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Snowjave Flag New.png
Flag of Snowjave
Snowjave Map.png
Map of Snowjave
National name Snowjave Territory
Country Ed Island
Capital city New Crosston
Largest city Vega
Formation 1831
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 721,000
Leader Governor House
Location Ed Island Ocean Territories, Sub-Antarctica
Alliances Ed Island
Neighbours Ed Island, Culldrome Isles

Not to be confused with Mojave

Snowjave is a mid-sized island off the coast of Ed Island, in the Ed Island Ocean Territories. It is famed for its casinos and gambling halls, which make up the infamous city of Vega.


Snowjave is covered almost in its entirety by the Snowjave Desert. Most settlements on the island lie in the center of the island between two long mountain ranges, as the north has some of the coldest terrain in Antarctica where very few penguins can survive. Much of the ground on Snowjave is solid frozen soil, but several large farms exist, mostly near Vega.

The island's relative isolation and few large population centers make it idea for numerous military installations. Snowjave is home to Allen Air Force Base which is home to the Ed Island Air Force's Air Force Test Center, Air Force Test Pilot School, and the EIAC's Ritter Flight Research Center. Six of Ed Island's Intercontinental ballistic missile silos are located in Snowjave, and their nuclear capability has not been established by the Ed Islandian military.

Snowjave possesses its own defense force division of the Ed Island Army known as the Snowjave Rangers.


Penguin settlers founded the first settlement in Snowjave in 1831, after the island was shown to possess large amounts of gold to be mined. The ensuing gold rush brought much wealth to the prospectors of Snowjave, but also had the unintended side effect of bringing international attention to the small island.

In 1903, Snowjave signed a treaty with Imperial Ed Island due to proximity, formally naming the island as a territory of the larger nation. While this was initially met with outrage by citizens of Snowjave, this was later put to rest when the island officially became the ninth state of Ed Island in 1911. Despite gambling being frowned upon in Ed Island, the city of Vega was founded in 1905 and soon became a city of casinos. Snowjave was made the exception to Ed Island's gambling laws due to the income it brought in. Vega soon came to be the largest city on the Snowjave, and became known as the "shining light in the Snowjave Desert." During the Wulfen War in 1934, Snowjave overwhelmingly supported the Republic of Ed Island against the Neumenian Reich, supplying large amounts of weaponry and raw materials to the mainland.

Snowjave was one of the final contenders for a mass driver facility after the end of the False War, but favorable weather conditions favored Markland. As a form of compensation, a large solar facility was constructed in Snowjave to provide energy for much of the island.

During the 2012 Ed-Snowinn War, Snowjave remained free from Snowinn occupation. Snowjave-based torpedo bombers waged war on Snowiny's shipping capabilities and were ultimately responsible for Rusca's entry in the war.


  • The territory of Snowjave is inspired by the Republic of Texas and the Mojave Desert region. Its culture is reminiscent of mid-19th century American culture.

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