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Snow Wars
The most basic theatrical poster.
Directed by James Film
Produced by Icey Productions
Written by James Film
Story by James Film
Based on Star Wars
Starring Luke Seafloater
Music by DJ Crow
The Penguin Band
Cinematography Icey
Studio Icey Film Studios
Release date(s) 2007
Country USA
Many others
Language English
Budget 19 billion Club Penguin Coin.PNG
Gross revenue 200 billion Club Penguin Coin.PNG

Snow Wars is a popular media franchise mainly known for its movie adaptations. It was originally started as a six-part book series by a Jedi Knight who had survived Khanzem, only known by the pen name of "George Filoni", written in an effort to keep the memory of the Jedi alive. Rather than being set in Antarctica however, the series was set in outer space, inspired by the ancient Jedi legend of Luke Seafloater, who was allegedly the first penguin to go to space. Its events were entirely fictional along with many of its characters, while still featuring some real characters such as Seafloater and Yed'ah.

In the mid-2000's, an independent movie-making company obtained the rights to make a film adaptation of the series. However, rather than starting with the first book, it was decided to adapt the fourth book instead for reasons no one really understood, creating a tradition where Snow Wars media would go on to be released in a random order. After Snow Wars Episode IV: The Promise was released in 2007 and received many positive reviews, adaptations of the fifth and sixth books were made, followed by adaptations of the first three books.

In 2012, Icey purchased the rights to the franchise and began releasing a new Snow Wars movie every year to milk the wallets of the series' fans. Many fans of the series criticized the new trilogy for being too similar to the original films and not coming up with new ideas, but everyone kept giving them their money anyway and Icey continued to produce new Snow Wars media.


Snow Wars is a fictional trilogy based on the (real) ancient rivalry between the Jedi and the Sith, in a far away galaxy. The plot is said to be set in the past, although things like space travel and keysabers are common. In Snow Wars, most of the universe is controlled by the Imperial Realm, which the Sith are sided with. The Jedi have their own force, known as the Liberation Forces, or simply the rebels.

Episode IV: The Promise (2007)[edit]

Episode V: The Realm Wreaks Havoc (2008)[edit]

Episode VI: The Jedi Comeback (2009)[edit]

Episode I: Dennis the Menace (2012)[edit]

Episode II: Takeover of the Bots (2013)[edit]

Episode III: Feel the Wrath of the Sith (2014)[edit]

Episode VII: The Wallet Opens (2017)[edit]

Episode VIII: Mind Tricks Don't Work on Me, Only Money (2018)[edit]

Episode IX: More Good Guys vs Bad Guy (2019)[edit]


Luke Seafloater, the main protagonist of the original trilogy.

Below is a list of the most important characters of the saga:

  • Luke Seafloater: Main protagonist of the first trilogy, Luke is an Emperor Penguin, son of a Jedi Master turned evil, and trained by Master Yed'ah. The character is based on an ancient Jedi legend, who was believed to have traveled to space before anyone else in time.
  • Master Yed'ah
  • Fart-2 Ditto


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