

Everyone took out their weapons.

Jock:"Who goes there?"

Pengvintine:"Who do you think?"

King Clovis:"Pengvintine!"


Pengvintine jumped out of his throne and took out his keysaber. Immediately, Clovis and his brother, Swiss Ninja, were now in a thick keysaber battle.

King Clovis:"Conspiracy! Conspiracy! This was all a lie! You murderer! All the lives you have killed with your lie..."

Pengvintine:"And YOU! An unfit clown of a ruler of a poorly knit empire on the verge of collapse! Did you really think you could compete with ME??? I will always be better than you, brother....always!"

Clovis:"No! That's not true at all!"

Clovis struck Pengvintine's keysaber out of his flipper and rolled across the dark room. Clovis pointed his green keysaber at His brother's throat.

Clovis:"It's over, Swiss. Your little prank is finished."

Pengvintine made a sinister laugh that echoed the dark throne room.

Pengvintine:"No, my friends, it is your lives that are over."

Suddenly, from out of the shadows of the throne room were large groups of RDA Troopers that had been hiding the whole time. Among them was S2, who with two other Clones stood at the entrance so that the Gang could not escape the room.

Gottfried:"S2, you traitor!"

S2:"I do whatever I must for my clone brothers!! ...And that duty is to destroy you!"

Chapter 8:Uncountable Losses[edit]

S2 and the RDA Clone Troopers immediately rounded up the Hochstadt Gang and moved them towards the wall nearby a window. Knowing their fate was near, the Hochstadt Gang huddled up together as one mass and moaned because they knew this would be their final moments.

Swiss Ninja:"Let's get this execution done with."

Jock:"It was good knowing all of you. Now we all shall die as martyrs."

King Clovis:"I have let my country down....but I will die for what I believe in."

Fisch:"I knew this day would come..."

Piper:"Eh, I hoped this day would never come."

Leonardo:"I'm getting scared!"

Fuut Ga:"At least my children are all grown up and I at least got to see my grandchildren.."

Dave:"No. We're not going to die. We aren't going to die..."

Swiss Ninja:"In Formation, men!"

Immediately, a row of RDA Clone Troopers lined up a single row that went from one column to the other, although the columns were still between the Hochstadt Gang and the Clones.

Swiss Ninja:"READY!"

The Soldiers began to load their blaster rifles.

Fisch:"Please don't! Swiss, please! We surrender! Don't shoot us! We're your family!"


Jock:"This is the end! This is the end!"

Swiss Ninja:"AIM!!!!!"

The Soldiers immediately aimed at their targets and everyone became deathly quiet. Now, Swiss Ninja just had to say the command and the Hochstadt Gang would be dead for good.

Then, Dave immediatly jumped in front of the Hochstadt Gang and threw a grenade at the middle of the RDA Clone Trooper group between the two columns. However, while the grenade was in mid air, the RDA Clone Troopers flinched and caught their attention on Dave and immediately fired on him.

In a matter of seconds, the blasts of the mixed bullets and lazer blasts threw Dave's body into the huddled Hochstadt Gang, who stumbled back against the wall while the Grenade detonated and blew up all the RDA Clone Troopers up and broke the two columns. Since the Columns were broken, the whole side of the building caved in and collapsed, making it impossible for Swiss Ninja, S2, and the remaining RDA Clone Troopers to reach them. The whole building rumbled loudly and dust and rock crashed against the stone castle floor.

Now, everything was silent and all what was intact was the wall they bumped into and the window, for everything else was cut off from the stone debris.

Clovis held Dave's body in his flippers. Dave had many many ice bullets and lazer blasts hit him, but there was still a very small bit of life in him left. Dave looked at Clovis with a gray, ashen face.

Dave:"Keep goin', gang... You must leeave..."

Dave's head went limp and died immediately. Clovis bowed his dead and wept.

Gottfried:"He was a true martyr, and we owe him our lives."

Jock:"But there's nothing we can do for him anymore, except for giving him a proper burial."

Clovis:"Yes. We must go back to Castilla and bury him there. I will give him the best grave I can get."

Jock took out his keysaber and smashed open the window.

Jock:"Let's escape into the woods and stay there."

King Clovis:"No...we need to return to Geneva because that's where our Mega Cub is."

Jock:"Ok. It's a big risk, but we can try."

Austin comfortably walked into the Congress meeting room with 10 RDA Clone Troopers. All the Senators and Representatives of the Snoss Republic were there except for Maddieworld. Immediately, the RDA Clone Troopers stood in front of the entrance and exits with their large lazer blaster rifles in front of them. Everyone looked at Austin as he walked down the aisles to the Chancellor's grand brown stand.

The lights inside the building were faded while the rain continued to pour outside. The Congress silenced once Austin sat down in the Chancellor's grand brown stand. He felt good doing it because for that moment, that he had all the power. Everyone in the Congress was wondering why the RDA Clone Troopers didn't stop him from doing such a disrespectful act.

Austin:"I'm sorry everyone, but Chancellor Pengvintine is busy and can't attend today's meeting. Instead, he ordered me to take his place."

The Congress shifted uneasily because they had a feeling that something wasn't right.

Austin:"Good news, everyone! The Confederacy is finally destroyed, and Snowzerland is once again reunited as one nation."

The Congress clapped.

Austin:"I also brought something delicious for every one of you Congress members to taste!"

The statement immediately caught everyone's attention.

Senator Hertzleimer:"Oooh! What do we get to taste?"


Austin quickly took out his machine gun and began firing at the helpless Congress members instantly. In a matter of moments, the room was total chaos. Senators who were not dead were screaming for their lives, and although some of them ran to the exits, they were very surprised to find the RDA Clone Troopers pushing them back and shooting them.

Once Austin's machine gun ran out of ammo, he took out his two Khanz Swords and slayed whoever was left. Once the room was clean of Senators, Austin double checked to make sure everyone was dead and that no one else was hiding. Soon enough, there were no survivors or escapees. Austin's first bounty hunting mission in a long time was complete and very successful. Now, he had to find Maddieworld and end her.


Swiss Ninja used his staff to blast through the stone debris to finally access the part of the building that had housed the scared Hochstadt Gang. However, by the time Swiss Ninja broke through the rubble, no one was there.

Swiss Ninja:"GAH!!! NOOO!!! They've escaped!"

Nevertheless, he saw the pool of dark, crimson blood of Dave that was on the stone floor...yet Dave's body wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Swiss Ninja:"Heheheh...heheheheheheh....YES! I DID IT! I killed a Hochstadt Gang member!"

S2:"You're correct. Dave is now dead."

Swiss Ninja:"He martyred himself for nothing! He should have known the Hochstadts won't live long now..."

S2:"Precisely, master."

Swiss Ninja:"Take your RDA Troop with you and follow the tracks of the Hochstadt Gang. Just don't go yet, I'll have Austin go with you for this one."

Swiss Ninja contacted Austin with his cell phone.

Swiss Ninja:"Austin, come to the Castle immediately. I have a really important mission for you."

Austin:"What is it? I'm on my way to Maddieworld's place to take care of her."

Swiss Ninja:"Don't worry about that. She's the least of my concerns. Did you finish off the Congress of the Republic?"


Swiss Ninja:"Good. The Hochstadt Gang has escaped again, and I need you to track them down. Luckily enough, we were able to kill Dave, finally."

Austin:"Oh good. Dave is dead. Now for the rest. I will be there shortly. Can I bring along Java and Django too?"

Swiss Ninja:"Do what you must, Austin."

Austin:"Then I'm on the case. Over and out."

The Hochstadt Gang was very fortunate since they were able to run into the forest without getting caught, and they were able to steal three motor boats to go across the bay with. Luckily enough, no one noticed, and the Hochstadts landed in another forest area on the Geneva side.

Jock:"Now, let's quickly make our plight to the airport!"

King Clovis:"But we can't leave without General Hermosa! I'm sure he still is alive since he stayed on the Geneva side!"

Jock:"That doesn't matter anymore. Castillan soldiers on both sides of the island are getting killed."

Gottfried:"I have some sort of feeling....that we need to help Maddieworld...."

Jock:"Oh yes, that's right! Isn't she pregnant with Swiss Ninja's last child?"

Gottfried:"Yes. Any time now, she will lay that egg. We must rescue her and her egg, because that child could be our last hope for Snowzerland."

Fisch:"I agree. Let's do this quickly. Luckily enough, I know where she lives now."

The Hochstadt Gang maneuvered their way through the forest past several villages and streets until the came upon a beautiful Frankterran looking villa that had a fountain at it's front entrance.

Fisch:"This is it."

King Clovis:"Wait....but why is the front door open like that?"

The Hochstadt Gang quickly ran into the villa and heard Maddieworld scream. Immediately, they found her in her bedroom with Austin, Java, and the fixed Django pointing their guns at her.

Austin:"Wow, I guess it DID pay to take care of Maddieworld first. Thank goodness I changed my mind last minute. You all just walked into your deaths!"

Everyone took out their keysabers.

Jock:"No, we haven't. Step away from the maiden."

Austin:"Make me!"

Austin pointed his gun closer to Maddieworld.

Maddieworld shrieked, and suddenly, laid her egg.

Austin:"THE EGG!"

Then, all of a sudden, Jessica jumped out of the closet and snatched the egg from the ground, and began running away with it.

Piper:"What now???"


The Hochstadt Gang ran out of the villa.

Austin:"Java, Django, go fetch the egg! I'll take care of Miss Maddie over here!"

Django:"Ceartainly, sir."

Jock, being a Cross country and track runner as a youth, was able to catch up with Jessica with the egg.

Jock:"Jessica! Come with us to Castilla! You will be safe there with the egg!"

Jessica:"I don't trust you! I don't trust you!"

Then, Django and Java flew in with their jetpacks and shot Jessica down. She threw the egg up in the air, and Jock gently caught it into the ship.

Jessica:"Keep going! Keep going!"

Django and Java shot Jessica a second time. This time, she was smart enough to play dead, which distracted Java and Django for the moment as the Hochstadt Gang members escaped with the now forgotten egg.

Django and Java were too late when they noticed the Hochstadt Gang. Wasting no time, they threw Jessica's body into the river. Luckily enough, she swam to shore when they were out of her sight while the two bounty hunters began chasing the Hochstadt Gang down to the military base.

Jock:"There's the Mega Cub! We're getting out of here!!!!"

King Clovis:"AAH! Django and Java up ahead!"

Jock:"Quick, Piper and Leonardo, get into the plane and start it! We need a quick exit!"

Jock picked the two puffles off of his shoulders and tossed them across the runway towards the back entrance of the plane. Immediately, the two puffles ran to the cockpit and Piper started the engine.

One by one, the Hochstadt Gang started going inside the plane. However, King Clovis and Jock stayed at the entrance to make sure they didn't leave anyone.

King Clovis:"We can't leave with General Hermosa!"

Jock:"Clovis, there's no way he survived the massacres..."

Suddenly, he saw General Hermosa and a group of other Castillan Soldiers running towards the Mega Cub.

Hermosa:"WAIT! Wait for us!"

King Clovis:"He lives!"

Then, a troop of RDA Clone Troopers came and immediately shot down the Castillan Soldiers, including General Hermosa.

King Clovis:"AAAH!"

Bernard Hochstadt, being close nearby, sprinted towards General Hermosa and quickly yanked him over his shoulders and began running back to the plane.

Django cocked his gun and shot Bernard down....


Gottfried then grabbed Bernard's flippers and began dragging Bernard and General Hermosa quickly to the plane, which was only a few feet away. King Clovis and Jock took out their guns and started shooting at Java, Django, and the RDA Clone Troopers. Several troopers went down while Java and Django dodged the Hochstadts' attacks, and were able to shoot Gottfried.

However, Gottfried's armor nearly saved him and nearly knocked him over. Using all of his energy, Gottfried threw over Bernard and General Hermosa into the plane as the back entrance slowly closed, and the plane began to move.

Django:"They're getting away!"

Java:"Soldiers! To the fighters!"

Immediately, Piper navigated the Mega Cub aircraft into the air without contacting the tower or even bothering going on the main runway.

King Clovis immediately took out a white sheet and covered it over General Hermosa's body since he was already dead.

Bernard was laying next to Gottfried. Gottfried was injured only slightly in the flipper, but Bernard was badly shot in the torso by a lazer blast. He hardly had any life in himself.

Bernard:"Aaaah....this is the end of a chapter...isn't it..."

Gottfried:"Yes, brother, it is..."

Bernard:"I suppose my chapter is over too..."

Gottfried:"It is....unfortunately...Good bye, Bernard."

Bernard:"Do a favor for me, Gottfried, please bury me with Dave and Hermosa in Castilla...please..."

King Clovis:"As you wish."

Bernard:"And one more thing....end...end...end...Swiss Ninja's tyrannical reign...for good..."

Bernhard's head slumped down onto the aircraft's floor and passed away.

Gottfried wept silently as he clutched his wound.

Suddenly, Leonardo saw the enemy aircraft approaching on the Radar.

Leonardo:"Piper, we have enemies coming in at 7 o'clock and at 5 o'clock."

Piper:We can take 'em. Tell Jock or anyone else who's still in one piece to manipulate the main machine gun to knock down our enemies."

Leonardo:"Yes, sir!"

Leonardo went back into the ship and said:"Jock, Piper needs you to control the main machine gun. We have enemies approaching."


Jock got into the controls and began shooting at the incoming enemy aircraft, and began knocking some of them out of the sky, but there were too many.

Suddenly, the airplane shook as one of the enemies struck part of the plane's wings. Luckily enough, no severe damage was made except for a large paint scratch on the plane.

Leonardo:"They're closing in!"

Jock:"Hey, I'm doing my best to get them! They're just so many of them!"

Then, all of a sudden, another armada of aircraft appeared from the other direction and began firing at the Snoss Aircraft.

King Clovis:"Hurrah! We're saved!"

Jock:"But who??"

Leonardo rushed back to the co-pilot's seat.

Piper turned on the radio since someone was trying to get ahold of them."

"Óla! This is the Lisboagese Air Force at your side, backing you up! We just got word from the betrayal from General Hermosa!"

Piper:"Oh good! Thank you for coming, sir. Unfortunately, General Hermosa is dead, and we're escaping from the Snoss. Can you please help us return to Castilla and to drive the Snoss away?"

"Of course."

The Lisboagese fighter jets immediately engaged in combat with the Snoss while the Mega Cub managed to slip away. Soon enough, they arrived in the capital city of Metido, with many paramedics and ambulances showing up.

Gottfried was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment, while Bernard, General Hermosa, and Dave Hochstadt's bodies were taken to the Cemetery to be put into proper caskets and to be prepared for burial. Meanwhile, Jock, Piper, Leonardo, Fisch, and Fuut Ga went to Clovis's Palace for comfort and moral support as well as rest from the crazy and very depressing events that had just happened.

Austin dragged Maddieworld, now in handcuffs, to the front entrance to the Snoss Capitol Building in Geneva. There in front was Java, Django, and Chancellor Pengvintine, who was now dressed up in his black cloak. There in front of the capitol building was a large platform with a tall wooden hanger with a noose attached at the end.

Maddieworld:"Pengvintine, you traitor! I thought we could count on you! You can't kill a Senator! Just wait until the Congress has to deal with you!!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"If only there was a Congress anymore, Miss Maddieworld."

Maddieworld:"You can't do this! This isn't the middle ages!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Too bad, senator. You were destined to die like the rest of the Senators."

Maddieworld:"You will be stopped, Chancellor! The blood you shed will not be hidden! You will face trial, Chancellor, YOU WILL FACE TRIAL!"

Chancellor Pengvintine:"Set up the execution, boys, and tape her mouth shut."


Austin slammed a piece of gray duct tape onto Maddieworld's orange beak. She continued to scream and curse at them, but they only came out as muffled sounds.

Austin and Java began to tie the noose around Maddieworld, while Django got the rope ready. Chancellor Pengvintine just watched and laughed villainously. Then, once their work was finished, the Bounty Hunters stepped back as Django held the rope.

Pengvintine:"Anything to say before you die, Miss Maddiepest?"

Maddieworld cursed Pengvintine through the muffles of the grey duct tape.

Pengvintine:"Django! HANG HER!"

Django pulled the rope, and immediately Maddie went up. Then, out of nowhere, a light blue knicicle appeared and sliced the brown rope in half, dropping Maddieworld to the ground. Then, Papa Flywish, ruler of Liguria, appeared with a large group of Ligurian Soldiers.

Flywish:"Lay your dirty flippers off of her!"

Flywish and the Ligurian Soldiers threatened to shoot the clearly outnumbered group of bounty hunters and the chancellor, who fled for their lives.

Flywish kneeled towards Maddieworld and ripped the duct tape off gently. Maddieworld was coughing loudly and hoarsely. Luckily, she caught her breath again but was still breathing very hard and her heart was racing.

Flywish:"Maddieworld, are you ok?"

Maddieworld:"Yes, Flywish...I am....thank you for saving me...I owe you my life."

Flywish:"I would do anything for you."

Maddieworld:"Flywish, I am a widow. My husband is long dead, and almost all of my children are dead. I felt hopeless when I went up onto the platform to be hanged."

Flywish:"You are very beautiful, Maddieworld, after all these years. I must admit to that. Now that you are widowed, may I ask, will you marry me?"

Maddieworld:"I will, Flywish. I will."

Flywish and Maddieworld kissed, and walked together hastily towards the airport.

Once again, Chancellor Pengvintine arrived on the rebuilt balcony of the Snowzerland Capitol Building in his black robes. Austin, Java, and Django were there with him, standing behind him. This time, many, many citizens came to gather to see the chancellor's speech.

Pengvintine:"Good news, everyone....the Confederacy has been defeated!"

The crowd of war ravaged citizens cheered loudly, now hoping that food rationing would finally be abolished.

Pengvintine:"Now, Snowzerland is once again one country. We will do our best to mend up the scars that we have made! Alemania, Osterreach, and Lichenstien are once more with us, and together we will unite as that superpower Antarctica has feared us to be!"

The crowd cheered again.

Pengvintine:"Food Rationings will be abolished as of today! Flights to our fellow German States will resume tomorrow! Most of all, I must confess that I...AM...SWISS NINJA!!!!"

The crowd stopped cheering and were silent.

Swiss Ninja:"Take faith, my citizens, it is truely I, Swiss Ninja Hochstadt!"

Swiss Ninja took down his hood to show his now shaven head. Austin left and returned with the shoebox that contained Swiss Ninja's crown that was buried in the garden of the Castle. Swiss Ninja put it on, as well as his Ninja mask, and everyone cheered very, very loudly. They were very happy to see their leader once more.

Swiss Ninja:"Nevertheless....this was all an attempt from me to eliminate all the traitors that were secretly against me! I assure you all that all of those Rebel traitors and Confederate scum are taken care of by our fine RDA Clone Troopers. Today starts a new day for Antarctica. A new beginning. From now on, I will be known as Emperor Pengvintine.....and the Republic will transition into THE FIRST REICH OF SNOWZERLAND!"

The Crowd cheered, very, very loudly, and hats were tossed into the air with glee.

The crowd chanted:"Long Live Kaiser Swiss Ninja! Long live Emperor Pengvintine!!!"

King Clovis was watching the whole speech from his large LCD sceen Television with Jock, Piper, and Leonardo.

King Clovis:"So this is how liberty dies....with a bloody massacre and a thunderous applause...Castilla will never forget this day."

Jock:"Long live Castilla. Long Live Dave Hochstadt. Long live Bernhard Hochstadt."

King Clovis:"¡Viva General Hermosa; descansa en paz!" (Long Live General Hermosa; rest in peace!)

Flywish did not watch the news, nor did he tell Maddieworld that Pengvintine was Swiss Ninja since he feared that she would die of disappointment. Instead, he decided not to marry her yet until Pengvintine was killed to be safe. Meanwhile, Liguria also began to observe a day of mourning for the Castillan Soldiers, Lisboagese Pilots, the two Hochstadt Gang Members, Rebel Leaders, the Snoss Republic Congress, and any other martyrs who died for the cause of freedom.

Chapter 9:The Post-War Recovery[edit]

The days after December 23 were tough for the whole Family. Luckily enough, Gottfried wasn't terribly injured and was released from the hospital the next day to be with Jock, Clovis, Fuut Ga, Fisch, Leonardo, and Piper for Christmas Eve and Christmas. The Christmas of 2030 was very solemn and sad for the surviving Hochstadt Gang, and it wasn't merry or cheerful at all. Presents were still given but not all of them were given out or opened, thus Bernard's gifts were given to Gottfried and Dave's presents were given to Clovis. Meanwhile, the gang did their best to keep Maddieworld's egg in good condition.

After Christmas, Castilla and Lisboagal requested an immediate AU meeting without Snowzerland, and all of the nations agreed to remove Snowzerland and the German States from the AU because of Swiss Ninja's new dictatorships and his plan that murdered many Castillans and killed some Lisboagese pilots. Also, Pengvintine was impeached and was kicked out of office of being the Chancellor of the AU. From then on, it was agreed there would no longer be a Chancellor of the AU because of the tyrant like Pengvintine.

Eventually, New Years past and everyone hoped for a happier and safer year. King Clovis decided to get to action in his strike back against his brother, so he organized an important meeting in Metido. Representatives from many countries, mostly from the AU, came to the meeting.

King Clovis stood up on the main podium to begin the meeting.

King Clovis:"Thank you all for being here. Last year's tragedies have been felt by everyone in Castilla, Snowzerland, and Lisboagal. We also know why we are all here...we know that the tyrannical Swiss Ninja is still alive and had adopted a new name, Pengvintine. I am here today to ask you all if you would like to join the ASNR, which is short for the Anti Swiss Ninja Rebellion. Together, we will end his tyrannical rule and bring peace to Antarctica once more."

The representatives cheered in approval.

King Clovis:"Now, friends! All countries who wish to join must sign this paper!"

King Clovis laid the paper down on a table, and many representatives came up to sign it.

When done, Clovis read the countries listed:

...and a couple more.

Jock came up to the stand to say something also.

Jock:"We appreciate your help and your contributions to make this possible. We will do whatever it takes to destroy Swiss Ninja and finally bring Snowzerland to a safe, democratic state."

The representatives applauded accordingly.

Emperor Pengvintine was very angry that he had lost his position as the leader of the AU, but he didn't care. He already was going to carry out Operation Maracas Grandes. That moment, he went into his office and turned on his communicator, and contacted a Caltexican Resistance general.

Caltexican General:"¡Hola, Libertador de las Colonías Castellanas!" (Hello, Liberator of the Castillan Colonies!)

Pengvintine:"Hola, mi compañero. Es tiempo para empezar el operación, 'Maracas Grandes'. Tus hombres necesitan estar listos." (Hello, my comrade. It's time to start the operation, "Maracas Grandes". Your men need to be ready.)

Caltexican General:"Claro que sí, Libertador." (Of course, Liberator.)

That moment, the Caltexican Resistance General called his Resistance Soldiers to be ready to attack. He also immediatly began to contact the other Resistance Generals in the other colonies. The Anti Castillan Rule Resistance Force was going to finally excecute their plan to destroy Castilla's Colonial Empire under their leader, Emperor Pengvintine.

That day in Caltexico City, Caltexico, Loma, Beru, Santagua, Frio, and the capital cities of the other island colonies except for Albergue Plata, Penguifornia, and Ciudad Vieja, the Castillan Soldiers were marching around the main capital square and in front of the main Provincial Capitol building of the island.

Then, all of a sudden and simultaneously at "13:00" (1:00 PM), the Resistance Forces ran into the plazas and began gunning down the Castillan Soldiers like chickens. Nevertheless, the Castillans were prepared this time, and began to fight back better than before.

Clovis received word immediately about the various uprisings.

Castillan General:"¡Mi Rey! Almost all of our colonies are under fire by these Resistance forces! They just came out of nowhere!"

Clovis:"¡Dios mio, hombre! ¿Eres serio??" (Are you serious?)

Castillan General:"Sí. Quickly, you could be in danger. It would be best to go into hiding."

Clovis:"Will do, General. Do what you must to secure our empire, and send some soldiers to the front of the palace to ensure that it doesn't get bombed if any attacks happen on the mainland."

Castillan General:"Roger that, sir!"

Clovis rushed down with the Hochstadt Gang to the Palace's basement, which was an ancient medieval stone room that housed great treasures and other luxuries for the royal family just in case a rebellion or an attack occurs.

Leonardo:"What is going on?"

King Clovis:"A rebellion. Of all times in history, why must NOW be the day that all our colonies start having rebellions and want to break away?"

Jock:"This was staged. I just got word from another General that these rebellions are being held by a feared Resistance group that's being sponsored and led by Pengvintine himself."

King Clovis:"So he was right. My Empire is on the verge of collapsing. I'm going to lose all my colonies, and I'll be hated by everyone!"

Jock:"Not all. Penguifornia, Albergue Plata, and the Castillan Eastshield Colonies are not rebelling."

King Clovis:"This can't be happening! I can't let this happen! More soldiers are being killed now by their own people!"

Gottfried:"We are definitely in dark times now."

King Clovis:"And it seems like we can't do anything about it. All we can do is sit here and wait....and see how well our soldiers are going to defend."

Piper:"Let's turn on the TV. I'm getting bored, and we can also get news on the fighting..."

Piper dashed over to the large LCD TV screen in the basement and turned it on, and tuned it to the news. For the rest of the day, King Clovis's eyes were glued to the screen. He wanted to know every single detail about what was going on. Constantly, the Castillan news reporters screamed out every nation that gained their independence.

"¡Caltexico es libre de Castilla!"

"¡La colonía de Frío es libre de Castilla!"

"¡Parhentina no es castellana, es libre!"

"¡Beru es libre de Castilla!"

...and all the rest of the Castillan colonies from Latin Antarctica drove out the Castillan Soldiers out of the islands and declared independance. The only islands left under Castillan control were Penguifornia, Albergue Plata, and Castillan Eastshield. Hundreds of Castillan Soldiers were retreating back to the mainland or to the remaining colonies.

Reporter:"¡Ay no! ¡Un grupo basque está caminando al palacio réal! ¡Estan muy enojados y tienen armas! Más soldados estan guardando el palacio. Estan listos a pelear." (Oh no! A Basque group is walking to the royal palace! They're really angry and they have weapons! More Soldiers are guarding the palacio. They're ready to fight.)

Suddenly, from the Basement, the Hochstadt Gang could hear the sounds of guns cracking. The Basque Rebellion was being crushed and they were driven back. Clovis caught his breath in relief. However, he knew that Castilla would have to pull itself back together if it had any chance of defeating Snowzerland and ending Swiss Ninja's tyrannical rule.

S2 walked alone on the shores of the Zurich Bay, skipping rocks along the placid water. His work was done; there was no one to fight anymore. However, now, he was feeling guilt on his betrayal of the Hochstadt Gang. Somehow, he vowed his allegance to the RDA Clone Troopers when they were the army for the Republic. S2 thought it was too good to be true, and he couldn't fathom the fact that the RDA Clone Troopers had to betray them and kill off the Castillans and the Hochstadt Gang. Recently, S2 had been feeling very self centered and very proud ever since the Republic was formed. He gained a friendly relationship with the RDA Clone Troopers; they respected him, and he respected them. He couldn't have just betrayed his own kin just like that!

Yet, the vivid memory of the green figure of Dave Hochstadt being killed by several bullets could not wipe his memory. Dave was his friend, and the two of them had their good times together. Nevertheless, his brother, S1, and Swiss Ninja, congratulated him for his good decision to side wit the troopers.

S2 also heard about the tragic death of Bernard as well and grieved for him.

Finally, S2 screamed in anger at himself and ran down the Bay that led out of the city of Zurich and into the forest. When S2 got tired, he started crying and sat on a lone rock that was near the bay shore. S2 mourned for Dave, he mourned for Bernard, and he mourned for all the innocent Castillans that he betrayed. He put the blame on himself because he knew he didn't do anything to help save the lives of the ones he cared about.

Then, out of the dark green pine trees arrive Shadow Guy himself, the original penguin from whom S2 was cloned.

Shadow Guy:"Take heart, my son."

S2:"Who are you? Are you another clone like me?"

Shadow Guy:"No, I am Shadow Guy, your clone father. You and your other clone, S1, are my clones. Django Ghent was not your clone father, as you probably already know."

S2:"Is this true?"

Shadow Guy:"Very."

S2:"Father, I am not worthy to be of your presence. I have let my own friends down and let too much innocent blood spill."

Shadow Guy:"That may be true, but you must come and join the good side once more. Together, we will work at a secret military base in Freezeland and work for the Anti Swiss Ninja Rebellion. What do you say?"

S2:"Yes. I will join."

Shadow Guy:"However, your brother is a different story...I'm afraid he won't have a change of heart."


Thus, the Snoss Civil War ended with a bang and a crash. Castilla became very weak, and King Clovis did his best to rebuild the nation's military. As time passed on, several of the old colonies that were independent became financially unstable and became bankrupt, and soon begged Castilla to re-annex them. S2 betrayed Snowzerland but then rejoined the good guys...although he would never again be a Hochstadt Gang member for that reason until Swiss Ninja was dead. S2 got to know Shadow Guy at the base, and the bond between clone father and clone son were made. Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja, now named Emperor Pengvintine for good, continued to strengthen Snowzerland and the German States for his next invasion attacks on other weaker islands and parts of the USA. The funerals of the three tragic deaths of Dave, Bernard, and General Hermosa were very emotional as they were placed in large elaborate graves that only seemed worthy for kings. Nevertheless, the Hochstadt Gang moved on and continued to plan their defences against the Snoss, including Flywish, who grieved for his Grandfather, Dave Hochstadt, but at the same time, enjoyed having the girl he always wanted, Maddieworld, who was very grateful to him for housing and feeding her in her desperate time of need.

The End!