List of SnowBob CirclePants Episodes

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Season 1[edit]

# in Series # in Season Name Name in Other Regions Description Airdate
1 1 Pizza Maker SnowBob's New Job SnowBob gets a job at the Pizza Parlor. February 12, 2015
2 2 Underwater Adventure Meet Hailey SnowBob meets Hailey and they go underwater to find a rare type of fish. February 13, 2015
3 3 Krill Puffle Krill Attacks! Mr. Pengs finds out a new restaurant opened across the street from the Pizza Parlor. February 14, 2015
4 4 The SnowBob Parlor The Pizza Parlor's Mascot Mr. Pengs finds out there hasn't been much customers at the Pizza Parlor, so he decides to make it SnowBob-themed to draw attention. February 15, 2015
5 5 Card-Jitsu Master Hailey's Challenge Hailey challenges SnowBob to a Card-Jitsu tournament. February 16, 2015
6 6 A New Pet Puffle SnowBob and Larry SnowBob gets a new puffle, Larry. February 17, 2015
7 7 Cold Fashion Johnny's Shirt?! Johnny is tired of not being able to afford a shirt, so he makes one out of ice with a little help from SnowBob; Meanwhile, Krill's brother, James, visits. Krill then becomes jealous of his brother's success. February 18, 2015
8 8 Driving School SnowBob's New Ride SnowBob attends Mrs. Fluff's Driving School, but he soon realizes that it isn't his best new hobby. February 19, 2015
9 9 The Dance Madison's Prom SnowBob brings Mr. Pengs' daughter, Madison, to her prom. February 20, 2015
10 10 Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Their Biggest Fanatics! SnowBob and Johnny meet their favorite TV superheroes, Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Krill finds out and plans on destroying the superhero team. February 21, 2015
11 11 Meet Mr. and Mrs. Pengs Pengs and Fluff Mr. Pengs starts to date Mrs. Fluff. February 22, 2015
12 12 Sneak Attack Gotcha! SnowBob beats Hailey in Card-Jitsu for the first time, so Hailey decides to get her confidence back by pulling several "sneak attacks" on SnowBob. February 23, 2015
13 (S1) 13 James Returns James' Revenge James comes back from work to visit Krill again, but this time he got inspired by his brother to take over Club Penguin. Much to Krill's surprise, he succeeds, turning everyone into zombie penguins with buckets of fish on their heads; meanwhile, SnowBob and Johnny try to stop James. February 24, 2015
14 14 Several SnowBobs Too Many SnowBobs! SnowBob finds out that Hailey is a scientist and decides to clone himself to do several things at once with Hailey's new invention. February 25, 2015
15 15 Larrysitting The Puffle Babysitter Walward babysits Larry for SnowBob but soon realizes it is harder work than he thought. February 26, 2015
16 16 A Trip to Tuba Town SnowBob CirclePants' Locker Walward gets lost in a sacred world for tubas only inside a locker that SnowBob installed. February 27, 2015
17 17 Welcome to Rockhopper Island Island Adventure SnowBob, Johnny, Walward, Hailey, and Mr. Pengs go to Rockhopper Island to stop an unknown evil pirate from destroying it. February 28, 2015
18 18 A Need for James You're Fired James comes back to visit Krill once again, this time to deliver the news that he got fired from the Pet Shop; SnowBob tries to get him his job back, with Mr. Pengs trying to convince him that James will just try to take over Club Penguin again. March 1, 2015
19 19 Unlucky Duck SnowBob's Unluck Krill comes up with a plan to make every four-leaf clover unlucky with a new invention. He then finds out one fell into SnowBob's hands. March 2, 2015
20 20 The Non-Smartening Johnny the Scholar SnowBob decides to try and educate Johnny, but his plans don't go well. March 3, 2015

Season 2[edit]

# in Series # in Season Name Name in Other Regions Description Airdate
21 (S2) 1 The Buried Treasure Island Mystery Rockhopper comes to Club Penguin to tell everyone about a buried treasure hidden somewhere on Rockhopper Island. SnowBob, Johnny, and Hailey then go back to the island with Rockhopper to investigate. March 6, 2015
22 2 Driving Test Johnny the Driver SnowBob studies for his test for Driving School with help from Johnny, only to realize from Walward's advice that Johnny might make him fail. March 7, 2015
23 3 Walquest The Search for Walward Due to Snowbob being overly annoying, Walward decides to move out of Club Penguin Island. Snowbob and Johnny go on a quest to find him afterwards. April 17, 2015
24 4 The Episode With No Title ... Snowbob celebrates Opposite Day with Johnny, and things go completely wrong. April 18, 2015
25 5 Stephen M. Circlepants Stephen Visits SnowBob's cousin Stephen arrives on his first day on Club Penguin. April 24, 2015
26 6 Igloo Fever SnowBob's Injury After Snowbob faces an injury while sledding down the Ski Hill, he decides to stay indoors to prevent any further injuries; Johnny and Hailey try to convince him to come back outside. July 29, 2016
27 7 Chocolate Addiction Chocolate! SnowBob and Johnny listen to Walward's advice about money before deciding to sell chocolate bars; soon they realized that selling the bars is harder than they think. July 30, 2016
28 8 Welcome to the Pizza Parlor Pizza Parlor Training An employee introduction video for the Pizza Parlor. August 5, 2016
29 9 The Snowy Spatoon How Tough Are You? Hailey takes SnowBob to a restaurant that only allows tough penguins, so SnowBob decides to prove that he's tough enough to enter. August 6, 2016
30 10 P.U.N.'s SnowBob & Krill: Best Friends? SnowBob makes friends with Krill after he thinks he is lonely and teaches him about jokes. August 12, 2016
31 11 The Camping Club SnowBob, Johnny & Walward: Star Campers SnowBob and Johnny start their own camping club; Walward trying to join it leads to the three getting lost in the wilderness forest, so to pass time before penguins come to save them, they start a campout. August 13, 2016
32 12 The Card-Jitsu Tournament Goodbye, Card-Jitsu Hailey enters SnowBob into a Card-Jitsu tournament and they end up having to fight each other; due to their equality in skill, the match has to be continued in the two's free time; both of them can't finish it because they are too busy, so Sensei threatens to steal their ninja belts unless they do it. August 19, 2016
33 (S3, M1) 13 SnowBob vs. Robert SnowBob & Robert: The Ultimate Crossover! Part 1: SnowBob meets a pink puffle named Robert O'vian and they find out they are extremely similar in personality, along with Johnny, Walward, Hailey, and Mr. Pengs, who meet Padraig Pentacle, Eduardo Flippers, Mandy von Injoface and Abel von Injoface respectively, and they are similar in personality, too.

Part 2: Krill meets Decapod, and they are both very similar in personality and have the same goal: taking over Club Penguin; SnowBob and Robert get into a big fight after Robert tries to steal SnowBob's friends.

Part 3: Krill and Decapod finally achieve their dream of taking over Club Penguin by stealing the pizza recipe and machine blueprints from Mr. Pengs and Abel respectively; this causes a food-less and technology-less apocalypse that SnowBob, Johnny, Walward, Hailey, Mr. Pengs, Robert, Padraig, Eduardo, Mandy, and Abel all team up to stop, but this is occasionally interrupted by SnowBob and Robert refusing to work together.

August 20, 2016

Season 3[edit]

# in Series # in Season Name Name in Other Regions Description Airdate
34 1 Ech Primitive Penguins Peter the Pirate tells a story about SnowBob, Johnny, and Walward's ancestors in caveman times. September 2, 2016
35 2 Cheer Up Johnny Johnny, Be Happy! Johnny starts to feel upset after losing contact with Padraig because they were so similar in intellect, so SnowBob and Hailey try to cheer him up; after they give up on making him feel better, Johnny goes through an incident that makes him smarter. September 9, 2016
36 3 The Box of Imagination Use Your Mind SnowBob and Johnny play with a box; Walward thinks this is a stupid idea, but after he hears SnowBob and Johnny getting injured from using their imagination, he decides to find out why. September 16, 2016
37 4 Goodbye Pizza Parlor Save the Pizza Parlor! Mr. Pengs announces to SnowBob and Walward that the Pizza Parlor is being shut down and replaced with a fancier restaurant; while Walward is happy about this, SnowBob and Johnny start a petition to end the closing. September 23, 2016
38 5 'Hopper Mouth SnowBob & Johnny & the Bad Word SnowBob and Johnny say a word that they soon find out is bad. September 30, 2016
39 6 Walward's Band Walrus Enemies! Walward's enemy Walfred asks Walward whether he has a band, causing Walward to quickly train a ton of residents of Club Penguin to form a band. However, it doesn't go as Walward planned. October 7, 2016
40 7 The Baby Puffle Puffle Parents SnowBob and Johnny find a baby puffle who they soon take in as their own and care for it as its parents. October 14, 2016
41 8 Pizza Paranoia I'd Die for Pizza Pie Walward accidentally gives SnowBob a pizza that he thinks is a bomb, so he spends as much time with him as possible before SnowBob has the chance to explode. October 21, 2016
42 9 Working the Night Shift Midnight Nightmare After Mr. Pengs decides for the Pizza Parlor to be open 24/7, SnowBob and Walward have to work the night shift. After Walward tells a scary story to keep himself entertained, creepy things start happening in the parlor. October 28, 2016
43 10 The Snow's Always Whiter Mr. Krill! Mr. Pengs and Krill switch lives after Krill activates a machine he invented. November 4, 2016
44 11 Snow Buddy Freezing Friend SnowBob builds a snowman and befriends him, naming him Snow Buddy. After he introduces it to all of his friends, he starts to ruin their day. November 11, 2016
45 12 Walward's Birthday Happy Birthday! Walward realizes that everyone forgot his birthday, so he tries to get them to remember it. November 18, 2016
46 13 Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal II Retired Superheroes?! SnowBob and Johnny find out that their favorite show Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal got canceled, so they go to the superhero team to find out why. November 25, 2016
47 14 The Great Snowball War Snowball Fight!!! SnowBob and Johnny go to the Snow Forts to have a snowball fight. After Walward finds out, he joins in but starts taking it a little too seriously. December 2, 2016
48 15 Paint for a Cheapskate SnowBob and Johnny: Paint Professionals? Mr. Pengs punishes SnowBob and Johnny by making them paint his entire house. December 9, 2016
49 16 Fishie Fish Caretakers Hailey finds a fish underwater and asks SnowBob and Johnny to take care of him. December 16, 2016
50 17 (S4, M2) Merry Krillmas Krill's Christmas Part 1: SnowBob meets Santa Claus after his sleigh breaks down, and they try to find out who is behind it. They call Johnny and Hailey for help, but they seem to know nothing about it. However, after they ask Mr. Pengs, he has a suspicion that Krill is behind it, and after they find out that he's missing from the Fish Bucket, they set out on a journey to find him.

Part 2: During SnowBob, Johnny, Hailey, Mr. Pengs, and Santa's journey, they come across many Antarctican towns and places, all getting ready for Christmas. They can't find Krill anywhere, but after Santa reveals that all along it was just Krill in disguise, he reveals a machine that will be used to remove all the Christmas spirit from Antarctica and add in spirit for worshipping Krill.

Part 3: Krill kidnaps the four with Santa while Krill's plan comes to life. The crew has to think of a way to stop Krill before he fully takes over Antarctica.

December 23, 2016
51 18 New Years Resolutions Happy New Year! The Pizza Parlor hosts a New Years party that is interrupted by Krill. December 30, 2016
52 19 Mr. Pengs' Drive-Thru Pizza On the Go After SnowBob accidentally crashes a hole in the Pizza Parlor wall, Mr. Pengs makes a drive-thru out of it to save money. January 6, 2017
53 20 The Story of Pengs & Krill The Start of a Rivalry Mr. Pengs tells the story of why him and Krill are rivals and what their first big argument was. January 13, 2017
54 21 The Outsider Human! SnowBob and Johnny find a human stranded on the Dock and try to help him recover. January 20, 2017
55 22 SB-322 Walrus in the Future Walward gets locked in the Pizza Parlor freezer for 2,000 years and wakes up in the future. January 27, 2017
56 23 Valentine's Day SnowBob & Johnny: Valentines? SnowBob and Johnny cause chaos on Valentine's Day. February 3, 2017
57 24 SnowBuff MusclePants Inflatable Arms SnowBob buys fake muscular arms to impress Hailey. February 10, 2017
58 25 Staff of the Month SnowBob vs. Walward SnowBob and Walward compete for the Staff of the Month award. February 17, 2017
59 26 Goodbye, Parlor Pizza? Frozen Pizzas SnowBob and Mr. Pengs take advice from an ad executive and launch a line of frozen Pizza Parlor pizzas, which turn out to replace the old parlor pizzas entirely. April 14, 2017


  • SnowBob is not absent for any episodes, however he does have a few minor roles.
  • Johnny is absent for nine episodes.
  • Walward is absent for sixteen episodes.
  • Mr. Pengs is absent for twenty-one episodes.
  • Hailey is absent for twenty-five episodes.
  • Larry is absent for thirty-one episodes.
  • Krill is absent for thirty-six episodes.


  • A movie has been confirmed.


  • The series was confirmed to end on February 24, 2017, but was delayed due to the production of "Goodbye, Parlor Pizza" taking longer than expected.
  • Special episodes run for 45 minutes (1 hour counting commercial breaks).
    • So far, there are four special episodes, two of which doubling as movie episodes.
  • Movie episodes run for 1 hour and 15 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes counting commercial breaks).
    • They also double as special episodes.
    • The reason movie episodes aren't actual movies is because they relate to the plot of the show and the plots of them are mentioned in later episodes, whereas actual movies are the opposite.
    • So far, there is one movie episode.
  • A 1-month-long hiatus was active in-between season 2, episode 2 until season 2, episode 3. This was because of Zeno124's absence in the Stage.
  • A year-long hiatus was active in-between season 2, episode 5 until season 2, episode 6. This was because of Zeno124 quitting his directing job after airing episode 5, but returning before airing episode 6 a few days later.