South Shetland Islands

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South Shetland Islands
Key details
Type Chain of Islands, Chain
Level 30
Location Off the coast of Antarctic Peninsula
Inhabitants Penguins

South Shetland Islands is a group of islands de-annexed from the Sub-Antarctic to form a smaller one in Antarctic Peninsula. It is the second smallest in all the chains of islands belonging to Snowzerland and Puffle'and, behind Sub-Antarctic and above Weddell Sea.


In 1956, eight penguins set out from Glassyglow of Glasgy-glowe at that time and were trying the sail to the mythical Gunic Islands of the North, but due to major storms near present-day Freezeland , the group were swept from their couse and ended up in the Sud Sheitelandes or The South Shetland Islands in English. The group settled in a currently uninhabited island called Marias Island, named for Queen Marias III of Icee. They built a small camp, soon they found more islands along the sea known as the Sheitlande Sea, they also spotted present-day Dorkugal as well. Soon, many explorers set out in search of more islands. But, on January 7, 1992, a huge storm names Typhoon Tiana was headed straight for the islands, and so it did, and cause major damages, including the disapperaing of Islands overnight and the seperating of island chains.

Snoss-Castillan War[edit]

Since the South Shetland Islands were abandoned and uninhabited for quite some time, it became an ideal spot for Colonization. Thus, the Snoss and the Castillans decided to have some of their war battles over there. Whoever won the battle at these islands would get the archipelago as their colony. When the day came, they only battled on Cornwallis and Rogue Islands. The Cornwallis Island battle was fierce, but after Clovis Hochstadt beat his brother Kaiser Swiss Ninja Hochstadt in a bayonet battle, the Snoss attacked harder than ever, and were able to force the Castillans to retreat. Strangely enough, the Snoss continued to attack the retreating Castillans, and during their escape, the main destroyer that held most of Castillan generals on that voyage was destroyed, and they retreated to Rogue Island. There, they hid in the trees and waited for the Snoss troops to arrive. When they did, they sneak attacked them and were able to defeat them there. Unfortunately, they knew that they couldn't go further into beating the Snoss, so they continued retreating, leaving the Snoss and the Pertish as the winners.

Snoss and Pertish Colonial Rule[edit]

Immediately, the Snoss and the Pertish celebrated after winning the war, and built the town of Kaiserstadt on Cornwallis Island, where their war victory took place. Kaiserstadt immediately gained many eager colonists, who began cutting down parts of the forest on Cornwallis Island to start farms. Then, all the other islands began to be colonized, and on many of them, small towns, farms, and giant plantations erupted on them. Since the South Shetland Islands were new, uninhabited, and won from the war, buying acres of land was very cheap, and many from all over the German States and Grand Permatan came to live there. It is very prosperous to this day, and is a leading producer in agriculture and trade. The South Shetland Islands eventually became the main trading post for Snowzerland and Grand Permatan to the USA.


  • Middle Island
  • Marias Island
  • Queen Island
  • Demoria Isle
  • Rouge Islet - Rouge Islet was where the Castillans defeated the Snoss while trying to retreat. It eventually became home to a large corn plantation.
  • Fretford Island
  • Sunlan Island
  • Elephant Island
  • Smith Island
  • Gibbs Island
  • Rowett Island
  • Cornwallis Island - The first island settled in the whole archipelago, and was where the Snoss defeated the Castillans in the war over the islands. It is home to the archipelago's first colonial town: Kaiserstadt. The rest of the island is mainly forest and small farms.
  • Bridgeman Island
  • Nelson Island
  • Robert Island
  • Greenwhich Island
  • Aitcho Island

Outer Rim[edit]

These islands are considered part of the South Shetland Islands but are found at the outer edge of the archipelago, and are NOT part of the South Shetland Island Colony.


The South Shetland Islands heavily depend on agriculture and trade. The South Shetland Islands are the gateway for Snowzerland and Grand Permatan to the USA, and a lot of USA Cargo is shipped to the town of Kaiserstadt on Cornwallis Island, where it is distributed to the mainland and it's other colonies. Since trade occurs only in the towns, the rest of the islands are used for agriculture. The Islands are dotted with many small farms and large plantations, and usually produce crops such as: wheat, corn, potatoes, O-Berries, Snossberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Other non-edible crops produced on the islands are cotton and flax. Whoever is not a trader or a farmer is either a lumberjack or an artisan.

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