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Leon Paine
Sonic Xtreme.png
SX in his favorite shirt, a little upset
Title Sonic Xtreme
Gender Male
Race Eastern Kanta Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Decent
Level 6
Status Discovering Talents
Location Flywish's Base

Sonic Xtreme (real name Leon Paine; formerly known as Radclaw1) is a Eastern Kanta Penguin from Eastshield. He is also a reformed Petguin who formerly belonged to Xorai and was pushing the man who employs him, Flywish. He also was in Darktan's Army, but behind Xorai's back (or maybe it was cape, whatever).


Born and raised in a small house in the middle of Eastshield, Leon was just a bashful but very intelligent penguin who would one day be involved in three certain wars that went down in history. He never expected what would happen to him throughout his life.

At the age of five, Leon would get that rut feeling. He looked for things that would make him feel better. Finally, he stumbled by a red igloo that had a banner on it's entrance that said "day care". He thought it was an actual day care for chicks, but when he went inside, it wasn't what he expected. He saw drool on the floor, cookie crumbs, crying penguins, and he even slipped on the drool. He screamed and attempted to assault one of them. But when he picked a fourteen year old ballerina which he could barely lift, the fourteen year old (three in Mwa Mwa years) penguin's eyes sparkled. Leon gently put down the penguin, dropped on the floor, and cried. He put on a blue shirt and a pair of blue bunny ears, and renamed himself Radclaw1. Throughout the years, Radclaw1 was a bunny petguin. He clinged to penguins he didn't even know, ate carrots, and nibbled on grass from Easter parties. At one point, he ended up getting really into his bunny gimmick. He was "adopted" by Mwa Mwa Penguins and crazy adult penguins who believed Mwa Mwa Penguins were real babies. If he left a mwa mwa penguin, it would severely upset them because he used some kind of chemical to make his feathers fluffy like a bunny which would make the Mwa Mwa Penguins love to pet him. He also did a "trick" with his ears where he would make himself fly by twisting his ears around each other. However, this trick would end with him getting an injury one-hundred percent of the time.

Eventually, he found his "perfect owner" when a penguin named Flywish walked into the Pet Shop to torment a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Radclaw noticed him and clinged to his feet. Poor Flywish screamed and limped back to his limo since Radclaw had such a tight grip on Flywish's flippers. Even a door slam didn't scare Radclaw away. He ended up accidentally taking Radclaw home thought he was forced to take him home. When Flywish got home, Radclaw was still tightly gripping his flippers. Flywish couldn't take it anymore and told Chuck to hit him in the head twice with a bat. It knocked him out cold, but that didn't keep him from getting Flywish to be his owner. The high penguin was very annoyed about this and tried to call the FIPF (Flywish Island Police Force). Even the FIPF was unable to handle this situation, Radclaw fought them off. Finally, Radclaw slipped a letter through Flywish's mail slot in his entrance doors. Flywish read the letter and opened the door with annoyance in his eyes. "I WILL NEVER TAKE YOU! NOT IN A BILLION YEARS, NOT IN A TRILLION YEARS, NOT EVEN IN A QUINTILLION YEARS! YOU ARE THE WORST PIECE OF GARBAGE TO EVER APPROACH MY MANOR! GEEEEEEEEEEEET OOOOOOOUT!" Flywish screamed. Xorai, Flywish's mortal enemy took notice and decided that this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for his army. He flew over to Flywish's Mansion and asked him to take the crazy petguin off of his flippers. Flywish agreed and gave Radclaw over to Xorai. Radclaw didn't mind and went off with Xorai. But what Xorai didn't know was that Radclaw was secretly associated with Darktan, Xorai's rival. When Xorai found out thanks to Flywish who still bugged them, he grounded Radclaw and made him be Snowclaw, his "sister"'s slave. This caused Radclaw to run away and disappear. This caused Xorai to drench the place with tears. Flywish shrugged and walked away causing Xorai to go into great anger. He screamed at Flywish and all the sudden, Radclaw came back. Radclaw quit DTA for good and respected his whole family. Until one day, Flywish decided to make a new recruit. He tried cloning himself but that failed. He then decided to sneak a nummy cake into Radclaw's food bowl. Radclaw ate it and he reformed. Flywish renamed him Sonic Xtreme and Xorai shrugged it off and bought a new petguin and a Mwa Mwa Penguin.

After this problem was settled, Sonic Xtreme joined Flywish's Army and looked for talents to do. He is currently a Ninja in training and will join the ninja group very soon.


He is not much for Flywish due to his memory loss after eating his Nummy Cake. He also doesn't seem to have much of a talent. He currently is trying to find something he can do. Right now, he's in the military which is the smaller ranks. He isn't only in ninja training, he's also taking art classes to be a war prankster. Sonic Xtreme has no idea that his real name is Leon Paine due to the fact that he lost his memory and Flywish hasn't known him for too long. Sonic Xtreme used to be friends with Degeneration, but his file got thrown in the Final Solution and he became a forgotten penguin. Recently, he was promoted to secretary by Flywish, being one of the six secretaries he has.





  • You can't count the times he got injured.
  • He wears a shirt that says "I hate Raclaws" this is because he now knows his past and finds it very disturbing.
  • He is now a secretary of Flywish.
  • Xorai just gave a blank stare when he reformed.
  • Wocker can beat him up. And HAS beaten him up.
  • He is currently a blue belt in Flywish's dojo.
  • He thinks he's related to PabloDePablo because he is a Kanta Penguin.
  • He does not Wrestle in CPWE because he is too weak.


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