Snow Jose Police Department

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Snow Jose Police Department
Name Snow Jose Police Department
Type Police department
Foundation 1849
Location Snow Jose
Head Kevin Couillard
Job Serve and protect Snow Jose
Members 1,000
Headquarters 100 Pueblo Street, Snow Jose, Eastshield

The Snow Jose Police Department, often shortened to SJPD, is the police department of Snow Jose. Considered some of the best police departments in Antarctica for their tactics and experienced officers, the SJPD is a major contributing factor to the city's low crime rates. With around 1,000 officers and 370 civilian officers, the SJPD serves around 1,000,000 people in Snow Jose, and is one of the largest police departments in northern Eastshield. The Snow Jose Police Department is led by a police chief, Kevin Couillard, as of 2017.

Additionally, the Snow Jose Police Department is divided into different five divisions, each corresponding to a certain area of the city, with the divisions divided into four districts each, and the districts themselves being divided into separate police beats. Aside from that, the Snow Jose Police Department also has specialized units dealing with certain issues, including, but not limited to the assault, burglary, Doom Weed/Judgies, internal affairs, and K9 units. There is also a civilian officer unit tasked with dealing with minor incidents.


As a small town, throughout most of Snow Jose's early history, law enforcement was carried out by the country sheriff and numerous other regional agencies. However, as the town of Snow Jose began to expand in the mid-1800s, the Snow Jose Police Department was founded in 1849 to deal with law enforcement of a growing population, and consisted of a few police officers who dealt with minor crimes such as robberies or public disturbances. As the city and police department continued to expand, the position of police chief was created in 1880.

As the city grew further, the police department expanded, and officers had to go through more complex training to deal with more complicated incidences, and a police manual was written to guide police officers in their work. As more and more technology was invented, such as cars, motorcycles, and radios, the police department was among the first police departments on the continent to begin using them. In the 20th century, the Snow Jose Police Academy was founded as a four year college to better train aspiring officers in the city.

As the city grew even larger in the 21st century, the police department modernized and upgraded itself to better protect a large city. Due to Snow Jose being a technological hub, Snow Jose police officers use some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the country in their computers and other equipment. The Snow Jose Police Department has also used the tactic of getting to know the members of their community, in order to better protect and serve them. These actions have allowed Snow Jose to have the lowest crime rates in the country.

The Snow Jose Police Department was heavily involved in The Shadow War between the terrorist group S.H.A.R.K. and various law enforcement agencies across Antarctica. As S.H.A.R.K. was operating in the city, causing trouble and planning their attacks, the police department conducted dozens of raids on S.H.A.R.K. properties, making dozens more arrests and seizing equipment that was to be used in their attacks. Within a few weeks, S.H.A.R.K. was almost completely wiped from Snow Jose, with most of the members that hadn't been arrested fleeing the city.


The official uniform for the Snow Jose Police Department is a dark blue shirt and dark blue pants with a white stripe running down the side, with civilian officers wearing light blue pants in the same style. Officers wear a badge on their chest and the department's patch on their sleeve. When necessary, officers sometimes wear bulletproof vests, but that is uncommon, as the city has a low crime rate. The department's SWAT unit wears a thick dark blue coat over their uniform, with a bulletproof vest on top of that, a helmet, and boots instead of normal shoes.


All Snow Jose police officers carry a gun, handcuffs, a baton, a taser, a flashlight, pepper spray, and a police radio. Officers are required to go through a training course before they are allowed to use a gun, which is often included in their training, and they are allowed to take their gun home if they want. Additionally, police cars are equipped with a shotgun, though it is rarely used. SWAT units are equipped with the same equipment, though they also carry special equipment, including various types of grenades, and an assault rifle, among other pieces of equipment.


The Snow Jose Police Department is divided into five divisions, with each police officer being assigned to a certain division, district, and beat, the Airport Division, Eastern Division, Western Division, Southern Division, and Central Division, which are each headed by a police captain, who is the division commander. Each of the divisions themselves, except the Airport Division, are divided into four police districts, which are each commanded by a police lieutenant that serves on the division command team. Additionally, the districts themselves are then divided into police beats.


The Snow Jose Police Department maintains two stations, one main station located in downtown Snow Jose, and a smaller substation located in South Snow Jose, in the Edendale neighborhood. The main police station in downtown is where most of the services are located and where police operations are centered, while the substation is more of a police academy, and is used to train new officers. Built in 2010 to accommodate the growing areas of South Snow Jose, which were far from downtown and the main services, the southern station is much more modern and uses some of the most advanced technology.


  • The Snow Jose Police Department faced some controversy for their alleged excessive use of force, but the police department has developed in the past few years and is better able to handle complicated incidents.
  • Scrubbypingu was briefly hired as a Snow Jose police officer due to an error, but was eventually fired after the city government discovered that he arrested some people without reason while not arresting people who had committed crimes.

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