Snowflake Valley Retirement Home

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Snowflake Valley
Facility for Elderly Penguins
Snowflake Valley Retirement Home image.png
The facility as seen in the world renowned Walking Her Home documentary.
Old folks hall.png
A residential hallway in the facility.
Key details
Type Nursing Home
Level 65 - 90+
Location Club Penguin R-Server
Inhabitants Old Folks at Home

The Snowflake Valley Retirement Facility for Elderly Penguins, also known as Snowflake Valley Retirement Home, is the only federal government-funded nursing home in the United States of Antarctica. It is also the largest retirement home in all of Antarctica, being home to thousands of elderly penguins from across the continent. The facility is located on its own special Residential Server, appropriately named Snowflake Valley. The facility has some of the most modern amenities in Antarctica, including wifi, the best TV packages, huge snack vending machines, and plenty of games and activities.


The Snowflake Valley Retirement Facility for Elderly Penguins was founded in Shiverpool, Colonial Antarctica in 1997, commissioned by royal charter as a "place for refuge" for old people. Anti-king conspirators thought otherwise about the claims of it being a "refuge"; since most warriors of yore were elderly, the conspirators believed that locking them up in a nursing home was an attempt to keep the old warriors from rallying the new generations against the crown. Still, old penguins from around the colonies were forced to move to the retirement home, including many veterans from the STINC War and the Khanzem War, many of who were unhappy with their forced home.

Before the Epic Revolution began, Shiverpool became a focal point for protests against the crown and secret rebel activity, including many of the veterans that were being kept in the facility. Once the revolution began, the elder unhappy warriors overthrew the guards and many left to help the various revolutions taking place, Antarctican, Acadian and Freezelandian. After the revolution ended, the USA took ownership of the facility, but didn't force elderly penguins to move to it.

In 2006, after the release of Servers on Club Penguin, the facility was moved from Shiverpool to its own special CP server made to accommodate the needs of the elderly. Some time later, the South Pole Council passed a bill making it free for any Antarctican penguin to move to Snowflake Valley and live at the facility for the rest of their lives for free, and encouraged all of the country's elderly penguins to move there. In 2009, Whoot Smackler Whoot hacked into the facility's computer and changed the food schedule for a decade. The residents often get lobster, Shprogshel, sparkling cream soda, and other expensive luxuries thanks to this, and there is nothing they can do because Whoot changed the password. Having thousands of elderly residents, there's never a dull moment in the Snowflake Valley Retirement Home. Most of the residents are friendly, and many share their stories with younger penguins that visit the facility during field trips on school days.


The lobby desk and its receptionist, near a doctor.

There are many rooms inside the retirement home. Some basic places include the resident rooms and hallways, reception areas, dining rooms and kitchens. Activity rooms include the Computer lab, board game and puzzle room, TV rooms, a movie theater, bingo hall, formal ball room for dances, and a special story room for the elderly residents to tell younger visitors their tales. The offices are in another area, and include the computer mainframe, where medical and food orders are stored, along with other automated processes.


Most of Club Penguin's traditional rooms still exist on the Snowflake Valley server, but some are modified to better suit the elderly residents. The facility is south of the Town and Plaza and East of the Dock, next to the lake. Most buildings on the island with stairs also have elevators, to be easily accessible for penguins in wheelchairs. The main swimming spot on Snowflake Valley is the underground pool in the Cave, which is heated, though sometimes penguins swim at the lake as well. Unlike most other servers, the Cove isn't set up on this server, still being wilderness. The Lighthouse was mostly turned into a hospital, though the light still remains. The Town's function is the same as T-servers, with the Night Club being the best place to boogie, since the facility only has a ball room. The Snow Forts and Stadium also serve similar roles to T-servers, except the Stadium is transformed into a Shuffleboard arena during the summer instead of a Soccer Pitch. There is also a room south between the Town and Plaza that gives island news and contains a gazebo to sit in.

The Plaza has a limited Pet Shop, the Puffle Hotel, Stage and Pizza Parlor. The Pet Shop is limited, only containing pets that residents are allowed to have in the retirement home, the more docile pets like parrots, fish, and a few colors of puffle including blue and white. The Puffle Hotel was made to accommodate visitors to the retirement home, such as family and friends. The Mine is still open, as is Curt Surfer, though the minecarts all have sidecars on them for the elderly penguins' attendants to ride in; other minigames on the island are also changed to allow the attendants. The Dojo is also still open, as Sensei has no problem training older penguins in the art of Card-Jitsu. The only difference is that the large staircase leading to the Dojo is a large ramp.


The retirement home has thousands of residents from all over Antarctica, along with their many pets that are allowed, such as fish and docile puffle species. Many of the residents' attendants live in the facility as well, although others live outside the facility or on other servers. Since the facility is full of elderly penguins, residents pass away occasionally, usually surrounded by friends. Once a resident has passed away, their body will be sent to anywhere specified in their will, or if no place is specified, which is common, they are sent to the Mausoleum Skyscraper in Trans-Antarctica. It is also normal to occasionally see friendly ghosts around, former residents that were granted Ghost Passes.

Many elderly criminals are also sent to the facility to live out the rest of their days or sentences, instead of staying in prisons. In addition to normal attendants, EPF agents are usually posted to these criminals depending on their crimes, both to keep them out of trouble, and to protect them in some cases. Since the criminals sent here are usually elderly, they don't cause too much trouble.

Here are a few notable residents of Snowflake Valley Retirement Home:

Former Inhabitants[edit]


Although the inhabitants are vastly different, the facility itself and its employees are vibrant to make sure things aren't boring. Examples of this include receptionist's wacky outfits and hallways with brightly colored paint and odd designs.

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