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Flag of
Olive Branches, Laurel Tree
Location of
Map caption
(and largest city)
Official languages Greek
Recognised regional languages English
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Snowprusian, Snowpriot
Membership AU
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Bacchus
 -  Princess Aphrodite
 -  Crown Prince Eros
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper House House of Paphos
 -  Lower House House of Endimyon
Independence from the start
 -  2009 estimate 1,000,000 
 -  2007 census 855,989 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 198

Snowprus is the most oldest settled islands in the Ninja Archipelago, and the birthplace of the Greek and Western culture. The island is still ruled by it's immortal founder, King Bacchus, and his adopted daughter, Princess Aprodite, who both gained immortality and rule side by side.


Snowprus was founded in 2000 BC by a High Penguin named Bacchus, who came from Valnor. On a quest to settle new land, Bacchus and his brother Sigurd settled the island and settled there. Bacchus finally had children with his seven wives, (yes, it was legal back then) and had several mutated children, who were the first regular penguins. Sigurd also had a two sons from his only wife there, who were the first Viking Penguins. However, he later had more children when the left Snowprus. Eventually, Sigurd decided to leave Snowprus and settle an island of his own, so he left Bacchus and his family and one of his sons, named Argo. Snowprus was also the birthplace of the mystic High Penguin named Aphrodite, whose egg washed upon the shores of the island and hatched in the foam. She was raised by King Bacchus to be a Princess who would rule beside him. Eventually, Bacchus's children populated the island with small cities and were successful. However, Argo's son, named Phygmalion, was an artist who hated women. He created a beautiful sculpture of his ideal woman, and fell in love with it. Queen Aprhodite was impressed, so she used her magic High Penguin powers to turn that beautiful statue into a real penguin, named Galatea. Phygmalion and Galatea eventually had a son named Paphos, who founded and gave his name to Queen Aphrodite's favorite city in the south of the island. Paphos became the island's main port city, and the Hellenistic Viking Penguin species eventually populated the whole island, while most of the Regular Penguins, Emperor, King, and Small Penguins integrated or immigrated to the Antarctic continent to colonize parts of it for Snowprus. Until 700 BC, Snowprus owned half of Antarctica, but once the Land of Lord Guin took over, Snowprus lost all it's land. Distressed, King Bacchus decided to settle the island of Double Sicilia, which became a crucial island to Snowprus and stayed Snowprusian territory until the Penguin Empire. When the Penguin Empire rose, it successfully conquered Snowprus, but they kept King Bacchus and Aprodite the rulers of Snowprus because of their important status despite being High Penguins. Eventually, after the Penguin Empire fell, Snowprus attempted to retake Antarctica, but was later conquered by the Frozantium Empire. Once that fell, Snowprus silently fell into the hands of the High Penguin Confederacy, still with Bacchus and Aphrodite as the rulers. The island soon sprung up with Knights and castles, but not for long. Mwa Mwa invaders from the Ow Ondowis area conquered the island and forced Bacchus and Aphrodite out of power, and they fled to the forest of Paphos. Eventually, the Mwa Mwas were not driven out completely, but Snowprus the nation was not brought back until 1605, when the Mwa Mwas were driven to the north of the island. In 1878, Puffle'and conquered the island and drove the Mwa Mwa penguins out of the island for good. Bacchus and Aphrodite were given their positions back, but the island continued to be under UK control until 1961, when it finally became an independent country once more.


Snowprus's former currency before joining the AU was the Snowprusian Lira. Now, Snowprus's main currency is the Club Penguin Gold Coin. However, some places still do accept and use the Lira, mostly villages in paticular. Snowprus is also beginning to modernize and credit and debit cards are becoming more accepted in restaurants, cafes, and stores.


The main language of Snowprus is Greek, which was the language that was developed by King Bacchus and his wives. Greek has become a very influential language and influenced many Western languages, including English. English is also learned as a second language on the island since English is mostly necessary for tourism and business overseas.


  • Foccasia (Φοκκασια) - The Capital of the island.
  • Paphos (Παφος) - Beautiful and historic coastal town that is one of the oldest cities on the island. It was the ancient hometown for the Di Tremezzo Family and the ancestors of the The Three Masters.
  • Poli (Πολι)
  • Lamas (Λαμας)

Flag, Motto, and Anthem[edit]


Snowprus Flag 2.png

The Snowpriot Flag was made long ago in approximately 157 AD by Bacchus himself. The Blues on the sides of the flag represent the blue seas that surrounds the island. The White represents the purity of Snowprus's island as it is the homeland for half the Normal Penguin Race. The Olive Branches represent Snowpriot's nationality since it is famous for eating and growing olives. The White Cross and Blue Background coat of arms in the center of the flag represents Snowprus's grand effect on Antarctica's culture.


One of the country's most notable residents is Stelios7, a pizza chef in the Pizza Parlour in Club Penguin, then he went on to join the food company YumYum with Pizza 7 outlets. He still visits his homeland, though.


Of all sports, Snowprus's most popular sport is Soccer, also known as Football, the country is currently requesting UGFA membership. Each major city have their own team that compete with each other until they have the National Championships. Other popular sports include track and field (most notably discus and javelin throwing), cross country running, and marathon races. The Olympics were also very popular in Ancient times, and Snowpriot Colonists who lived in Olympia on the mainland brought the games to Snowprus.


  • The original inhabitants of the Geek Empire originated here.
  • A mountain in Vancooler, Calada, is named after Snowprus.
  • It is a parody of Cyprus.

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