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Snoss Berry.png
The Sweet and Pungeant Snossberry.
Type Berry
Effects Fills your Stomach, and High in Vitamin C.
Source Across the Antarctic Continent. Originated in Snowzerland.
Location At your local market, in a forest, or in a farm.
Cost to buy about 10 CP Gold Coins per package.
Cost to sell about 10 CP Gold Coins per package.

A Snossberry is a fruit that grows off of the Snossberry Bush. It is a relative of the Torus Bush.


The Snossberry has been famous for several centuries. It was first mentioned in history during the Babbelonian Empire, where they first ate the berry. Since Snowzerland didn't exist yet, the berry was known as the Purple Berry, and was eaten by Penguins and Puffles alike. However, no one ate it anymore after the Fall of the Babbelonian Empire. A penguin once choked on one of the berries, and the Snossberry was considered poisonous for a long time because of that misuderstood event...even though it wasn't. It wasn't until Science came and when Scientists rediscovered this "strange" berry. Scientists where able to trace it's origins to the back then newly named Snowzerland Island, where these bushes where plentiful. Thus, the name Snossberry was formed, and it fit well. Today, Culinary artists around the Antarctic are admiring it's taste and are creating new exciting foods with it.


The Taste of the Snossberry is very complex. It is sweet and pungeant in flavor. It also has a fruity aftertaste as well. Many Penguins have concluded that it tastes like a combination of Purple Grape, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Pomagranite. It on the outside does not contain a smell, but the inside smells like how it tastes.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The Snossberry's structure is a lot like a grape. It has a thin purple papery covering and a purpleish-redish soft fruity inside. It is obviously round, has a stem, and three leaves coming out much like a Strawberry and O-Berry. The Berry comes from a bush identical to those from the O-Berry and can be grown in Antarctic, Tundra, and at the warmest of Alpine Climate.


Eating the Snossberry raw has always been popular, but people have also made dishes out of it too. Including:

  • Snossberry Pie
  • Snossberry Cake
  • Snossberry Ice Cream
  • Snossberry Juice
  • Snossberry Sauce


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