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City of Snowville
Snowville Arial Camera Photo.jpg
An aerial picture of Downtown Snowville.
320px-Snowville image.PNG
A neighbourhood in Snowville.
Snowville Flag.png
The flag of Snowville.
Country Federal Republic of Polaris
Area Greater Snowville Area, State of Snowville
Monuments Promenade Square, Pinnacle Hall
Headquarters Snowville Harborfront Center
Neighbourhoods Downtown, Old Town, North Bay, Hamilton Beach, Celebrity Point, New Frankterre, Zhoutown, Frostyway, South Pinevilla, Zhoutown
Mayor Sam Rudi
Population 1,672,881
Inhabited species Emperor Penguins, Puffles,
General information
Native name City of Snowville
Foreign name Civitas de Polaris
Demonym Snowvillers
Founded January 22, 1977
– Founder Gilles L'Ouverture
Time zone Eastshield Standard Time
Summer time Eastshield Daylight Time
Area codes 577,887

Snowville is a major city and port located in the Polaris SAD. It is well known for housing the country's few movie studios as well as its numerous copper and iron mines in the countryside. It is considered one of the major cities in Polaris. Snowville also has a beach that is popular with tourists from other parts of the country as well as the locals. It currently harbours around 2,500,000 visitors annually. Snowville has been influenced by Frankterran culture, though this has been strongly diluted over many years, as more immigrants from countries came over to live in Snowville. However, older buildings which have remained since Frankterran rule still retain their Frankterran architecture and style.

Snowville's current mayor is Sam Rudi, who took office in 2010 and has been the mayor ever since. Snowville is known for it's many shops, buildings and restaurants such as Cryosphere, Dank Burgers and Taco Ball and residents and famous visitors such as the cousins Screwball86 and Willy the Penguin. Most penguins here like to use bikes to get around the city, especially around the residential areas. Snowville also has it's own unique Zhoutown.


Snowville was first founded in 1912, as a small penguin colony and village, founded by the great explorer, Gilles L'Ouverture, a renowned Frankterran explorer, who used this colony as a small harbor and trading colony. In 1916, due to the Khanzem War, a large fort was built atop the Neige Cliffs, which are bluffs, supposedly created by glaciers after they receded thousands of years ago. The colony's fort was labelled as Fort Neige, (literally Fort Snow in English) and protected the vast harbor of the village of Neige-Ville. Niege-Ville had been able to withstand Khanzem's attacks since many of the Good Guys had trading ships there and made the area a base for the war. It was not until 1933 until the Frankterran authorities decolonized the village, which by 1933 had grown to the size of a small city, with a population of 126,700 penguins and puffles. By then, the city lost much of its Frankterran influence, due to the immigration of several penguins from other reaches of the Antarctic.

Snowville, was described as somewhat of a boom-town, as many historians suggest, due in part to the city's growing population. In 1945, Snowville was declared one of the best city to live in throughout all of the Antarctic, with many shops, skyscrapers, and new developments emerging in the city. But, this growth was stopped in 1958, when a gang of penguins supposedly staged a coup d'etat of the City Hall, placing the city into a dictatorship, as the new leader, Frankie Del Carto (a penguin of Cuadran descent) was a member of the Mafia. Crime began to run rampant in the city, decreasing Snowville's population by 56,000. Fortunately, Frankie Del Carto was forcibly removed from the Mayor's office by the Olde Antarctica National Guard and replaced by Joyce Fredrich, who turned the city around once more. Joyce promoted the strength of the local city police after the National Guard of Olde Antarctica had left. Joyce increased the city's population by persuading new businesses to place their headquarters in the city, as well as creating a trading pact with several AU and Asiapelago islands to allow their trade ships to dock into their harbor, which led to the arrival of more immigrants.

Many of them were Zhouese who with Joyce's help, formed their own Zhoutown which invited lots more tourists, as well. During Colonial Antarctica, Snowville was virtually unchanged and was one of the few places where the Colonial Antarctica war did not cause conflict. The city was mainly Loyalist, and Snowville was quietly incorporated into the USA in 2000. Today, Snowville is a populous city of business and is home to several metal processing factories due to the fact that it's outskirts are known to have many iron and copper mines.


Snowville, as said above was built on the Neige Cliffs, which are white limestone cliffs formed during the last Ice Age. However, the city's central business district is located on Saint-Jeremy River, 21 miles east of the cliffs. The city is also very elevated, and has many hills. Much of the city's roads are somewhat steep due to this. The mouth of the Saint-Jeremy River is the area in which Snowville is most concentrated, as numerous amounts of condominiums and apartments were built on the banks at the mouth of the Saint Jeremy River.

The river has countless meanders, and radically changed the layout of the city over time. The river is very wide, yet somewhat deep. There are 23 bridges that traverse the river in Snowville alone. The river also acts as a boundary between the igneous and metamorphic rocks on either side of the river. About 45 miles west, the river ends at the Eastern Shield Mountains, which is a popular ski destination for the citizens of Snowville and northwest Eastshield.


Snowville's Architecture varies in every neighborhood. Snowville's old town district, known as Niege-ville, is still home to Frankterran colonial architecture that is characterized with whitewashed, two story stone buildings and pure cobblestone streets. Outside the Old Town, the architecture is mostly influenced by Colonial Antarctica and has numerous apartments made of brick. Other portions of the city are home to modern high rise apartment buildings.

A detailed map of Snowville.


Snowville has different neighbourhoods (which are listed from largest to smallest below):

  • North Bay - The most largest area that is next to the ocean. The beach is located here. Most populated and home to most of the skyscrapers.
  • Downtown - The second most largest area. Most shops here are expensive and slightly more traffic than other areas. Most Cryosphere restaurants are located in this area.
  • Old Town - Where most of the older buildings are, most of which have been renovated and cleaned.
  • Celebrity Point - Cleaner streets here, more modern architecture. Located next to Snowville's Zhoutown.
  • New Frankterre - The area with the most Frankterran architecture seen on buildings as well as cuisine and very populated.
  • Hamilton Beach - Known for its many forests and rich areas where some millionaires live. This is where the government's office is.
  • Frostyway - Sam Rudi lives here and it's know for it's unique and various houses and igloos. Known for restaurants, great views and a large suburban area.
  • South Pinevilla - Home to one of Antarctica's top 50 shopping areas.
  • Zhoutown - In between South Pinevilla and Celebrity Point. Lots of Zhouese culture here as well as Zhouese penguins.





Public Transit[edit]

Buses are a very common way of public transport. They run throughout most of the city except for some remote roads. Buses can range from single-decker to double-decker while single-decker buses mainly run throughout the outer areas of the city. TramSport, a public transport company that mainly supplies and operates in Snowville has trams running throughout the main urban parts of Snowville to the main roads of neighbourhoods.


Penguins also drive cars here, too. Cars are very common as well as vans, trucks and bikes. Biking is mostly used in the igloo and residential areas of Snowville. There are a few highways and bridges, too.


Snowville has it's own metro, Snowville Public Metro which runs throughout the whole city. The main station is Central Square which is the most busiest and attracts the most penguins. The metro runs both underground and overground. There are highways just for the Metro itself. The Metro also takes you to the border of Snowville where many visitors come and go.



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  • It is a patrial parody of New York City, Boston and Chicago.

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