Snow Freezecisco

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Snow Freezecisco
The city of Snow Freezecisco.
Country USA
Area Eastshield
Monuments Khanzem War Monument
Headquarters Snow Freezecisco Central Tower
Neighbourhoods Downtown Snow Freezecisco
Botanical Gardens
Central District
City Square
Mayor Gerald McFisher
Population 550,000 (2018)
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Snow Freezecisco
Foreign name Nieve Freezecisco
Demonym Snow Freezeciscan
Founded January 9, 1883
– Founder Freezecisco Snowpengy
Time zone Eastshield Standard Time
Summer time Eastshield Daylight Time
Area codes Unknown

The City of Snow Freezcisco, simply known as Snow Freezcisco or Nieve Freezecisco in Spanish is a city in upper Eastshield, sharing many similarities with Castillan culture and home to large communities of penguins from Castilla, Maverick, Parhentina and Tropicalis.



Snow Freezecisco was originally a small colony that a group of Tropicalian explorers, colonizers and navigators, led by Freezecisco Snowpengy, created camp and decided to name it Snowflake Coast. Inhabitation of the area didn't come as quickly as it did to the other cities and colonies, and Snowflake Coast ended up being a tiny fishing village. Snowflake Coast's growth in population barely rose neither declined and primarily remained stagnant and didn't see that much development until late 1910 when greater expansion of the small village began, expanding the small fishing dock and turning it into a larger trading pier. Penguins from the High Penguin Confederacy inhabited the village, giving the population a much needed boost.


After Khanzem began their conquest of Antarctica, Snowflake Coast was attacked by Khanzem soldiers. A battle took place in the early hours of the morning after news was heard that the leader had been assassinated with many soldiers attempting to fight back against Khanzem. Residents were left homeless and many managed to flee while their homes destroyed by the soldiers in the process. Snowflake Coast was left mostly untouched and forgotten for the next half of a century, apart from the Air Kingdom claiming the region from which it was located in. Some Tropicalians came and tried to start a community once again, but with little luck.


An era later, Snowflake Coast was re-established as a King Penguin colony and officially under the name of Snow Freezecisco, in honour of the colony's founder and leader. The small Tropicalian community over time merged with the Snow Freezeciscans, giving the population a small boost. After the Colonial War and the formation of the United States of Antarctica, Snow Freezecisco became part of the country.


Tropicalian's mainland colonization flag served as Snow Freezecisco's original flag, as did many other former mainland Tropicalian colonies or settlements.

The flag before the city's destruction.


Coming soon...


USA flag.PNG
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