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Type Original
Industry Games, Gaming Consoles
Founded 1888
Headquarters Jokio, Japaland, Japaland, USA, etc.
Area served USA,Japaland, etc.
Key people Icmer
Revenue USP; 1.2 billion (bi-monthly to dat
Net income USP; 1.5 billion (bi-monthly to date)

Snowtendo Games is a gaming company; founded in 1888 as a card game business. It was intended as a way for Snowtendo to compete against the company who, back then was the most popular video game company, Pancakes Incorporated in the video game market.

Background and "The Big Development"[edit]

Snowtendo was founded in 1888 by Icmer's great, great, great, great, great grandfather as a card game. Snowtendo was starting to go bankrupt in 1936, and Snowtendo had to do something by 1940, or else Snowtendo's president claim the business would close. "Don't worry, if we close in 1940, we have plans to make a TV series on this future TV channel called Penguin Network." Snowtendo president Hakiro Sihuri announced. Suddenly, in 1940, Snowtendo was no longer bankrupt and had plans to make their first video game in the 1980's, but they stuck to card games until then.

Snowtendo: The Gaming Community[edit]

Snowtendo wanted a game to debut to release the Waddleboy, but the game and console was dropped due to abnormal reasons. In 1982, it released the S.E.S. to compete against other consoles, such as the PuffleStation and the FortBox 360. In 1995, it released the Snowtendo 64, which turned Snowtendo around. It sold 94 million units by 2001. "I never knew we could change so much. I'm proud." Snowtendo producer Yuni Czaik said. In 2005, the Snowtendo Vii released, with a lot of commercial success, but not as much as the S64. A while back, Snowtendo now introduced and released the Waddleboy on November 25th, 2002 with 4 launch titles. In 2006, a year after the Vii, the DS was released. At first, it was amazing for Snowtendo to finally produce a handheld game console. At the time, the video game market wasn't so big, as most hardware was produced by hobbyists and there was no such thing as a handheld video game. The DS changed the world of electronics forever. It was an instant success, and to follow up, Snowtendo released about 100 games in the first year of introduction alone. Many software designers noticed this new trend and wanted to produce their own games for the DS. "We've made history" former Nintendo CEO Chang Sasian said. Up until then, all games were programmed by Snowtendo and it was prohibited for programmers to design their own game for the handheld console. This ban was soon lifted by the CEO's of Pufflesoft due to the rising popularity of games not programmed by Snowtendo.

A more recent upgraded version of the Snowtendo DS was released in 2009, dubbed the Snowtendo DSi. It had cameras, an SD card reader, and more to it than before. A larger version, the Snowtendo DSi XL was released, too. It got a PenguCritic score overall of 92/100.

The Snowtendo DS, being a handheld, had an advantage of being light and portable. But for the serious gamer, the small screen and inferior performance urged Snowtendo to release the Snowtendo Vii U. The Vii U is a video game console designed to be somewhat wireless and still play video games. It also differed to the DS in having HD graphics, high resolution, and the games are stored on CDs. It was released in 2010.

Plans for an upgraded Snowtendo DS began to be drawn and soon a next generation console was created and released in 2010, with the Vii U. Called the Snowtendo 3DS, the new console was developed in secrecy and came as a surprise to many. In addition to upgrading the technology of the Snowtendo DS, the 3DS has the ability to display high-quality, 3D images on its top screen. The 3DS is unlike any other console ever made. Soon after the release, a newer and larger version was released to the market (similar to the existing DSi XL), called the Snowtendo 3DS XL. By now, Snowtendo had recieved 1,500,000,000 positive reviews. "Wow. That's all I can really say," Snowtendo security guard Jeff Shaw stated, after he had heard the news.

Despite the new 3DS and 3DS XL, sales of Snowtendo started to drop slowly, but sustainably. To combat this, yet another portable console was developed. Again, it was developed in secrecy and unveiled unexpectedly. The new next-generation console, called the Snowtendo 2DS, was another iteration of the 3DS line. It is exactly the same as the 3DS, but it does not have the ability to play games in 3D (hence the name) and changed from a clam shell design to a flat-tablet-like design. The twist is that you can still play 3DS games on it, but still has the high-resolution graphics from the 3DS and Vii U.


Snowtendo of Antarctica[edit]

Snowtendo of Antarctica is the largest division of Snowtendo, serving the whole continent, the Sub-Antarctic Islands and more. Their headquarters is in Hashville, Happyface State, with a smaller office in Dorkugal.

Snowtendo of Snowzerland[edit]

Snowtendo of Japaland[edit]

Snowtendo of UTR[edit]

Snowtendo of Shops Island[edit]

Snowtendo of Castilla[edit]

Snowtendo of Snowzerland[edit]

Snowtendo of Calada[edit]


Snowtendo Entertainment System[edit]

Snowtendo WaddleBoy (2002-2006)[edit]

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Snowtendo GameSphere (2002-2006)[edit]

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Snowtendo DS (2004-2011)[edit]

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Snowtendo Vii (2006-2012)[edit]

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Snowtendo 3DS (2011-present)[edit]

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Snowtendo Vii N (2012-2018)[edit]

The Vii N is a video game console and the succesor to the Snowtendo Vii. The system was released on November 20, 2012.

Snowtendo Swap (2018-present)[edit]

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