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A perfect snowball.
Type Weapon
Effects Coldness
Source Snow
Location Wherever snow is!
Cost to buy Free :)
Cost to sell Nothing :(

A Snowball is a ball made of snow that has a number of uses, the most common being for use in snowball fights or as a shout-out to a buddy/friend/enemy. The material for a snowball, which is snow, is abundant in Antarctica, and its popularity sparked accessories for throwing snowballs like the Snow Ball Gun or explosive snowball.


Snowballs are invented at an unknown time in history. It was probably created when a helpless army needed a weapon of some sort, and decided to morph snow into a sphere. Snowballs are very effective weapons; they hurt, they freeze, and sometimes melt on a creature's back. Snowballs have been used for friendly snowball fights, or true warfare. Some weapons fire snowballs, like the Snow Ball Gun. Snowballs are available all year long in Antarctica, and during winter on some neighboring islands.

Types of Snowballs[edit]

There are many different types of snowballs. Here's a list of them all:

Name Description Legalized?
Normal Snowball The Normal Snowball is just a sphere made out of snow. It's the most commonly used type of snowball, and is the also the most known type. It is legalized in all nations.
Rocky Ball The Rocky Ball is a snowball filled of rocks, gravel, cement, and concrete. It's very dangerous, and is commonly used by bullies. Several penguins have actually died by being hit by Rocky Balls. It's legalized in only some USA states.
Flora Ball The Flora Ball is a snowball filled with flora. It could contain wood, flowers, vegetables, fruits, any type of flora. It's commonly used in early spring, when flora is easily collectable. It's legalized.
Toxic Ball The Toxic Ball is a snowball made of radioactive snow, and ice. It constantly glows green, and is very dangerous. No normal creatures use it, because liquid nuclear is not legal for citizens to obtain. Not legal. You will go to jail for 20 years!
Soap Ball The Soap Ball is a snowball made up of frozen, liquified soap. It's very annoying if it's inside your mouth, and is only used when throwers really want to annoy someone. It's legal!
Metal Ball of Doom The Metal Ball of Doom is a metal ball, with snow covering it. It causes much damage to hit people, and is even used in the military sometimes. To purchase the metal balls you have to be 21+. Not legalized for children use.



  • It is used for ninja training. If you fail Sensei will throw one at you.
  • Snowballs are used to power the Clock at the Snow Forts.
  • On Club Penguin Island, you can create a snowball out of thin air, anywhere.

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