Snow José

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Snow José
The skyline of downtown Snow Jose as seen from the west.
Country United States of Antarctica
Monuments Administration Square, History Park, APS Center, Japalandtown, Snow José City Hall
Headquarters Snow José City Hall
Neighbourhoods Downtown Snow José, Tulip Garden, South Snow José, East Snow José, Alvisnow, Almapen Valley
Mayor Brandon Lukic
Population City: 1,046,834
Metro: 1,962,377
rank by 2009 924,459
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Snow Jose
Foreign name Snow José
Demonym Snow Josean
Founded 1700s
Time zone Eastshield Standard Time
Summer time Eastshield Daylight Time
Area codes 408, 669, 650

Snow José, officially the City of Snow José, is the second largest city in eastern Eastshield and the center of Germanium Valley, in cultural, economic, and political terms. Recently surpassing Snow Freezecisco in population, its neighbor to the north, Snow Jose is the fourth largest city in Eastshield and the twelfth largest in the United States of Antarctica. Snow Jose is also the county seat of the Snow Clara County, which is considered among the most affluent counties in the USA. Snow Jose is also the largest city in the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area.

Snow Jose was originally founded by Tropicalian settlers, as with Snow Freezisco and a few other cities in the region in the late 18th century. The city changed hands between multiple countries over the next few years, but remained mostly untouched by war. After the Colonial Antarctica War, many people began moving to the city, which caused the population to rise. Many technological companies also moved to Snow Jose and set up offices or their headquarters there, while others were founded in Snow Jose, which grew both the economy and population even further.

Today, Snow Jose is a major center of the technological industry, and is known for its high quality of life and high cost of living. The city is considered one of the most affluent in the country, behind only a few cities, and is also one of the richest in Antarctica, with a high GDP per capita. Additionally, the city's abundance of technological companies has led to Snow Jose being one of the major centers of popular culture, behind major cities such as Club Penguin and South Pole City, and its citizens usually follow some of the latest trends.


The oldest continuously standing building in Snow Jose, this house belonged to one of the first settlers in the city, and is a major tourist attraction today.

Snow Jose was established by a group of Tropicalian settlers in the 1700s, and was the first civilian settlement in the Tropicalian colony of Alta Eastshield. Despite being the first settlement, Snow Jose fell behind the growth of the later settlements such as Snow Freezecisco, and for years remained a small farming town in the area. The city was spared the destruction of the Khanzem War, although there was a battle between Khanzem forces and the Good Guys in the north, in the city of Snow Freezecisco that caused much destruction there.

For years after the war, Snow Jose was a minor farming based city, and although it had a small population at the time, Snow Jose was a major center for the canning industry, which packed the crops that came from the surrounding farms. Most of the factories from the area have since been demolished, but their presence is still evident in some of the place names, such as a major shopping center called "The Factory", since it once stood on a factory. In 1935, Olde Antarctica was established, and the Water Kingdom gained control over the city from Tropicalis, which by then had relinquished the entirety of its mainland colonies after some pressure from the growing threat of Khanzem.

It was during this time period, under the rule of the Water Kingdom, when Snow Jose began to grow. As the False War was ongoing at the time, and many countries were in an arms race against each other, the government ordered the construction of thousands of weapons to keep up with its rivals. Thus, the city's economy began to change from agriculture to manufacturing, and the presence of the local farms and canning factories began to diminish, though they did not vanish completely from Snow Jose until the early 1990's when the city started to grow.

Eventually, the city fell under the rule of Puffle'and in the years of 1990 until 2000 when the USA was founded, but not much changed during that time period, though Snow Jose now began growing at a small pace, but faster than before. However, after 2000, when the USA was founded after the Colonial Antarctica War, the city began a major economic boom, and many technology companies began to open their offices in the city. The cost of housing grew greatly between 2000 and 2010, as many executives and engineers moved to the city to work or run the companies.

Today, Snow Jose is a major center of technology in Eastshield, and is often considered one of the technology hubs of Antarctica- among Dorkugal, Golden City (Circuit Valley), and Hashville. The housing market is also one of the most expensive in Antarctica, with housing prices in the millions. Snow Jose is a perfect example of a thriving, modern city, and also has one of the highest costs of living in the USA, and Antarctica as well. Snow Jose surpassed Snow Freezecisco in population in the 1990s, and today is the largest city in Germanium Valley, and one of the top five largest cities in Eastshield.


Snow Jose is made up of a mayor's office and an 11 member city council, with elections for both mayor and council member positions being held every four years. The mayor is elected in a city wide vote while the city council is elected by their respective districts, which have about 100,000 people in each district. After the elections, the vice mayor is chosen from the council in a council vote, and numerous city positions, including City Manager, City Auditor, City Clerk, City Attorney, and Police Auditor are appointed by the mayor, but have to be approved by the city council before they can take their positions.

The mayor presides over the council as a member of the council and has a vote within the city council, but doesn't have any veto power on any of the laws passed by the city council. Aside from making laws for the city, the city council also elects the vice mayor, whose job is to preside over the city council in the mayor's absence, and approves positions appointed by the mayor as well. The other city positions, City Manager, City Auditor, City Clerk, City Attorney, and Police Auditor each control a certain aspect of the city, such as the City Manager handling urban planning and such.


Snow Jose has some of the lowest crime in the country, partially due to the Snow Jose Police Department's tactics of trying to reduce crime, such as trying to connect with members of the local community to ensure more cooperation when needed. The Snow Jose Police Department recently became the first police department in the USA to make emergency calls available online. However, despite Snow Jose's low crime, the city's crime rate has risen somewhat since the 1990's, when it rose above the national average, but Snow Jose is the safest city with a population of about 1,000,000 in the USA, and the second safest city with a population over 500,000.


There are multiple colleges and universities in Snow Jose, the largest and most popular being Snow Jose State University, which was the first university founded in the city, and is attended by students from all over Antarctica. Snow Jose State University is also the first university that became part of the Eastshield State University system, which was founded after the Colonial Antarctica War. Snow Jose is also home to two prestigious law schools, the Lincon Law School and the Germanium Valley Law School.

Primary and secondary education in Snow Jose is considered some of the best, with its elementary, middle, and high schools rated among the best in the United States of Antarctica. Due to its proximity to many of Antarctica's top technological companies, the schools are known to use the latest technology provided by the companies, such as Peach products, like computers. Snow Jose is home to around 100 elementary, and 40 middle and high schools each, with the first high school being Snow Jose High School, founded in 1863.

Being at one of the centers of the technological industry, education in Snow Jose, especially higher education, is focused on preparing the student for a future career in the technological field. Many students from across Antarctica come to Snow Jose to study in the somewhat prestigious Snow Jose State University, which prides itself on "powering Germanium Valley", or in other words, preparing future employees of the technology industry that is prevalent in Germanium Valley. Some high schools also prepare students for a future in the technology field as well, although to a lesser extent than higher education does.


Some buildings in downtown Snow Jose. Older buildings can be seen in the foreground while more modern skyscrapers can be seen in the background.

Snow Jose has some of the highest costs of living in both the United States of Antarctica and the state of Eastshield, with this mostly due to the extremely high cost of housing, which is above the national average. High housing costs have been a major concern for the city for years, and several incidents relating to poor quality housing led the city council to meet in November 2017 to discuss housing reform. The city has an unemployment rate of about 5%, and has the highest median income in the United States of Antarctica for any city with a population of over 200,000.

Snow Jose is also home to many of Antarctica's largest technological companies, such as ABay and Abulb, which employ a large part of the population of the city and contributes to both the high costs of housing and living. In 2015, Peach began building a research campus on a large campus in an area of the Snow Jose area known as Cupertinsnow, which is expected to employ around 15,000. Eureka! has also been planning to build a major research campus in downtown Snow Jose as of 2018. but plans have been delayed due to disputes with local residents, the city, and the state.

As the center of Germanium Valley, and therefore the technological industry, Snow Jose leads the country in many aspects of the economy. For example, the city produces more patents than any other city in the United States of Antarctica, due to the abundance of startup companies. According to a recent survey, the city is also considered the happiest place to work in the USA, partially due to the many high paying jobs, and around 30% of venture capital funds are invested in companies in Snow Jose and the surrounding Germanium Valley as well.



Most of the buildings in downtown Snow Jose are modern high rise buildings, built during the city's growth in the late 20th and early 21st century as offices or headquarters for many of the technological companies that moved to the city or were founded there. Due to the downtown area's close proximity to the Snow Jose International Airport, as defined by the Federal Antarctic Aviation Administration, there is a height limitation for buildings in the downtown area, though buildings located farther away from the airport can be a little higher.

A small part of the buildings in downtown are built in the 18th century Castillan or Tropicalian styles by the early settlers, but few remain though many of Snow Jose's oldest buildings are located in the Snow Pedro area of the city. Most of the buildings around the city are modern as well, although there are many 19th and 20th century buildings scattered around, usually in the residential areas of downtown, and the areas of Nagsleet Park close to downtown and Tulip Garden, which is another neighborhood west of downtown, have 19th and 20th century residential buildings as well.

Performing Arts[edit]

Additionally, Snow Jose is also home to have many famed performing arts companies, such as theater, ballet, and orchestras, which hold often highly attended performances at many of the city's public venues, such as the Snow Jose Center for the Performing Arts, located in the downtown area, or at a theater close to the Snow Jose Convention Center. Snow Jose is also home to the Snow Jose Museum of Art, located across the street from Administration Square in downtown Snow Jose, which is one of the country's most highly rated museums for modern art.


The Snow Jose Storms' stadium in Snow Jose, which is located across the street from Snow Jose International Airport.

Snow Jose also has many popular professional sports teams, such as a hockey team known as the Snow Jose Dolphins, which is one of the most popular teams in the state and even the country due to their many victories in hockey championships, and a soccer team known as the Snow Jose Storms. The home of the Snow Jose Dolphins is at APS Center, which is named for an Alemanian company, in downtown Snow Jose, while the home of the Snow Jose Storms is located in a stadium close to the Snow Jose International Airport, which was built in 2015 and seats around 20,000 people.


Snow Jose is the twelfth largest city in the United States of Antarctica and the fourth largest in Eastshield, with a population of 987,235 according to the 2010 census, but a population of 1,046,834 according to an estimate in 2014. The city has an area of about 180 square miles and a population density of about 5,816 people per square mile. Snow Jose also has a large immigrant population, with most of the immigrants coming from Latin Antarctica, around 30% of the population, or the Asiapelago, around 32% of the population.

The two largest species of penguin in Snow Jose are Emperor Penguin and King Penguin, with King Penguins having the majority of the population in the city. King Penguins are native to the area, while the Emperor Penguins are descendants of the original Tropicalian settlers, most of whom were Emperor Penguins. The city also has a small population of High Penguins, who immigrated to the city following the Colonial Antarctica War, and are scattered in various areas around the city. However, the High Penguin population has been decreasing, with many moving out into the smaller towns.


A small river, the Snow Jose River, flows from the Snow Cruz Mountains to the Snow Freezecisco Bay through the city of Snow Jose. At the southern part of the river is a valley known as a the Almapen Valley. The lowest point in the city is in Alvisnow, at the mouth of the Snow Jose River in the Snow Freezecisco Bay, which is at below sea level, while the highest point is Mount Jefferson. Snow Jose is located at the southern end of Snow Freezecisco Bay, and is about 20 miles from the ocean. Though the city itself sits in one large valley, there are four smaller valleys in the city.

Snow Jose is also made up of multiple communities, many of which were independent towns before being annexed by the city as it grew. The main parts of the city are Downtown Snow Jose, Central Snow Jose, West Snow Jose, North Snow Jose, East Snow Jose, and South Snow Jose. In these main areas are smaller communities, which include Japalandtown, one of the only Japalandtowns in Antarctica, Tulip Garden, Midtown Snow Jose, Maple Glen, Nagsleet Park, Snowbank, Snowchester, Alvisnow, East Snowhills, Aluminum Rock, Little Lisboagal, Flower Valley, Candvian, Almapen Valley, Gold Creek Valley, Everfreeze Valley, Evendale, Snow Teresa, Eight Trees, Fox Valley, and Berryessnow.


Snow Jose has a Mediterranean climate, and is often moderate climate throughout the year, with an average temperature higher than in most of the Antarctic. The city is also surrounded by mountains on three sides, and thus is drier than most of the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area, getting less rain throughout the year. Unlike most of the Antarctica, winters in Snow Jose are much warmer, and Snow Jose doesn't usually get snowfall, like in the rest of the Snow Freezecisco Bay Area. In fact, winters are barely even at freezing temperatures, only with the occasionally flurry.



Eastshield State Route 87 in Snow Jose, nearing the interchange with Interstate Highway 280. Also known as Highway 87, the highway connects the north and south sides of the city.

Snow Jose is served by three Interstate Highways, three state highways, and one national highway. The road system is by far the most used mode of transportation in the city, and congestion is often a problem during rush hour. One of the main highways of Snow Jose, Eastshield State Route 87, or simply shortened to Highway 87 by the locals, is among the most congested at the southern part of the Snow Freezecisco Bay, especially in the morning and the afternoon to evening. Other highways around the city are also extremely congested around the same time.

Public Transit[edit]

Rails are the second most used system of transportation, and with the main train system, known as the Light Rail, which is operated by the Bay Transportation Authority, or BTA, spanning the entire city, while another train system, the Antarctic Express, has a stop in Snow Jose on its train line from Lunixham to Delfinopolis. The BTA also operates a bus system that connects most of the city and a few neighboring cities and towns. Additionally, the Bay Area Fast Transit, or BAFT, has been constructing a train line connecting the city of Johnstown to the north to Snow Jose.


Air travel is often used to get from and to Snow Jose, and there is a major airport, the Snow Jose International Airport, located west of the downtown area and close to three major highways, Highway 101, Highway 87, and Highway 880 for easy access, though most tend to use the larger Snow Freezecisco International Airport, while some also use the Encinal International Airport as well. Snow Jose also has a smaller civil aviation airport known as the Reed-Mountainview Airport, which is located in east Snow Jose and is mostly used for smaller civilian planes.

Sister Cities[edit]


  • It's a parody of San Jose, California.
  • You won't believe how many parody names exist on here.
  • Snow Jose is often overshadowed by Snow Freezecisco, and its technology companies are often mistaken for being in Snow Freezecisco.

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