Sonic Walrus

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Sonic Walrus
Sonic Walrus.jpg
This is a walrus. That flies. And kills you.
Type Missile
Effects Easily obliterates multiple tanks at once.
Then explodes.
In your face.
Source Developed by the BoF
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Sonic Walrus is a destructive missile that can blast through various hard surfaces before exploding. While initially made as a joke weapon by the BoF, it was turned into an actual weapon when persuaded to do so by the general public.


Each Sonic Walrus follows a replica of a walrus' anatomy, with several jets attached to it. These jets propel the missile at such speeds that the fat of the walrus liquidizes its kinetic energy, causing massive damage. Once the missile stops, the walrus' helmet sends a signal to the large tank to the left of the missile, causing an explosion.


Not many Sonic Walruses exist due to their immense power and its high costs. Many of them are owned by the USA, but they have occasionally been stolen and black marketed to other countries.

They are known for randomly being thrown for no apparent reason even if the user never had one in the first place. Such random attacks include:

  • One was seen being thrown at one of the stolen Avatar Warmech V2s during the Nightmare Epic. It somehow managed to pierce the robot but failed to destroy it completely, although it was later blown up by Gigant X.

Walrus Crime Ring reaction[edit]

As expected, various walruses reacted negatively to this weapon. The original Walrus has attempted to sue the BoF for its creation, but the end result always results in Director Benny yelling at him. Various Walruses were ordered to keep IMA FIRIN A WALRUS from them at all costs. Iron Walrus has expressed disgust at using the body structure of his kind as a weapon. Various walruses in the Crime Ring have started an inside petition to hack the BoF's computers and overload them with cat videos, but this wouldn't work anyways.


  • Shortly after the weapon's creation, some research was done to determine how the missile worked.