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Snow Sensei
The current Sensei of Snow
Title Snow Sensei
Gender Male
Race Dufflepud (rumoured)
Faction Snow Ninjas
Health Great
Status In hiding
Location Tallest Mountain
Birth date 1910
Occupation Sensei of Snow Ninjas
Interests Teaching Snow Ninjas
Friends Sensei
Sensei Wraith
Fire Sensei
Water Sensei
True Sensei
Archetype Snow

Yuki Kojima (こじま雪) or Snow Sensei (雪先生 Ninja), is the secretive Sensei of Snow, who worked to create Card-Jitsu: Snow with Sensei. He originally planned it's release for December 2011, however the Card-Jitsu War caused a great imbalance in the Pectosphere, despite Snow Sensei's intervention in the war, causing the release date to be postponed and with that, his public appearance as well. Snow Sensei continues to train an elite band of Snow Ninjas, along with Snow Ninja Puffles, in a Dojo located at the 'heart of the Iceberg', referring to the Iceberg in Club Penguin and the fact that most of the Iceberg is underwater, therefore the Dojo is located underwater, although it is concealed by the vast amount of ice, making somewhat invisible to Aqua Grabber pilots.

However, a new dojo was built in the mountains of Club Penguin in 2013, and it was opened to the public in May 2013.


Early life

Snow Sensei as a chick.

Snow Sensei was born as the second child in the Kojima family, as the younger brother to Sensei Wraith and the older brother to Sensei Water. Unlike his brothers, Snow Sensei was the first in his family to be obsessed with the rice hat, and he was very social as a very young chick. He was gentle and tolerant, which is why he befriended a walrus named Tusk, but also very talented patience. During his early life, he would practice his ninja skills and grew close to his older brother Sensei Wraith, who was born with great knowledge of the Pectosphere. He claimed that a great imbalance in the Pectosphere had occurred and that the many winter weather, the frozen rivers and constant blizzards and avalanches were caused by the lack of a master of Fire and Water, while the constant negativity of events was caused by a lack of a Yang, as Sensei Wraith was the Yin. Sensei Wraith's prophecy was right; when Water Sensei was born, the rivers started flowing again, when Fire Sensei was born, the Sun finally returned and the birth of Sensei brought great luck to the land.

Snow Sensei practiced his ninja skills in his back garden, where he was used as a tool of amusement by the neighbourhood. Penguins threw snowballs at him and he would dodge or punch them, much too their delight. Once, he and Sensei Wraith were practicing, when a penguin threw a snowball at him. Snow Sensei lifted his flipper and in mid air, the snowball flung back at the penguin who threw the snowball. Sensei Wraith claimed that he was strong in the Pectosphere, and he was the second of the brothers to discover this. His ability to dodge snowballs earned him the nickname of Snow, something he kept as a medal of honor with the neighbourhood kids. He also received the nickname due to the fact he kept his cool, in comparison to his brother Fire, who had a fiery temper.

When Fire and Sensei created Card-Battle after all five had been training for at least 20 years, they invited Water and Snow to help them. Using the material Sensei and Fire had created, they created the Snow and Water cards. Sensei Wraith then came and drew the Yin and Yang symbol, claiming that to keep the balance of the elements, you must keep the balance of Light and Dark. Only Snow understood what he meant and he explained to Fire and Sensei (Water was already aware of this) that they were strong in harnessing the Pectosphere. They created the first Water and Snow cards.

Soon the word spread around the neighbourhood that the brothers had created a cool card-game called Card-Battle. The neighbourhood had used Snow as a tool of laugher, however now they respected not because they thought he was an idiot but because he was wise and determined. Many soon came to their backyard and asked if they could play. At the time, they had only made 14 cards between them, so they had to share. Soon almost everyday, penguins would come - about 5 to 6 - and ask if they could play. After business boomed, they bought mats and set them out as a field to play on, and soon printed more cards, creating almost over 100. They decided that things were "un-scheduled" and "organized", so they announced that public matches would only be on Fridays, and the every last Friday of the month, there would be official tournaments. The winner of the tournament every last Friday of the month would get a special-edition card as a prize. Card-Battle was very popular.

Eventually, Snow Sensei's great talent was recognized by Sensei Ho, one of The Five Senseis. Snow became Ho's protege along with his best friend Tusk, and the Sensei taught the two youths to master the use of snow though many rigorous years of training that included snow bending fights and constant meditation. Sensei Ho had transformed Snow Sensei into an adult penguin who was a fighter that one would not want to mess around with. Snow Sensei's training also taught him about the nature of snow and how it should be applied to his mentality.

However, Tusk had a temper, and he eventually betrayed Snow Sensei in a sparring match, which ended up in Tusk's assumed death. Tusk's defeat in the Snow battle led to Snow Sensei's decision to master all of the elements and become the teacher of Snow, since he wished to have future students use their powers wisely.

Snow Sensei continue to train and learn until Ho died in 1953, when he became his successor.

Beginning of Snow Ninjas

In the 1980s, Snow Sensei went out on his first expedition alone after Fire and Water had embarked on one. Wishing to find out more on ninjas, he waddled down from the Dojo into the only town on Club Penguin island in those days, unaware that he and his two brothers were travelling there as well, although he travelled two years after both of them. He built a ship and sailed across the water, where he was battled by storms. However, on the way, he discovered a small raft containing a puffle. It was the most unusual one, containing a white puffle, of which had never been seen before. He gave her (it was a she) the simple name of White. The puffle was able to freeze many of the waves as they came.

When he landed, he landed at where the Cove would be in the future; before, it was just a large Forest. Travelling through the Forest, he fished at the river that flowed through for supplies and met a penguin who took him to the 'Gift Shop', where he bought new clothes, then to the 'Coffee Shop' for a warm drink. He then embarked on a long hike into the mountains, however what he discovered hasn't been revealed yet. Some say that he marked the foundations for the Snow Dojo but he decided to leave it. He returned to the Forest, where he met five bandits who were ransacking his boat. Icer approached them and using his diplomacy, was able to calm them. He convinced them to follow him on board and took him to the Iceberg, where he taught them Card-Battle, of which they were impressed of. The five bandits wished to learn more from Icer, however Icer promised that he would return in 10 years. The bandits, disheartened, left.

He spent ten years meditating and training himself. He also played Card-Battle with himself before he taught to White, his puffle and soon he was a master in his skills. Using simple tools, in the parts of the Iceberg that were underwater, he crafted a small Dojo. Snow Sensei crafted many snow-based cards, which he left in the Dojo, as he believed he would return. He left White as the guardian, who too had been training and meditating. White would be seen as one of the first Ninja puffles, and for certain, both the first Snow Ninja and the first Snow Ninja Puffle. He returned home to his brothers, spending a year with them and teaching Card-Battle to local chicks, but would soon set off on his second expedition, by which Fire and Water had left for theirs'.

Discovery of Snow Ninjas

He returned to Club Penguin Island in 2002 and met the five bandits, who had been waiting. The five all had White Puffles, like Snow Sensei, who proceeded to find for other penguins who owned a White Puffle, believing that only they were worthy of their knowledge. He found 15 other White Puffle, thus he opened his first Academy to teach Snow Ninjas, the Academy of the Iceberg, located in the the Iceberg. He trained the White Puffles and the penguins in his knowledge for two years, before he chose to move his academy. He landed back on Club Penguin Island and journeyed to the Tallest Mountain, where he found an abandoned cave on the tallest mountain and a lone hermit. After a tea ceremony with the hermit, he was able to use the cave and opened the Academy of the Mountain. The Academy of the Iceberg was abandoned as they moved to the mountain, as he feared that the Iceberg would be discovered and with it, their Academy. The hermit continues to reside in the Tallest Mountains, away from civilization.

He would continue to train them in secret and accepted few Snow Ninjas after this, taking on 16 non-puffles from 2003 - 2009, all of 16 of whom owned a White Puffle, who too became Snow Ninjas, before in 2009 when White Puffles were started to be rounded up when they were discovered. In November 2008, Snow Sensei emerged from the Tallest Mountain and discovered the Dojo. He returned everyday when there were no creatures over then himself. During the Dig Out the Dojo, he watched from afar and then noticed, as it was being finished, his brother, Sensei, on the island. He was holding up some cards and Snow Sensei presumed he was teaching Card-Battle to the locals. Shocked that his brother was here, he returned to the Academy and refused to speak more of it.

Card-Jitsu Party

Snow Sensei sensed a disturbance in the Pectosphere; he noticed a disturbance as Fire and Water were emerging to be stronger. In fear, he met his brother, Sensei and Sensei Wraith, who both explained that the Fire and Water. However Sensei wished for work on Card-Jitsu: Snow to begin, but Snow Sensei feared that if the war continued, then it would go in the favour of one element and a great imbalance between the three elements would be a result. He chose to join the war with his Snow Ninjas in order to maintain a balance, and would not reveal himself to the public. Sensei and Sensei Wraith were strongly against this, seeking a peaceful resolution. At the end of the war, the Pectosphere was strongly damaged and he decided revealing himself wouldn't be a good option. Meanwhile, he would continue to be in hiding and would work with Sensei to build the Snow Dojo and start Card-Jitsu: Snow.

Establishment of Card-Jitsu Snow

coming soon!


  • Snow helped Herbert find his hideout, in fear that he would compromise his location but supplied the EPF with information on his location.
  • Snow is 101 years old. three years older than Sensei. He was born a year, two years and three years before Water, Fire and Sensei, respectively and a year after Sensei Wraith.
  • Snow Sensei doesn't speak in haiku.
  • He was one of the first owners of a White Puffle way before they were discovered.
  • His assistant is Frozen Ninja

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