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SnowBob CirclePants
SBCP Poster.png
The official poster for the show, featuring the main characters and the Pizza Parlor.
Genre Comedy, adventure
Format Animated
Created by Zeno Wontafor
Directed by
Voices of
  • Dom Lenny
  • Will Pengabakke
  • Walrus6
  • Caroline Lanna
  • Clarence White
Theme music composer
Opening theme SnowBob CirclePants Theme
Country of origin United States of Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 59 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes (normal episodes), 45 minutes (special episodes), 1 hour and fifteen minutes (movie episodes)
Original channel
  • Pengalodeon 2015 - 2017
  • Treetee 2016 - 2017
Picture format Full HD
Audio format Surround
First shown in United States of Antarctica
Original run February 12, 2015 – April 14, 2017
Status Movie in production

SnowBob CirclePants (more commonly abreviated to SBCP or shorted to SnowBob) is a TV show about a strange yellow penguin named SnowBob CirclePants, as the show name suggests, and his adventures on Club Penguin Island. It aired on February 12, 2015, and is produced by Zeno124. Its first episode premiered on Pengalodeon and its series finale premiered on the same channel on April 14, 2017.


A strange yellow penguin named SnowBob CirclePants lives on Club Penguin Island with his sarcastic blue pet puffle, Larry. He works as a pizza maker at the Pizza Parlor under the management of a red penguin named Mr. Pengs, who is obsessed with money. During his time off, SnowBob has a knack for attracting trouble with his pink penguin best friend, Johnny. Arrogant walrus Walward Tusks, SnowBob's neighbor, dislikes SnowBob and Johnny because of their childlike behavior. Occasionally, SnowBob also plays Card-Jitsu with his brown penguin friend Hailey and stops an evil green puffle named Krill from stealing the Pizza Parlor secret pizza recipe for its rival restaurant across the street called the Fish Bucket, which sells disgusting fish, but plans to sell pizza using the secret pizza recipe.


Main Article: List of SnowBob CirclePants Episodes
Season Episodes Premiere Date Finale Date Premiere Name Finale Name
1 20 February 12, 2015 March 3, 2015 "Pizza Maker" "The Non-Smartening"
2 13 March 6, 2015 August 20, 2016 "The Buried Treasure" "SnowBob vs. Robert"
3 26 September 2, 2016 April 14, 2017 "Ech" "Goodbye, Parlor Pizza?"
Movie 1 May 19, 2017 "The SnowBob CirclePants Movie"

The series premiere was "Pizza Maker" and the series finale was "Goodbye, Parlor Pizza?".


Major Characters[edit]

The major characters in the show are the characters that the show mainly focuses on.

  • SnowBob CirclePants - A strange yellow penguin who tries to make the most of every day by having adventures around Club Penguin Island and having fun with his best friend, Johnny Seafish.
    • He first appeared in "Pizza Maker".
  • Johnny Seafish - A dumbfounded pink penguin who haves fun with his best friend, SnowBob CirclePants every day. Unlike the other characters, he lives under a block of ice.
    • He first appeared in "Pizza Maker".
  • Walward Tusks - A blue walrus who hates when SnowBob and Johnny annoying him and/or have fun around his igloo. He also owns a tuba, which he is very bad at playing.
    • He first appeared in "Pizza Maker".
    • He is voiced by Walrus6.
  • Hailey Sleets - An adventurous brown penguin who is friends with SnowBob. Occasionally, she goes underwater and brings back certain artifacts.
    • She first appeared in "Underwater Adventure".
  • David Pengs - A red penguin who owns the Pizza Parlor. He is obsessed with coins, and is so obsessed that he counts them every day and treats them like pets.
    • He first appeared in "Pizza Maker".
    • He is more commonly called Mr. Pengs.
    • He has a pet puffle named Mr. Oodles.
  • Larry the Puffle - SnowBob's blue puffle. He is very lazy and hates when he is not with SnowBob.
    • He first appeared in "A New Pet Puffle".
    • Unlike other puffles, he makes slimey noises, almost like a snail's sliding noises, when he hops.
    • Another trait that is unlike other puffles is that he meows like a cat.
  • William Krill - A green puffle who someday plans on taking over Club Penguin. He is a business rival with Mr. Pengs, as he owns a restaurant across the street called the Fish Bucket.
    • He first appeared in "Krill Puffle".
    • He is more commonly called Krill.
    • Unlike most other puffles, he can talk.
    • He is much smaller than other puffles and is insecure about his size. Often penguins don't see him when waddling and trip over him.
    • As puffles like Drop, Mabel, and the Von Injoface Family can also talk, it seems that only puffles that are mean have the ability to do this.

Minor Characters[edit]

The minor characters in the show are recurring characters that the show doesn't focus on much.

  • Mrs. Fluff - A peach penguin who is SnowBob's driving teacher. She is afraid of instructing SnowBob due to his inability to drive a car without causing public damage. As a recurring gag, she gets frecuently arrested by the Club Penguin police, as she is responsible for every accident caused by SnowBob while driving.
    • She first appeared in "Driving School".
    • She once dated Mr. Pengs in "Meet Mr. and Mrs. Pengs", but broke up with him because he brought her too much items.
  • Lucille Krill - A pink puffle who is Krill's wife. She usually stays in the Fish Bucket when Krill tries to give out his plans, but sometimes she usually helps him in his plans. She is more competent and less conceited than Krill, as she's usually the brains in most of her husband's evil plans.
    • She first appeared in "Krill Puffle".
    • Like Krill, she can talk.
  • Madison Pengs - Mr. Pengs' daughter. Despite her father being a penguin, she is actually a red puffle.
    • She first appeared in "The Dance".
    • It is unknown how she was born a puffle.
      • Mr. Pengs probably married a puffle and got divorced.
  • James Krill - A green puffle who is Krill's brother. He is much more successful than Krill, being an employee of the Pet Shop.
    • He first appeared in "Cold Fashion".
  • Painthopper - A painting of Rockhopper who sings the theme song.
    • He has appeared in every single episode to date.

Special Guests[edit]

Special guest characters in the show are characters that are famous around Club Penguin that appear and are voiced by their real life selves.

  • Sensei - A wise, old, gray penguin who teaches SnowBob and Hailey Card-Jitsu.
    • He guest starred in both "Card-Jitsu Master" and "The Card-Jitsu Tournament".
  • Rockhopper - A pirate penguin who visits Club Penguin in search for a buried treasure.
    • He guest starred in "The Buried Treasure".
    • For some reason, Rockhopper doesn't have Yarr with him when he guest stars.
  • Shadow Guy - He, along with Gamma Gal, is SnowBob and Johnny's favorite superhero.
    • He, along with Gamma Gal, guest star in "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal" and "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal II".
  • Gamma Gal - She, along with Shadow Guy, is SnowBob and Johnny's favorite superhero.
    • She, along with Shadow Guy, guest star in "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal" and "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal II".
    • She made a cameo in "The Dance".
  • Robert O'vian - A pink puffle who meets and teams up with SnowBob in one episode to battle Krill and Decapod.
    • He guest starred in "SnowBob vs. Robert".
    • Robert's friends Trickster, Eduardo, Mandy, Abel, and his enemy Decapod also starred in this episode.
      • However, since Robert and Decapod are enemies, Decapod thought it'd be really easy to voice his character.
  • Rick Astley - A human who gets stranded on Club Penguin Island. SnowBob and Johnny help him get back on his feet, only to end up getting RickRoll'd in the end.
    • He guest starred in "The Outsider".
    • Rick's true identity is kept hidden throughout the episode until the last three minutes when he reveals it and his music video plays.
  • Penghis Khan - The leader of West Pengolia who comes to Club Penguin in search of his hat.
    • He will guest star in the movie.

Theme Song[edit]

The song is partially based on "Blow the Man Down". It involves a painting of a pirate called "Painthopper" who sings with a bunch of young chicks. It was written by Quackerpingu and composed by Dev66.


Painthopper: Are you ready, chicks?

Chicks: Aye-aye, Captain!

Painthopper: I can't hear you!


Painthopper: Ohhhhhhhh...... Who lives in an igloo right next to the sea?

Chicks: SnowBob CirclePants!

Painthopper: Happy and yellow and waddling is he.

Chicks: SnowBob CirclePants!

Painthopper: If Antarctic nonsense be something you wish...

Chicks: SnowBob CirclePants!

Painthopper: Then drop on the ice and eat pizza with fish!

Chicks: SnowBob CirclePants!

Painthopper: Ready?

Painthopper and Chicks: SnowBob CirclePants! SnowBob CirclePants! SnowBob CirclePants! Snow-y Boooob...CirclePaaaaaaants! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Snowbob whistles a little tune and the episode starts.


Due to many penguins liking the songs in the show, Quackerpingu, the writer of the songs, Dev66, the composer of most of the songs, and Zeno124, the creator of the show, teamed up to make an album that released on August 27, 2016, a week after the season 2 finale aired. The songs include:

  • SnowBob CirclePants Theme Song (from every episode)
  • Living in the Snowlight, Loving in the Icelight (from "Pizza Maker")
  • Extremely Evil Alphabet Song (from "Krill Puffle")
  • My New Pet Puffle (from "A New Pet Puffle")
  • Do the Snow (from "The Dance")
  • Puffy Puffle Song (from "James Returns")
  • Puffy Puffle Rock (from "James Returns")
  • The Tuba Song (from "A Trip to Tuba Town")
  • Singing Backwards (from "The Episode With No Title")
  • Inside: Extended Version (from "Igloo Fever")
  • Pizza Parlor Theme (from "Welcome to the Pizza Parlor")
  • The P.U.N. Song (from "P.U.N.'s")
  • Forestfire Song Song (from "The Camping Club")
  • Exactly Like Me (from "SnowBob vs. Robert")
  • Taking Over the World With My New Best Buddy (from "SnowBob vs. Robert")

The album is available to download on iceTunes.




Posters and Title Cards[edit]



One day Robert O'vian showed this show to his boss Abel von Injoface. Abel quickly realized the similarities and realized that if he sued the creators for using his image he could make a lot of money. Mandy, Eduardo, Decapod, and Ms. Blow also realized the similarities and joined in the lawsuit, which is one of the few times Decapod and Abel worked together.

Zeno denied basing the show off their lives, but the judge ruled in favor of Abel and his clients and they get 50% of the profit from merchandise of their respective counterparts and the show must air commercials for Von Injoface Enterprises during commercial breaks. And since this show is Pengalodeon's cash cow, this deal turned out very well for Abel.


  • The show is based on the popular Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Snowbob is based on Spongebob, Johnny is based on Patrick, Walward is based on Squidward, Hailey is based on Sandy, David is based on Mr. Krabs, and William is based on Plankton.
  • It is the first Antarctican show to air in 2015.
  • This is Robert O'vian's favorite show. Despite the fact that he and Abel von Injoface sued the creators, he doesn't mind the similarities between the characters and his life and it is one of the reasons he enjoys it so much.
  • Because of Zeno124 leaving the directing business, some of the directors of the Von Injoface Family took his place. However, they knew they couldn't continue the show like how Zeno did, so the show entered a hiatus everyone thought would never end. A year later, Zeno returned to the directing business. He thought that since he was still the creator of the show, the director siblings could continue their positions while he remained the creator. Plus, Zeno thought it'd be best to devote his time to directing other movies while still maintaining control over SnowBob.
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