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United Provinces of Snowiny
Ujedinjene Snovinske Provincije
Flag of The Provinces
MottoTanta Una Terra, Unita et Libera
(Only One Country, United and Free)
I Vow to Thee
Hej Snovinci
(Hey, Snowinns)
Coat of Arms

Location of The Provinces
A map of United Provinces. Click to enlarge.
(and largest city)
Official languages Serbian and Latin
Recognised regional languages German, Hungarian, Slovak
Species  Various Penguins, Puffles, other
Demonym Snowinn / Snowinian
Membership UAN flag.PNG UAN
Sato.png SATO
Western Union 2017 Flag.png Western Union
Government Democratic
 -  President Simon McClark
 -  Prime Minister Clara Kennedy
 -  Minister of Foreign Affairs Patrick Smith
Legislature Upper house: Senate (Senat/Senatus)
Lower house: Diet (Skup/Coetus)
Semi-Presidential Republic
 -  12 March 2003 Foundation of a democratic Snowiny 
 -  5 January 2014 Founded the Western Union 
 -  July 2015 Overthrow of Monarchy, renaming to United Provinces 
 -   estimate 21,750,000 (excl. territories) 
 -  2018 census 21,750,000 (excl. territories) 
 -  Density 60.1/km2/km2 
Appr. 5,100/sq mi
Currency Provincial dinar (English)
Provincijski dinar (Serbian) (DIN)
No Daylight Savings
Drives on the Right
Calling code +121
Snowiny and Her People
The Flag of the nation of Snowiny
Snowinn History
Osloven Tribes
Osloven Empire (976 - 1921)
First Kingdom of Snowiny (1921 - 1947)
First Republic of Snowiny (1947 - 2003)
Second Republic of Snowiny (2003 - 2013)
Second Kingdom of Snowiny (2013 - 2015)
Third Republic (United Provinces) (2015 -)
States / Provinces
Dolphinas City
States and colonies
Snowinian Depression (2028 - 2035)
Popular Companies and Markets
Veggie Emporium
Wars and Battles
List of Conflicts involving Snowiny
War on Terror
The Snowinian Council
Constitution of the Kingdom of Snowiny
Foreign Relations of Snowiny
Snowinian Union
Penstubal (penguin)
Little Penland
Greater West
The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
The Circular Defense Treaty
Marxit Crisis
Treaty of Accession 2018
Summits and Conferences
2015 First Winsburg Congress
2015 Second Winsburg Congress
2016 Second Acadia Congress
2017 Western Union Congress
2017 Lagois City Western Union Summit
2018 Delphi Western Union Summit
Member States
United Provinces
Terra Federation
Important Cities
Margate City
Lagois City
Notable Companies
Veggie Emporium
Western Union Charter
Future Enlargement
Western Union Forum

The United Provinces of Snowiny (/'snəʊwɪnɪ/) (Serbian: Ujedinjene Snovinske Provincije or Snovinska (/'snoʋinska/), Hungarian: Sznovinai Egyesült Tartományok or Sznovinország) is a federal republic composed of 12 states and 6 overseas territories. The capital city of the nation is Winsburg (msr. Vinburg, sit. Winburg, lat. Venburg). It is one of the most powerful countries in Antarctica militarily and economically and plays an important role on the Antarctic stage. The head of state is the President who, as of 2018, is Simon McClark. The head of government is the Prime Minister who, as of 2017, is Clara Kennedy. It is a founding state of the Western Union, a politico-economic union of Antarctic nations.

The history of this nation began around 700 BC as the islands were settled by several tribes, most importantly the Travans, Jutans and Letans. The Travans became the most powerful and formed an empire that eventually collapsed to the Glodic tribes that arrived later along with the Pennes, Headens, Platons and Recidens. Around 540 AD came the Oslovens who conquered the entire islands and built an large empire. The Osloven Empire saw a golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries that ended with the Osloven Civil War in the early 19th century. In the early 20th century, the Osloven Empire collapsed and the Kingdom of Snowiny took its place. It was quickly abolished and a dictatorship was set up. The dictatorship collapsed in the 1990s and the Republic of Snowiny was formed. As a result of a weak constitution with many loopholes, in 2013 President Robert Smith proclaimed himself King. In 2015 he was forced to abdicate and a Republic was once restored, under a brand new name.

The United Provinces is home to Antarctica's largest ship-building industry. The country is a major naval power due to its strategic position between the Ninja Archipelago and the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The United Provinces also has the world's greatest salt-producing industry and most of the salt consumed around Antarctica comes from there. This is because of the many salt pans in Penland and western Snowiny as well as the enormous amount of salt in the seas far west of the country.

The country has recently taken its rightful position on the world stage as a great power. It has gotten involved in many peacekeeping missions across the globe and has began expanding its economy and militarily drastically. Under President and King Robert Smith the country saw unprecedented economic expansion, unseen since the fall of the Osloven Empire, and began competing with other great powers for power in Antarctica. It is aided in this goal by the Western Union, a union which Snowiny is founder of. The country is one of the 7 active members of the WU and has the third largest economy within the WU, and is the most powerful country in the Western Union in terms of power projection and influence.


The name of Snowiny originates from the name of the ethno-linguistic group it is part of along with Ruscans, Ucryingians and others called Snowes (srb. Snovini - important to distinguish from Snovinci which means Snowinns), the name in turn deriving from the word san which means dream, a word whose plural is snovi.


For the entire history of the country, including before August 2015, see Snowiny in Time. For a list of conflicts involving this country, see List of Conflicts involving Snowiny.

The full history of the country can be seen on the article Snowiny in Time. Here is the history of Snowiny from 1947 to the present day.

Period of Stagnation (2003-2012)[edit]

Snowiny got out of its civil war devastated. First democratically elected president Geronimo Stanling tried reforming the country but ended up failing to do so. Robert Smith succeeded him in 2011 and in 2013 he introduced a monarchy in which he is the King.

Kingdom (2013 - August 2015)[edit]

Snowiny has experienced never-before-seen economic, military and industrial growth; so much that by mid 2015 it got internationally recognized as a great power.

Snowiny has been very dedicated to keeping peace throughout Antarctica during the 2010s, together with the help of other new nations; such as Margate and Shops Island; especially Margate, who they are in an economic and military alliance with, the Western Union.

In mid 2013 Snowiny had its first in 30 years war with foreign countries, in which they annexed Ed Island, the island country that in early 2014 broke away. A terrible war happened in Antarctica a month later; Snowiny was afraid of Snowzerland's military might and therefore declared neutrality; it would later be pushed into war through a serious of diplomatic incidents.

In October 2013, Snowiny and Shops Island formed a coalition against the rising empire of Nexon; they successfully took down a brutal monarchy. A month later, Melodeeves were divided and occupied.

By this time, Snowiny had tripled in military and industrial strength; so much that spring and summer 2014 became their proudest moments in history; Snowiny with Margate, Rusca, Terra Federation and Amataria, along with support from the Axle Powers, took down an evil empire that had the desire to enslave entire Antarctica. In the meanwhile, Snowiny was attempting to fend off the Snoss who were invading this country; their navy's tactics and their country's patriotism are probably the only thing that saved Snowiny from annihilation.

Snowiny also helped Culldrome Isles forces in a war against a secessionist state supporting slavery and genocide.

The country experienced its most peaceful period in history. The population expanded and economy grew; and tens of thousands started moving to Snowiny, seeking a better life and employment; those that moved include many scientists and rich businessmen as well. In September, however, Snowiny would have to again donate forces to end Nexonan nationalism and tyranny; Nexon was given autonomy and nationalist militias were crushed; secret underground operations continued carrying on well into 2015 with the Antarctic War on Terrorism; the deadliest war in history of Antarctica, which was launched by Snowiny to end terrorism once and for all.

May 11, 2015 was marked as the Day of Commemoration in Snowiny; the military successfully destroyed the Nexonan nationalist forces and stopped the organization of Little Penland from carrying on with further terrorist attacks on Antarctica. 2 months later, Snowiny would merge into the fully-democratic federal republic of the United Provinces after a peaceful revolution ousted King Robert.

United Provinces (August 2015 - present)[edit]

The first presidential election ended up in a decisive victory for Simon McClark, former candidate for President in 2007. He immediately got to work, reforming the country to the United Provinces, a federal republic, organized the country and its provinces, and brought immediate social reform to the country. He succeeded in doing so and his approval was pretty high. In the 2015 parliamentary elections, however, he lost seats in the Parliament and Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Lena Sanders still couldn't get a majority for her party. No party had a majority since Ferinco was ousted. Liberals were forced to enter an unpopular coalition with the Conservatives, and enabled Patrick Smith to rise high up in power and become Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In June 2017 Prime Minister Lena Sanders called for a snap parliamentary election in a bid to gain a large majority as the coalition with Conservatives fell apart, Conservative Party experienced a major scandal and the Acadia crisis damaged the Conservatives and their reputation. This was a major gamble. The election took place on July 1st, and it resulted in a Liberal Party debacle: the Liberal Party lost several seats while the Conservatives gained a few, Socialists lost tons and two parties entered Parliament: the Greens and the Penland Nationals. Prime Minister Lena Sanders resigned the next day and President McClark will soon appoint a new Prime Minister.

The 2017 election caused a bit of turmoil in the country. It is likely McClark will fail in coalition talks and will have to run the government without a coalition and continue with his current cabinet. He may also fail in nominating a new Prime Minister and so Patrick Smith, the Deputy Prime Minister, became Acting Prime Minister and will continue being so until a new one is approved by the Parliament. The Conservative Party already signaled they would not approve any nominee McClark has to offer sans Patrick Smith or another Conservative, and the Nationalists had agreed to the same, while Socialists and Greens stated they would refuse a Liberal Prime Minister.

The 2017 election had indeed gravely destabilized the country and it is unknown how the country will push forward from this. The 2019 election, meanwhile, is 2 years away and future is very bleak and uncertain for a lot of penguins. Massive protests broke out the day after the election calling for President Simon McClark to step down. President McClark stated he would not step down and he would also not call new parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, he decided to call for the 2017 Lagois City Western Union Summit in hopes of passing his proposal for a Western Union Parliament to be created with elections on the 1st of August and a Western Union currency to finally be created. Also, major new problems started to loom in Penland as the Penland National Party entered Parliament.

Meanwhile, candidates started to announce they are running for President as early as middle 2018. After Monica Le Ben announced her presidential bid, McClark's approval plummeted and Le Ben gained on the Liberal and Socialist parties' declines. The Green Party then saw a major schism and after the 2021 election it disbanded, losing all their 12 seats in the Parliament.

Shops Civil War and Aftermath (2026 - 2035)[edit]

In 2026 a deadly civil war started in Shops Island. The United Provinces denounced the Shopper government under Djf and immediately sent medical, military and economic aid to the United States of Shops Island, and even offered to intervene on the USSI's side, to which the USSI refused, feeling the need to show their rebels' military might and ability to rely on its own.

In 2027 Shops would "self destruct"; it would nuke itself with a squarium bomb. The Shopper Empire as well as the United States of Shops Island would both cease to exist as the Shopper mainland is turned into barren wasteland and their colonies, including Moon Island, Freezestonia, Frosian Islands and New Delphis gain independence. Shortly after, Antarctica is plunged into its biggest economic crisis in history. In the United Provinces unemployement is at its record highest of 41% in February 2028; breaking the previous record in 1999 with 34% unemployment. a number that wasn't even reached during the 90s. UP economy oversaw its close collapse; the UP constantly kept borrowing money from other nations over the course of 4 years, and in February 2028 almost went bankrupt when there was barely any money left to be borrowed. The Provinces would stay in an urgent economic situation up until 2035, when the economy slowly starts moving back to normality.



Senate since October 2017
Diet since October 2017

Senate: From left to right - Socialist Party, National Progressive Party, Penland National Party, Liberal Party, Conservative and Unionist Party, National Patriotic Front (the Nationalists).

Diet: From left to right - Communist Party, Socialist Party, National Progressive Party, Green Alliance, Forward! Front, Penland National Party, Liberal Party, Conservative and Unionist Party, National Patriotic Front (the Nationalists).

The legislative body is consisted of the Senate and the Diet as of August 9th, 2017, the day the Fair Parliament Act passed and the National Assembly was abolished. The Senate is elected through a system of proportional representation with a total of 100 seats, and the Diet is elected through the system of first-past-the-post with a total of 310 seats. The latest elections took place in October 2017.

Approval ratings for the presidents can be found here. All foreign trips by President Simon McClark can be found here.


Arranged in no particular order.

Ministry Minister Political Party
Prime Minister Clara Kennedy Liberal
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Smith Conservative
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Patrick Smith Conservative
Ministry of Interior Timothy Reagan Conservative
Ministry of Justice Jeremy Simons Liberal
Ministry of Health Ema Gundulić Liberal
Ministry of Culture Jovan Pavlović Conservative
Ministry of Education James Durham Liberal
Ministry of Transportation Pavle Kostić Conservative


In brackets inside the Parliament section are seats lost/gained from previous election.

Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Current Seats
(S 100 / 335 D)
Political position
Liberal Party
Liberalna stranka Ujedinjenih Provincija
LSUP Clara Kennedy Classical liberalism, Libertarianism 37 / 88 Centre
Conservative Party
Konzervativna i unionistička stranka
KUS Patrick Smith Fiscal conservatism, National conservatism 31 / 86 Centre-right
National Patriotic Front
Narodni patriotski front
NPF Monica Le Ben Nationalism, right-wing populism, national conservatism 7 / 53 Right-wing to far-right
Penland National Party
Penska narodna stranka
PNS Nicholas Surgeon Social democracy, patriotism 11 / 40 Left-wing
Snowinn Socialist Party
Socialisticka partija Snovinske
SPS Ted Sabato Democratic socialism, social democracy, socialism 9 / 30 Left
National Progressive Party
Narodna napredna stranka
NNS Joseph Louise Progressivism, liberalism 5 / 11 Left to centre-left
The Green Alliance
Zelena koalicija
ZKO Rosa Vikings Environmentalism, social democracy 0 / 11 Left
Communist Party UP
Komunistička partija Ujedinjenih Provincija
KPUP Yousafe Stealing Communism, internationalism 0 / 9 Left
NPR Marco Almond Pirate politics, Technocracy, Progressivism 0 / 4 Left
People's Libertarian Party
Narodna libertarijanska stranka
NLS Vera Marković Libertarianism, non-interventionism, laissez-faire, individualism 0 / 3 Centre-right

Party Stances[edit]

Acadia Supporting Acadia when it benefits us In favor of defense and further cooperation Cut ties with Acadia and introduce sanctions In favor of defense, more cooperation and military union No stance No stance In favor of defense, more cooperation and military union Cut ties with Acadia In favor of defense and further cooperation Cut ties with Acadia until freedom of speech is guaranteed
Big Government No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No stance No
Military Spending Decrease a bit Increase a bit Decrease completely Increase completely Decrease completely Decrease completely Keep same Keep same Keep same Decrease completely
Western Union Further integration Status quo Exit the Western Union Exit the Western Union Exit the Western Union Exit the Western Union Exit the Western Union Exit the Western Union Status quo Status quo
Political compass Centre Centre-right Left Far-right Centre-left Big Tent Big Tent Far-left Centre Centre-right
Immigration Help refugees and put them in temporary camps and shelters Deport refugees Deport refugees Deport refugees and refuse to accept any whatsoever Let in at least 10,000 refugees per year into camps inside inner cities Open borders Open borders Help refugees but don't let them in the country Deport refugees Open borders
Non-English Languages Serbian and Latin should be official Serbian and Latin should be official Serbian should be official English, Serbian and Latin should be official Serbian should be official English, Serbian and Latin should be official English, Serbian and Latin should be official Serbian should be official English, Serbian and Latin should be official Government should not set any official languages
Gun rights Limited gun control and all men and women over 18 with no criminal records should be allowed to own guns Limited gun control and all men and women over 18 with no criminal records should be allowed to own guns No gun control and everybody over 18 should be allowed to own guns, and males over 18 years of age should be forced to have them by law or face jail-time Enforce strict gun control legislation Ban guns from public use Ban guns from public use Ban guns from public use Ban guns from public use Limited gun control and all men and women over 18 with no criminal records should be allowed to own guns No gun control and all men and women over 18 with no criminal records should be allowed to own guns

Party Parliament Electoral Performances[edit]

Liberal Party[edit]
Election Leader Parliament Change
2017 Lena Sanders 47/150 MINORITY, LARGEST PARTY 2
Conservative Party[edit]
Election Leader Parliament Change
2017 Patrick Smith 43/150 MINORITY, SECOND LARGEST PARTY 2
2021 Patrick Smith 52/150 MINORITY, LARGEST PARTY 9
Socialist Party[edit]
Election Leader Parliament Change
2017 Ted Sabato 22/150 MINORITY, THIRD LARGEST PARTY 14
2021 James Corbin 35/150 MINORITY, THIRD LARGEST PARTY 13


The main intelligence and security agency in the country is the National Bureau of Investigation (srb. Narodni istražni biro) led by J. Ed Humphrey. It is one of the most infamous secret agencies in all of Antarctica, having been founded in June 1905. There are many more domestic intelligence agencies which do not play as much of an important role as Humphrey's NBI does. Under Humphrey, the NBI became more powerful than ever before and is becoming increasingly more feared in the country. It has effectively become a police agency and is known for getting involved in dispersing protests and punishing those who are guilty of treason.


The United Provinces economy is one of the largest economies of the world. The economy was in a horrible state throughout the 2000s but thanks to reforms by President Robert Smith the country hooked up with various countries throughout Antarctica. The Western Union has enabled the country's economy to grow rapidly every year thanks to increased productivity, the increase of foreign workers and the growth of trade and increase of exports to other nations across the world.

The currency of the United Provinces is the dinar (DIN), which is worth 2.7 coins (CPC).


The United Provinces, thanks to its positive geographic location and maritime climate, is known for being one of the countries with the most arable land in the world. The agricultural sector is the most important and largest sector in the country. Agricultural production is most prominent in states such as Staplia, Oslovene and Kanowa where, thanks to the abundance of rivers, agriculture is most feasible. Other prominent agricultural regions include Dolphinas, Penland and the Niscothame (Niskotemiška) region in northeastern Herwene.


The UP economy mostly depends on the Western Union. Snowiny's number one trade partner outside the Western Union is Shops Island, while with the Western Union, its number one trading partner is Margate. Trade with Margate, Shops and the other WU members has significantly boosted their economy. Margate usually gives Snowiny oil and gas in exchange for iron and other ores. The country is one of the number one exporters of iron in Antarctica and most frequently exports it to Margate, the USA and Tropicalis.


UP unemployment rates, Jan 15-Feb 18

As of January 2018 the unemployment rate of the United Provinces is 2.7% - the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the nation. The highest ever recorded unemployment rate was 45.5% from the civil war years in the 1990s. The highest recorded unemployment since 2008 was in 2009 when the unemployment hit 6.3%.


There is no definitive culture of the United Provinces as it is an incredibly diverse country with a whole variety of cultures. The dominant culture is the Snowinn culture, along with the Traditional Osloven, Pennic and Puffepelagonean cultures. Snowinn culture was forged over the centuries and came under the influence of Glodic, Osloven, Pennic, Puffepelagonean, Ruscan and Snowpriot cultures. Major cultural monuments include the Emperor Gstav I statue a few miles away from Penn City in Penland, the statue of Emperor William I near Dolphinas and the statue of king Steve I Lawrence near Doriath erected in 1951 by dictator Julien Lawrence.

The United Provinces is known for its gun culture. It is the 3rd country in Antarctica in number of guns per household - behind Ed Island and the United States of Antarctica. Despite the high number of guns per household, the United Provinces remains quite a safe country and the police are very effective at preventing any criminal plots involving guns.


Dialects of Snowiny.

Serbo-Croatian language (srpskohrvatski jezik), mostly Serbian with Croatian used mostly in the northwest and west, is the dominant, official and traditional language of the United Provinces and its peoples. It has evolved overtime and recently it has welcomed various anglicisms. The language is in decline in use as a result of the English language becoming even more widespread. There are many key differences between the dialects of Serbo-Croatian in the United Provinces. The Dolphinean and Traditional Sitmese dialects use the ijekavian type of speech and the rest use ekavian (simply explained, some words in ijekavian have -j or -ij such as rijeka which means river, which is written as reka in ekavian dialects).

However, in western Snowiny, a strange dialect of Serbian is spoken. Only the letters, sounds and some words are different and this version is often called Sitmese Serbian (sit. Szitmeiszki Srpszki, msr. Sitmejski Srpski). It has separated from Main Serbian centuries ago as a result of Osloven expansion westwards. It is a legacy of the Pennese control of the lands before they were evicted and forced south. Differences from Main Serbian are:

  1. Letters š /ʃ/, đ /dʑ/, č /tʃ/ and ž /ʒ/ replaced with variants: s, dj, cs and zs. ć /tɕ/ remains the same.
  2. Letter s is sz
  3. Letter v is replaced with w, letter v completely eliminated from language
  4. Letters lj /ʎ/, nj /ɲ/, dž /dʒ/ replaced with ł, ń and ś
  5. Lots of words.
  6. Letter k replaced with ck
  7. When j is between two vowels it is replaced with ĵ

This dialect is still spoken by a majority in Sitmo and in neighboring areas but in the 19th century it saw major reformation that mostly took place in the Kanowan areas. It became known as Reformed Sitmese Serbian or Kanowan Serbian. The differences with Main Serbian are:

  1. Letter v is replaced with w, letter v completely eliminated from language
  2. Lots of words.

Here is a sample text in Sitmese on the Pennese Uprising of 1343, and also a sample text of Reformed Sitmese Serbian or Kanowan Serbian as well:

Sitmese Serbian: "Tog dana, weoma ckaszno uwecse, odlocsili szmo da napadnemo Oszlowenszcki logor u szelu Piłotajnu. Tamo nasz je docseckalo hiłajdu Oszlowensckih wojnicka. Sliĵedećeg dańa sze desziła ogromna bitcka, i nase wojszcke szu bile zsesztocko porazseńe."

Kanowan Serbian: "Tog dana, weoma kasno uweče, odločili smo da napadnemo Oslowenski logor u selu Piljotajnu. Tamo nas je dočekalo hiljadu Oslowenskih wojnika. Slijedećeg danja se desila ogromna bitka, i naše wojske su bile žestoko poražene."

Main Serbian: "Tog dana, veoma kasno uveče, odlučili smo da napadnemo Oslovenski logor u selu Piljotanu. Tamo nas je dočekalo hiljadu Oslovenskih vojnika. Sledećeg dana se desila ogromna bitka, i naše vojske su bile žestoko poražene."

As you can see, the major differences are really in writing. People from all three dialects can communicate with each other without many problems.

High Penguins[edit]

High Penguins have been persecuted for centuries in the country, until the 1928 "Act of High Penguin Protection". The act was reversed in 1947 as Julien Lawrence took power. In 1972 Henry Horatio returned it, and in 1993 it was reversed yet again. In 2003 it was once again put back into effect and in 2015 thanks to Prime Minister Lena Sanders, protection of rights for high penguins has been put into the Constitution.


The United Provinces have an incredibly diverse cuisine, having been influenced by foreign cuisines such as the Antarctican, Alemanian, Ligurian, Snowpriot and Zhouese cuisines. The dominant foods consumed in the country include pizza, spaghetti, pasta, fishburgers, gyros, kebab, dumplings, fish and chips and noodles, as well as Zhouese food which can be found in Winsburg's Zhoutown neighborhood. All these foods have been consumed in the area for centuries thanks to traders coming from all across the continent which saw this land as a perfect place for trade and commerce. The main port at which various food was imported was Dolphinas, which still today serves as a major trade hub for all across the world.


The most popular sport in the country is association football. The country has one of the best national football teams in the world. It has been founded in 1904 under the Osloven Empire and has since then participated in over 900 friendly matches. The national football team is renowned in Antarctica for its skill and ethics, as well as the team organization. One of the most famous football players in Antarctica, John Stevens, also plays for this team and has scored dozens of goals for the team.

The second most popular sport is basketball, another sport in which the Snowinns are renowned in. They aren't as good in basketball as they are in association football but basketball is another sport that the country is famous world wide for, and the third most popular is tennis - the number 2 tennis player in Antarctica, Nero Dennis, hails from this country.

Association Football[edit]

BIGGEST WIN: Snowiny 14 - 0 Dorkugal (Mar 29, 2010)

BIGGEST DEFEAT: Parhentina 8 - 0 Snowiny (Jun 7, 1988)

FIRST INTERNATIONAL: Poleland 2 - 5 Snowiny (Aug 8, 1927)

(In the table, the first country in every Friendly game row is the country in which that match took place

Date 1st Player Score 2nd Player Result Match Type
13 June 2014 Snowiny 1 - 1 Nutzil DRAW 2014 UGFA World Cup
18 June 2014 Snowiny 2 - 1 Lisboagal VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
23 June 2014 Seal Islands 1 - 3 Snowiny VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
29 June 2014 Snowiny 2 - 0 Freezeland VICTORY 2014 UGFA World Cup
4 July 2014 Parhentina 2 - 1 Snowiny DEFEAT 2014 UGFA World Cup
25 August 2014 USA 0 - 2 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
3 January 2015 Snowiny 2 - 1 Margate VICTORY Friendly
4 April 2015 Snowiny 3 - 0 Moon Island VICTORY Friendly
5 May 2015 Snowzerland 1 - 2 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
26 May 2015 Snowiny 1 - 2 Suome DEFEAT Friendly
5 June 2015 West Pengolia 0 - 12 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
10 June 2015 Pengvio 2 - 7 Snowiny VICTORY Friendly
17 July 2015 Snowiny 1 - 0 Lisboagal VICTORY Friendly
10 August 2015 United Provinces 0 - 2 Francterre DEFEAT Friendly
20 August 2015 United Provinces 0 - 1 Parhentina DEFEAT Friendly
30 September 2015 United States of Antarctica 0 - 2 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly
4 November 2015 United Provinces 1 - 3 Polaris DEFEAT Friendly
10 December 2015 Zhou 1 - 1 United Provinces DRAW Friendly
2 March 2016 Alemania 0 - 0 United Provinces DRAW Friendly
17 March 2016 Seal Islands 0 - 4 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly
5 April 2016 United Provinces 0 - 0 Acadia DRAW Friendly
20 April 2016 Rusca 1 - 3 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly
3 May 2016 United Provinces 3 - 0 Shops Island VICTORY Friendly
20 May 2016 United Provinces 13 - 0 Dorkugal VICTORY Friendly
10 June 2016 Castilla 1 - 0 United Provinces DEFEAT Friendly
24 June 2016 Club Penguin 1 - 0 United Provinces DEFEAT Friendly
4 July 2016 United Provinces 7 - 1 West Pengolia VICTORY Friendly
12 July 2016 Acadia 2 - 1 United Provinces DEFEAT Friendly
15 July 2016 United Provinces 6 - 0 Dorkugal VICTORY Friendly
23 August 2016 United Provinces 1 - 2 United States of Antarctica DEFEAT Friendly


The second most popular sport in the UP is basketball. The UP is recognized to have the 2nd best basketball team in all of Antarctica, behind only the United States of Antarctica. The UP Team is consisted of many high-class Antarctic players. Most of the players also participate in the Antarctic National Basketball Association.

Date 1st Player Score 2nd Player Result Match Type Description
10 January 2016 United Provinces 131 - 87 Polaris VICTORY Friendly United Provinces won a landslide victory against Polaris, one of the other strong basketball nations.
17 January 2016 Acadia 64 - 127 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly Landslide victory against Acadia, who had an ill-prepared defense that evening.
24 January 2016 United Provinces 88 - 80 Frosthuania VICTORY Friendly United Provinces defeat world number-three Frosthuania by 8 points after a long and tense match.
5 February 2016 United States of Antarctica 103 - 86 United Provinces DEFEAT Friendly The USA wins a 17 point victory over the United Provinces.
15 February 2016 Seal Islands 56 - 91 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly Landslide victory against the Sealiens.
20 February 2016 Castilla 97 - 75 United Provinces DEFEAT Friendly Castilla wins a 22-point victory over United Provinces, surprising many betters.
27 February 2016 United Provinces 76 - 98 United States of Antarctica DEFEAT Friendly United Provinces lose to the United States by 22 points.
4 March 2016 Tropicalis 76 - 80 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly The first ever friendly match between the two countries, the United Provinces just barely beat Tropicalis, by 4 points.
11 March 2016 Amataria 78 - 103 United Provinces VICTORY Friendly Easy victory against Amataria.
8th August 2016 United States of Antarctica 94 - 91 United Provinces DEFEAT 2016 Olympics The USA end up barely defeating the UP, finishing 3 points ahead of them.


According to a census on January 3rd, 2016, the United Provinces have a population of around 16,403,000. 5,243,000 of that population live in the territories of the United Provinces. The most populous territory of the country is Stoland, followed by Ucrying. The most populous state of the United Provinces, however, is Staplae with 1,340,000 penguins.


The United Provinces has, in recent years, become one of the top attractions for immigrants in Antarctica. In the 2010s the immigration rates saw an abrupt boom. Thousands of immigrants started arriving every day and with the advent of The Great Yowien War and the Frosian War the amount of immigrants increased even more, including refugees and migrants. Due to its very close position and most lax immigration laws in the world, the United Provinces, by 2017, became home to over 1,000,000 immigrants, around 6.25% of the country's population. Most of them settled in Winsburg: Winsburg's population in 1990 was 98% native, in 2000 it was 96% native, in 2010 it was 83% native, in 2015 about 71% native and today, in 2017 it is around 59% native.

Most immigrants to the country come from the former Yow Kingdom, from Puffalia, from Penland, and East Pengolia. This has recently become a burden for the United Provinces in many people's views as they believe that the United Provinces is letting in too many migrants that they cannot afford to take care of. The Nationalist Party has called for an immediate ban of refugee settlement in the United Provinces and for stricter and much more harsh immigration laws. In 2017, McClark passed the National Immigration Act enforcing tighter border controls, tougher immigration laws and much more security in the inner cities.

The United Provinces has been accepting refugees from the aforementioned countries since 2013. A recent survey revealed 38% of Snowinns believe all refugees and migrants ought to be deported, 27% believe the country should let in less migrants and refugees and enforce tougher immigration laws, 14% believe the country should let in more and 21% do not know. Those in favor of tougher immigration laws, in particular the Nationalists, argue that "in Winsburg you can no longer hear the Serbian language" and that "it has been replaced with degenerate cultures". The substantial increase in immigration to the country has resulted in growing popularity for right-wing anti-immigration parties.

The table below shows the statistics for the country's foreign-born population.

Country Number
Yowien Empire flag.png Yow Kingdom 431,244
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia 344,311
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia 257,564
Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria 133,210
AcadiaFlag.png Acadia 91,234
Asaina flag.png Zhou 52,345
Antarctica flag.PNG Other 563,122
Total 1,873,030



Snowiny is a pretty flat nation, except in the north and southeast, where mountains and hills dominate. There are lots of rivers and forests around the country.

The Thaming River is the biggest river in the country, however, cartographers and explorers debate whether the Thaming and the Salema rivers are actually rivers, as they don't have a source; they begin in the sea and end in the sea, however, they share many characteristics attributed to rivers. The largest city on the Thaming river is Winsburg, while on the Salema river it is the Crossroads City. Cartographers and explorers prefer to call the two rivers but the islands they create be called the Caspian Island, the Salema Island and the Staplae Island.

The tallest mountain on the island of Snowiny is the Great One (2798 m), located on the Caspian Mountains on the Caspian Island. Other tall mountains include the Great Peak (546 m) on the Northern Mountains and Mt Sudoku (1654) on the Sudoku Mountains.

The northernmost point of Snowiny is located in the province of Dolphinas City. The easternmost point is the Tip of Salema Island, while both the westernmost and the southernmost point are located on the Penland peninsula in the south of the island.

There are 4 national parks in Snowiny; the Sudoku National Park in the Sudoku Mountains, the Caspian National Park, Salema Forest National Park and Trump Forest National Park. The biggest and most profitable one is the Sudoku National Park, which is no surprise because it is extra clean, beautiful and its views are spectacular and it has a diverse geography.



The largest city in the country is Winsburg, which, at the same time, is also the capital of the country. Other large cities include Doriath, Shallow Crossroads, Dolphinas and Snowy City.

States and Territories[edit]


Acronym State Governor (Party) Population Capital City
SA Staplia Flag.png Staplia (Staplija) Henry Sabato (NAT) 3,030,000 Snowy City
WB Winsburg Flag.png Winsburg (Viktograd) Ted King (SOC) 1,640,000 Winsburg
DO Dolphinas City Flag.png Dolphinas City (Delfinas) Laura Reginald (SOC) 1,380,000 Dolphinas
DL Deleanor Flag.png Deleanor (Delenor) Henry Wallace (LIB) 3,250,000 Dovitea
KA Kanowa Flag.png Kanowa (Kanova) N/A (NAT) 3,010,000 Shallow Crossroads
HE Herwene Flag.png Herwene (Jervena) Jonathan Smith (CON) 2,030,000 Harper's City
PN LittlePenland.png Penland (Penska) Martin Townslay (PNP) 3,030,000 Penn City
OS Oslovene Flag.png Oslovene (Oslovenska) Alex Minkov (LIB) 950,000 Birty
PA Platonia Flag.png Platonia (Platonija) John Bush (LIB) 490,000 New Birty
CA Caspian Flag.png Caspian (Kaspijska) Peter Le Ben (NAT) 420,000 Casper
PF Puffepelago Flag.png Puffepelago (Pafepelag) Emmanuel David (CON) 1,650,000 Puffle Town
SO Sitmo Flag.png Sitmo (Sitmo) Jared Maroon (CON) 450,000 Sitmo Town
N/A FlagOfSnowiny.png Total (Snovinska) Simon McClark (LIB) 21,750,000 Winsburg

Overseas Territories[edit]

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State / Territory Population Type Capital City Largest City
AtumlandFlag.png Atumland 105,000 Territory Josephsburg
CheeselandFlag.png Cheeselanda 565,000 Territory Cheesy Island Salad Island
FortJoseon.png Fort Joseon 4,000 Territory --
Penguskiflag.png Penguski 610,000 Territory Penguinobe Micklesburry
Stoland.png Stoland 2,074,000 Territory Warsee
Flag of Ucrying.png Ucrying 1,050,000 Territory Kyivask
Total 5,243,000 -- --

a - Jointly owned territory, with Shops Island.


Lines: Red - M1, Light Blue - M2, Green - M3, Purple - M4, Yellow - M5

Most Snowinians prefer to travel by bus to places. Public transport is very popular and the government invests in making public transport easily accessible and very comfortable. Biking is also popular in the country. The country is also renowned for the Interland Highway System. In Winsburg and Dolphinas, the Metro or Subway is a common form of transportation. The Metro in Winsburg was built in the 20th century and has been used ever since by thousands of commuters each day.



The Snowinian Military is average compared to others and is capable of defending itself from larger nations. There is no draft in the United Provinces and anybody may become part of the military if they wish, and thanks to clever government-funded recruitment campaigns a lot of men and women have enlisted for active duty and are ready to fight for the country. The modern military only participated in a few wars, and the military doesn't fight a lot. A well-known Snowinian military agency is the Snowinian Elite Force, which is home to the best Snowinian soldiers.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Snowinian Armed Forces is General Forrest, a bright and talented General. He is the youngest Commander-in-Chief ever in Snowinian history. He often uses peaceful penetration and deception tactics to win battles.

The country's armed forces are consisted of around 550,000 soldiers as of August 2017, 395,100 of whom are men and 154,900 of whom are women. The soldiers actively have military exercises in various places around Snowiny. One of the known military bases is "Fort Venatum", to which location is unknown. New soldiers are actively recruited.

The real strength of the Snowinn military lies in its navy. The United Provinces have the 5th largest navy in the world and it is primarily used for the defense of the islands. The Navy successfully repelled many attacks by foreign countries over the years, notably by the Snoss during the Snowzerland Wars and the Puffalians during the Puffalian-Western War. The Navy consists of 105,000 active duty personnel and 42,000 ready reserve personnel, and the Navy is in possession of 253 ships, making it the 5th largest naval force.

Snowiny has greatly increased military spending due to the rising economy and steady flow of new jobs starting 2013. In 2001, Snowiny had roughly 25,000 troops. In 2010, Snowiny had been cautious due to the rising power of Snowzerland and threat of being invaded. Snowiny kept good relations with Snowzerland and went unharmed through all those Great Snowzerland wars. By 2011 they had 60,000 troops. In 2012 they had 65,000. In 2013, however, the need for a huge military was desperate due to an aggressive, even more expansionist than ever-before Snowzerland. Snowinians were constantly threatened, and pressure was put on Snowiny by both sides of the war. Snowinians declared war on Snowzerland in early-August and Snowiny quickly mobilized its troops.

Snowinians were confident that if they tried, they could win. Snowiny greatly increased military spending by early September and over 200,000 troops were sent to fight Snowzerland. Snowzerland was defeated at the hands of the other major powers; Snowiny contributed, but its contributions at the time were weak.

In September to October 2013, they had about 150,000 troops. They were plunged into another war, in a coalition against Nexon. Nexon was defeated by Shops, Ed and Snowiny involved in the war, and ceased to exist as a nation. Eventually, a war started against the Melodeeves, with a joint Snowino-Shopper Victory. By the end of December, Snowiny had about 240,000 troops.

In early January, Snowiny had to face a bloody conflict with Ed Island. It lasted 7 days and Ed Island won, getting independence from Snowiny, no longer being its protectorate. Snowiny had to upgrade its military to a new level, as even bigger conflicts arrive. A small attack on the Frosian Islands plunged ENTIRE Antarctica into the new Frosian War, a large, bloody conflict. Another bloody conflict that is ongoing till the near end of the Frosian War, also going through the same time, is the Culldrome Civil War. Snowiny was involved in both and faced a war to ALL directions; northwest to Culldrome, north to Snowzerland, south to the Nexonan Terrorists, on the south of the ISLAND to the Penlandians, and to the east to Penlandians craving for independence. Both conflicts lasted for months, but they greatly improved Snowinian strength. Mainland Snowiny, outside of Penland, did not have much damage, except for a few bombings and shootings in the northern cities, including Winsburg. By the beginning of the both wars, Snowiny had about 400,000 troops, and by the end of the both wars, it had around 800,000. Snowiny upgraded its military so much, people expected Snowiny to be a new great power in the near future, possibly by 2019, or even as early as mid-2015.

Snowiny currently has 700,000 troops, and up to 1,100,000 when mobilized. Its rising economy has managed to hold such large spendings and amounts of troops.

List of Wars involving Snowiny[edit]

See main article: List of Conflicts involving Snowiny

Relations with other nations[edit]

  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Excellent. The United Provinces serves as Acadia's protector and often stands up for the small city-state when it is in trouble. Recently, however, it has been cautious in regards to Acadia's increasing aggression towards communist nations and the United States of Antarctica. A government-conducted survey showed 68% of the citizens view Acadia positively, 19% negatively and 13% don't know.
  • Flag of Calada.png Calada - Good. The United Provinces and Calada have very good diplomatic relations.
  • CandviaFlag.png Candvia - Excellent. The United Provinces and Candvia have excellent relations. The United Provinces gladly defends Candvia and supports their economic and military development and gladly calls them brothers.
  • Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - Very Good. The United Provinces and Castilla have always been strong allies with each other, especially due to their relations with Shops and due to their past alliances in the Snowzerland Wars.
  • Dorkugal Flag.png Dorkugal - Good. Their relations blossomed after the UP reformation. Since then they trade often and cooperate on international issues. Recent crises between Acadia and Dorkugal made the relations between the two a bit more unstable, however.
  • Ed Island Flag.png Ed Island - Fair. Their relations have been devastated by Snowiny's annexation of Ed Island in 2013. After the creation of the United Provinces, relations improved but relations are still extremely volatile. In a recent government-conducted survey, it has been revealed that only 8% of the citizens view Ed Island positively, compared to 74% negatively and 18% don't know.
  • East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia - Good. - East Pengolia and Snowiny have been arch-enemies before the UP reformation. After the UP reformation, things started to cool down, before they got heated up again in December 2015 and finally, in September 2016, the UPR and EP started cooperating together on many issues, started to agree with each other and started to trade. Relations cooled down even more during that autumn and EP and the UPR would never again fight each other in any war after September 2016. See more here. A recent government-conducted survey showed 17% of the citizens view East Pengolia positively, compared to 58% negatively and 25% don't know.
  • FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre - Very Good. The UPR and Francterre have excellent relations. The two often have meetings together, trade often and Francterre and the UPR had many military alliances in the past. The United Provinces is an extremely Francophile nation: a recent government-conducted survey showed 78% of the citizens view Francterran influence positively compared to 5% negatively and 17% don't know. Lately, President Simon McClark was trying to improve relations with Francterre and try forge an economic alliance or to have Francterre as an observer state in the Western Union.
  • Liguria Flag.png Liguria - Fair. The UPR and Liguria don't interact often.
  • Bandera de Lisboagal.png Lisboagal - Fair. The UPR trades with Lisboagal.
  • Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria - Good. The UPR has good and healthy relations with Magyaria and Magyaria has a long lasting friendship with Stoland, which they see as their greatest ally and their greatest friends.
  • MAI.png Margate - Excellent. Margate is a fellow member state of the Circular Powers and the two have excellent relations with each other as a result. Margate often helps UPR in military operations and other events. A recent government-conducted survey showed 83% of the citizens view Margate positively compared to 3% negatively and 14% don't know, showing that UP citizens overwhelmingly love Margate.
  • Munijoch.jpg Munijoch - Fair. The relations between the two countries are fair. Munijoch is a member state of the Axle Powers, an alliance formed after the Circular Defense Treaty was signed as a countermeasure to Snowiny's expanding power.
  • Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca - Fair. King Smith's relations with Rusca have been particularly close, however, the McClark administration is very cautious with Rusca now. In the 1990s Snowiny was a very Ruscophile nation, but the Ruscophilia died down in the 2000s and according to a recent survey 65% of the citizens view Rusca positively, 21% negatively and 14% don't know.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland - Horrible. Smith used to absolutely hate Snowzerland and its culture, even calling Snoss culture "the culture of degeneracy", a statement he was forced to rescind and apologize for after it ignited controversy. President McClark dislikes Snoss government but claims he has no prejudice towards Snoss people and their culture. A recent government-conducted survey showed 35% of the citizens view Snowzerland positively, 49% negatively and 16% don't know.
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Good. McClark claims he is a "hardcore Shopperphile", and during a press conference with Lavender in Shops City he praised Shops Island and its people, calling them industrial, innovative and very successful, praising how Shops managed to become a "global superpower" within just 5 years. He also claimed the UP people should look up to Shoppers as role models. According to a recent survey in the country, 53% of all UP citizens have positive views of Shops, 32% have negative and 17% don't know.
  • UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra - Fair. UnitedTerra and United Provinces have very close relations and the two countries' governments interact very often. President McClark had a press conference there with President Ninjinian. According to a recent survey in the country, 62% of all UP citizens have positive views of UTR, 10% have negative and 28% don't know.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Fair. McClark often criticizes US foreign policy, but nevertheless he claims he loves the USA and that he wants close relations with them. Recent US treatment of Acadia led to increasing anti-Antarctican sentiment in the country and according to a recent survey, 35% of all UP citizens have positive views of the United States of Antarctica, 53% have negative and 12% don't know. Before President Megg took office it was 47% positive, 38% negative and 15% don't know. Recently, President McClark called for more unity among Western Union nations in face of the rising power of the United States.



  • This country was inspired by United States of America. It's not a parody of the USA; it's not a parody of anything, but you may find things in the country's articles that sound similar to real life US.
  • The United Provinces is a top exporter of salt across Antarctica, due to the many salt mines throughout the country.

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