Sonic Boom

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Chub 777
Sonic Boom
Agent Sonic during the Shadow of Culldrome.
Title Sonic Mach Twister Boom
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Penguin
Health Exellent
Level 100
Status Working for the CSIA
Location Culldrome Isles
Occupation Spy, Elite Secret Agent
Friends Steven Snowen
Chub 777
Buhc 777
Enemies Chub 667X
Archetype Good

Sonic Mach Twister Boom, simply known as Sonic or Agent Sonic, is a highly skilled and elite Adelie Penguin. He resides in the Culldrome Isles and is employed at the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. Sonic is great friends with the Adelie brothers, Chub 777 and Buhc 777. The three have worked together to save Culldrome and the world from Chub 667X and Gravity during The Epic Adelie Story. As one of the most decorated and elite agents in service, Sonic's ambitions have lead him to dream for becoming the Elite Leader or Supreme Leader one day.


Early Life[edit]

Sonic was born on March 1 1991. He was orphaned as an egg at Bluetower Castle. At the castle, he grew up living a peaceful and quiet life, raised by the helpful and kind inhabitants. That was, until the break out of the Porcyal War in 1992. At the castle, he saw soldier after soldier coming in to be treated from Ditto poisoning or bruises from snowballs. This service inspired him to become a doctor in the castle's infirmary. As a young boy, Sonic aided the older doctors there to treat others by delivering medicine and bandages to them. Eventually, Sonic wanted to become a soldier and join the army. At the age of 13, he left the quiet castle and joined the Culldrome Isles Army.

Military Service[edit]

Sonic traveled to the big city, to which he was in awe at the vastly different customs like buildings and cars. A background and health check was performed on him upon applying for the army. The penguins who checked applications, laughed at Sonic, saying that he was young and not strong. However, since the army was short of applicants, Sonic was "promoted" to a janitor and sent off to a training camp. This meant hours of scrubbing the floors and cleaning out the kitchens. He made friends with the soldiers at the camp, exchanging stories and tales with them. This made Sonic long even more to be trained as a cadet. This all changed in April 2005. A ninja disguised as a soldier slipped into the ranks of the army. It was unknown who it was, though. The ninja coincidentally went to the same camp as Sonic did.

One normal day, the ninja set off two Ditto Grenades in the complex. The ninja then proceeded with his normal day schedule and went marching with his troop for the morning. Sonic, however, wandered into the room where the grenades exploded. Finding 5 stunned penguins on the floor, he sounded the alarm. Within minutes, the whole camp was assembled at the main concourse. While there, the ninja detonated three more grenades and escaped. Sonic, who was cleaning the dishes at the time and not present at the concourse, spotted the ninja (whose disguise had come off) and apprehended him using a mop. By the time the soldiers had caught up, the ninja was already captured and Sonic was praised as a hero.

Sonic was promoted to a cadet and by late 2005, his training in the army began. He rose up the ranks and was send off with his troop into Culldrome for peacekeeping missions. During these missions, he helped a (what seemed like) an old penguin carry his fruits and vegetables off to the market. Unbeknownst to him, the old penguin was actually a young penguin who worked for the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. Since then, Sonic was constantly monitored as a candidate for an agent.

After dozens of peacekeeping missions in and around the isles, Sonic was approached by a shady penguin with a suit an sunglasses. He was given a card with details and instructions to meet the penguin again in a small alley way. Later, the two met up again. The penguin introduced him as a CSIA agent and offers Sonic a life-time opportunity to join the agency. Sonic questioned it's authenticity when the Head of the Culldrome Army appeared from a shadowy corner. He said that the CSIA was "real alright" and allowed Sonic the opportunity to join its ranks. Sonic accepted and began training for the secret service.

CSIA Service[edit]

Sonic in 1999.

After severe and extensive training, Sonic was allowed into the ranks of the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. Sonic was put in charge of several missions, all of them proving successful. In 2008, Sonic was then put in charge of the investigation into the suspected Skulldrome bombing of a nearby airstrip. Fearing that this would be an incident to spark another war, Sonic was dropped via parachute near a ninja aircraft carrier and tasked to investigate. The ship picked him up but, to aid international relations, Sonic was not thrown into the prison pit but was instead treated well, like any other crew penguin. During his time on board the ship, Sonic learned (more of "eavesdropped") about the plot to bomb Culldrome City during the 10 year anniversary of the Porcyal War. The ship later docked in port and Sonic flew home, reporting in about the plot.

This prompted the CSIA to take drastic measures. This included forming an alliance with the PSA, then later, the EPF. This alliance allowed agents from both organizations to join forces. By 2010, preparations for foiling the plot were underway. Guards would be stationed everywhere, fighter jets scrambled and ready in flight and Deletion Missile loaded submarines out in the ocean. By January 2012, the stage was set and everything was ready...but for one last thing...

The Epic Adelie Story[edit]

Sonic was assigned an MDA and piloted it to the port town of Shiverpool. It was only a few days until the planned strike of the ninjas. Sonic was tasked to find and contact the Adelie brothers. Chub 777 and Buhc 777, to aid them in foiling the plot. Since they were part of the EPF, the two were part of the two-agency program between it and the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. Chub and Buhc were the two best available agents at the time and were soon assigned onto the case. The trio try to find out more about the situation as the day looms closer. In the end, the ninjas perform a surprise attack on the capital, destroying large parts of it. Sonic, Chub and Buhc all try and work together to stop the attack, which they eventually do. The ninjas are driven off and the city starts to rebuild itself. Sonic received many decorations and promotions afterwards.

Sonic also later involved in the Culldrome Civil War. He was one of the agents in charge with wiretapping and intelligence gathering operations. He was also assigned with heavy weapons testing and delivery. By the time the major Confederate ceasefire occurred, Sonic continued his CSIA duties; protecting the Supreme Leader and gathering intelligence. During the Shadow of Culldrome, Sonic once again returned to field duty and aided in the fall of the Confederacy. He was part of the Super Seven, a top secret group who was responsible for several operations during the war, which were dedicated to stopping the Confederacy and their allies, Snowzerland and Zhou. After the death of Gravity, the mastermind of the entire operation, the war ended and Sonic was promoted to higher ranks within the agency. He also began to pursue a dream of becoming the CSIA's Elite Leader or the country's Supreme Leader, and became a State-Appointed Porcyal Wielder of the agency.



Sonic on a CSIA stamp.

Sonic's natural feather color is a electric blue. This is very rare for a penguin to have. Sonic wears standard secret agent attire, including a suit, a tie and, sometimes, sunglasses or night-vision goggles. The sunglasses contain a small laser built into the side and can be used to cut objects. Sonic can also carry around a CSIA Super Gadget, which is a hand-held device that contains many random gadgets and inventions.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Sonic is a born hero. Courageous, heroic and selfless, he takes pride in the Culldrome Isles and will do anything to defend it. Due to this, Sonic has made rash and reckless decisions, sometimes putting his squad and fellow agents in danger. He sometimes despises himself because of this nature. Most of the time, though, Sonic puts himself before others. He is brave and puts himself into stick situations for the benefit of others and his country.


Sonic is a great spy, knowing every trick in the book and more. With his training, Sonic's peripheral vision has expanded to over 180°. This allows him to see enemies behind him and act accordingly. He has also been trained in the arts of Card-Jitsu. This allows him to easily defeat challengers. With this, he has also learned how to "blend" into the surroundings and not be noticed, just like a real Ninja.


Agent Sonic and an agent Puffle.

Sonic was involved in The Epic Adelie Story, as a aid and guide to Chub 777 and Buhc 777. In the Nightmare of Culldrome, Sonic briefed the two on the situation of the ninjas plan to invade the Culldrome Isles and helped the situation as he commanded his fellow agents to assess the situation and do anything they can to help. Later on he helps out in the final battle, bringing the nightmare to a close. Sonic was also involved during the Culldrome Civil War and Shadow of Culldrome. After being promoted, Sonic lead several groups of Special Ops Agents and helped to destroy the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome.


One Liners[edit]


Official: AGENT SONIC!
Sonic: What is it?
Official: It looks like we're going to need a better command post. Can you get the MDA flying ASAP?
A Hot Sauce bottle falls on the MDA, making it explode.
Sonic: I-I-I don't think...that that is possible...sir..."


  • Sonic's name and color are a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Sonic carries around two TEWT snowball pistols, and is a proficient shot.
  • He does not have very good free running skills.
  • He can speak various languages: English (obviously), Spanish, German and Japanese.
    • However, Sonic only knows a little bit of Spanish and German (ie: not fluent).

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