Snow Forts

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The Snow Forts
The Snow Forts with Rory in the background.
Snow Forts Normal.png
The Snow Forts during normal hours.
Key details
Type Room
Level 50
Location Club Penguin
Inhabitants Snowball Fighters, Ninjas, Tourists, ACP, and ACP II.

The Snow Forts is a small region of Club penguin designed specifically for flinging frozen precipitation at each other. There are two castle-like structures in the center of the arena, which are apparently indestructible, since a certain penguin gets carried away in the Snowball Fights that occur there.


The Snow Forts, or once known as the Snow Area, was found by "The Club" in 2003, who also established CP. The Snow Forts was first just a open field, surrounded by trees. The Club decided to build snow forts, and have snowballs fights at the Snow Forts.

In 2005 they packed up some snow and froze it with liquid nitrogen, rendering them seemingly indestructible. Afterwards, they covered it with more snow, and so on. Then they built a giant clock tower in the corner, so people can tell the time. This made it easy for people to schedule snowball fights.

In November, 2005, a ball of blue fluff was found. It was quickly captured by the Moderators, and was put in a cage. It turned out to be a puffle, a mysterious creature hardly known until then. The puffle was carefully studied, and then was sent into the wild with a tracking collar. After the discovery penguins all around explored the Snow Forts looking for more puffles, no more were found.

In 2007, the clock tower mysteriously stop working right in the TCP Servers. Rory investigated it, and discovered that a gear and spring were missing. The PSA launched a mission to figure out what happened. Luckily Rookie set up hidden cameras in all the rooms in CP to watch for villains, so Gary decided to watch the security clip. It was discovered that Herbert pulled out the clock's main gear, and accidentally pulled out a spring too. The main gear was replaced with an ice one, and the spring was brought back. Herbert was then found a year later using the gear to drill underground Club Penguin, which was causing several earthquakes.



The Snow Forts in the Traditional Servers is very plain, and doesn't have much to it. It does have a large clock tower to read the time, and there are snow forts for snowball fights. Armies, like the Nachos and ACP, have snowball fights here a lot. It is a fun place to hang out with friends, and have friendly snowball fights.


The Snow Forts in the Business Servers is replaced with a courtyard, where workers rest. There is a Snowbucks merged with the clock tower, and there are many flowers planted around the courtyard. However, some rude chicks sneak in and throw snowballs at workers while they're resting.


In the Residential Servers the Snow Forts is replaced with a small neighborhood, and the Ice Rink is replaced with a park for chicks. The Snow Forts are known as Snow Neighborhood in the RCP's, and is a very populated area. The clock tower is deleted from these servers to make room for more igloos, and houses.


In the Industrial Servers the Snow Forts is replaced with a car factory. The factory takes up the Snow Forts, and the Ice Rink completely. It makes five cars every minute, and is very busy.


The Snow Forts is a very busy area, since it is located in between the Town and Plaza. It is always decorated for parties, but the snow forts always stay. During the Christmas parties the snow forts are extended to be larger, and cooler. During the Puffle Parties puffles of all colors have their own snow fort at the Snow Forts. They throw snowballs at each other, encouraging penguins to join with them.


Here is a list of Server Wave Files of the Snow Forts.



  • The snow at the Snow Forts is of a high quality and strength due to its large water content and moisture. Because of this, the snow is often used in building snowcastles, sculptures and other snow structures, as it is very strong and sturdy.

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