Snowman Syndicate

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Snowman Syndicate
Official logo of the Syndicate
Name Snowman Syndicate
Type Crime ring
Location Ruscan Federation
Head Snowboss
Members Cyclo, "Flakes", Fort, The Iceman

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The Snowman Syndicate is a secret crime ring of snowmen operating in Rusca.


The Snowman Syndicate was formed in 2008 by Snowboss, with the support of current members Cyclo, Fort, and "Flakes". It would soon rise to become one of the most influential criminal organizations in the Ruscan Federation.


Snowboss, the boss.


Cyclo is a very old snowman who is currently the Master of Ceremonies in the Syndicate (and has been since September 2010). He has a crippling fear of fire, due to an accident that nearly killed him and forced him to replace one of his arms. He is the oldest member of the Syndicate, and possibly the oldest living snowman, at over one hundred years old. Because of his old age, he uses an icicle cane to walk (or whatever snowmen do). He is very knowledgeable of ancient civilizations and artifacts, which he researches in his spare time. He recruited The Iceman into the group in 2012, and is 6ft 1in tall.

Cyclo also puts mustard on almost everything he eats. The other Syndicate members consider this gross.


"Flakes" is a member of the Syndicate. He prefers to stay shrouded in mystery, wearing a fedora to cover his eyes which are already covered by a mask. In fact, Flakes isn't his real name, just a nickname given to him by other members of the Syndicate. He is 5ft 7in tall.


Fort, also known as "The Syndicate's Hammer", is the muscle of the group. He is 6ft 3in tall.


Snowboss is the leader of the Syndicate, who recruited everyone except The Iceman. He is 7ft 2in tall.

The Iceman[edit]

The Iceman was an ordinary ice sculpture built in 2011 by a penguin to prank his friend. However, a bored wizard came by and brought the ice sculpture to life. He fled into the mountains, and was eventually found and taken in by Cyclo. In 2012, he joined the Snowman Syndicate. He is 4ft 8in tall.


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