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Great Snowman Empire of the Antarctide



Power, Might, PWNage
The black colour indiactes the anarchy area. The purple is the Poleland, after its' rebuilding. The rest of Antarctica seperated after The Third Reich, and conquered by barbarians.
Capital Snowme
Capital-in-exile Daneville
Government Imperial Dictorship, then Anarchy starting in 1932
Master Scissor
 -  1918 - 1920 Julius Scissor
 -  1920 - 1924 Scissor Augustus
 -  1920 - 1922 Other Scissors
 -  1922 - September 1922 Mero the Anarchist
 -  October 1922 - Collapse No One! (Anarchy Begins)
Historical era Shortly before Olde Antarctica.
 -  Fall of Khanzem 1918
 -  Birth of C 1919
 -  Rise to Power 1918
 -  Rise of Poleland 1920
 -  Anarchy starts. 1935, November, Olde Antarctica founded
 -  Collapse 1935
Currency ShoopDaWhoot (unchanged)
Today part of Eastshield, Trans-Antarctica and Pengolia
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Settlement of Antarctica/Birth of Regular Penguins
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Khanzem & Grand Ol' Land
Snowman Empire
A While Back
Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
(Free Republics of the USA)
Ninja Archipelago
Yowien Sea
Shops Island
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The Snowman Empire was a short lived empire from the late 1910s and early 1920s. It is famous for conquering much of Antarctica by the penguins (known to the penguins living in the empire as "barbarians") there. In 1922 It was split into two countries, both of them becoming part of Olde Antarctica in 1935.

It also marked the end of the Khanzem, the previous gorvernment.


At the final days of the Khanzem, standard Penguins were sick of the harsh, dictorial rule of the Khanz minority who managed to snag a Coup a while before.

The Snowman Empire was founded as the Snowman Kingdom on several hills, and the valleys between them. It slowly added to the villages living on the hills, and soon became a large city called Snowme (located in what is known today as Trans-Antarctica.

However, the Snowmans were not satisfied with what they had, and expanded, conquering the many barbarian tribes living in Antarctica one by one and adding their villages to their already massive collection. In 1919, the kingdom changed its government, and became a republic, known as the Snowman Republic. It quickly became one of the dominant powers in Antarctica.

After they had conquered about a third of their icy continent in the Snowman/Melt War in 1920, a general, Julius Scissor, felt that he should make Snowme an empire. He pronounced himself dictator for life. Sadly, he was locked up by a penguin named Prutus and forced to listen to polka music on continuous repeat, driving him insane.

He soon died in 1921, and left the empire to his nephew, Scissor Augustus. Under Scissor Augustus's reign, the Snowman Empire a good quarter of the continent, the rest left to Rusca, Poleland, and the Grand Ol' Land. However, he died mysteriously in 1922, leaving no heirs, and the empire was split into two empires, the Western Snowman Empire and the Eastern Snowman Empire, also known as the Pengolian Empire due to it being located in Pengolia.


The Western Snowman Empire quickly lay waste to constant attacks from the Grand Ol' Land, and the country collapsed in 1927. The Eastern Snowman Empire, or the Pengolian Empire, was supported by Rusca, and the Snoviet government installed a communist regime into the country.

Later, in 1935, Olde Antarctica was formed, in order for preservation and making the country stable back again. Rusca forced the Pengolian Empire to join the new state.


The Snowman government was modeled after that of the Penguin Empire, and had a very similar system. There was a public assembly, where the plebians were able to suggest bills and put the stamp on any bills passed by the senate, which held the true power. The Senate had a hierarchy with consuls at the top and magistrates at the bottom. The hierarchy looked something like this:

  • Consuls-These penguins served as heads of state. They were the most important penguins in the senate.
  • Praetors-These penguins served as the judges of the Snowman Empire. Shroo was a praetor and to this day he still calls himself one.
  • Aediles-They were the civil servants of the empire. They were normally the most liked by the plebians due to them being the ones who organised festivals.
  • Magistrates-They were the lowest rank in the Snowman senate.


  • Some penguins get the Snowman Empire confused with the Penguin Empire.