Snowball Gun

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Snow Ball Gun
Snowball gun.PNG
The Snow Ball Gun
Type Gun
Effects When shot at penguin they get stunned for 30 seconds
Source Treeclimber will give you one if you bring him a 1000 coins
Cost to buy 1000 coins
Cost to sell Unavailable

A Snow Ball Gun is a non-lethal weapon quite similar to a taser. Due to their non lethal ability, Snowball Guns are used by law enforcement for training purposes, although they do not add Ditto to the snowballs.


The Snow Ball Gun was invented by the pirate Treeclimber. It looks like grenade launcher which fires snow. When utilized, it shoots a special snowball with a eyedrop amount of Ditto A. When the snowball comes in contact, it will stun a penguin for exactly thirty seconds, which allows plenty of time to throw multiple regular snowballs.


  • First, bottles of Ditto A and cold water are poured into a funnel.
  • Second, the mixture is put in a special container and put in a superfreezer for 30 days.
  • Third, the now frozen mixture is put in another special container that contains catalysts, chemicals that make the Ditto A grow slightly in stunning efficiency.
  • Fourth, the mixture is aged for one to two months (depending on the climate of your state) to let the Ditto A develop.
  • Finally, the aged mix is placed inside a wind tunnel at 40 below (degrees Celsius), causing it to disintegrate and turn into dry, compact snow.

WARNING! Do not try to make this at home! You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!


  • For the gun to work effectively, the user must have a small supply of Ditto A refills. The Ditto A must be added to the water before it is frozen, or the chemicals responsible for the stun effect of Ditto A will not sink into the snowball.
  • The gun can also fire standard snowballs in the exact same manner, although normal snowballs stun a penguin for seven seconds, not thirty.
  • Link owns two of these, and has used them on M and B.
  • Happyface is immune to Ditto A, so he is not affected by the Snow Ball Gun, he only gets whiffed by a snowball.
  • There is also a special type of ammo used by the PSF. It stuns for 3 hours. It has 137.56 times the amount of Ditto in it.
  • ZITHIA is armed with many of these so that they can raid but not kill.
  • Some sports stores sell Snowball Guns and non-Ditto snowbullets for sport.

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