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Snowiny and Beyond
Native name SnovAir
Callsign SAR
Founded January 5, 2005
Commenced operations February 26, 2005
Hubs Winsburg-Geronimo Stanling Airport
Secondary hubs None
Focus cities Winsburg
Airline alliance Airlines of Snowiny
Fleet 147
Destinations 48
Company slogan Snowiny and Beyond
Headquarters 50 Peters Street, Winsburg, Snowiny
Website http://aww.snovair.up

SnovAir or SAR, formerly known as AirSnowiny, is one of Antarctica's largest airlines based in Winsburg, the United Provinces of Snowiny. It has 48 destinations Antarctica-wide and also some of the most passengers.


Creation (2005)[edit]

On January 5, 2005, the airlines were founded by George McKliney, an Antarctican capitalist in Snowiny. It's goal is to serve all penguins worldwide if they need transportation. In it's first year, the airline was a success and thousands of passengers monthly, and the number steadily grew into the next few years.

Continued Expansion (2006 - present)[edit]

The airline got so popular, people all over Antarctica went to other countries by it. AirSnowiny proved to be one of the most efficient and safest airlines, and never lost a single airplane (until the 2014 incident).

ASN Flight 13015[edit]

April 19, 2014, an AirSnowiny plane was travelling from Shiverpool, USA and was destinated towards Winsburg. War was ongoing in Snowiny at the time and the plane nevertheless went straight to the warzone. At 05:06 AM, April 19, 2014, the airplane as shot down by a Puffalian mortar in east Snowiny. A single shot by the mortar cause the plane to go on fire and eventually crash to the ground, with no survivors. ASN losts over 500,000 Varoes for the lost plane. Puffalia was severely denounced by almost all Antarctican nations, including Snowiny themselves, who declared the airplane shotdown as illegal to antarctic laws. Puffalia ignored the denouncements.


During the months of war, not many penguins decided to take a ride on AirSnowiny planes, resulting in a financial crisis. Staring April 21st, AirSnowiny planes started encircling area affected by war and instead took a route west to get to destinations, avoiding areas Puffalians attack. A few months after the crash, the economy of the airlines improved significantly and early in 2015 AirSnowiny enjoyed an economic boom, and enjoyed a large amount of new passengers.

Present Day[edit]

The airliner was rebranded in 2015 following the formation of the United Provinces as SnovAir, and this greatly increased the number of attendants and the airline become incredibly popular. SnovAir expanded to include even more locations across Antarctica, particularly around the Western Union.


An AirSnowiny Snowing 757, old model in use until 2015
Aircraft In Service Order/Option Passengers Notes
Snowing 737-700 59 0 150
Snowing 737-800 27 0 165
Snowing 757-200 20 0 250 1 aircraft written off
Pontrier PRJ700 9 0 70
Pontrier PRJ900 24 0 80
Total 129 0


  • Winsburg, Snowiny
  • Dolphinas, Snowiny
  • Casper, Snowiny
  • Vanesk, Snowiny
  • Shiverpool, USA
  • Shops City, Shops Island
  • Vonkouver, Shops Island
  • Dancing Penguin City, Shops Island
  • Wizzint, Shops Island
  • Pallinn, Shops Island
  • Penguin City, Shops Island
  • Pecking, Zhou
  • Dellaroma, Liguria
  • Metido, Castilla
  • Parie, Frankterre
  • South Pole City, USA
  • Margate City, Margate
  • Frostborough, Freezeland
  • Soul, South Joseon
  • Kuala LOLPOUR, Malesia


Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On April 19, 2014, an AirSnowiny plane headed for Winsburg from Shiverpool was shot down by a Puffalian mortar in east Snowiny. No survivors were left, and this remains the only AirSnowiny aircraft incident to date.

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