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Not to be confused with the Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon.

Republic of Joseon
조선의 공화국/ 미솬화국
Flag of South Joseon
AnthemClub Penguin Style
Royal anthemAegukga
Location of South Joseon
The ROJ is located on the South of the Island.
(and )
Official languages Korean
Demonym (South) Joseonean
Membership UAN
 -  President Yoon Suk-Jin
 -  Prime Minister Yu In-hu
 -  Liberation from Japaland 2010 
Currency South Joseonean Want ()
Drives on the Right
Footnotes This is obviously a parody of South Korea.

The Republic of Joseon (조선의 공화국), or more commonly known as South Joseon, is the southern nation on Joseon Island, located in the Asiapelago. It, along with North Joseon, was liberated from Japalandese rule in 2010. The USA heavily supported South Joseon in its early years, to prevent the spread of East Pengolian communism, and to make sure South Joseon didn't get enveloped by communism like its northern neighbor did.

South Joseon is known for its very intense, and sometimes hostile rivalry with North Joseon. Both countries claim ownership over the other, and both argue that they're the owners of Joseon Island.


Prior to the revolution against Japaland, the entire island of Joseon was almost completely cut off from the rest of Antarctica and its influence. They lived in traditional Joseonean culture, and dress up until 1910 when the Japalandese invaded and conquered Joseon. After Kim Il Sunguin liberated their territory from Japalandese rule in 2010, East Pengolia quickly assisted them. The USA, and many other nations assisted South Joseon in the war against North Joseon so communism wouldn't spread to them. An armistice was signed, but not a peace treaty, meaning that the north and south are still technically at war. Unlike North Joseon, South Joseon has prospered since the war. Many new technology companies rose to power in the country in effort to rival Japaland's electronics and car industry. The USA is still one of South Joseon's biggest trading partners to this day.


South Joseon's economy is relatively strong compared to North Joseon's. However, their economy still doesn't have much of an influence over the rest of Antarctica. South Joseon produces and exports lots of electronics, and is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Antarctica. However, their technical prowess is constantly overshadowed by Zhou's technological monopoly.

South Joseon's main industries lie in many things including electronics such as computers and cell phones, shipbuilding, car manufacturing, and more.


Joseon's native culture is much like other countries in the Asiapelago. Traditionally, women wear traditional silk dresses (known as Hanbok), and both genders wear Sensei-like straw hats in the farms. However, when the island was liberated in 2010, everyone adopted to wear modern and fashionable clothes from the USA, unlike their northern neighbor. (However, these days in the capital city you will see some ladies in Hanbok more often these days.) They eat a lot of seafood in their cuisine, some of which has been influenced by Japaland with the introduction of the Gimbap, the Joseonean version of Sushi. Don't forget kimchi. Joseoneans also enjoy grilling their meat on special barbecue pans in the center of their tables and eating the grilled meat with kimchi and rice cakes. They also have traditional cookies make of berries, green tea and other exotic sorts. In the villages, persimmon and tangerines are common.

Ever since the Japalandese liberation, though, South Joseon's culture has been much more technologically enhanced. Unlike its northern neighbor, culture has stayed up to date, and modern. South Joseon's media is also completely free compared to the propaganda-laced media of North Joseon. Computers and internet are common in the country, as playing on the computer has become a popular pastime. South Joseon's love of computers and computer games has earned it the nickname "Dorkugal of Asiapelago".


South Joseon's military is rather weak, and not as big as the North's. South Joseon's military has major assistance from the USA and Shops. Their military's only concern is the North, but the South Joseoneons doubt they'll ever actually attack. The military outfit is similar to the Shops Island one.

Relationships with Other Nations[edit]

  • USA - Excellent - The USA heavily trades with, and imports many electronics from South Joseon in lieu of military support and funding.
  • North Joseon - Neutral. - They are still enemies, but blueprints have been laid down by both countries for a possible reunification.
  • Japaland - Fair - The two nations have been skeptical of each other ever since the liberation. However, they trade, and maintain diplomatic relations. It should also be noted that Japaland had conquered South Joseon once.
  • Shops Island - Excellent - Shops was one of the first nations to recognize South Joseon's sovereignty. They have heavy trade with each other, and it is expected that South Joseon will soon become the only country which exports materials to Shops.
  • Zhou - Fair - Zhou's acceptance of globalization has improved relations with the South. Zhou and South Joseon are trading partners; the Zhouese see them as the mediator between the Zhouese rivalry with Japaland.
  • Rusca- Excellent. Rusca gives military support to South Joseon. Both countries are excellent trading partners, and allies during war.
  • Square Islands - Awesome! Square Islands is slated to assist South Joseon in case it ever needs to.
  • Snowzerland - Neutral - They are trading partners, but the country HATES the government.


  • In the far future of 4056, a revived Star Kirby12, Richperson, and Nexer6472 move to South Joseon.
  • The South Joseonen Military Uniform is similar to the Shops Island uniform.

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