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Snoss Propaganda, also called Snoss Media is propaganda that are shown on Posters, Newspaper Advertisements, and TV Ads. It is very well known for being very slanted towards Swiss Ninja's point of view, always showing him and his nation as the good guys. Snoss Propaganda and Media is overseed by the SSS.


Snoss propaganda has existed ever since SN founded the original UCSN cities of Zurich and Sankt Moritz on Snowzerland Island, which the first types of Snoss Propaganda influenced penguins and puffles to immigrate and start a new life in "SN's Utopia". The Great Snowzerland Wars also encouraged penguins to join the army or buy war bonds. The newspapers also have lots of propaganda in the politics section, where many political cartoons are drawn. Some Penguins have devoted their careers to the art of making Propaganda images and posters, and make a fairly good amount of money.

Types of Snoss Propaganda[edit]

There are three types of Propaganda that is promoted by Snowzerland: War Bond Propaganda, Army Enlistment Propaganda, and Immigration to Snowzerland Propaganda. All of these are persuasive popaganda that want to influence the every day penguin to help out Swiss Ninja and his nation. The following are image galleries of the propaganda.

War Bonds[edit]

War Bonds 1 Sn propaganda.png

Immigration to Snowzerland[edit]

Enlisting in the Snoss Army[edit]

Mind Control[edit]

Obey Poster.png

Swiss Ninja Glorification[edit]

Swiss Ninja stops Sensei.png

Swiss Ninja Glorification (SNG) is the most common type of propaganda in Snowzerland. Swiss Ninja glorification is the most effective form of propaganda, as it was created in order to distract the public from Swiss Ninja's acts of cruelty and despotism.

Such propaganda depicts Swiss Ninja as the Almighty Saviour of the Universe and Everything in It who was sent here by Whoot Smackler Whoot in the form of a poor civilian to make the world a better place through eliminating the entirety of the High Penguin and Human (especially Amac) population (there's even an entire feature film dedicated to it!) and to "rightfully" champion Snowzerland's supremacy over other Antarctic nations as the Master Nation. On Friday nights, some staff go to the meeting room to laugh at SNG propaganda.

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