Snowman Syndicate

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Snowman Syndicate
Official logo of the Syndicate
Name Snowman Syndicate
Type Mafia
Location Ruscan Federation
Head Snowboss
Members Cyclo, "Flakes", Fort, Iceman
Headquarters Frostbitten Cavern, Rusca

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The Snowman Syndicate is a secret crime ring of snowmen operating in Rusca. One of their goals is to someday expand their influence elsewhere, and eventually usurp the Underground PWN Mafia's position as the top criminal organization of the United States of Antarctica.


The Snowman Syndicate was formed in 2008 by Snowboss out of his desire for power and control, with the support of current members Cyclo, "Flakes", and Fort. It would soon rise to become one of the most influential criminal organizations in the Ruscan Federation.


The Snowman Syndicate primarily exists to further Snowboss' plans to take over Rusca, and eventually all of Antarctica. Due to the high levels of corruption in the Ruscan government and the Syndicate's influence among Rusca's mafia, they have control over much of the government and their actions. However, they don't often actually step in unless it fits Snowboss' agenda.


The Snowman Syndicate's base of operations is located in the Frostbitten Cavern, a mountain cave in Rusca which has been converted into their headquarters. Snowboss' office is at the very end of the base, guarded by Fort whenever Snowboss is inside.


  • Snowboss - The aptly named boss of the Syndicate. His master planning has allowed the Syndicate to rise to its current level of influence.
  • Cyclo - Snowboss' right-hand man. He plays a major role in the Syndicate's operations, as Snowboss often consults with him before making decisions.
  • "Flakes" - A mysterious and shady individual with an unknown past. He has extensive black market connections which allow him to acquire whatever the Syndicate needs on short notice.
  • Fort - The Syndicate's muscle and Snowboss' personal bodyguard.
  • Iceman

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