Snowinian Informative Service

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Snowinian Informative Service
Agency overview
Formed November 2004
Jurisdiction Snowiny
Headquarters Winsburg, Snowiny
Employees Classified, number of agents is 24,037
Annual budget Classified
Agency executives Vanessa Launt, Director of the SIS
Michael Vetrinski, Deputy Director
Snowiny collects information from other nations by spying on them, especially spying their closest allies and sworn enemies (The SIS helped Snowiny prepare for many battles against Puffalia because of the agency spying on Puffalia).

The Snowinian Informative Service is an agency with it's headquarters in Winsburg, Snowiny. It is made to collect information from other nations (through spying) and with that information provide security to Snowiny. Vanessa Launt is the director of the SIS and Michal Vetrinski is the deputy director; all the employee names are classified, but it is known that there are over 24,000 agents.


The SIS was founded in November 2004 by Vanessa Launt in effort to gain information from other countries for security reasons. Near it's start, the agency already had 2,000 agents. More and more agents got recruited to help. Vanessa Launt is still the director of the SIS today.


Seal Islands 2011 Phone Call Conversation[edit]

On January 5th, 2011, the prime minister of Seal Islands and the president of the United States of Antarctica had a phone call about building up forces and surprise invading Snowzerland while that nation is not prepared. USA was unsure if they would wanna go to another war with Snowzerland, and so they said they will have another phone call with Seal Islands in 5 days to talk about USA's decision. The entire conversation was recorded by the SIS. This is the entire conversation:

President of USA: Hello?

PM of Seal Islands: Hello, yes. I can hear you.

President of USA: Ah, hello. So what do you need...?

PM of Seal Islands: I decided to call upon you because our nation has had threats from Snowzerland.

President of USA: Ah. So what do you want me to do about that exactly...?

PM of Seal Islands: Well, since they also threat you a lot we here had an idea of building up forces against them together to "finally put an end to this".

President of USA: Well, i am not sure... plus, i am still recovering from the previous Great Snowzerland Wars.

PM of Seal Islands: Yes, but it'd be a great oppurtunity to destroy them once and for all.

President of USA: Hmm... but we will need allies...

PM of Seal Islands: Which will not be hard since no one really likes Snowzerland.

President of USA: Yeah, but their military is like VERY strong. It´s not easy for JUST us two to defeat him.

PM of Seal Islands: That's what I said, nearly no one likes them, getting allies should not be hard. Plus, your military is leagues above theirs anyway.

President of USA: Yeah, but they can still pretty much damage me hard. Especially you. But hmm, i like your idea to cause downfall to Swiss´ regime. How about we have another phone call in 5 days? By then, i shall probably have my mind decided if we should go to war against Snowzerland.

PM of Seal Islands: Thank you for answering and considering, on behalf of our weak nation.

After this conversation was exposed, Snowzerland was furious at USA and Seal Islands, while Seal Islands and USA were furious at SIS and complained to them about how they could have finally managed to get rid of Snowzerland, but how now they can forget all their plans since Snowiny revealed them. Tensions grew among Seal Islands, USA, Snowiny and Snowzerland after the conversation got exposed.


  • This agency may be watching you right now.

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