Solir Ryne'n

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Solir Ryne'n

Don't let the smirk fool you.
Born Solir Ryne'n
April 18, 1991
Mossy River
Residence Culldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Culldrome
Other names Master Ryne'n
Ethnicity Viking Penguin
Citizenship Culldrom
Occupation Assassin
Years active 2013 -
Employer Self, CIC
Salary High
Title Master Solir Ryne'n
Opponent(s) His targets
Parents Unknown

Solir Ryne'n, also known as Master Ryne'n or as The Master, is a highly-skilled Culldrom assassin. Feared by many, Solir started as a lowly thief of the Mossy River but soon became a highly skilled assassin. His skills and mastery of stealth have landed him within the high ranks of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. Solir is a deadly opponent and fighter who strikes fear into his enemies and has gained a reputation of it. After the death of Gravity, he assumed leadership of the Porcyal Order, alongside Dr. Blowhole.


Early Years[edit]

Solir Ryne'n was born on April 18 1991, to a family of bandits on a small settlement on the Mossy River. Solir grew up learning skills such as thievery and stealthy take downs. The Ryne'n family lived off stolen goods which were stolen from passersby or wandering travelers. Sometimes, the family would have to go on for several days without food. They were mostly left unaffected by the Porcyal War, due to their heavy isolation from the outside world.

Some time in the early 2000s, the Ryne'n family became involved in a brawl with other groups of bandits. The aftermath left the family fragmented and some killed. The lone Solir wandered around the Mossroam Forest, bent on revenge. He trained by himself, locked out from the world. After several years of wandering, he arrived in Culldrome City.


Without a job or place to call home, Solir settled in the slums on the outskirts of the large city. There he began to plan out his plan of revenge on those who killed his family. His investigations took him back to Mossroam in early 2012 where he executed his plans. Solir wanted to be a vigilante, but his intentions soon turned bad, stealing and wrecking havoc in the countryside. This landed him on the bad side of many gangs and other bandits, as well as the law. He gained a reputation and became nicknamed as The Master, due to his skills.

For a short time, he became a hired assassin/bounty-hunter and worked for outlaws in exchange for large sums of money. With his wealth he moved to Skulldrome in December, just as his old 'home' was ransacked by police. Solir gained an interest in working for Gravity, who wanted to overthrow the Culldrome Isles after after the events of Nightmare of Culldrome in September.


Solir then became involved with the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. His skills proved useful to Gravity and Chairman Dux who wanted to form a brand new country. Solir received much more advanced training and weapons. Solir quickly climbed up the ranks and became a valuable asset in the Confederacy, becoming indoctrinated in its ways. He gave himself the title of 'Master Ryne'n' and was involved in the assassinations of several Confederate targets.

In early 2014, he had a minor role in the Culldrome Civil War, occasionally serving on the battlefield. Later on, the had a larger role during the Shadow of Culldrome. He became entangled with the Adelie Brothers and the Super Seven, who wanted to overthrow the Confederacy. After sustaining injuries in their early confrontations, Solir is put out of action for the majority of the war, only appearing again in the latter stages as a bodyguard to Gravity and Chairman Dux. He fails in his mission and flees, later regrouping with Dr. Blowhole and taking up the leadership of the Porcyal Order. Solir also decides to further his training in martial arts and combat, switching to more modern weaponry in the process.



Although serious with his superiors, Solir has a funny and light persona. He can be non-serious and joke around with others. However, when given a job to do, Solir is determined to do what he can to accomplish it. He is also loyal, albeit towards the highest bidder; Solir will do what he can for money, most especially assassinations.


Solir possesses a large set of skills which he learned during his early life as a thief. Fit and healthy, Solir was very agile and had excellent free-running and parkour skills. He can also quickly and easily climb buildings and over obstacles. Once going, Solir can be a hard foe to stop; he will relentlessly hunt down his targets.

Solir is also good at handling weapons, particularly his personal ones - a rifle, sword and daggers. He possesses accurate aiming and marksmanship skills. If given any weapon, be it modern or antique, Solir can still manage to use it proficiently. Solir can also use special techniques, such as poison, to take down his targets.





  • Solir cannot blend into crowds well, mostly due to his traditional attire.
    • Despite this, Solir wishes to keep his outfit to retain his old family ties.

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