South Pole City

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South Pole City
Location of SPC
Country USA
Area Polar District
Monuments Giant Pen
Headquarters South Pole Council
Neighbourhoods Zuidpool, Haarlemton, Rooks, Metro, The Zinc, Booklin,Bonkers, Latin Island
Mayor Judge Xavier
Population 25,999,230
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles, etc.
General information
Native name South Pole City
Demonym Polar
Founded 1997
– Founder The Club
Time zone EST (Eastshield Standard Time)
Summer time ECT (Eastshield Counter Time)
Area codes 169

South Pole City, locally known as the Medievally Modern Metropolis is the largest city and capital city in the United States of Antarctica, located in a National Capital Region, which is also known as the Polar District, which formed into a single entity in 2005, by the District Act of 2005, ceding land from Eastshield and Trans-Antarctica. The city is located on banks the Hutt River, along with the West River, and on an unnamed hill located in the city's outer districts as well.

As the country's second economic capital, along with Club Penguin, the area is considered a Continental City, and is one of the top financial centers in the continent. The city's leading economic sectors include finance, telecommunications, aerospace,arts, television,medical research, and business services industries. The city is also home to the South Pole Stock Exchange, which is the second largest in the country. The city is also home to many of the corporation's headquarters, including McDoodle's,Linus and MammothAir.

The city's population is very diverse and inter-continental, as it is one of the most multi-cultural cities in Antarctica, and is very popular among immigrants to the USA. The city is one of the continent's most ethnically diverse cities, with 40% of the population foreign-hatched. The city also has one of the lowest crime rates in the continent as well. Penguin Con is held here every year.


South Pole Krytocric Hall.png

A Grand City was here ever since the Babbelonian Empire, but it was destroyed in 750. Areas of it have been uncovered in archeological sites on one of the river islands in South Pole City. The High Penguin Confederacy constructed Capital City nearby, and it served as the capital city of both the High Penguin Confederacy and Khanzem until 1918, when the majority of it was bombed up and invaded by the Ruscans. Another city was built in 1945, and soon after became part of South Pole City.

South Pole City was founded by a group of penguins called The Club in 1997, as a hub for the movement that would soon become the Rebels of Colonial Antarctica.

Then, in 1998, the Batavians attempted to conquer South Pole City since the capital of Colonial Antarctica of the time was in King George's Island. Thus, the Batavians built the small city of Zuidpool with little villages surrounding it. This didn't please The Club very much, and the Batavians and The Club fought to see who would keep the city. Eventually, the Batavians succeeded in holding a small portion of the city for a year. However, by then, The Club got backup, and the Batavians surrendered and gave their territory (now called Zuidpool) back to the city. Nevertheless, the Batavians play a vital role in modern South Pole City today. Haarlemton, Booklyn, Bonkers, and the Barlem and Hutt Rivers were named by the Batavians. (During the Batavian period, Haarlemton, Booklyn, and Bonkers were little farming villages.)

Later, in 2000, the United States of Antarctica (USA) was founded, and they chose South Pole City as their capital in the 2000 Capital Elections. The Club moved away from the city to start a new town in the Sub-Antarctic Islands. Since then, it has become the largest inland city of the USA and the surrounding areas.

In the War of 2002, South Pole City was burnt to the ground. No one was hurt, but everyone's stuff was destroyed. South Pole City was re-built since then.

In 2004, the Itinerod Circuit was built to provide faster mail delivery to the city and the rest of Eastshield. The Circuit crosses the harsh Trans-Antarctic Mountains and delivers a whopping 150 billion pieces of mail every year.

In early 2008, the Polar Beltway, also known as Highway 222, was completed, attracting about 120,000 cars per day. It has sixteen lanes, and uses Collector-Express lanes,and has a length of 23.8 miles, spanning the entirety of South Pole City.

In mid-2008, the city's GreenCity project begun, with the beautification of parks, rooftop gardens and city streets. The city is planting grass, trees, starting parks and nature walks. The Explorer Nature Trail, at Harbor Park, is 7.6 km long, was completed in 2008 by the South Pole Council. The Council is still continuing it's efforts on the project today.

In early 2009, the South Pole Metro opened its doors, with the new buses (called CityLink), which have services to bus stops around the city, and the CityTrain, which is a light rail monorail with services around the city suburbs and downtown area. There is also a subway system, which was refurbished in 2009, after 12 years of service. The subway offers service around the city as well.



South Pole City is located in the Polar District, at the center of the continent. It is located on the banks of the Hutt River, and the West River, which feeds into a natural harbor known as Lake Hutt, which has helped the city grow as well.Much of the city is built on three main banks, Metro, Booklin and Latin Island, which makes population density higher, as land is scarce .

The Hutt River flows into the Hackzon Valley, as it is a tributary of the Sunshine River.The river separates the city from Blizzardville. The West River is a tributary of the Sunshine River as well, and separates Metro from Booklin. The Barlem River, another tributary separates Metro from The Zinc.

The city's topography has been altered over the years, with land reclamation along the harbor fronts since it's initial settlement in 750. Reclamation is the most predominant in the Lower Metro area, with the Electric Park City projects in the early 2000s. Some natural variations in topography have been evened out as well, especially in Metro.

The city is also notable for it's hill, located in The Zinc, which houses many medieval apartments, and old neighborhoods, and has a height of 781 feet. The hill has the site of a fortress during the Great Darktonian Pie War, during Darktan's raid of the city. The hill has many wooded areas, and also many houses as well. The hill has also been used as a coal mine as well, where the name The Zinc comes from.

The city covers an estimated 1,308 sq. miles, the largest of any city in the continent, and has 167 sq. miles of water as well. The highest point in the city is The Zinc hill, at 708 feet in elevation, and is the highest point in the Polar District.


Under the Kloppen climate survey, the city has a Class E, Polar climate, and enjoys at least 120 days of sunshine each year. The city although, has many snowy days, which include freezing rain, blowing snow and blizzards as well.

Summers in the city are mild and a moderately cold, with temperatures ranging from -10°c to 18°c, however, temperatures may exceed twenty degrees Celsius on five to seven days during the summer months. Winters are harshly cold, with temperatures reaching up to -12 °c and down to -44°c sometimes.Spring and fall can be unpredictable, with temperatures ranging from warm to very cold at times, but can be usually pleasant and mild. The city has a common temperature of -1 Celsius.

The city receives 79 inches or more of snowfall every year, which is usually during early spring and mid-winter. Freezing rain and rain is rare, but common during the summer months.Tropical storms and hurricanes are very rare, and have only happened once in the city's history.


South Pole City is mainly a modernized urban city, but still has Gothic-style buildings, in the old neighborhoods.


According to many local residents, the city does not have any particular architecture design. The city both has modern, sleek skyscrapers, and Gothic-style buildings situated in the Booklin Area. Defining the skyline is the Orient Tower, which is a 1,500 foot skyscraper, which houses many offices, and is also home to many observation decks and a five-star hotel as well. The tower was the continent's second-highest free-standing structure, but was overtaken by the taller NCP Tower in New Club Penguin. The city has many high-rises, as it has 4,000 or so buildings over 190 meters high. Most of these buildings are used for residential purposes, such as a condo or apartment, and some are also used for office buildings and malls as well. The city has also begun a so-called 'Architecture overhaul' , as many museums and such are beginning to have many new-style architecture, which began a hype in 2005 or so, as many penguins loved the modern-style architecture, which began in Polaris in 2005, seeing the architecture as new, and sleek.Many other skyscrapers lining the city's skyline are the Continent Center (1,288 ft.), the Occidental Tower (1,250 ft.), the International Congress Center (1,110 ft.) and the UAN Building (988 ft.). The city's Western Hill District also holds the continent's largest collection of renaissance architecture, with many opera houses and medieval apartments dating back to the 1700s.


The city's neighborhoods are very distinct from the Metro district. Many of the older neighborhoods feature the Renaissance apartments, built when the city was still New Pole City in the early 1500s. The most widely-known neighborhood is Beachwood Park, one of the earliest planned developments in the area, which was conceived in the late 1700s, and still is home to many penguins as well. The Old City covers thirty percent of the city, nearest to the summit of the hill South Pole City was built on, while the Metro area is closer to Lake Hutt. Other neighborhoods include Casa del Fuego, built on the peak of the hill, and was a private home to Sir John A. Williamsburg, a great politician, who was noted for his work in the 1950s. The area is named after the castle itself, and is home to many mansions and wealthy families. There is also The Abyss, which was named for it being built in a very hilled area, which makes driving on the roads hard. Another includes Spinach Town, named after the spinach that grew in the area, and has the largest collection of Victorian houses in the area. New South Pole City, which is located near the base of the hill, is full of many condominiums and apartments as well, which is very cosmopolitan. The area features five-star hotels, classy restaurants and high-end shopping areas as well. The Metro area was incorporated into the city in 1992, and is also known as the downtown district. Many cultural neighborhoods in the city include Little Terra, Zuidpool, Frosiantown, Frystown and Little Japaland, which feature many diverse food stores and restaurants as well. The inner suburbs, are located at the base of the hill, north of the Metro area. Many families live in the inner suburbs area, known as Gregtown and Alexandria.


The city has many landmarks, including the Capitol Building, which is located in the borough of Booklin, and is the seat of the Antarctic government and it's free republics, The National Antarctic Institute, which is a collection of numerous museums scattered along the National Hall. The Big Fat Building O' Archives, which is the government's official use archives and library, as well as the Eastshield Hope Hospital, which is the largest medical facility in the continent, and is the most advanced medical center as well, Bugzy's Casino, which has been the set of many movies, television shows and such, and is very popular among gamblers and tourists alike. The University of South Pole City, which is the top university in state, and is the top university for medical and political studies. There is also Stalactite Park, named for it's caves and stalactites, is the largest park in the city, the Giant Pen, which is a pen shaped bar magnet, that hovers in the center of the city, tracing the surrounding magnetic field. Grand Pole Station is also dubbed a landmark by locals, as it is the main station for many commuter trains and the Antarctic Express


South Pole City Map.png

South Pole City is divided into seven boroughs, each of them playing a unique role in constructing the city's culture.

  • Metro -- Metro is the financial district and economic hub of South Pole City, containing all the large corporations and trade centers. It also contains Grand Pole Station, the final stop on both the Itinerod and the Antarctic Express, as well as an entertainment business home to several theaters and Studio 45.
  • The Zinc -- The Zinc division of South Pole City contains every single park in the city, from Stalactite Park to the National Zoo. The borough, being located on mountainous terrain, also houses many glaciers and geologic landmarks.
  • Booklin -- Booklin contains more museums and monuments than any other section of South Pole City. It houses all the government buildings, the Giant Pen, and an entrance to the Bureau of Fiction.
  • Rooks -- This is where most residents live. It is the largest of the five boroughs.
  • Zuidpool -- the smallest of the boroughs, Zuidpool was founded in 1998 by the Batavians during the time of Colonial Antarctica. During this time, the capital was on King George's Island, so the Batavians attempted to colonize the area and make it their own land. Unfortunately, "the Club" quickly found this out and took the city of Zuidpool for Colonial Antarctica. Today, it still is home to many Batavians as well as many Snoss, whom all call Zuidpool home. Even after the original city was burnt down in the War of 2002, Zuidpool was rebuilt to it's original version, with it's old Batavian looking buildings with cobblestone streets with many restauraunts. The Embassies of Batavia, Frankterre, Snowzerland, and the other German State embassies are located here.
  • Haarlemton -- Haarlemton is a famous neighborhood for housing the Heptagon and other buisness buildings. It is home to many artists and writers.
  • Bonkers -- Where many factories, and some stadiums are located, South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport is located here.
  • Latin Island--The most suburban like neighborhood in the city,located on an river island, and connects to the Metro area via the Latin Island ferry, which is located in in numerous locations in South Pole City


SPC at night

The city is a major scene for the preforming arts and theater, and is home to twenty-eight ballet and dance companies, three opera companies, two symphony orchestras and a host of many theaters scattered across the city. The city is home to the National Ballet of Antarctica, the Antarctic Opera Company, the Awesome Drama Orchestra, the South Pole City Symphony Orchestra, and the National Dance Association as well. Notable venues include the National Theater, the Winter Garden Theater, the Royal Theater and the International Amphitheater.

Princeton Place has the continent's only permanent IAMX movie theater as well as the International Amphitheater, an open-air theater for mainly music events. Every summer, the South Pole City Opera Company presents an outdoor opera every day for 12 days, each day with a different theme in Sanderson Park, located by the riverside.

The Coffee District, located in the Metro borough, features many botiques, small art galleries, restaurants and dance studios (like Studio 45) located along Java and Arabica Avenues. A new theater in the district, the Youth Center for the Preforming Arts, is home to the country's largest youth theater company, which hosts many small plays and musicals every week.

The city is popular for it's film industry, and is the second largest producer of films in the country. The city is the main setting for many books, movies and television series. The city is popular for the South Pole City International Film Festival, which premiered many popular movies. In 2007, the city had 29 television and film studio the most in the continent.

In late July-mid August the Taste of South Pole begins, which brings chefs to Eastern Avenue, which is one of the major food sectors of the city. This event attracts tourists and critics alike. Cooks and chefs compete for the Best dish, which is coveted by many chefs across the continent. This event attracts 1.5 million penguins each year.

Eastern South Pole City


South Pole City has only one professional sports team, and that is the South Pole City Polticians, who participates in the Antarctic Premier League. The city council decided to focus their money on one team, to make sure it is extremely successful. So far, this strategy has worked well. They have won 4 titles, tied with the Hashville Hashtags FC for most titles won.


The city maintains a strong population of 22,980,500 residents as of 2009, the city's main ethnic groups are Adelie Penguin (35%), Emperor Penguin (25%), Other Penguin species (15%), Tern (10%) and Other ethnic groups (5%). The city maintains a a population density of 14,187/1.387 km, while the median age in 21 for male, and 19 for female. The city has a currently land area of 489.89 kilometers, and is ranked 1st in population in the country. The median income for the city is 70,900 pebbles.


A map of South Pole City's highways.

Public Transit[edit]

The SouthPole Transit Authority is the largest transit authority in the continent, and is the backbone of the city's public transit, including bus services and subway services. The buses provide service to more than 590 stops in South Pole City. The subway systems, which are located underground, provide quick train services to various points in the city, and covers more than 250 miles of track. The subway systems have three lines, The BlueLine, which is mainly for service to Booklin, The RedLine, which has service to Rooks, Zuidpool and Bonkers, and the YellowLine, which has services to The Metro area.


South Pole City has two expressways, the Kenneth B. Dommplestoomp Expressway which is an enlarged section of Hwy 2., attracts more than 120,000 cars each day, and has 14 lanes, with seven on each side. The other expressway is called the Blizzard Expressway, which extends 37 miles north to Blizzardville and is a small commuter expressway. The city also has nine main artery roads: Polaris Avenue, Acadia Avenue, Eastshield Ave, Antarctic Peninsula Ave, Trans-Antarctica Ave, Sub-Antarctica Ave, Happyface Ave, Weddell Ave, and West Pengolia Ave. The city is also a hub for the National Highway System (under the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica) which circulates around the country.

There are also a number of highways in South Pole City. Notable ones include the Highway 1, the Rochie-David Highway, where Angeline Roverson was injured in a car accident, Highway 2, also known as the Mullet Highway, Highway 3, also known as Capital City Highway, and Highway 4, also known as Cross-Town Highway, since it crosses through the entire length of SPC. Highway 222, also known as the Polar Beltway, goes in a circle around the city, and Highways 33 and 22 are auxiliary routes.


The city is known for it's rail services. Rail service in the city is at Ground Pole Station. located in the Metro Area in South Pole City is a major stop in the Antarctic Express train line, which extends around the continent. Many commuter trains arrive daily at the station from the suburbs, as many of the penguins using the commuter trains are daily commuters. Grand Pole Station is the largest train station in Antarctica as well.The city also has a monorail system as well, transporting penguins from various points in the Metro.


The city is served by four main airports, South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport, Blizzardville International Airport, South Pole City-Dellas International Airport and South Pole City-Orion Freddy Regional Airport. The city is a hub for the biggest three airlines in the continent, which are SkyJet Airways, Club Penguin AirFlights and Air Antarctic. The city is a main hub for air travel and aviation as well. The city is served by one other general aviation airport, South Pole City-Downsview Airport, which is a testing facility for Pontrier.

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