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Inspiration(s) MineBox
Developer Markos Fotch Penguin
Publisher ??
Release dates
Release in the USA
December 7, 2009
Release in the UTR
May 7, 2010
Additional info
Genre Adventure
Platform Doors, OS X, Penguin OS, Androne, iceOS
Rating 7+

Snowcraft is a sandbox, adventure game made by Markos Penguin (screen name "Fotch"). It involves you. Only You, stranded on a island in middle of nowhere... and you have to build a igloo and live a civilization of your own while surviving. Everything in the game is blocky, and Snowcraft is famous for its graphics.

Tech-savvy players have been able to create their own additions to the game called Mods, which can be downloaded to add more content to the game. There are also Customization Packs, which are used to customize the appearance and sounds of the game.


The game starts in a vast, seemingly endless expanse with only the player and various animals that roam around aimlessly. However, at night hostile creatures come out and try to attack the player, so they must collect supplies to build an igloo and survive the night by going into caves and collecting minerals. The game's most popular and well known mob, the Peeper, can explode and destroy shelters. The Peeper also hisses just before it explodes, so your best bet is to stay away! The whole game is a sandbox adventure game, meaning that you can do almost anything. However, the ultimate goal of the game is to reach The Cosmos and defeat the Cosmic Phoenix.

The game also has four modes, Survivor, Hardcore Survivor, Constructor, and Observer. Survivor and Hardcore Survivor are basically the same. The only difference is that on Hardcore Survivor, the difficulty is locked onto the highest setting and if you die in game, you are forced to delete your game world and start all over. Constructor is a vastly different game mode. It allows invincibility and flying, and also grants the player access to every item in the game. The only limit of things to do is your imagination. Observer is similar to Constructor, except the player can't interact with the world at all. However, they can fly through blocks and view the entire world unobstructed.


There are three different dimensions to explore in the game. The main dimension is the Overworld, which is automatically where every player starts. The second dimension is the Netherworld, which resembles the Underworld. The third dimension is The Cosmos, an outer space area which is the end goal of the game. The Cosmic Phoenix can be fought here, and there are many rare treasures and valuable items scattered throughout the area.


There are three kinds of mobs. Passive mobs will not attack the player. Neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked. Hostile mobs will attack the player on sight.


  • Bat: Flies around in caves.
  • Chicken Puffle
  • Fish: Swims around and can be caught with a fishing rod. Follows players holding a Worm. Appears in Fluffy and Gray variants. Drops Raw Fish.
  • Jacko
  • Mullet: Follows players holding Raw Fish. Drops Raw Mullet.
  • Penguin: Trades for various items with the player, ranging in usefulness. They appear in 15 different color varieties and trade different items depending on their color. Only found in igloo villages.
  • Puffle
  • Rocketsnail
  • Screenhog: Can be ridden with a Saddle. Drops Raw Porkchop and Wires.
  • Squid
  • Turtle: Drops Turtle Shell.


  • Crab: Does not attack until provoked. At that point, it will slowly chase the player and try to snap at them with its claws. If there are any tools on the ground, it will pick them up to try and attack the player with them. Appears in red and a rare blue variant. Drops Crab Claw.
  • Jellyfish: Does not actively try to attack the player, but gives an electrical shock if the player attacks it or gets too close.
  • Mine Crab: A very rare mob, which has a 1 in 2500 chance of spawning in place of a normal crab. When attacked, it says "Hello!" and explodes.
  • Polar Bear
  • Sasquatch
  • Shocktopus
  • Yeti
  • Zombie Screenhog: Does not attack until provoked. If the player attacks a Zombie Screenhog, all other Zombie Screenhogs in a 30 block radius will also be provoked. If a Screenhog is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Zombie Screenhog. It spawns commonly in the Netherworld.


  • Dragon: Only found in caves and breathes fire, which can catch flammable blocks on fire and destroy wooden tools if the player is holding one. Appears in green, blue, and purple variants. Drops Green, Blue, or Purple Dragon Wing depending on the variant.
  • Demon Jellyfish: Only found in the Netherworld.
  • Demon Penguin: Only found in fortresses in the Netherworld. Drops Trident.
  • Lava Puffle
  • Peeper
  • Shark
  • Shprogshel
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Walrus: Drops Tusk.
  • Zombie


  • Cosmic Phoenix: The final boss of the game, found only in The Cosmos. It is the largest mob in the game and can destroy most blocks it touches. Drops a Phoenix Egg.
  • The Kraken: Emerges from whirlpools if the player gets too close.

Update History[edit]

The Spooky Update[edit]

The Flight Update[edit]


  • Blank Mod - Created by Sillybudz, this mod has you building around in a blank world, with new items such as "Item Disappear Switch" and more. Many Snowcraft players like to add this mod.
  • Butter Mod (parody of, well, butter mod) - The mod changes all gold in the game to butter for some reason.
  • Clay Penguins (parody of Clay Soldiers) - Adds little Clay Penguins, which can battle.
  • Dammy's Furniture (parody of Jammy's Furniture) - Adds furniture to the game.
  • Defenders Mod (parody of Avengers) - Adds the Defenders into the game.
  • EPF Mod - Adds a special EPF world, where you have to go on various quests to save Antarctica. It also adds new agent items to the game.
  • ExpressCraft - Adds new rail functions, such as Poison Minecarts and Creator Block Minecarts.
  • Ice Cream Peepers (parody of Ice Cream Creepers) - Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ice Cream and Ice Cream Peepers are added. Chocolate Wafers can be made and is used in the making of swords, wafer blocks, etc.
  • Improved Snowballz - Adds Flame Snowballs, Water Snowballs, Freeze Snowballs etc.
  • Mo' Freaks (parody of Mo Creatures) - Adds more creatures like ghosts, to the game.
  • Mutant Mobs (parody of, well, mutant mobs) - A new item, Chemical Y is added, which can be used on Peepers, Zombies, and Enderpenguins to make them mutant.
  • Randang Humans (parody of Rancraft Penguins) - Adds humans to the game. The mod also comes with human related stuff.
  • The Ether (parody of The Aether) - Adds new mobs, a new dimensions, new items and a whole new inventory to the game.
  • Willy and Kody Mod - Adds two television stars to the game.

Mod Packs[edit]

Mod Packs are programs which you can use to easily install a mod by just one click. Here is a list of mod packs.

  • Airplayssnowcraft Mod Pack - Adds every mod that the popular Waddletuber Airplayssnowcraft has reviewed, including Mutant Mobs and Ice Cream Peepers.
  • Technical Mod Pack (parody of technic/tekkit) - Adds a whole variety of mods so you can make the ultimate world one of your own!
  • WackyCraft (parody of CrazyCraft) - A mod pack created by 1337ypeng and Wikipenguino45 which contains a variety of popular mods and creates an overall challenging world for the player to survive in.

Customization Packs[edit]

  • Rainbows - Makes everything rainbow colors.
  • ModernaKraft - Only blocks that are used in modern European architecture are changed into that style. Perfect for Construction!
  • ModernCraft - Made by SnowCraftModPro9999+, makes everything looking like modern-day times.
  • Trustworthy (parody of Faithful) - Gives everything a slightly different but more realistic and more detailed texture.



  • In summer or fall 2014, Micro Hard and Soft bought the game from Mochang after Fotch told the public multiple reasons he didn't want to keep working with Snowcraft.
    • This action caused major fan backlash, but money's still money.
  • Snowplex is Snowcraft's most popular player-made server full of custom made mini-games.
  • This is a parody of the popular game Minecraft.