South of Club Penguin

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South of Club Penguin
South of Club Penguin cover.png
The cover of the Novel.
Start 1831
End 1990
Level Mastership
Location Mainly Club Penguin, but also Antarctica, Ninja Archipelago, and Asiapelago.
High Penguin Confederacy Colonial Antarctica

South of Club Penguin is a memoir written by Jock Hochstadt about the saga of Chin Yang, The Five Senseis, regular Sensei, Speeddasher, Pen Chi, and himself. The novel begins in the 19th century and ends in the late 20th century. The story also goes into detail of the Senseis during the Khanzem War and their development of character and skill.


As I, Viking Jock Hochstadt, revisit the island of Club Penguin, I remember my childhood experiences with my great-grandfather, Sensei Hung. He was a great penguin, but sadly I was only with him for so little amount of time. However, in that amount of time, I had learned a lot about my family history, and his amazing experiences with his friends and family....something I could not keep to myself, for I knew that this was a story that Antarctica should know.

The Five Senseis reigned during a long period of chaos. As they aged, they saw the development of modern warfare to it's current state. They ruled for a long 122 years, although not together. Each of the Five Senseis had their own unique personality, and they were unlike any of their ancestors before them, who had mostly been Kings of Osterreach and Alemania for some centuries. However, together, the Five Senseis were nearly invincible and were a very powerful force. Back then, they were revered almost as political figures.

Despite their glories, they did have their challenges and occasional rivalries and disagreements. Yet again, they were only penguins.

Club Penguin Island itself was completely different long ago, back in the 1800's until 1980 or so. Before it's mass popularity in modern times, Club Penguin used to be an island ruled by the Sensei(s) and was mostly inhabited by the Ninjas that lived at the foothills of the Dojo hill. Most of the Ninjas had lived in large groups, and the settlement on the foothills was a small city, known as Ninja city. Unfortunately, the city was eventually destroyed during the Khanzem War and was replaced by small scattered Igloo hamlets in the 1950's.

When my ancestor, Chin Yang, went to Club Penguin from his homeland of modern day Freezeland, he could see Ninja City and the Dojo far in the distance beyond the large farms that dotted the island at the time and the few shacks made by the sailors who had no where else to go. These non-Ninja settlers often faced oppression by the Ninjas, yet many of them stayed, mostly the wealthy farmers who had purchased the farmland. My great-grandfather Sensei Hung used to tell me stories about the large abundant farms and the un altered forests and nature that grew on the island. The Farmers always sold their crops to the Ninjas, and some of the Ninjas even worked to be farmhands to the farmers that lived there.

Chin Yang had no intention to become a Ninja or even the Sensei to begin with. His father was the famous explorer named Pengo Pollo Hochstadt, a revered explorer who was born in what is now Frostize, Liguria, who later quit his adventures, got married to a native who lived in the city of Frostborough, and the two moved to Carrenmoore. Pengo Pollo wished for his son, then known as Arthur, to become an accomplished penguin. Pengo Pollo believed that Arthur should become a Ninja and follow in the footsteps of their very distant ancestors, Gung Hao and Jacques Hochstadt.

Arthur did not want to leave his homeland, but Pengo Pollo forced him on the boat to Penguin Island in 1828, as it was called back then. Arthur was immediately taken in by the Hokkaido Master, who eagerly trained him. Arthur eventually began to like the life of a Ninja much better than he had thought, and he changed his name to Chin Yang. Chin Yang was a diligent learner of the Hokkaido Master while also helping out the community. Chin Yang was tolerant and friendly towards the wealthy farm owners and impoverished sailors alike, and he was liked by many. Hence, he became a favorite of the Hokkaido Master, who had never favored anyone else in his life. A week before his unexpected death, the Hokkaido Master honored Chin Yang by telling him that he would become his next successor and personal protegee. However, the Hokkaido Master passed away, leaving Chin Yang, back then only a Red Belt, to become the Sensei of all Ninjas.

Chin Yang did many experiments during his reign, but he always seemed to get by with the help of the friends that he had helped. Eventually, Chin Yang married a Viking Penguin girl like himself, and she gave birth to two sons, Tsoi and Li. These two chicks would become the two leaders of The Five Senseis, a period considered to be a golden age for Card-Jitsu and Ninjas, for it was a time when Fire, Water, and Snow Ninjas also emerged.

Thus the story of the Five Senseis begin.

Chapter 1:Starting Strong[edit]

It was a cold, snowy day in the year of 1872. Chin Yang was lying in his death bed, and both his sons, Tsoi and Li, were each holding one of Chin Yang's flippers. Chin Yang coughed and wheezed often during his illness, but now he was only breathing heavily, with his eyes closed.

Chin Yang:"The time has come. The seasons change and so does the weather. Nature must continue, my sons and students, for death is a natural process of life."

Tsoi:"Father, are we actually ready to take on all of your responsibilities?"

Chin Yang:"Heh. Not alone, you can't, Tsoi. Together with your younger brother Li, you two will do fine."

Li's two young children, two year old Chiyoko and the newly hatched Johannes Hochstadt, sat in the back of Chin Yang's bedroom quietly as their father had instructed them. Tsoi ushered out any of his students harshly each time someone tried to get into the room.

Li:"We will carry our family name with honor, Father."

Chin Yang:"Let it be so, Li. I have total confidence. Now listen, both of you."

Both Tsoi and Li drew closer to their dying father.

Chin Yang:"You must know one thing- every Sensei, no matter whose family they are from, is given the visions of prophecy before Death. Hence, I have the Prophecies ready for both of you now."

Tsoi:"Tell us all you can see, Father."

Chin Yang:"Tsoi, I see in you that you shall be the one to continue the line of Senseis for a few generations. You will have two sons, but only the elder will give birth to a son that will be the last of the Hochstadt Sensei line for a long time. Li, I am sorry, but your children will not continue the line of the Sensei."

Li:"That does not matter to me. Will I have grandchildren?"

Chin Yang:"Your daughter will stay single and shall not lay any eggs due to an unfortunate event. However, out of your son will come an influential warrior reflective of you."

Li nodded.

Tsoi:"And I? What shall my offspring be?"

Chin Yang:"Your two sons and your son's son will create the great Golden Age of the Senseis, and all five of you will rule together."

Tsoi:"But, what why does my grandson stop the family line of Senseis?

Chin Yang closed his eyes to see, and he winced several times as he saw visions. Tsoi shook him awake from his trance.

Tsoi:"Father, what did you see?"

Chin Yang:"I saw a great many things, my son. Out of your eldest son's line will come many, many children. Your offspring shall be also great warriors, some of them. One will even become the Sensei in more than 150 years from now."

Tsoi:"But why did you wince when you saw the visions?"

Chin Yang:"Among the good of your family will come the bad. One of your descendants will be a powerful but very corrupt monarch, who will be resonsible for the deaths of many innocents. However, your good descendants will form an alliance along with Li's warrior great-grandson to defeat your corrupt offspring."

Tsoi:"I will not let this happen! I will not get married! I am never good with women anyways."

Chin Yang smiled and said:"It is not for you to decide. What I tell you now is the outcome of the future. Accept your fate, and do not fear for your Monarch descenant. He will turn good at the end before he dies."

Tsoi:"I will, Father. Whom am I to marry?"

Chin Yang:"Your heart's desire, whoever may that be."

Tsoi nodded blankly.

Chin Yang:"One more thing, my children. Li's warrior, and two of Tsoi's descendants, one of them also a warrior, will become the lucky three that will live to the end of age. They will become the physical representations of the three Elements- Fire, Water, and Snow, but they will not be Ninjas."

Tsoi:"Will we meet them?"

Chin Yang:"Neither of you will live to see them, except your grandson, Tsoi, the last of these five Senseis."

Li:"But who are they?"

Chin Yang:"You will find out. A prophecy for that is not needed at this time."

Tsoi and Li:"Yes, father."

Chin Yang:"Now my sons, the hour has come."

Tsoi:"Please father, fight through the pain! You are too great to be defeated by a simple illness!"

Chin Yang:"I am mortal, and I have made a lot of mistakes as Sensei. Remember me, my sons, for it is now that I must go. Remember the Sensei state. Every Sensei's death strenghtens this great power of last resort. Good bye, my sons..."

Chin Yang took his last breath and died. Tsoi became furious with rage at his death and ran out of the room. Li stroked his dead father's cold flipper.

The Funeral was grave and sullen. The world seemed grey, especially to Tsoi. Li had accepted his father's death, but he still missed him.

They watched without emotion as two Ninjas lowered Chin Yang's coffin into his stone sarcophagus that was embedded in the floor of the Hochstadt Sanctuary. Li embraced his two crying children. A paid organist was playing a sad tune in the main Dojo room.

Finally, when the sarcophagus was closed and sealed, Tsoi broke down and wept bitterly a second time.

Three months had passed since Chin Yang's death, and Tsoi was still not teaching or training Ninjas any Card Jitsu, while Li had just started after the long period of mourning. Tsoi's insomniac issues began to increase, and he spent his nights wandering the island by himself in the cold. Most of the nights he spent were dull and tiring to him, and occasionally he would fall asleep from over exhaustion the next morning.

One night, the white moon was bright over the sky, and Tsoi was wandering the mountains. He could clearly see the glint of the moon dance on the waves of the sea in the distance. From the mountains he could see the whole island, including the Dojo and Ninja City. This night was different and unlike the rest- Tsoi wanted to climb one of the stranger mountains on the island. This mountain was unlike the others because it was bare from snow and had a flat top rather than a peak like most of the mountains on the island.

As he climbed up, he began to notice that the mountaintop began to glow. He rushed closer to discover that it was not a mountain, but a volcano! Sensei Tsoi looked at the spectacle in wonder and marveled at the pool of lava that covered the whole top of the volcano. Flaming orange colored tulips grew at its banks.

The immense amount of fire and heat began to strengthen Tsoi, and he felt as if he had gained a lot of power. Tsoi went into a fighting stance and did what he first thought to be impossible- He began to bend the fire from the lava. Immediately, Tsoi began to blast fire into the air and made a spectacle. He soon discovered that he could create fire from himself, leading him to blast fire from his fists and feet as he performed various fighting moves. Tsoi realized that he had learned a valuable technique. He knew that he could not teach this new technique of fire bending to anyone, but only to the elite. Tsoi immediately imagined having his own private students that would be higher than regular Ninjas.

Tsoi:"Fire Ninjas. That's what I'll call them. And they will be the best of all Ninjas."

Among all his excitement, Tsoi began to notice his surroundings a bit more. He saw someone on the other side of the volcano. He walked towards the penguin, who was watching him.

To his surprise, the penguin was a young female of his own age, who was wearing a dress.

Tsoi:"Hi there. What are you doing up so late?"

The penguin looked at him with annoyance and said:"Is that any of your business? Why can't a woman do what she wants? I'm tired being bossed around by my parents. I'm already an adult!"

Tsoi:"I understand. I did not mean to offend you. My name is Tsoi. What's your name?"

"My name is Elsa. I know you! You're the Sensei of this island. I've met your brother. I don't like him much; he's not my type."

Tsoi:"I am not much like my brother. Say, you're not a Ninja."

Elsa:"I'm from a farming family here. I'd love to, but my parents don't want me to. They want me off to be married to a 'respectable' farming family. I really wish for freedom. My family has always considered me to be wild."

Tsoi looked at the red hair colored girl with affection and sympathy.

Tsoi:"I don't think you're wild. I like you."

Elsa:"I do too. I saw your amazing fire skills! How did you do it?"

Tsoi:"I don't know. I felt the energy. I bet it was my chi energy within."

Elsa:"Can you teach me?"

Tsoi:"I would be honored to."

Elsa:"I'm guessing that you're new to this volcano?"

Tsoi:"Yes. I have never been here before."

Elsa:"I have come here often. I find it beautiful. Especially the orange tulips."

Tsoi bent down to pick one of the tulips and gave it to Elsa.

Tsoi:"You know what I also find beautiful?"

Elsa:"You're much too kind. Come, let's get a drink."

Elsa and Tsoi went down to Ninja City to the local Cream Soda Tavern and had a drink as they got to know each other more. Before they left for their homes that night, Elsa gave Tsoi a kiss.

A week later, an organ began to play inside the Dojo again- this time with a happier tune. The Dojo was decorated with white lace, golden bells, and flowers. Numerous Ninjas, Li and his children, and Elsa's parents sat in the wooden pews that were brought into the Dojo. Tsoi stood in front of everyone with one of the Ninjas that would conduct the wedding.

Everyone in the pews stood and applauded as Elsa walked down the aisle to Tsoi.

The Ninja conducted the wedding, and it ended with the traditional "I do" kiss. Tsoi ran out of the Dojo carrying his pleased wife in his flippers. The newlywed couple went down to the coast to board the boat that would take them on their honeymoon, leaving Li to teach the Ninjas himself.

Tsoi and Elsa traveled to Castilla first, where they romanced under the soft moonlight to the sound of the passionate flamenco music every night. Then, they sailed to Penguifornia, where they visited Santa Francesca, Montierra, Selena's Valley, Los Pinguenes, and Santa Diega.

After their final night at the Hotel de la Coronada in Santa Diega, the couple sailed back to Penguin Island, and Tsoi resumed his duties.

Thirty ninjas stood in three columns as highly disciplined soldiers. Tsoi waved his flipper and led them up the Volcano with his wife, who was now in Ninja uniform. The Ninjas became uneasy as they arrived at the Volcano.

Tsoi:"Men, I have assembled you all here today because I believe that you guys are the best of my students, and it is time to bring you all to the next level."

One Ninja raised his flipper. Tsoi pointed to him.

Ninja:"Sir, what will we be doing?"

Tsoi:"I have learned a special technique. After tonight, you will no longer be Ninjas, but Fire Ninjas, a new elite kind of Ninja."

The other Ninjas looked at each other in amazement and excitement. Tsoi demonstrated his abilities to bend Fire.

Tsoi:"You all will learn the ways of my new game, Card Jitsu Fire, and the art of bending fire as well."

Tsoi immediately went to work. He taught the Ninjas one by one to learn to control fire. By the time the sun began to rise, everyone had mastered the technique. Tsoi and his wife retired to the Dojo and slept for half the day. Meanwhile, the Fire Ninjas began to brag their skills to the other Ninjas, although they did not teach anyone else, under Tsoi's orders.

When Tsoi woke up, he went to the city tailor to assemble the new uniforms for the Fire Ninjas to set them apart from the rest. He knew that he had the upper hand over his brother.

The next day, Li decided to stroll down the streets of Ninja city, and he was intrigued to see several of the Fire Ninjas performing in the streets. He approached one of them and asked him to speak to him in private.

Li:"How did you get that suit, my son?"

Fire Ninja:"I am a Fire Ninja, Sensei Li. I have been trained by Tsoi and now have the ability to control fire."

Li scratched his head.

Li:"I don't remember this being in existence."

Fire Ninja:"Oh, it's new, sir. Tsoi started teaching it two days ago."

Li:"Very well. Have a nice day."

Li turned around and went back to the Dojo. He wasn't feeling good.

Li entered the Dojo to see one of the Fire Ninjas practicing under the watchful eyes of Tsoi.

Li:"Brother, what is this new teaching you have introduced?"

Tsoi:"I have been gifted with the power of fire bending. I am teaching what I know to my students, who are now the elite Fire Ninjas. We practice at Diamond Falls."


Tsoi:"Diamond Falls. My wife and I gave it that name because it is where we met."

Li:"Tsoi, I do not like this idea. You have created a hierarchy of Ninjas, and now there is imbalance with the Elements! Fire must NOT prevail over water and snow!"

Tsoi:"Who said that was a rule?"

Li:"Because balance is the key to everything. Imbalance will result in conflict. Fire Ninjas will find themselves superior to the Regular Ninjas. If we continue this, then regular Ninjas will become the slaves."

Tsoi:"Li, do not be jealous of my powers and my students. You are also a good teacher, though you can't bend fire."

Li:"Very well. At least I am not arrogant."

Tsoi:"Li! I TOLD you NOT to call me that!"

Li:"The truth hurts, doesn't it?"


Li:"I will not partake in any fights. You are my brother."

Tsoi:"Very well then, I shall give you NO CHOICE!"

Chapter 2:The Duels[edit]

Li ran outside, but Tsoi chased him, blasting fire with his fists and feet. Li, knowing that it was futile to run away, turned around and threw the only water balloon in his pocket, which immediately burst at the impact with the fire. Li swung out his Kwan Dao, which was a bladed staff. Li dodged Tsoi's blasts and began to swing at him, making him jump back.

Tsoi continued to blast fire at Li, this time more furiously. Li felt he had no choice, so he smacked Tsoi with the staff end of his Kwan Dao. Tsoi stumbled back and fell to the ground.

Li:"Arrogance leads to overconfidence."

Tsoi did not look at Li. Instead, he looked behind him. Li turned back to see what he was looking at, but he found himself immediately slapped in the face with his infamous rope of flaming barbed wire.

Tsoi:"It appears that oblivion also leads to defeat!"

Li threw a punch at Tsoi, but he blocked it, and he immediately leveraged and twisted it, breaking Li's arm.


Tsoi:"It would appear I was right younger brother. The mighty phoenix will always triumph over the lowly catfish."

Tsoi chuckled and blasted Li with fire. Luckily, Li was not badly burned, but he was scratched up. Li's two children and his wife came to his aid. They wished to take him into the city, but the Fire Ninjas forbid them to enter, thus Li suggested that they go into the wilderness. Li's wife wrapped his flipper with bandage and fashioned him a sling.

As the night fell, Li and his wife frantically needed to find a spot to sleep for the night. They were in the middle of the forest, and the children were very tired and cranky.

Li:"I hear a sound. Let's go follow it."

Li and his family followed the faint sound until it got louder and louder. They had discovered a steep waterfall that lead into a river. The constant peaceful sound of the waterfall lulled the children to sleep and they slept peacefully on the ground.

Li:"I find peace here. Let us rest."

Li's mother went to sleep aside her children immediately, while Li walked to the part of the river near the waterfall. He looked down to see his reflection in the white moonlight. It was then that he realized that he could counter his brother. Li remembered to use his chi, and using his free flipper, began to bend water from the river. Li bended the water so that it completely covered his broken flipper, and he began to apply more chi energy by taking more deep breaths. In a matter of moments, the water and Li's flipper began to glow, and he was miraculously healed. Li took off his bandage in rejoice and began to bend more water to perform more tricks. He primarily used the water like a whip, and his discovery of water bending woke his family up, who were in amazement. His children became excited, and his wife felt relieved and with hope.

Li stood in front of the Dojo's entrance, this time with confidence. His family stood behind him, several meters away. Two Fire Ninjas opened the Dojo doors, and Tsoi walked out.

Tsoi:"Li, I told you that you have lost. You may not come back to living in the Dojo, although you still hold the title of Sensei. Go teach in Ninja City."

Li:"Your imbalance has gone too far. I have come back to bring balance to the Elements."

Tsoi:"Li, you are foolish. How can your fighting techniques compare to my fire bending abilities..."

Li jumped and blasted a torrent of water at Tsoi, who was thrown back into the Dojo on impact.

The two Fire Ninjas attempted to retaliate, but Li did the same to them as he did to Tsoi.

Tsoi:"Fine then! If a rematch is what you want, then a rematch is what you'll get!"

The battle endured for several hours. Tsoi and Li exchanged blasts at each other, each time resulting in a draw. The water quenched the fire enough to stop it from continuing, although none of the water was left. Li found himself squandering for sources of water to use. Little did Li know that Tsoi was pushing him up the Volcano, since Li thought it was a regular mountain.

Li looked back and jumped with fright when he saw that the mountain was a volcano.

Tsoi:"Well well well! It looks like you've ran out of water! Now you have fallen into my territory, Diamond Falls! Now face the fury of fire and lava!"

Li stepped back and closed his eyes to brainstorm a quick solution. He took a deep breath, and because it was cold, he could see it. That was when he remembered that there was moisture in the air.

Tsoi began to blast fire at Li, who immediately bended water from the air moisture and fought back.

Li:"Looks like I don't need a stream or lake to fight fire. I have water vapor in the air."

Tsoi continued to fight Li furiously. Li slid down the mountain and ran back towards the Dojo. All the Ninjas marveled to see the Senseis battle each other with water and fire.

Tsoi refused to give up to Li, for he was determined to win the fight, until he heard his wife scream. The fight ended, and Tsoi rushed inside. Li cautiously followed behind him.

Tsoi:"Elsa, my love! What is the matter!"

Elsa sat contented on their bed with a shiny snowy white egg on her lap.

Elsa:"It's Ok, Tsoi. I just laid our first egg."

Tsoi looked down to the ground and reflected on what Chin Yang had said. Tsoi was aware of Li's presence and turned around to face him.

Tsoi:"Li, I am sorry. I guess the power overexcited me and made me too arrogant to think about what our destinies are really supposed to be. Now seeing that you bend water and I bend fire, we have proven ourselves to be of equal status, bringing balance to the elements."

Li:"Yes, It is so."

Tsoi:"And yes, I apologize for kicking you out of the Dojo, your home. Your family may come back and stay...after all, they're my family too, and my family is your family."

Li:"Well said. I suppose I should also train myself Water Ninjas and teach them water bending."

Tsoi:"Yes, that is a good idea. But wait, we can only bend two elements. Who will teach the Snow Ninjas and snow bending?"

Elsa:"I know."

Elsa cradled the warm egg in her arms and stroked it.

One year had passed, and the year was 1873. The egg had hatched to give birth to a yellow colored penguin with wild black hair. Tsoi and Elsa decided to call him Ho. Ho was a wild child but very attentive. Ho watched his father and Li with awe, and respected both of them equally. Ho wished to be one of them, as he would be.

Young Ho was trained young by Tsoi in the beginning, but was also helped by Li. Ho later began training with both by the time he was 10 years old.

In 1885, when Ho was 12 years old, Elsa laid another egg and gave birth to another son, whom Tsoi named Fut. At an early age, Fut displayed the willingness to learn and was just as observant as Ho had been, but he was much wiser. As soon as Fut could learn to write, he would write down what he learned and was much more studious since he also read a lot of books, to Tsoi's annoyance.

However, Tsoi considered Fut to be his more favorable son because of only one reason- Fut could bend both fire and water at age 2 in 1888, while Ho could not bend fire at all, yet he was proficient at water.

Tsoi:"Ho, how can you be better at water than at fire?! You are MY son!"

Ho:"But dad, I can't! I can't do it! I try but it never works!"

Tsoi:"It is no different from controlling water! Fire comes from your chi energy that you generate from your core muscles. Both Li and I have taught you Tai Chi, and you are good at it. Yet you can't develop a single flame!"

Ho:"Dad, I told you! I can't do it!"

Tsoi:"Shame on you for quitting so pathetically easy! Look at your brother, Ho? I am proud of him because he can bend fire and water. He is the pride of the whole family because he can do what no Ninja has ever done before!"


Ho stormed out of the Dojo, annoyed.

Tsoi snapped:"Ho, come back this instant! If you don't, I'll give you 15 swats! One spanking for every year you've lived!"

Ho turned back to his father bitterly and obeyed. Tsoi was strict, and there was no messing with him.

Tsoi:"Ho, why can't you be respectable like your younger brother?"

Li frowned at his brother's treatment to both of his sons. Li knew that the unfair favoritism would not turn out good.

The year was 1892. Ho was given his first uniform: a traditional Chinese tunic made of purple colored silk, which he continued to wear until he died many decades later. However, Ho was furious when he saw that Tsoi gave Fut, who was still much younger than him, already receive his own tunic made of gold colored silk.

Ho tried to keep his cool ad much as possible, trying not to get angry at his brother or his father anymore. Then, Tsoi's birthday came around. Ho decided to go into town and he bought Tsoi a barrel full of his favorite herbal tea that helped him sleep. However, Fut bought something else; he purchased one of the newest inventions on the 1892 market- a basketball.

The two brothers approached their father, who was sitting in his favorite chair.

Ho:"Father, we have our gifts for you."

Tsoi:"Ah, you both do?"

Fut:"Yes, I think you will be most pleased."

Ho waved to one of the Ninjas, who rolled the barrel that was wrapped up in dark red wrapping paper.

Tsoi:"Oh, how large! I wonder what it must be?"

Tsoi ripped open the present and opened the barrel. The strong, sweet fragrance of the tea filled the room instantly.


Tsoi slammed the wooden barrel top shut and fanned the air to get rid of the aroma.

Tsoi:"I am sorry son, I can not have this! I gave up on drinking this tea last week. I realized it was the reason why I couldn't sleep well."

Hot tears began to swell in Ho. Tsoi did not seem to notice. Fut revealed the round present on his back, and it was wrapped in light blue paper.

Tsoi's eyes lit up at the gift.

Fut:"Here's my present, father."

Tsoi:"This one is quite unique!"

Tsoi ripped off the paper to reveal the basketball.

Fut:"Now we can start learning that new game together. Maybe we can play it."

Tsoi:"That sounds exciting! Basketball is getting popular on the Antarctic Mainland, and I find it invigorating. Thank you, my son."

Ho grew enraged and yelled violently. He stormed out of the Dojo, crying. Li looked at Tsoi with disgust. Tsoi did not to seem to know why he seemed annoyed, and he ignored him.

That night, Ho had calmed down and was no longer crying or cursing under his breath. He met up with Fut alone in the Ninja Courtyard.

Ho:"Come, Fut. Let's go on a walk."

Fut:"Are you still mad, Ho?"

Ho:"No, I'm over it. Let's chat and watch the stars."

Fut:"I enjoy stargazing."

Ho and Fut went off to walk, and they went into the wilderness. Fut became timid at the darkness, but Ho did not notice it. They did not stop until they reached a field.

Fut:"We've been walking for a long time, and we didn't even tell father! We should go back!"

Ho:"No you won't!"


Ho punched Fut in the eye, who stumbled back.

Fut:"Ah! Ho! Why did you do that?"

Ho then struck Fut with water, and he stumbled onto the ground. Fut attacked back with fire, but Ho dodged it with the water and kicked Fut in the gut and began beating Fut up until Fut fell to the ground, unconscious and badly hurt.

Ho's eyes grew soft. He just realized what he had done out of jealousy. Tsoi would not forgive him for what he had done. Ho ran off into the deep wilderness, leaving Fut to die at the edge of a farmer's wheat field. Ho knew that there was one place where no one could find him- he would climb the tallest Mountain on the island and hide there. It was where most penguins never bothered to go, anyways.

The next day, the farmer discovered Fut's body and immediately contacted Tsoi, who immediately sent for doctors and medics to treat his badly wounded son. Tsoi became furious, and he sent a large team of Fire Ninjas to look for him, ordering them to kill him for his traitorous actions. Tsoi felt more depressed than he had when his father died, and not even Elsa could get him out of it.

Meanwile, Ho found himself at the summit of the tallest mountain of Club Penguin. He knew that Tsoi had sent a party to look for him, but he didn't care. Ho decided that he would confine himself to his destiny by living the rest of his secluded life in the wilderness and on the mountain.

From the mountain view, he could see both the waterfall and the volcano, the two places where his uncle and father had discovered the bending of the two elements, fire and water.

The wind began to blow, and he saw the snow being dusted up into the air. Then he had remembered that Card Jitsu was not just fire and water, but snow as well. No one had discovered snow yet. Then it hit him- Ho would try to follow his father's and uncle's footsteps by discovering to bend snow.

Ho stood up and began to use his chi the same way he had used water. Although it had taken him a few days to learn water, he immediately began to bend snow with ease.

Ho:"This is incredible! I'm a Snow bender! I will become the Sensei of Snow!"

Ho smiled once more, and he looked down at the Dojo and Ninja city. He began to bend a large tornado of snow that could be seen by all on the island.

Tsoi was sitting with Li in the Ninja Hideout while drinking tea when they saw the snow tornado form on the mountain summit.

Fire Ninja:"Look, Sensei Tsoi, it's a tornado!"

Tsoi:"It is a sign! Ho must be up there! Assemble the search group, and together we will put an end to my son's tyranny and shame to the family!"

Li:"Tsoi, do you think you are taking this too far? Forgive your son, for he was only jealous of his brother."

Tsoi:"Jealousy is wrong and it was not right for him to do it."

Li:"It is not right be be jealous, but you favored Fut over Ho because of Fut's abilities. In essence, it is you who has started this mess."

Tsoi:"Shut up, brother! What do you know about me?"

Li:"More than you think. You have rejected Ho, the only continuation of the Sensei lineage, and now that he has gained a power that you do not have, you will regret what you have done."

Tsoi:"Shut up, I say, for the second time! Li, quit annoying me."

Tsoi dashed out of the Ninja Hideout and rejoined the rest of the Fire Ninjas and headed for the tallest mountain on Club Penguin Island. Li resolved not to go, and ushered all the nearby Ninjas and Water Ninjas to come inside the Dojo, which he immediately locked and barred up.

Ho looked down from the top of the mountain to see Tsoi and his Fire Ninjas approaching.

Ho screamed:"Father, stay back!"

Tsoi distantly yelled:"Never in a million years! You disgrace me and your family! You must pay for what you have done to your brother!"

Ho:"You always favored him over me! I couldn't take it! You can't accept imperfection in any of your offspring, that's why you want me gone, because you've given up!"

Tsoi stopped in his tracks.

Tsoi:"Yes. Son, I admit it. It is true. I do not want to give the line of Sensei to one whose flippers have shed innocent blood!"

Ho:"I know. I am sorry for what I have done, but I will not let you take my life."

Tsoi:"You leave me no choice!"

Tsoi began to run up the mountain, and the Fire Ninjas charged with him.

Ho immediately stomped on the ground and the whole mountain shook. Immediately, the snow from the top of the mountain was loosened up and gathered together to form a colossal avalanche. The avalanche immediately swept Tsoi and all his Fire Ninjas away as if they were sand castles that were hit by the swift surf of the ocean. Tsoi attempted to firebend his way out, but the snow around him turned into water and overpowered him. The Avalanche swept through the wilderness and did not stop until it slammed the outskirts of Ninja City. Luckily, the Dojo was not hit, and Li immediately came out once the avalanche had occurred.

Li rushed to the scene where the Avalanche had ended. Ho came not long after.

Li:"Ho, your father was arrogant. I will be honest."

Ho:"He was. I ran away because I knew I had done wrong to beat up my brother, who I was jealous of. My father's favoritism angered me, and it took the better of me."

Li:"I understand. You did what you could to stop him, unfortunately his life has been extinguished because he could not learn to forgive."

One ninja said:"I don't think he's dead, Sensei Li! I see a flipper coming out of the snow!"

Soon enough, Tsoi pulled himself out of the entrapment of snow, along with the rest of his Fire Ninjas.

Li:"Ho, stand behind me. I'll take care of this."

As Tsoi approached, he did not look angry but was in pain.

Li:"I will not let you hurt your son."

Tsoi:"I know. I have been foolish. Li, you were right. Ho, forgive me, for I have been a bad father."

Tsoi approached his son and hugged him.

Tsoi:"From now on, I will be better....and you will become Sensei soon as well. You must learn to master your element of Snow and then train Snow Ninjas so that all the elements may be balanced."

Ho:"I promise, father."

Chapter 3:Toshi Kojima and Speeddasher[edit]

The two penguins, Toshi Kojima, later known as Sensei, and Speeddasher, were born relatively at the same time in the year 1883. However, Speeddasher had joined to train under the Five Senseis before Toshi had, though the two penguins would become great friends in the future. They were heavily involved in the business of The Five Senseis, which is why they were the top two students and later apprentices to them, especially Toshi. Both boys had joined the Five Senseis when they were 10 years old in 1894, the same year that Ho married to a Parhentinian girl named Laura and had his first and only son, Hung.

However, the story goes back to the year of 1893, when Toshi's other brothers, Fire Sensei, Water Sensei, and Snow Sensei, joined the Five Senseis first. Their father did not believe that Toshi did not have the potential to become any powerful warrior, hence he did not take him that time.

Tsoi was the first to answer the door of the Dojo when Toshi's father had knocked.


Mr. Kojima bowed in respect. He urged his three sons to do the same.

Mr. Kojima:"Greetings, Sensei Tsoi."

Tsoi:"Oh, Mr. Kojima. It has been a while since I have seen you training. I see you have brought your three sons."

Mr. Kojima:"Yes. Oh Sensei Tsoi, I ask that you take in my sons into your training so that you can make them better warriors than I was."

Tsoi studied the three boys faintly as only their faces could be clearly seen by the light of the Dojo.

Tsoi:"Sure. I see promise in them."

Mr. Kojima:"Thank you, master. Good bye, boys, and be good."

Mr. Kojima waved to his children and Sensei and left for his house.

Tsoi:"Wait a minute, I thought you guys had a fourth brother? I remember him well when I visited your house the other day."

Fire Sensei:"Do you mean Toshi, sir? Father says he's not worthy."

Tsoi:"Bah, that's fool's talk. Toshi was a nice young man. Li would have enjoyed training him, especially. Come, let us assign you a personal Sensei that will train you to be..."

Fire Sensei:"I want to learn Fire, sir!"

Water Sensei:"I wanna learn Water!"

Snow Sensei:"And I want to learn Snow!"

Tsoi:"Woah! Well, so be it. You will be my personal student, you will be Li's student, and you will be my son Ho's student. Each of you will learn and perfect one element."

Each Sensei and their student got along very well, since their personalities seemed to fit; this was most apparent in the friendship between Ho and Snow Sensei.

Snow Sensei:"Sensei Ho, why aren't you married like Sensei Li and Sensei Tsoi?"

Ho chuckled.

Ho:"Well, I am younger than them. Though you are right. I think it is time I find a mate."

Snow Sensei:"Perhaps you should socialize with some of the female Ninjas that come into the Dojo or in the city!"

Ho:"I don't wish for a Ninja wife. They're not my type."

Snow Sensei:"Perhaps the farmer girls on the island?"

Ho:"Maybe. I was thinking about going on vacation around the Antarctic. I wish to meet new penguins with you and see other cultures. Meanwhile, I will train you as well. I already have several other Snow Ninjas to train any new guys that may come in."

Thus, Ho and Snow Sensei went on a diplomatic vacation, stopping by a variety of places like the Antarctic Peninsula, Alemania, Osterreach, and finally Parhentina, where Ho and Snow Sensei went visit the city of Buenos Suelos. It was there that Ho had met the daughter of the city's mayor, who was named Laura.

As an official guest, Sensei Ho had flattered the mayor of Buenos Suelos and even more flattering to Laura, who was the same age as Ho. Laura requested to Ho to talk to him in private, and the two organized to have a date together. Laura and Ho immediately stuck, and Ho stayed in Parhentina for one whole month and engaged her at the end of it. The Mayor was not hesitant to disapprove, and he had the engaged couple married as soon as Tsoi and Li sailed to Parhentina to attend the wedding. Not long later, Laura laid an egg that would hatch the following year in 1894, and Ho and her would name their son, the last of The Five Senseis, Hung.

Speeddasher was born in the year of 1883 in Ard Mhacha City in what is now modern Freezeland. His parents were unknown, but he ended up being raised by a group of thieves in the forest of Freezeland for the first decade of his life. When he was 11 years old, fate had him cross his path with Sensei Li in the Freezelandian mountains, which changed his life forever.

Li had decided to go to the Freezeland for a vacation with both his children, the teenage Chiyoko and her brother, Johannes. Johannes was deeply considering to move away to Alemania where he would use the money of his inheritance to build himself a castle in the Havarian mountains, much to Li's sadness. Li took Johannes with Chiyoko and him to have a civil conversation in hopes to persuade him not to pull through with his idea of prodigal living. However, it did not work, and Johannes immediately left for Alemania, never to return to Club Penguin again. Thus, Li decided to rest in the village that they were in, and he sent his daughter to go into a nearby town to buy some food at the market.

The mountain thieves spotted Chiyoko the moment she began to cross the mountain to reach the other town with a market. They urged Speeddasher to rob and slay her with his sword, and thus he hid in a bush awaiting to ambush her. However, when he jumped out at the right moment, Chiyoko punched him in the face as hard as she could. She showed no mercy by finishing him off by knocking him unconscious. When she regained her sanity, Chiyoko realized who she had beaten up. She was frightened, and she immediately dragged Speeddasher's body back to Li.

Chiyoko:"Father, this young boy attempted to murder me with his sword. I have beaten him up to unconsciousness, though will he survive?"

Li:"I am sure he will. Poor tyke. I always pity children that are forced to do evil by the adults. I shall take this boy in as my own now that Johannes has left and has become an adult. I sense something special in him."

Chiyoko:"Yes, father. Let us hope that we may transform him into his true potential."

Li:"Chiyoko, please go bandage him up and pack your suitcases. We will leave for Penguin Island tomorrow, and we're taking the boy with us. Later on, we'll go visit the town Apothecary so we can buy some anesthesia for the boy, thus he can stay asleep until we get back. Hopefully the ship's voyage will not take more than a few days."

Young Speeddasher was safely transported to Penguin Island, and was he was admitted into the Ninja City hospital. Speeddasher finally woke up to find himself in an empty white room. He noticed that he was properly bandaged and his body ached slightly. As he came to sit up, he noticed a large penguin sitting next to the bed. Speeddasher nearly jumped, but he did not. He noticed that the penguin was very large and had a beard and large moustache that gave him the appearance of the catfish.

When Li saw that he was awake, he patted Speeddasher on the back, which felt like a cannon's blast in Speeddasher's mind.

Li:"Greetings, young one. My name is Li, Sensei of Ninjas. I rule all Ninjas together with my brother, Sensei Tsoi, on this island."

Speeddasher:"Huh? How are we on an island?"

Li:"I brought you here. Do you remember the girl that you tried to rob? She brought you to me after you passed out. We decided to take you with us to this village of Ninjas on Penguin Island."

Speeddasher:"Mr...I mean...Sensei Li, may I please go home now?"

Li:"No. I have decided to keep you here as my son."

Speeddasher yelled:"I don't want you as my father! I'm not related to you! I want to go home!"

Li:"Nonsense. I consider all penguins who join my clan to be my children. Besides, I do not want you going back to a life of crime."

Speeddasher:"I never agreed to join! In fact I don't want to join! This is stupid! I want to go back to where I came from, and I don't care what you think!"

Li:"Boy, you don't even known what you're talking about."

Speeddasher:"Yes, I do! Because I should deserve to go back where I came from, no matter what happens! Heck, in fact, I'll find my own way back!"

Li:"You don't know that your old life was not a good life to live. You deserve better."

Speeddasher:"I don't care, I want to be free!"

Speeddasher snatched an empty medicine bottle and threw it at Li. Li caught it inches before it hit is face.


Speeddasher:"NO! I'm finding my own way back home!"

Li impulsively punched Speeddasher so hard that the hospital bed broke in half.

Li:"Oh! Sorry....I occasionally use physical force when I am annoyed or angry. I have been influenced by my father and my brother, Sensei Tsoi. I apologize for hurting you, but it was the only way to shut you up. Understand?"

Speeddasher nodded.

Li:"Answer me verbally!"

Speeddasher:"Yes, sir."

Li:"Now...I was going to ask you before you started complaining: What's your name?"

Speeddasher:"My name is Speeddasher, sir."

Li:"Nice to meet you, Speeddasher. Come, let us go. It is not good to stay secluded for this long."

Li clenched Speeddasher's flipper, and they walked out of the hospital together like father and son.

Speeddasher:"Where are we going?"

Li:"To the town square."

Speeddasher:"For what?"

As they entered the town square, they could see many ninjas and ninjas in training socializing and trading with each other.

Li:"Socializing. Go make some new friends with your siblings, my son."

Speeddasher was about to protest when he realized that Li had disappeared. Speeddasher sighed and decided to do what he was told.

Much to Speeddasher's disappointment, the Water and Fire Ninjas were ordered to keep him from escaping the village, which they caught him to do several times. Yet, Speeddasher was still determined and did not lose hope. Li had Chiyoko care for Speeddasher so that she could thwart his plans. She was successful every time, and she foiled his plans for 32 days. On the 32nd day, Speeddasher had enough.

Speeddasher:"Chiyoki, why do you want me to stay so badly?"

Chiyoki laughed.

Chiyoki:"I can care less what happens to you. I am watching you for my father because..."

Speeddasher:"because why?"

Chiyoki:"He sees something in you...I'm not sure if it's good or bad...but I want to make him happy, so I will do what he wants me to."


Chiyoko:"It is wishful thinking to think that I would actually care for you. I am only going to stop you from escaping."

Speeddasher had enough of her, and he attempted to take her down. She immediately stopped him, this time showing no mercy like before. Speeddasher was dragged back to the Dojo and had to be re-bandaged. Afterwards, Speed ran to Li's room.

Speeddasher:"Sensei Li! Please let me free! I can't stand it here anymore! Nobody likes me here, especially your daughter!"

Li laughed and replied:"Well, you are free to leave as soon as you grow powerful enough to beat me."

Speeddasher:"I accept your challenge. In fact, let's do it now!"

Li:"You're in a completely different league, my son. You will need years of training to beat me."

Speed wasn't fond of the idea of staying for many years, yet he knew that he didn't need to beat Li to escape- the only penguin that stopped him from escaping was Chiyoko. He knew that he'd be free if he beat her first.

Speeddasher:"Fine then. I'll accept to this challenge."

Li:"Good. Your training begins tomorrow."

Several weeks before Speeddasher began his training, Mr. and Mrs. Kojima were violently slamming on the Dojo's doors. This time, instead of Tsoi, Li had answered the door.

Li:"Mr. and Mrs. Kojima! I haven't seen you both in a long time! How are you guys?"

Mr. and Mrs. Kojima dropped to the floor and bowed at the Sensei's feet in respect.

Mr. Kojima:"Sensei Li, please help us!"

Li:"What's the matter?"

Mr. Kojima:"Our son, Toshi, has annoyed us to the end about his dream to become a Sensei! Please take him in as your student and train him, for we can not prevent him no longer!"

Li:"Why do you prevent a child to learn? Surely that it is wrong to hinder their potential."

Mr. Kojima:"We apologize, Sensei Li, for we have failed you."

Li:"You have not failed me, but you have failed your son. You may bring him to me, but he must leave the family to stay with me and train extremely hard."

Mr. Kojima:"Yes, sir!"

Toshi immediately began packing as soon as his parents told him what Li had said. He left the next day alone, since part of the challenge was to find the Dojo on his own. Toshi wandered the wilderness for several weeks, eating raw fish he caught in the rivers. Finally, Toshi arrived at the Dojo, with Li patiently waiting for him outside.

Toshi bowed in respect to the Sensei.

Toshi:"O Sensei Li, I am Toshi Kojima, and I wish to become a Ninja."

Li:"You are a dedicated young penguin worthy of training, and I shall be your teacher. I shall also give you a tip on how to get to the Dojo faster- just use the stairs are found at edge of Ninja City instead of wandering in the wilderness. It's an old Ninja secret. Too bad your parents didn't tell you, although it was a test back in the day to see if a penguin was worthy enough to be a Ninja. Come, let us go inside. The night is beginning to fall, and I shall give you a place to sleep for the night."

Speed awoke early the next day and got ready for his training. When he found Li he was surprised to see another penguin who he'd never seen before.

Li:"Speeddasher, meet your new training partner, Toshi. He is new, just like you."

Toshi:"Nice to meet you, Speeddasher."

Speeddasher:"Same here."

Li:"Today, I will give you both your first lessons..."

Hence, the two Ninjas in training became stronger months after their first day. Though the two trainees became best friends, they also became rivals, which helped them to improve significantly. Speeddasher immediately began making more friends, and he even won the trust of Chiyoki. By the age of 12, the two penguins finally were barely able to defeat Li in a Card Jitsu game, finally giving them the rank of Ninja. Li then finally sent him into the wilderness, where they would live for four whole years together, lifting boulders, wrestling leopard seals, and chopping trees down with only a dagger until they were 16.

The two penguins survived their wilderness training, and they returned to Ninja City, ready to join the ranks of the most powerful fighters in Antarctica. They returned to Ninja City as heroes, and Li threw a large feast for them. Li also went to talk to Speeddasher in private.

Li:"Speed, remember when we first met? Do you still want to leave like you said you would? You have defeated me, remember?"

Speeddasher:"No. I have no intention on leaving. I consider you as my father. I think this is where I belong."

Chapter 4:End of the Old Order[edit]

It was the year 1913. Sensei Hung was recently appointed to his title, and both Toshi and Speeddasher were in their 20's. By this time, Li had quit teaching regular ninjas and only trained Water Ninjas. He believed it was time for Ho, Fut, and Hung to take the reigns and train more ninjas. Tsoi was restless and did not want to sit still, thus he continued to train regular Ninjas as well as Fire Ninjas. However, Tsoi was more stressed than Li was, and still continued to have his insomniac issues. Because of the extended free time Li had, Li spend his time travelling to Alemania to visit his son, and Lago di Lario in Liguria, where he enjoyed watercolor painting. Li also acted as a direct diplomat to the King of the High Penguin Confederacy. On one of his diplomatic trips, Li decided to bring young Sensei Hung with him to see what the outside world was like. Little did Li know that he would not meet the King ever again.

Hung:"So we are really visiting King Arvedui at his palace in the capital city of Príomhchathair?"

Li:"Yes, of course. Now remember, this is a diplomatic mission. King Arvedui has intentions to talk to me about one of his latest problems."

Hung:"What would that be, great-uncle?"

Li:"There have been growing amounts of non-High Penguin riots lately in the streets of the Mainland. King Arvedui isn't sure what he should do and is afraid to use force to stop their rioting. They're ruining business and trade."

Hung:"That is difficult to overcome. It seems like we have no choice."

Li:"That is what I need to convince the King."

Hung:"But we are not High Penguins either! We should convince them."

Li:"I will try that, as I predict. Though we are both Viking Penguins, I am assumed to be a High Penguin because I am rather large, though it is common for some Viking Penguins to become as large as I."

The two Senseis had the privilege to ride a large steam boat, now becoming a common transport vessel that was immediately replacing large clipper sail ships. As they sailed on the open sea, Li decided he should tell Tsoi about what Chin Yang had told him long ago.

Li:"Tsoi, I think it is time to tell you about something important."

Hung:"Yes, great-uncle?"

Li:"Did your grandfather Tsoi tell you about Chin Yang, his father?"

Hung:"Yes. He did. Quite an interesting story."

Li:"Did he tell you about the prophecy of The Great Three?"

Hung:"Grandfather Tsoi told me nothing about Chin Yang's prophecies in detail, although he said that he did before he died."

Li:"I think you should know this. Chin Yang passed away long before you were born. He predicted that there would be three penguins that would be born. One of them will be from my line of the family, while the other two will be your descendants."

Hung:"What is their significance, anyways?"

Li:"They will become the physical representations of the three elements- fire, water, and ice. They will live until the end of age, as Chin Yang predicted. Strangely enough, he noted that only two of them would be warriors, while one will not be....and none of the three will become Ninjas."

Hung:"Well, I find this interesting. But what does that have to do with me, again?"

Li:"Please, let me finish. As I was going to say, Tsoi and I will not live to see them, nor will your father, Ho. It was prophesied that you would be the only one to meet them."

Hung:"Li, who are they?"

Li:"I don't know. Chin Yang didn't believe we were ready to know."

As the island of Club Penguin began to fade away into the ocean, the two Senseis could see the strange contraption known as an "airplane" fly over the mountains. Only introduced a few years ago, the airplane was still a completely new concept for Li and Hung. However, Sensei Fut had loved the idea of flying, and he was the first penguin on Club Penguin to become a pilot, and the only penguin for a while that owned his very own airplane.

Li:"I will never understand that thing. Times are changing. Soon airplanes may replace ships altogether."

Hung:"Yeah, you're right. Those automobile things are already replacing the Puffle-drawn carriages. I'm sure that flimsy piece of wood and tarp they call and airplane is going to advance very soon."

As their steamship chugged down the Hutt river, the two Senseis could finally see Capital City in view. However, something was different.

Hung:"Did they change the Confederacy's flag? I don't remember it being red."

Li:"Me neither."

Khanzem flag.png

As the steamship docked into port, they could see the new red flag everywhere and more clearly. It was a red flag with a white circle and the letter "K" and a black fish scrawled in the middle. A black limousine with two of the red flags attatched to it was waiting for them. Two high ranked soldiers with strange grey trench coat uniforms stood in front of it.

Both of the two soldiers were hired from Alemania and had apparent accents.

Soldier 1:"Gut evning, sirs. Are you zee Senseis?"

Li:"Yes, we are. It seems like Capital City has changed last time I have been here."

Soldier 2:"Yes, sir. We hafe new leader as vell. Come, ve are to take you to him right avay."

The two soldiers began driving the two Senseis down the street to the Royal Palace. Both Li and Hung noticed that there were few penguins wandering about the streets. Among the penguin citizens that Li and Hung did spot, none of them were High Penguin.

They arrived at the High Penguin Confederacy's Royal Palace to find that it's facade was draped with the new red flag as well. The two soldiers led the two Senseis inside to their leader.

To their surprise, they did not see the King sitting on his throne. Instead, there was a short Khanz penguin who was wearing a brown military trench coat and a square moustache. Two other soldiers came to take the throne to the furnace, since it was no longer needed.

Sensei Li and Sensei Hung bowed in respect, not knowing who the strange penguin was.

Sensei Li:"Greetings, good King. I did not know you had succeeded King Arvedui."

"That is because I have not. I couped the stupid High Noob-Face Government and replaced it with my own government that gives equality to Non-High Penguins! My name is Whoot Smackler Whoot, and I am the fU|-|r3Rzz of Khanzem, the New Order!"

Sensei Li said nothing. He did not like Whoot one bit.

Hung:"Oh, you did the same thing what Rusca did two years ago! They overthrew their Tzar and replaced it with that 'Honorable Chairman' ruler- what's his name?"

Sensei Li:"Latkin. He passed away two months ago. The new leader is a General named Stallin."

Whoot:"I am not a General Chairman. I am a Chancellor. And don't mention Chairman Stallin! I hate his guts because he supports those High Noob-faces! In fact, I am beginning to not like you, Sensei Li, because you're one of them!"

Sensei Li:"How rude! I AM NOT A HIGH PENGUIN! I am a Viking Penguin! I only look big because it is a recessive trait in Viking Penguins that rarely occur. My great nephew here is also NOT a High Penguin."

Hung:"Clearly! I am rather short."

Whoot:"Whatever. That is good thing. Then I have a proposition for you both."

Hung:"Tell us."

Whoot:"Ally with me and help me with some special tasks that I need done. If you accept, I shall give you both as much money you want and you will be praised and revered by the people. I shall give you both the glory."

Li quipped:"I don't think so! We are Senseis, and we do NOT wish to be part of this new Government. Our job is training Ninjas, and we will only use fighting to keep the peace and justice."

Whoot:"Very well! Then get out of my sight!"

Soldiers quietly escorted Li and Hung out of the palace, and they wasted no time to get back onto the ship for Club Penguin Island.

A few days later, Li and Hung stared in silence as they saw Club Penguin Island come into view. They immediately saw the banner of Khanzem flying in the air.

Li:"Dag nab it, they've taken it!"

Once they got off the ship, they noticed that it was only the port that was under Khanzem's control, though Khanzem had officially claimed it's dominion over Club Penguin Island against Tsoi's strong disapproval. Tsoi was still as austere as he normally was when Li and Hung returned to the Dojo.

Tsoi:"I am not liking Whoot, and I find his new government awfully suspicious. Many of our High Penguin Ninjas have been disappearing."

Li:"His forces came to your island after we left, huh?"

Tsoi:"Yes. The day after you left. We know about everything. We are the only island on this side of Antarctica under Whoot's rule. All of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Freezeland region is under the control of two of the remaining Kings of the High Penguin Confederacy, Willman Tabernaclemountain and Harold TrueGuy. Yet King Tabernaclemountain does not believe in war and wishes to remain neutral. Yet his own mother was captured by Khanzem! I smell war, and I can tell you that Whoot Smackler Whoot might get some guns firing soon."

Li:"I have a feeling as well. I sense that many countries are in danger."

Sure enough, Tsoi and Li were correct. A few days later, Khanzem organized an alliance with Alemania, Japaland, and Liguria, promising them military supplies and successful trade. They named themselves the Axis, since they felt that the world would soon revolve around them. In fact, their egos soared when they did the unexpected- they stormed and invaded the country of Frankterre after a nasty fight, one of the first countries to fall into Khanzem flippers. Later, the nations of Osterreach, Magyaria, and Batavia also were invaded. Castilla broke out into Civil War between the Republic and the Facists, while Lisboagal was taken under control of a dictator, thus throwing both of them into Neutrality.

The most concerned nation at the time was Puffle'and, whose leader was Winston Templar, the Prime Minister of the Puffish parliament. He talked frequently with the Good Guys about starting a war, though they still decided neutrality. Rusca was slightly concerned, though they did not feel the need for war yet.

Meanwhile, Club Penguin remained under Khanzem's control, and the I Love U Flu virus became a major epidemic, killing off many of the Ninjas in Ninja City. It was immediately speculated by many that it was done on purpose by Whoot's army to weaken them so they would submit to Khanzem rule. Nevertheless, Li and Tsoi would not back down, and did their best to prevent infection. Among the most concerned was Speeddasher, who immediately confronted Li on the matter.

Speeddasher:"Father, this flu is really taking a toll on us. We must find a cure for this!"

Li:"I do agree that this has been an issue. Ever since Chiyoko caught it, I have been fearing for her life. I am guessing that you have come up with a solution?"

Speeddasher:"I have. Perhaps we should seek the help of some High Penguins. Maybe their magic will help."

Li:"No...I'm sure it wouldn't do any good. I am not going to spread the disease to any other settlements."

Speeddasher:"At least we should try, though!"

Li:"No. My word is final."

Speeddasher marched to his room and went to bed, frustrated.

The next morning, he received the morning newspaper that had been delivered by a skua, and he was most surprised at the headline.

Harold Eye Que Missing.png
Famous Scientist Harold Aye-Que Kidnapped by Khanzem

In the article, it was explained that the Naughtzee were forcing him to develop a formula that could cure any disease, and possibly grant immortality. What caught Speed’s attention though was the note that said they were accepting penguins who were willing to be test subjects for this project, and in return they would receive large sums of money. Speed figured that if he signed up, and the project became a success, he would ask for more of the cure instead of money, and then use the cure to get rid of the sickness.

He ran to tell Li the good news, but then figured that his master would probably disapprove of it. Thus, he kept his whole plan a secret, and that night he sneaked out of the village and went to speak to their leader, Whoot Smackler Whoot, who was at the Naughtzee camp at the Dock.

Speeddasher:"Are you Mr. Whoot?"

Whoot:"Bah, a Ninja! Get out of my camp, or I'll have you executed!"

Speeddasher:"No, sir, I come in peace. Please, I would like to sign up for the experiment."

Whoot relaxed and replied:"You first have to pass a test to see if your body is strong enough for the experiment."

Speeddasher:"Sure thing, sir."

Four soldiers brought in a large 500 pound dumbell and tossed it on the ground in front of Speeddasher.

Whoot:"Lift that."

Speeddasher stood in front of it and lifted it with ease. All the soldiers were watching him and cheered him on as he performed reps in front of their leader.

Whoot:"Impressive! Very impressive. You're in."

Speeddasher:"I need a lot of the cure for the I Love U Virus once it gets invented in return for helping you guys, if you don't mind."

Whoot:"Sure thing. I do not mind. Listen kid, come back here in two weeks since that is when we will have the expected cure."

Speeddasher:"Yes, sir."

Speeddasher hated to wait that long, but he knew it was better than nothing.

Two weeks passed, and Speeddasher acted as if nothing happened. He returned to the camp to find Harold Eye-Que.

Harold:"It's good to meet you, Mr. Speeddasher. I am Harold Eye-Que, as you may have heard, and I will be conducting the experiment today. I admire how you want to save your village, but I must remind you that this is a very dangerous experiment that may lead to your death. Are you sure you wish to continue?"

Speeddasher shrugged and replied:"I would end up dying from the disease eventually anyways. I have nothing to lose."

Speeddasher was strapped down tightly to a metal bed with iron bonds. Harold came by with a surgical knife and used it make a small cut on his right arm. He then held up a small bottle filled with a black liquid-like substance, and poured it onto the cut. It then worked its way into his bloodstream, leaving Speed wondering what happened. A mere few seconds later however, Speed felt an extreme pain surging through his body. The only real way to describe it would be to say it felt like his body was destroying itself from the inside out. He felt like he was going to die right then and their, but he was determined to survive for his family. After awhile, he was too weak to stay awake, and passed out from the shear amount of pain in his body.

When he came to his senses again, Speeddasher heard several explosions and peeked out of his tent. Several of the strange new inventions they called "Tanks" were mysteriously being destroyed. Several of the Naughtzee troops began loading their rifles and the newly invented machine guns, obviously prepared for armed combat. In fact, it was Li himself with a large army of regular and Water Ninjas combined.

The Naughtzee backed away and pointed their weapons at Li as he walked into the camp.


Whoot confidently stepped out of his tent.

Whoot:"Ah, Sensei Li! I knew we would meet again! Have you changed your mind yet?"

Li:"NO!!! My student Toshi told me that he had caught my other student Speeddasher sneaking out of the village this morning! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?!?"

Whoot:"Don't fret. He's fine. Speeddasher, come outside and meet the guests."

What stepped out was something that no one expected however. Standing proud and tall with a katana in each flipper, was a penguin with pitch black feathers all over his body. Despite the new color, there was no mistaking that this penguin was Speed. One of the ninjas quickly ran up to rescue his sibling, only to be stabbed right in the stomach.

Whoot:"Speeddasher came to us himself and said he wanted to sign up for this experiment to find a cure for the 'I Love U Virus' so he could save the 'Ninjas that he loved'. Since I'm a nice guy, I let him, and we did the experiment on him, which was a complete success. While Speed had miraculously survived having the newly invented dark blood into his body, he had lost all consciousness, and he is now under MY control."

Everyone trembled at what had happened to their brother, but Li was infuriated, which was very rare to see from such a kind penguin as himself.

He held his sword up high, and proclaimed:"I AM GOING TO CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF FOR TRICKING ONE OF MY CHILDREN!"

Whoot:"I don't think so."

Whoot immediately disappeared behind the infinite cordons that immediately concealed him.

Immediately, four tanks were heading right for Li. He dodged each of their intense blasts, and he simply sliced them in half with his legendary Kwan Dao. Li showed no mercy towards the Naughtzee soldiers and began massacring them one by one. The other Ninjas followed his lead. However, many Ninjas were shot and killed easily, since none of them had any guns on them.

As the battle continued, Whoot called Speeddasher into battle. He quickly nodded and did what he was told and quickly rushed into battle, not thinking twice about his order. His siblings however, didn’t wish to hurt him, and even those who did manage to wound him found that he could easily just regenerate. Because of this, Speed ended up killing nearly every one of them that tried to face him.

All hope seemed lost, when something unexpected happened. Chiyoko was spotted running towards the battlefield, and fast as she could run being sick and all. Li and Toshi tried to stop her, but she ran right towards Speed and began to clash katanas with him.

Chiyoko:"Speeddasher! Stop this at once! This isn't're not a monster! You are the nicest young penguin I have ever met, and you have proven yourself as an exceptional ninja! Speeddasher, Whoot is trying to control your mind! Fight his control and set yourself free!"

This didn’t have any effect however, and eventually she became too tired to continue fighting. It was then that Speed slashed right at her stomach. With every ounce of strength that she had, Chiyoko managed to give her sibling a warm hug in a last attempt to get him to remember. Somehow, this snapped him out of this state and he looked around to see his siblings dead.

Speeddasher:"WHAT HAS HAPPENED????"

Then, he noticed the blood on his flippers and realized that he had done all this.

Chiyoko:"Speeddasher, do not cry. I wish to die here because I do not want to die of the disease knowing that my sibling is a slave of Khanzem... Congratulations, you have finally managed to beat me."

With that, Chiyoko took her last breath and fell to the ground dead. The fighting on both sides ceased immediately. The sky became cloudy and the sun could not be seen. Li, Toshi, and the surviving ninjas were shocked at what had taken place, and Whoot was infuriated that Speed had broken free of their control. Speed however, was feeling horrible. He had just killed over half of his siblings and he didn’t even realize it. He couldn’t keep it in any longer. The ninja got on his knees, and began crying uncontrollably.

Whoot, realizing that the experiement was a failure, quickly got into a helicopter and took off with his top troops. Li attempted to go after him, but his children held him back. Speed meanwhile has started to run quickly to the back of the camp. He didn't know where he was running to, but he knew he had to get away from here. Li called for Speed to come back, but the ninja didn't respond. After a bit of running, he ran into Harold Aye-Que, who began wheeping as Speed had just been.

Speed drew his katana out, ready to kill the puffle for injecting him with the blood, and Harold said:"At this point, dying would be a fitting punishment for the pain I have helped spread."

Speed was about to kill him, but he dropped his katana.

Speeddasher:"I do not want to kill anyone else."

Speeddasher started to run into the tent that the operation had taken place, and began to wreck all of the machinery and the dark blood. Eventually, the machinery began to malfunction, and the tent exploded. Speeddasher regenerated right were Harold was standing.

Harold:"Thank you for destroying the cursed project, Speeddasher."

Speed then heard Li calling for him again and quickly ran off into the wilderness.

A few days passed, and the depressed and nervous Sensei Li called a meeting for all Five Senseis. All Ninjas were kept out of the Dojo during the meeting.

Tsoi:"You don't look good, brother. You look as bad as me, and that says something!"

Fut:"Father, please! What is wrong?"

Li:"The problem is why I called this meeting. Have you heard of what Speeddasher did lately?"

Tsoi:"Yes. Several of my students retreated after seeing Chiyoki's death. I am sorry."

Fut:"WHAT? Cousin Chiyoki died? How?"

Li:"Speeddasher murdered her."

Ho:"How traitorous!"

Hung:"What would you want us to do, great-uncle?"

Li:"I need someone to do the honors..."

Tsoi:"Li, what do you want us to do?!?"

Li:"One of us here must please do the honor of bringing Speeddasher back. Though he has done wrong, I can see that he was sorry. I forgive him, and I want him back here with us."

Tsoi:"What?!? I still find what he did to be an utter disgrace. Back in the day, a betrayal like this only results in either banishment or death!"

Li:"We're in the 20th century now, Tsoi. I wish to move forward and help improve my son. I would feel terrible if he never came back."

Tsoi had a slight smile on his face as he replied:"Ok. I will find him."

Thus, Tsoi prepared his sword and was about to leave before Li stopped him again.

Li:"Wait, Tsoi. Don't forget to tell him that I forgive him."

Speed continued to live in the mountains. He didn't know what to do, or where to go, but he knew that his past life was over. It was then that he heard a sound in the bushes. He got his katanas out, and saw Tsoi approaching him.

Speeddasher:"I'm not going back, Tsoi!"

Tsoi:"I have not come to ask you to return. I am here to tell you that Li has sent me to kill you."

Shock struck Speeddasher's body and replied:"I would rather die right now, and if you can find a way to kill me, I would welcome it."

Tsoi simply huffed, and said:"I have a more fitting punishment for a ninja like you."

Speeddasher looked up at Tsoi for the first time ever since he had arrived.

Tsoi:"Listen. On the other side of these mountains is the way out of this island, where you'll find a ferry to the Mainland. You are to be banished there and never return. Understood?"

Speeddasher nodded and left for the dock. Tsoi smiled and said to himself that his plan had worked. Tsoi had no intention on telling Speed the truth, and wanted the ninja gone for killing some of their finest warriors.

Tsoi returned to the Dojo and immediately confronted Li.

Tsoi:"Li, I have bad news for you."

Li:"What is it?!?"

Tsoi:"The blood in poor Speed's body has poisoned him, and he died in my own flippers, repeating his regrets over and over again until his last breath. I was so shocked that I gave the ninja a proper burial in the mountains. May he rest in peace."

Tsoi's lie had worked, for Li believed him. Li immediately cried a loud scream of pain and sorrow, and he wept bitterly.


Since that day, Sensei Li was never the same again.

Chapter 5:We're Not Going Back![edit]

Since the day that of Speeddasher's banishment, Li had officially declared himself an enemy against Khanzem, swearing to destroy it and their leader, Whoot Smackler Whoot, eventually. However, Club Penguin Island's ninjas had been weakened by the Naughtzee retreat. Li was at least able to get the rest of the Five Senseis to agree to his proposition for war, but he knew that the Ninja army was still not large or strong enough to defeat the numerous Naughtzees that dominated the Antarctic Mainland. Li organized many meetings with the two co-Kings of the Grand Ol' Land, but neither of them wished to join in, keeping firm in their beliefs for neutrality. However, the Senseis did manage to have talks with Puffle'and and the Resistance armies of the invaded nations of Batavia and Frankterre, although they knew that they were not enough to stop the Naughtzees, Ligurians, and Japalandese together.

However, the table turned on Mid-Year's day, when Toshi Kojima ran into the Dojo with a giant radio on a cart.

Toshi:"Masters, listen to this radio broadcast!"

Tsoi:"Not now, Toshi! I am busy meditating!"

Li ignored Tsoi's ignorant quip. Ever since his daughter and Speeddasher were out of his life, Li put all his fatherly love into Toshi, who was his favorite student.

Li:"What is it, Toshi?"

Toshi:"They're broadcasting a High Penguin who escaped from Khanzem to the Grand 'Ol Land! This High Penguin, named Triskelle, is giving a speech to all penguins to persuade them to wage war on Khanzem!"

Li:"It's about time someone stands up! Turn the volume up, I wish to hear it myself!"

Toshi turned up the volume of the old radio that was bought a year ago, also a very new invention and very expensive. It's clarity was poor and the voice of Triskelle was barely understandable. The other senseis huddled towards it.

"...For my mind burns with the hatred of the spaz, the spaz who threw custard at me, The spaz who capture my people and break their honor and smash their dignity, Ive seen the shame brought at the Concentrate camps, Shame of which no penguin should bare. How dare Smackler, how dare he force us to labor away, making juice for his men!..."

Hung:"How dare Whoot enslave the High Penguin race!"

Li:"As I have feared! Whoot wants blood. He wants mass genocide."

Fut:"I feel more compelled to declare war on Khanzem than ever before. Whoot is not only a power hungry dictator, he is a murderer!"

Minutes later after the speech finished, a newscaster declared a new breaking news headline:"WILLIAM TABERNACLEMOUNTAIN IS STRONGLY RECONSIDERING HIS NEUTRALITY"

It was a week later. The Five Senseis were finally in a meeting with the two co-Kings of the Grand Ol' Land and the Prime Ministers of Puffle'and and Calada in the French speaking city of Crebbec, Calada. Everyone was tense and hesitant to speak.

Winston Templar, Prime Minster of Puffle'and, spoke first:"I'm glad to see everyone attentive today. We all know why we're here. But what can we do? They've grown very powerful and they're slowly eating up all our land away."

William Tabernaclemountain:"We need some good tactics since the Naughtzee are rather clever."

Hung:"I just feel so compelled to be in this alliance because hundreds of High Penguins are being brutally murdered as we speak."

Tsoi:"I do have a suggestion. Perhaps we use some diversion technique to distract the Naughtzee in one region, and the Japalandese and Ligurians in the other."

Winston Templar:"How do you suggest we do that, Mr. Sensei?"

Tsoi:"We should stage three main attacks. We'll first attack the last places they expect."

Winston Templar:"Tell us where, Sensei Tsoi."

Tsoi:"I suggest we invade the island of Frankterre. Although it is occupied by Khanzem, they set up it's own provincial Government known as the Vichy. We can invade from their less populated area of the island and expand until we completely liberate it."

Winston Templar:"I know which area you're talking about. It's called Norsemandy, correct?"


Li:"What about the other diversion battles?"

Tsoi:"We will send a second force to invade the south of Liguria directly. It is their poorest region and no one would ever expect it since Liguria is in the 'background'."

William Tabernaclemountain:"Do we also have a mainland invasion?"

Tsoi:"No, not yet. However, we MUST defend the borders at all costs."

Li:"What about Japaland?"

Tsoi:"I don't know. Do you have any suggestions?"

Li:"How about we stage a naval attack and attempt to liberate Hindonesie from them?"

Tsoi:"Good plan. That diverts our enemies into three or four completely different directions. Then we can make our move and strike like a lightning bolt."

It started out as a foggy morning on the 6th of June. The moon was full and the Naughtzee guards were silently sleeping beside their cannons inside their concrete bunkers that were carved into the cliffs of north-western Frankterre. However, one of them woke up to hear noise in the distance. He roused his fellow soldier next to him.

Naughtzee Soldier 1:"I hear somezing!"

Naughtzee Soldier 2:"Vell, I don't see or hear anyzing. Go back to shleep. Zee commander ist not here yet."

Naughtzee Soldier 1:"No! I see somezing zis time! Look at the ocean!"

The two soldiers could see a dark figure appear in the distance. As it moved closer, they could see it was a barrage that was carrying several troops from the enemies- Puffle'and, Calada, the Ninjas, and The Good Guys.


The other Naughzee Soldier ran for a red colored switch nearby and flung it without hesitation. A loud siren sounded off, rousing all the Naughtzee soldiers at once. Immediately, gun shots were heard as the first of the Good Guy soldiers landed on the beach.

In a matter of minutes, hundreds of more barrages filled with Good Guy soldiers landed on the beaches. In the beginning, several of them were shot and killed in battle not long after arrival, but many prevailed and dodged the Naughtzee bullets by taking cover and lying flat on the pebbly beach, which was out of reach for the Naughtzee cannons since they could only go as far down as the coast. Once the Naughtzees began pausing to reload the ammunition, the soldiers sprung into action and took advantage of the Naughtzees and destroyed their large machine gun cannons. The allied soldiers did not hesitate and they continued to move forward, wiping out all Naughtzee soldiers they could see.

Once the front lines moved slightly more inland, Sensei Hung and Toshi Kojima arrived in a barrage with several other well trained Ninjas.

Sensei Hung:"Grandfather's plan worked perfectly. We are making great progress."

Toshi Kojima:"How bad are the front lines so far?"

Sensei Hung:"Brutal. Don't worry, you'll see for yourself once we get there."

Sensei Hung and Toshi Kojima grabbed their machine guns and ran with the rest of the Ninjas and Soldiers towards the front lines, which were currently at a small Frankterran village that was evacuated minutes before the action reached it. The two went into their positions and began firing at the Naughtzee soldiers and took cover behind other buildings.

In a matter of days, the Naughtzee were pushed back more inland as the Good Guys advanced. The freed Frankterrans vowed to aid their liberators in exchange. The siege of Liguria was also a success, and Double Sicilia and the tip of Liguria were seized. The battles were getting rougher in Hindonesie against the Japalandese, but again, the Good Guys were advancing by taking their enemies by surprise.

However, Whoot had other plans, for he also had a plan that would be unexpected.

Not long after hearing of the attacks in Frankterre, Whoot knew that it was definite war, and he decided to turn on Rusca, since they had agreed to stay neutral with Khanzem.

The attacks on Rusca were completely unexpected, and Rusca was quickly being slurped up the the Naughtzee forces. The Ruscans immediately began their campaign to quickly defend their motherland, since the Naughtzee were quickly advancing towards Muscovgrad, their capital.

Meanwhile, the Ruscans had to multitask as the Japalandese attempted to invade the island from the East.

Nevertheless, the Good Guys had to worry about their own borders, and as Frankterre and Liguria were slowly liberated, Batavia was fiercely and quickly taken back by the Good Guys, Ninjas, Caladians, and Puffish. While at the front lines, young Toshi Kojima continued to lead the Ninjas against the Naughtzee, showing no mercy. However, Sensei Hung had enough of the war, and wished to take a break from the action. His aging mother advised him to go to Parhentina, since the war had not reached there.

Sensei Hung stayed in the estate of his uncle, which formerly used to be his maternal grandfather's home. The elegant house was a large estate in the middle of Buenos Suelos, although it did not stand out from the rest of the city. Alone with no friends, Sensei Hung quietly had coffee one morning at a nearby cafe. He was wearing a nice tuxedo instead of his normal Sensei attire, since he felt that it would attract too much attention. The Sensei felt as if he blended in with the crowd, though he could understand little of what they were saying. His mother taught him little Spanish.

Nevertheless, he could get around and one of the waitresses caught his attention. From first sight, he could tell that she was not of Parhentinian descent. Though she was dressed like a normal waitress, Hung could tell she was an Otaku Penguin from Japalandese Ancestry. She was not wearing any glasses, and she seemed to have difficulty seeing as she was busing tables. She was tired and did not bother to look at Hung as she came to the table with paper and pencil.

Japalandese Waitress:"¿Qué quieres pedir, señor?" (What would you like to order, sir?)

Sensei Hung, knowing not much of what she was saying, asked:"¿Inglés?" (English?)

The Japalandese Waitress nodded.

Sensei Hung pulled a pair of glasses out of his pocket and handed them to the waitress.

Sensei Hung:"Use these to see better."

Waitress:"Thank you. I forgot my pair at home. I am in a rush all the time, and my boss doesn't like me to be late for work."

The glasses made the Waitress's vision clear again, and she could clearly see Hung for the first time. She observed his face and his appearance. She felt an attraction towards him, and she was ultimately grateful to him for helping her.

Sensei Hung:"I would like a simple cup of coffee and a croissant, if you don't mind."

Hung's order woke the Waitress from her entrancement, and she shook her head as she became conscious of just happened.

Waitress:"Oh yes, of course! One cup of coffee and a croissant. By the way, what is your name?"

Hung:"My name is Hung. How about yours?"

Waitress:"My name is Ayoshi. My mother was from Japaland, although I am not supporting what they are doing right now in this war."

Hung:"That is respectable. Perhaps we should meet again? I need some new friends around here."

Ayoshi:"I will see to it that I make some time, maybe tonight?"

Hung:"Agreed. Meet me at Café Bolivar at 8. Dress nicely."

Ayoshi stood in front of the busy cafe alone under the moonlight, waiting for Hung. A Model T cab drove up to the curb right in front of Ayoshi. Hung stepped out, thanking the driver with a small extra tip. Hung was dressed in a better tuxedo and wore a top hat and cane.

Hung:"Nice to see you again, Ayoshi. Let us go inside."

Hung allowed Ayoshi to hook her flipper around his as they walked into the entrance. They had made reservations earlier that day and were seated immediately.

Hung:"I love Parhentina. My mother is from here."

Ayoshi:"So is my father. Your first name sounds like something from the Asiapelago. Is your father from there?"

Hung:"No. I am from Club Penguin Island."

Ayoshi:"Ah! Your father must be a Ninja, I suppose?"

Hung:"Close. He is Sensei Ho."

Ayoshi gaped and covered her mouth with her flipper.

Ayoshi:"You must be that newest Sensei that I have been hearing about in the papers. I thought you were at the front lines battling the Naughtzee!"

Hung:"I was. I needed to take a break. I am letting my friend Toshi Kojima take the lead for now."

Ayoshi:"Oh, I'm sure it's stressful. Especially in a war like this. I don't think the Antarctic has ever seen such a massively global and destructive war. I am just glad it hasn't reached Latin Antarctica, although I hear there is some consideration on joining the war."

Hung:"Well, the Good Guys could get all we can get, though I hear the Parhentinian Government have decided on neutrality."

Ayoshi:"I am glad that we aren't. I couldn't stand to see any of our men out dying."

Hung:"It would be....say, perhaps we can meet again tomorrow?"

Ayoshi:"Oh yes, of course. I have the day off."

Hung:"Let's have lunch then- you can choose where to go."

The waiter came to the pair and asked:"¿Ingés?"

Hung:"Yes, sir."

Waiter:"Are you ready to order, sir?"

Hung:"Oh no, I'm not. I was too busy talking that I forgot to read the menu!"

During the next few days, Hung and Ayoshi connected more and they got to know each other better. Their friendship soon turned into a romantic relationship after revealing their true passions for each other. Hung then proposed to Ayoshi into marriage, and she immediately accepted. She did not care to move away from her homeland, since she found Club Penguin Island to be a peaceful countryside retreat. Their marriage delighted both their families, although Hung's family did not attend because they were too busy planning war strategies with other political leaders.

Meanwhile, the war had finally reached its turning point when the Ruscans were able to fend off Khanzem against their invasion on their capital, Muscovgrad. The extra cold winter of Rusca had weakened the Khanzem Army, the majority of which were dispatched to invade the large island. The Ruscans had successfully repelled the Japalandese days earlier, and now the Ruscans were retaliating fiercely against the Khanz, now a true ally of the Good Guys, Puffle'and, and the Ninjas.

Ten days later, the Khanz were completely driven out of Rusca. President Stallin requested a meeting with his new found allies on Club Penguin Island, since that was where the Senseis were. All the political leaders from the previous meeting in Crebbec had arrived.

President Stallin:"The tables have been turned, and it is time to strike back!"

William Tabernaclemountain:"Yes it is. How shall we approach this?"

Li:"It would be most wise to attack Khanzem from all sides. The Good Guys, with the help of the Puffish, Caladians, Ninjas, and Free Frankterran forces, should begin the advancement into Khanzem territory and liberate the High Penguin prison camps. Rusca should cross the sea and make a direct assault on the Khanzem soil from the coast."

President Stallin:"Which coast? There are so many!"

Li examined the current political map and pointed at the city of Naughtzee Polaris.


President Stallin nodded.

William Tabernaclemountain:"Well what about Japaland? We are gaining control over Khanzem, and Liguria has finally been liberated thanks to a Ligurian Resistance Army coup. Mussolini was shot at Lago di Lario. Yet Japaland still displays a huge threat still, though we have liberated Hindonesie and several other islands."

Li:"Well, out of all of us, the Grand Ol' Land has the largest army. Perhaps you should also take care of Japaland?"

William Tabernaclemountain:"We are maintaining both our borders and the Japalandese. We are getting tired. I wish we could get rid of them easily!"

Harry Trueguy:"Perhaps we can. I have an idea. We should bomb their main cities, especially Jokio, their capital."

William Tabernaclemountain:"They will be ready, for sure. That is way too risky."

Tsoi:"Perhaps you should do it with one bomb."

Everyone in the meeting looked at Tsoi strangely.

Tsoi:"Yes, you all heard me correctly. I believe it will take one bomb to make Japaland surrender."

Harry Trueguy:"How absurd of a statement. What do you mean by that?"

Tsoi:"When we bomb a city, it has always been small bombs, comparatively speaking. Perhaps we should create a large bomb that can at least create an explosion powerful enough to wipe out a whole city."

The whole group went silent.

William Tabernaclemountain:"I like that idea, though it is very crazy. This idea of such a weapon must be kept a top secret at all costs. NEVER should be let our enemies know of this, for I fear that our world will not be the same once one of these large bombs will be dropped..."

Three days later, the Ruscans had finally invaded the Khanzem coasts, and fiercely advanced. At the same time, all the allies began invading Alemania island, since they had aided Khanzem. Rusca invaded their north, while everyone else invaded the South. Meanwhile, Rusca also invaded and bombed up Alemania's only overseas territory- Pruscoe. The Khanz continued to keep their borders against the Grand Ol' Land, though many High Penguin Concentrate camps were liberated and many of the High Penguins were freed to the Grand Ol' Land.

Chapter 6:Collapse of the Old Order[edit]

As the Ruscans began to raid into Khanzem territory towards the capital city, the Ninjas decided to take part with the Ruscans while the Good Guys and Puffle'and would conduct the air raids. The Good Guys and Ruscans had severely crippled Khanzem, and as they quickly advanced towards SmackemsillyTon, Whoot Smackler Whoot was forced to hide in an underground concrete bunker with some of his most trusted generals.

Finally, the Ruscans decided that it was time to make the final advance into the Khanzem capital to end the war for good. All of the Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima marched alongside one of Rusca's important generals as they began their final attack early one morning. General Vasily gave explicit instructions to his soldiers that no one was to back down or retreat, or else they would be shot for traitorship. Tsoi admired the rash orders admirably as a sign of perseverance and dedication to their country, while Li thought otherwise.

The black dots that were the Puffish and the Good Guy aircraft could be seen in the distance as they came towards the capital in the opposite direction. General Vasily waved to the Ruscan soldiers in the tanks, and they advanced first as they began firing at the city walls and outskirts. Explosions began to occur all around the city, and all the Ruscans and Ninjas began to charge towards the city center, shooting at any Naughtzee they saw.

Though the Ruscans' job was to capture the city, the Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima volunteered to find Whoot.

Hung jumped out of the way when a Naughtzee bomb exploded nearby. Toshi caught up with him, and both of them began shooting at Naughtzees that were hiding behind windows in the city's buildings.

Toshi:"Where do we need to go???"

Hung:"The Palace! I'm sure that rat is hiding there!"

Li:"Let us make haste instead of fighting every soldier you encounter!"

The group of six dashed their way across the ruined city streets. Smoke and dust filled the air as several of the buildings began to collapse. Suddenly, Li spotted an abandoned Naughtzee jeep, and he ushered everyone inside. Though he had never learned how to drive, Li sped his way through the streets straight for the palace.

Tired of the whole ordeal, Li ran over several Naughtzee soldiers on the way to the palace, and once he arrived at the palace, he drove the car through the front doors. The palace was silent, and there were no Naughtzee soldiers present.

Fut:"Keep your guns loaded and your Card Jistu cards ready..."

The Senseis and Toshi waddled through the empty chamber that was once the High Penguin Confederacy's Throne Room. The King's throne was gone and replaced with a statue of Whoot Smackler Whoot. The sounds of exploding bombs from the raids began to echo in the building.

Suddenly, a flash occured, and the ghost of Sensei Chin Yang appeared.

Tsoi:"Father! Have you come to help us?"

Chin Yang:"Yes, I have. I told you before that I would come and help once more."

Li:"It is good to see you in these desperate times."

Chin Yang:"So am I. I am very pleased to see your children and grandchildren be successful. Anyways, please follow me."

Chin Yang floated across the large room and led the Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima to the statue of Whoot. Chin Yang pointed at the statue's square mustache.

Hung:"Yes, it is obvious that he has a funny mustache. What does that have to do with anything?"

Chin Yang:"Someone please press that button."


Hung's father, Ho, took out a snowball and threw it at the Whoot statue's mustache. The snowball smashed against the mustache, and the mustache pushed in. Immediately, the statue of Whoot moved to the side to reveal an entrance to a slide tunnel that had been hidden under the statue.

Chin Yang:"Jump in."

Tsoi and Li nodded, and everyone jumped into the tunnel, almost all at once.

The group found themselves sliding down a seemingly endless and curvy tunnel. By the time they reached the end, they were rather dizzy and began piling on top of each other as they were shot out of the tunnel slide into a concrete room. Seconds after Hung and Toshi landed on the pile of other Senseis, a Naughtzee soldier came out of the tunnel.

Tsoi and Li began to gain their consciousness quickly when they realized that an extra penguin had landed on them. They didn't need to look at him to know what he was. Suddenly, there was the simultaneous clicking of a loaded gun. The Five Senseis and Toshi looked up to see a large group of Naughtzee soldiers surrounding them, pointing their rifles at them. The Naughtzee soldier that had went down the tunnel with them stood in front of the tunnel to prevent them from escaping.

The Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima raised their flippers in surrender. Immediately, a clapping could be heard. The Naughtzee soldiers moved out of the way to allow Whoot Smackler Whoot to come see his new captives.

Whoot Smackler Whoot:"Wunderbar! I have finally captured you all, right at the last moment!"

Tsoi:"Smackler you fiend, the war is almost over. You have lost. Your city is turning into ruins."

Smackler:"No matter, so will you all! In three days, I shall have you all executed if the Good Guys do not agree to leave!"

Tsoi:"Pathetic! We'll die for freedom, for the Good Guys and Rusca will not back down."

Smackler:"Send them away to the bunker's prison cells! There will be nothing can stop me!"

At the end of that day, the Naughtzee generals on the surface had surrendered, and the Ruscans began rounding up and imprisoning Naughtzee soldiers into temporary POW camps. The Ruscans began to parade the streets with their armies, hanging the red flags of victory on the sides of every building that was still somewhat intact. The Good Guys and Puffle'and also immediately arrived, and they brought their troops together to commence the final phase against the Khanzem War:

The Three Days' Mass Singing by the Good Guys Around Smackler's Bunker.

Without rest, the Ruscans, Mainland Antarcticans, Puffish, and Free Frankterrans surrounded the secured bunker of Whoot Smackler Whoot. There was not a minute that the singing had ceased, and everyone took turns in singing their own national chants. First, the Good Guys instructed everyone to sing traditional High Penguin Confederacy Songs, and later the Puffish began singing their impromptu Victory song, while the Ruscans sang their traditional military music and the Frankterrans chanted their much appealed Resistance Song that had become a symbol of their fight against the Naughtzee.

The loud chants and tunes of innumerable songs echoed through the bunker, and made everyone more and more uneasy every minute. Whoot began to wear ear muffs to drown out the music, though his soldiers and close officials were left to suffer. The prisoners of the Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima did not seem to be annoyed with the constant music, as it gave them hope for liberation.

Three days past, and the Naughtzee soldiers were sweating heavily and they were very cranky. The music was still continuing, and Whoot could take it no more. He was going to have his victory. Whoot arrived at the Bunker Jail cell with six Naughtzee soldiers.

Whoot:"Rise and shine, Senseis! It's time for the greatest moment of your lives?"

Li:"Freedom, finally?"

Whoot:"Heck no! Your deaths, of course!"

Whoot led The Five Senseis, Toshi Kojima, and the soldiers to an open, empty room.

Whoot:"Welcome to the execution center. Everyone, except for the soldiers, line up against the wall with your backs facing me."

The Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima did as they were told. All six Naughtzee soldiers began loading their guns and aimed at their targets.

Tsoi took a deep breath. He could not stand it; he decided that he would fight for his life if he had to. Suddenly, he remembered- Chin Yang was always with him. After all, Chin Yang had brought him and his family to the Bunker. Surely there was some good reason for Chin Yang's commands. Tsoi took another deep breath and began to meditate on the side of the wall.

Whoot:"All right, the weapons are loaded. Any last words, Five Senseis and apprentice?"

Tsoi:"Yes. Yes I do."

Tsoi fiercely turned around and spread his flippers out in front him. Tsoi's eyes began to glow, and like a magnet, Tsoi was able to seize his enemies' rifles from their grasps, and they fell out of their reach. Then, the other Senseis' eyes began to glow white as well, except for Toshi Kojima, who began to step away into the corner in fright, since he had never seen the Sensei State in action in his whole life.

Suddenly, the room began to shake, and fierce drafts began to flow through the bunkers. The Five Senseis were floating in the air, still in the Sensei State.

Whoot pulled out his pistol and started shooting at them, but the bullets kept diverting the floating figures, instead hitting his own soldiers. The Five Senseis then transformed into completely different forms that baffled everyone in the room.

Tsoi had transformed into a blue Viking Penguin, Li had turned into a Knight, Ho was a Jester, Fut was a regular Ninja, and Hung had turned into a Penguin in a Fish costume. All five penguins still had their eyes glowing, and they were nobody that anyone had seen before.

The Viking that represented Tsoi then spoke.

"Whoot, you shall pay for the blood of the many High Penguins you have murdered."

Li's Knight representation continued.

"You and the Khanz race will be cursed with terrible sucessors and a split that will leave Pengolia divided for a long time."

The Jester, Ho's representation, finished.

"For now, a Khanz nation will cease to exist, and the Khanz will not hold positions of power until the distant future. Whoot, you will receive many troubles for what you have done, starting now."

All five Penguins raised their flippers, and they began to generate an energy that immediately blasted a hole into the ceiling.


The giant hole exposed the bunker to the eternal singing of the Good Guys. Whoot screamed out of insanity and became unconscious. The Five Senseis were returned to their normal forms and the Sensei State faded away. Moments later, several of the remaining Naughtzee generals in the bunker arrived at the scene and declared their surrender.

Everyone cheered, for the war was finally over. However, Li was not happy once he found out about the nuclear bomb that blew up two cities in Japaland, who surrendered a day ago.

Whoot woke up to find Sensei Hung and Toshi Kojima by his bedside.

Whoot:"Huh? Where am I? What the Noob-Face are you two doing here?"

Hung:"You're in prison, Whoot."

Whoot muttered several curses under his breath.

Whoot:"How long will I be stuck in this stupid Noob-Face prison of the Good Guys?"

Hung:"Oh, you aren't in the Grand Ol' Land, by the way."

Whoot:"Then...where am I?"

Hung and Toshi Kojima stepped out of the way to reveal a Ruscan soldier. He spoke in a thick accent.

Ruscan Soldier:"You are in Muscovgrad. We were given the opportyoonity to have you as our prisoner."

Whoot:"Curse those High Penguin swine! The Ruscans will rip me to shreds!"

Hung:"Obviously. We knew that they would be more brutal on you, so that's why we handed you into their custody."

Ruscan Soldier:"It is time for the torture."

Hung:"Here, comrade, I have a suggestion."

Hung handed the Ruscan soldier a fish.

Ruscan Soldier:"It is not time to eat. I am not allowed to have food during duty."

Hung:"No, you won't eat this fish. You're supposed to smack the prisoner with it. It is a Khanz tradition."

Ruscan Soldier:"I like your irony! I torture him with his culture's tradition! Just wait until we put you into the Box of Fun!"

The Ruscan Soldier summoned several other of his fellow soldiers and gave them each a fish. Hung and Toshi Kojima happily left the prison as they heard the painful screams of Whoot Smackler Whoot and the continuous slapping of fish.

Whoot Smackler Whoot was sentenced to a 50 year prison term in the "Box of Fun" and was not released until 1968. His existence soon faded in the minds of The Five Senseis and Toshi Kojima, and they began to move on with their lives. They resolved not to become involved with politics for a while, since Ninja City had been ransacked, and they needed to rebuild their ninja army and train more followers.

Meanwhile, the Good Guys ceded Smackemsillyton and the Ruscan occupied areas to Rusca, while the remaining portion of Khanzem became the Snowman Empire. The end of the Khanzem War was promptly followed by the 1920's decade, which was a time of great economic prosperity. Club Penguin Island farmers became rich and more plentiful, and the coastal shack towns of the Vikings and Sailors were transformed into peaceful igloo neighborhoods. Though Ninja city was never built, the Ninjas trained by the Five Senseis began to integrate with the small igloo villages.

Tsoi and Li were began feeling old when Hung gave birth to a son, Frank Hochstadt in 1922. They still remembered Chin Yang's prophecy that Hung would be the last of the Hochstadt Senseis for a long time. Even Hung knew that Frank Hochstadt would not become the Sensei. Hence, Tsoi knew that he had to choose a successor. However, Li already had one in mind.

Tsoi and Li sat in the quiet Dojo during the beautiful spring of 1923. They had ended practice early so that they could have a private chat with Toshi Kojima.

Tsoi:"Do you know of the prophecies of Chin Yang?"

Toshi thought for a moment, and an aura of silence hovered over the Dojo. The wind could be heard brushing through the nearby pine trees, and the rays of golden sunlight broke through the Dojo's windows. Toshi and Li noticed for the first time that Toshi was no longer the young penguin he used to be. Toshi had grown a black beard and bushy eyebrows. The 40 year old penguin was almost respected as another Sensei by his fellow Ninjas because of his prestige as Li's favorite student and as active participant in the Khanzem War that ended a few years prior.


Toshi:"Well yes, I do believe I know something. Chin Yang was the father of both of you, my teachers?

Li:"In fact he was. But do you know what he told us before he died?"

Toshi:"I have heard that Chin Yang had the prophecy of the three penguins that would become the representations for the three elements?"

Tsoi:"Any others?"

Toshi:"No, not really."

Tsoi:"Li, please explain to your student what he needs to know."

Li:"Chin Yang has prophesied that Hung will not bear a successor of Hochstadt blood."

Toshi:"I can sort of see that Hung's son does not appear to be the Sensei or even Ninja type."

Tsoi:"Exactly. That is why Li and I have agreed to choose Hung's next successor."


Li:"Yes, exactly. It has been clear to us. You will become a Sensei."

Toshi stood up and bowed before his two teachers.

Li grabbed his knapsack and pulled out a typical Oriental-styled Sensei hat.

Li:"Toshi, my son, wear this from now on so that you may be distinguished from the rest of the Ninjas. We could not have chosen any better Sensei, in my opinion."

Toshi received Li's gift with both flippers as a token of respect and placed it on his head.

Time progressed further until the date was 1935. The Snowman Empire was in shambles, and the Ruscans began to invade into their territory. Anarchy was widespread through the former Snowman Empire as several peasant revolts and Barbarian raids occurred. Meanwhile, the Grand Ol' Land's two Kings, Harold Trueguy and Mr. Tabernaclemountain sadly passed away without any heirs.

The Five Senseis decided that it was time to become involved in politics again. The former Kings' advisers, Tsoi, Li, and General Chairman Stallin from Rusca had a meeting and agreed to establish Olde Antarctica to restore peace among the Antarctic mainland. The two former Kings of the Grand O' Land had four nephews that Tsoi and Li chose to become the Kings of the four new countries- the Fire Kingdom, the Water Kingdom, the Ice Kingdom, and the Air Kingdom.

They decided to create the South Pole Summit to ensure peace among the Antarctic mainland. The Five Senseis, including Toshi, soon came into the habit of attending every meeting with the Olde Antarctica monarchs.

However, as the years went by, it became more apparent that Tsoi and Li were aging, especially when everyone could notice that Li's beard and hair began to turn grey.

Chapter 7:New Visions[edit]

The year was 1945. Tsoi and Li had become very weak and became bedridden. Their conditions prevented any of the other Senseis or Toshi Kojima from attending the recent South Pole Summits.

It was a stormy afternoon in the Dojo, and darkness flooded the outside sky. The Dojo was lit by small white candles that were placed at every corner and around each of the walls. Li was fast asleep in his bed, while Tsoi was awake and restless as usual.

Tsoi:"Ho! Fut! Hung! Toshi! Come! Where are you all?"

All four penguins rushed into the room.

Ho:"Father, what is wrong?"

Tsoi:"I believe that my time is coming soon, but not today. I am seeing a vision, just as my father Chin Yang had before me!"

Ho:"What do you see, father?"

Tsoi:"An abandoned egg is flowing down a river towards the main town. Hung, you must retrieve it."



Hung:"What is the significance of that egg? It is not my child."

Tsoi:"You are wrong, Hung. The egg is your grandson. He is the son of Frank."

Hung:"Frank had a son! Great Scott! I have not seen my son in years, and I hope not ever since I have heard that he had turned insane!"

Tsoi:"Then DO NOT waste your time and rescue your grandson! Eggs can not survive in the cold for long!"

Hung bowed and sped out the door to complete the task.

Ho:"A son- will this egg be the heir to become Sensei since Frank has been predicted not to?"


Tsoi closed his eyes and thought for a few minutes in silence. No one bothered to disturb him. Several Ninjas began to fill into the Dojo and watched their respected master meditate.

Tsoi:"The egg will have several children and will endure a hard life after his childhood, but one of his children will become the Sensei."

Toshi looked down at the floor.

Tsoi did not have to look at Toshi to know that he was downcast.

Tsoi:"Do not fret, young Toshi. The Prophecies are in favor of your future. You WILL become Sensei before this predicted Hochstadt will become Sensei. Like you, he will wait many years before acquiring the title."

Hung blasted the Dojo door open and walked in with a young red colored chick that was wrapped in many blankets.

Hung bowed before his grandfather Tsoi.

Hung:"I found the egg at the Beach right before he hatched. I have named the child Yilk."

Tsoi:"What a marvelous child. I told everyone that Yilk will become the father of the next Hochstadt Sensei, who will arise many years after Toshi Kojima's reign."

Hung:"That is superb news, grandfather. Will I be able to see the heir before I die?"

Tsoi:"Yes, you will, and so will Fut. I am sorry Ho, but you will not live to see him."

Ho nodded.

Hung unwrapped the young chick from his blankets. The chick did not seem to be bothered by the cold weather since the blankets kept him very warm.

Hung:"Come on Yilk, let's go see Tsoi."

Hung brought the chick to his grandfather and placed him in Tsoi's flippers.

Tsoi:"What a wonderful child. I give him my blessings as the family patriarch. As I said earlier to the others, Hung, Yilk will have many children. One of those children will be the future Sensei, and one will be one of the the three penguins that would become the representations for the three elements. Yilk's son will be the representation of Fire, while one of Yilk's grandsons from another son of Yilk will become the representation of Ice. The Representation of Water will be born off from the line of Li's family."

Tsoi looked back at Li, who was still sound asleep, despite the enormous amount of penguins in the room and Tsoi's talking. Tsoi looked down at his great-great-grandson Yilk to see that the small chick had fallen asleep in his flippers and had made himself comfortable. Yilk had given Tsoi a warm feeling inside....the final feeling of peace.

For the first time in many years, the contented Sensei began to have heavy eyelids and asked to be dismissed for the night. Everyone immediately left the Dojo and bowed to Tsoi and Yilk in his flippers before they left. Hung decided to leave Yilk where he was with Tsoi, since they seemed to like where they were.

The next morning, Hung was contented to see baby Yilk, Tsoi, and Li still sleeping. Hung's entrance into the Dojo roused the young chick as it began to wake up and look at Hung. Hung brought in a baby bottle and fed it to the thirsty chick.

Tsoi woke up after feeling Yilk moving around. Tsoi did not seem to care that the weather was still dreary and stormy outside.

Hung:"Good morning, grandfather."

Tsoi:"Good morning, grandson. Today is the day."

Hung nodded to convey that he understood.

Li woke up, feeling groggy.

Li:"Good morning, Hung and Tsoi. Who are you holding, Tsoi?"

Tsoi:"Hung's grandson, Yilk. He is quite adorable, and he will give birth to both a Sensei and the penguin representation of Fire. His grandson from anotehr son will be the penguin representation of ice."

Li:"That is wonderful. May I see your grandson."

Tsoi weakly gave the chick for Li to see. Li handed Yilk back to Tsoi after a few minutes of feeding him. By the time it was 11:30, Li was fast asleep again.

Tsoi:"Hung, it is the others!"

Hung rushed out of the Dojo and gathered up Ho, Fut, Toshi, and several of the Senseis' closest Ninja friends to see Tsoi immediately. Once everyone congregated, Tsoi gave Yilk to Hung.

Tsoi:"I have given this child my blessings, and I shall also give my blessings to you. Take this child and raise him well."

Hung:"I will, Grandfather."


Hung:"Yes, grandfather?"

Tsoi:"Leave the room. Do not let the boy see death when he just saw birth."

Hung:"I understand, grandfather."

Tsoi:"Live long and prosper, Hung. However, I must warn you that your future will be turbulent, and you will have many struggles. Hung, you will be the one to face the fall of Olde Antarctica. Yilk will also sadly be framed in a crime, and you will be responsible for raising one of his sons, who will become the Sensei some time after Toshi. Good bye, my beloved grandson and great-great grandson."

Hung:"Goodbye, dear grandfather."

Hung bowed with Yilk in his flippers and left the Dojo into a quiet room. Li began to snore.

Tsoi:"Ho, come forward."

Ho:"Yes, father?"

Tsoi:"Take care, my son. You will live peacefully the rest of your days. I do not have much to say to you."

Ho:"Thank you, father."

Tsoi:"Fut, come forward."

Fut:"Yes, father?"

Tsoi:"Fut, you will have to deal with the Fire Kingdom in the near future. You will have to deal with it's power hungry king, who wishes to take over Olde Antarctica for himself. You will help defeat him with the help of his son. That is all, my son."

Fut:"Thank you, father."

Tsoi:"One more thing to add. Li will be joining me tomorrow, and by chance his son is currently in town. Tomorrow, fetch him before he leaves to see his father before he passes."

Fut:"We shall, father."

Tsoi looked at the rest of the guests in the room.


Toshi:"Yes, Sensei Tsoi?"

Tsoi:"Do not give up your hopes of becoming Sensei. You will become Sensei before you know it, but it will not be until the 21st century."

Toshi:"By then, cars will fly!"

Tsoi:"They won't. But you will become Sensei. Never give up."

Toshi:"Yes, sir."

Tsoi:"And to all of you, I bid you farewell. I shall say one last prophecy before I go...and that is that the penguin representation of the element of fire will be a Viking, and he will be the son of Yilk. Sons, do your jobs well, and fight for justice, peace, and equality..."

With those words, Tsoi's head fell back onto his white pillow and died. By his facial expressions, he appeared to be in a pleasant sleep, not wanting to be disturbed. There was a long moment of silence, before Ho stood up and motioned for a few Ninjas to go into town to purchase a casket. Li continued to sleep, not noticing anything that had happened.

Minutes later, the Ninjas returned with the coffin ready and placed Tsoi's body inside. Hung returned, since he had Yilk take a nap, and helped carry Tsoi into the Hochstadt Sanctuary below the Dojo. There was mourning across the island, and many Ninjas paid a visit to see Tsoi's body before they buried his casket into the stone tomb that made a hole in the Sanctuary floor.

The next day, the rain had stopped, and the clouds dispersed from Club Penguin Island's view. Li woke up to find Hung, Ho, Fut, and Toshi standing before him.

Li:"I know, my children. My brother is dead. I felt him leave our world in my sleep. We are twins, anyways."

Hung was hesitant to speak, but Li knew what was on his mind.

Li:"Yes, Tsoi is correct. The prophecies do indicate that Yilk and you shall have great struggles in the future. In the last days of Olde Antarctica, you shall have to fight STINC."

Hung:"I understand, great uncle."

Li:"I will not give too much of a spiel because I do not have much to say. May Yilk grow to be a handsome young penguin, and may his children and his children's children prosper forever."

All four penguins bowed before him.

Li:"Toshi. Do not give up hope. You will become the Sensei soon. However, first you must acquire more patience before you are ready. Once you become Sensei, you will have to deal with many penguins. You, my boy, will train a large multitude of Ninjas in a world that will be much more massive than now. Toshi....up until now have I been deceived by my brother....Toshi, Speeddasher is alive! One of these days, you must find him and bring him back, or at least tell him that I have forgiven him for EVERYTHING that he did during the war...I forgive him...I am so proud....I am so proud of all of you..."

Li's eyes closed and his head sagged as he took his last breath, which sounded as if he had been kicked in the diaphragm. Tears filled Toshi's eyes, but he refused to cry. Everybody knew that Li was reunited with his brother, daughter, and father. Several Water Ninjas were ordered to take him into the Ninja Sanctuary and was placed in a casket and tomb right next to his brother, Tsoi, whose corpse was still waiting to be buried.

That night, a massive funeral was conducted. Thousands of Ninjas that had spread across Antarctica returned to Club Penguin Island to pay tribute to their two beloved teachers. Ho had been elected as the new head Sensei, and he took the position in honor. A week of mourning was held in honor of the two Senseis before training was resumed.

Years passed again. The three remaining Senseis and Toshi were determined to raise the young Yilk, and he soon grew to be a respectable young penguin. Yilk soon became interested in politics since he attended South Pole Summit meetings with his grandfather, and he also developed a love for martial arts. However, by the time Yilk was 7 years old, Ho became very ill. Ho knew his time was up, and he had several final words to say to him, though Yilk had no idea of his condition.

Yilk:"Great grandfather, are you feeling better?"

Ho:"No, Yilk. I will not be. It is my time to go."

Yilk:"Great grandfather, the doctor can help you!"

Ho:"He already tried. Listen. When a Sensei dies, he receives visions. Yilk, did your grandfather tell you about the great three?"

Yilk:"Yes. The three representations of Fire, Water, and Ice."

Ho:"One of your sons will be Fire, and one of your grandsons will be Ice. One of your sons will also become the Sensei."

Yilk:"That is wonderful! I am honored, great grandfather."

Ho:"Yilk, remember that your second born child will become the Sensei. Your firstborn shall give birth to the penguin who will represent Ice. Your last son will be the representation of Fire."

Yilk:"Then who will be the Water representation?"

Ho:"The great-grandson of Sensei Li. He will be born not long after your last son. That is all I must tell you."

Hung:"But father, what about Yilk's future..."

Ho:"No. I am not allowed to tell."

Hung nodded.

Ho:"Hung, Fut. I must tell you one last thing. Tsoi, Li, and I have discovered our elemental powers, yet both of you must discover your own, that are not Fire, Water, and Ice. Sadly, your element that you discover will not be passed down to anyone at all."

Toshi:"Will I also learn a new element?"

Ho:"No. You will master all three elements of Fire, Water, and Ice. You will not learn or teach any more new elements."

Toshi bowed in respect.

Ho smiled and patted Toshi on his shoulder. Ho began to look up, and took his last breath and died.

The year was 1956. Sensei Fut, Hung, and Toshi stood on top of a cliff that overlooked a valley on Mainland Antarctica. They could see the armies of the Fire Kingdom approaching.

Fut:"We must not let them advance to the nearby Water Kingdoms."

Hung:"Well, we should have brought an army with us! We can't face them alone!"

Fut:"Yes we can. We have the Sensei state, remember?"

Hung:"That was a scary experience. I wish not to do it again."

Fut:"Sadly, we must."

Toshi:"But if you guys are in the Sensei State, that means I will be left behind."

Fut:"As of now, yes. I feel that we may need you later, though."

Fut took a deep breath and stood next to Hung, who also took a deep breath. They closed their eyes and their minds went blank. A soft wind could be felt, and when the two Senseis opened their eyes, they were glowing.

Fut jumped into the air, and he immediately began to create a torrent of air that was blasted like a wave towards Ohzai's approaching army. The strong, hurricane like winds knocked them off their feet, though the quickly recovered.

Then, Tsoi jumped from the cliff and like an asteroid, he crashed on the ground in a crouched position and the earth beneath him began to splash as if it was water. The waves of earth smashed the Fire Kingdom's armies and completely knocked them over, scattering their belongings all over the place, including their guns. Tsoi began to bend chunks of rock from the ground, and he began to chuck them at the knocked down army.

Toshi, feeling comfortable, went down from the cliff and began charging at the Fire Kingdom's soldiers, blasting fire at them. King Ohzie Ablaze, who had more than enough of the attacks, began to charge at Toshi, indenting to strike him down with lightning, but Fut cut him off and blasted him with a torrent of air. The Fire King flew into a rock and fell to the snowy ground, but he immediately got back up, more angry than before.

King Ohzie Ablaze:"You can't stop me, Sensei Fut! My army will crush you and your little Ninja minions almost twice as..."

Sensei Fut blasted him again with air, and this time, Ohzie took a little longer to stand up again. By then, Fut had exited the Sensei state, and he looked at his flippers.

Fut:"I bend Air! I guess that explains why the Air Kingdom was created..."

King Ohzie, feeling nothing but rage and hatred within himself, blasted Fut with a torrent of lightning. Fut flung across the valley and stumbled in the snow. Smoke quietly singed from where he was hit.

Toshi:"Sensei down!"

Hung, who was still in the Sensei State, looked in the direction of where Fut lay. Hung screamed violently, though it was not a voice. It was the collective voices of all the Senseis before him, including himself and Fut. Hung then jumped and the earth shook again...but this time, the earth opened up and tried to swallow every Fire Kingdom soldier that was present into it's core.

King Ohzie, seeing the situation, blasted into the air with his fire bending abilities and slashed at Hung. Hung stumbled back and fell to the ground, and the Sensei State faded away. Hung, who was still processing what happened, was caught off guard, and King Ohzie blasted a huge fireball at him, burning his clothing and sending him flying into the air. He fell with a thud right at the feet of Toshi.

Hung had a dazed look on his face as he spoke to Toshi.

Hung:" are a always have been in my eyes ever since Li had made his decision. Don't give up on that, Sensei. You will always be the Sensei from this day forth. No more shall we call you Toshi."

Toshi:"But Sensei Hung..."

Hung:"I will be OK, and so will Fut. You must show what you are really capable of, Sensei. You may be an older penguin now, but you still have the heart of when you fought in Khanzem. Go, Sensei, and make us all proud..."

Sensei looked up at King Ohzie. Ohzie was staring at him. Sensei had already grown rather old and his beard had turned grey. Sensei, who still wore his old blue Ninja training suit, took it all off. He knew that he was no longer an apprentice.

Sensei:"You are foolish and arrogant, King Ohzie. Look at how many penguins have died because of this."

King Ohzie Ablaze:"I feel nothing. Antarctica will be mine, even if this army is gone! Not all of my soldiers are dead!"

A multitude of Fire Kingdom warriors arrived and stood behind their King.

King Ohzie:"You're a pathetic man, Toshi. You're so old yet you never became the Sensei."

Sensei:"I am no longer known as Toshi. I am Sensei now."

King Ohzie:"Oh me oh my! I suppose it is time for you to die! Like the rest of your kin!"

King Ohzie began to bend lightning and was preparing to shoot it straight at Sensei. Sensei stood tall, closed his eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath. Then, as King Ohzie was about to strike, Sensei took a stance, and the lightning blasted into Sensei's flipper....and then traveled to his other flipper, only to blast back at Ohzie himself, who stumbled back in severe pain and twitched several times. He was lucky to live.

The other Fire Kingdom warriors, who had never seen such a spectacle, were in shock and grew fearful of Sensei.

Sensei:"Go! Take King Ohzie back to his palace! Let this be a warning to him not to mess with the Senseis."

The Fire Kingdom soldiers saluted Sensei and carried King Ohzie back to the Fire Kingdom capital city. Sensei turned around to see Sensei Hung standing up and limping towards him.

Hung:"Amazing show! How did you do that?"

Sensei:"At that moment, I remember Sensei Li's Water lesson about deflecting your opponent's attack. I applied the same technique to the lightning, because it is also a current like water."

Fut, who also was limping in pain, heard what Sensei said.

Fut:"Well said. You truly will become a great Sensei one day, Sensei."

Chapter 8:The Promised Ones[edit]

After Sensei's battle with King Ohzie, the Senseis did not bother the Fire Kingdom any longer and watched on the sidelines as King Ohzie surrendered in 1963. Ten years later, Yilk had his first son, Red River 2, not long after he was captured after being arrested for a frame. Somehow, Alicia Hochstadt, Yilk's wife, frequently visited her husband in prison, and in the next year, she had a daughter who she had named Bonjie. Because she had a busy life, Alicia gave her two oldest children to her brother in law, Dave Hochstadt. Dave frequently visited his grandfather Hung, and he brought Red River 2 and Bonjie to see him and Sensei Fut often.

Then, in 1975, Yilk and Alicia decided to have another child. This time, Yilk and Alicia had agreed to send their next son into the care of Senseis Hung and Fut as a gesture of thankfulness for their help in raising him up. One a beautiful sunny morning in June, Alicia brought the egg to the Dojo. When Alicia entered the building, Hung heartily approached her and kissed her both cheeks in a European fashion.

Hung:"How are you, Alicia? How is Yilk?"

Alicia:"I am good, thank you Sensei Hung, and Yilk is still doing well. We have a gift for you."

Hung:"Ah! What is it?"

Alicia revealed a pearly white egg that she had been hiding behind her back.

Hung:"An egg? Your only child?"

Alicia:"Yilk and I want you and Sensei Fut to raise him. You have brought my husband up when his father was dead, and now Yilk wants you to raise his child, whether this is a boy or a girl."

Hung:"Very well, thank you, Alicia."

Hung cradled the egg in his flippers and walked to a pillow where he typically sat and placed the egg comfortably on it.

Alicia:"The doctor said that it is expected to hatch anytime soon."

Then, the egg began to shake and crack slightly. Alicia gasped in delight, which caught the attention of Sensei Fut.

Sensei Fut:"So Alicia, you're having another child?"

Alicia:"Yes, I am."

Sensei Hung:"And we will be raising him."

Sensei Fut:"I never had any children. I would be honored to raise the chick."

The egg began to crack more, and it finally burst open to reveal a fluffy looking black colored penguin. The adorable chick caught the hearts and awes of every penguin and puffle that was present in the room, because a penguin hatching was not common in the Dojo. Its eyes seemed to be focused on Sensei Fut.

Alicia:"It seems to like you, Sensei Fut."

The young chick began to speak:"Fut! Fut! Fut!"

Sensei Fut:"It likes my name!"

Sensei Hung:"Perhaps we will name him after you! You never had children of your own, so perhaps we can pay homage to you by naming this child after you."

Sensei Fut:"Heh. Ok. What will we call him? Fut Junior?"

Sensei Hung:"I was thinking more like....Fut Ga."

Sensei Fut:"You mean the fighting technique? I always thought it was my specialty. I guess we can name the child that. Let's add a second u to his name though so the name doesn't sound too feminine."

Sensei Hung took out a piece of paper and wrote "Fuut-Ga".

Sensei Fut:"I like that."

Alicia:"So do I."

Sensei Hung:"Fuut Ga, you now have your name. Alicia, may I ask you something?"


Sensei Hung:"May I train Fuut-Ga to become a Ninja? I sense potential in him."

Alicia:"Sure, why not? It is surely not a shame to be a Ninja."

"Fuut-Ga has more potential than you think, Hung."

Alicia panicked for a moment and jumped at the sound of a strange penguin's voice. Behind them, they could see the ghost of Tsoi appearing. All three penguins bowed in respect to the deceased Sensei's ghost.

Tsoi:"Hung....Fuut Ga will become the future Sensei who will succeed some time after Sensei Toshi. Train him well, for he will be an asset to you in the future..."

Tsoi then faded away and disappeared.


Hut and Fut looked down at the young penguin chick. Many days of hard training lay ahead.

It was many years later. The year was now 1988, and Fuut Ga had just received his Brown Belt after years of long hours of toil and work. Sensei Fut had died two years before, and the only visions he had only reinforced what the previous Senseis had said before. It was a bright and cheerful April day, and 11 year old Fuut Ga is about to meet his mother for the very first time ever since she left when he was only a chick.

Young Fuut Ga was fighting with Sensei Hung when Alicia Hochstadt sneaked into the Dojo. This time, she had another egg in her flippers. All the Ninjas and Sensei Hung looked at her when she arrived.

Alicia:"Fuut Ga? Is that you?"

Fuut Ga, not sure who the woman was at first, replied:"Mother?"

Alicia:"Yes, Fuut Ga. It's me, with your new little brother!"

Fuut Ga cheerfully ran to his mother and they gave each other a hug. Alicia had to set the egg off to the side.

Sensei Hung:"Another kid, Alicia? Aren't you getting old?"

Alicia:"This is my last one, Fut. No more after this."

Sensei Hung:"Are you asking me to raise another child? I am getting very old, and already your son Fuut Ga is a handful."

Alicia:"No. I came to show you."

Sensei Hung:"May I see the egg?"

Alicia gave the egg to Sensei Hung. The egg felt warm, and Hung knew that the child was soon to be hatched.

Sensei Hung:"I see that this has become a tradition to do so, Alicia."

Alicia:"It only feels right to do so. You are still family."

Sensei Hung smiled and said:"I don't know...I have a feeling that this next child shall be the Fire Representative that Tsoi, Li, Ho, and Fut have all predicted. What day is it, Alicia?"

Alicia:"April 2nd."

Sensei Hung:"Springtime. A time for a new beginning. Do you have a name already for the chick?"

Alicia:"Yes. I want to call him Jock. I always liked that name; it reminded me of a handsome young boy I dated back when I was a teenager."

Sensei Hung:"Jock. I like that name. Jock Hochstadt."

Then, the egg began to shake and crack. Sensei Hung placed the egg on the ground and allowed for the little chick to crack open the shell for himself.

When his baby brother was fully hatched, Fuut Ga said:"Awwww!"

Alicia:"Your baby brother is adorable, isn't he?"

Sensei Hung could see the face of Tsoi in the back of his mind, smiling.

"Great Grandpa, when are we going to catch a fish?"

"Jock, be patient. We can not tell the fish what to do. They must choose to become trapped by our bait."

Jock sighed and adjusted his fishing rod. Though he thought that fishing was boring at times, Jock enjoyed fishing in the river with his great grandfather Sensei Hung since his mother was always working.

Jock:"When I grow up, I will own my own ship and sail Antarctica! I'll be the bestest Viking warrior ever!"

Sensei Hung chuckled to himself since the child's huge imagination had humored him.

Sensei Hung:"Well, even the best Vikings have patience. They must be patient when sailing long voyages."

Then, Sensei Hung could see his two students, Fuut Ga and Pen Chi, approaching him.

Sensei Hung:"What is it, my sons?"

Fuut Ga:"News has come to town that Red River 2 has returned with his wife and children!"

Sensei Hung:"Good. Red has been gone for a very long time. One of his sons is the representative of ice or snow."

Fuut Ga:"I already met them. Red River 2 said I grew a whole lot!"

Sensei Hung:"Haha. You have the last time he saw you. How old are his children?"

Very young. The youngest child is only two weeks old.

Sensei Hung:"I shall be there. Fuut Ga, it is time for you to meditate. Sit next to your brother, Jock, and keep your eyes closed. You must learn to ignore distractions."

Fuut Ga:"What if he tries to run away?"

Sensei Hung:"Oh, I KNOW he won't do that."

Sensei Hung gave Jock a serious look. Jock knew better than to disobey him.

Pen Chi:"Master, when will we train?"

Sensei Hung:"Soon, my boy. Go and meditate with Fuut Ga."

Hence, Pen Chi sat next to Fuut Ga, crossed his feet, closed his eyes, and meditated.

Sensei Hung walked down to the growing town of Club Penguin alone. Its inhabitants immediately recognized him and smiled and waved as he passed by. Sensei Ho's ghost appeared next to him.

Sensei Hung:"Long time no see, Father."

Sensei Ho:"Long time no see as well, my son. The youngest son of Red River 2 is the one. The representative of ice."

Sensei Hung nodded.

Sensei Ho:"The others will also be of importance. The eldest will be a rich penguin, while the twins will have terribly different lives. They will become enemies, and such animosity will spark many wars to come."

Sensei Hung nodded again. Sensei Ho's ghost disappeared as Sensei Hung approached Red River 2's igloo. He knocked.

Red River 2:"Hello Great-Grandfather! Come in, come in. It has been a while. I must introduce you to my children."

Red River 2 took the Sensei into his igloo and gave him a nice chair from the living room to sit in. Red's wife, Tammyfeih, was busy making food.

Tammyfeih:"Ah, hello Sensei Hung. We've had an interesting journey. I'm glad we're back. You haven't seen the boys yet, have you? BOYS!! COME MEET OUR VISITOR!"

Three young chicks ran into the room. Two of them were obviously twins.

Tammyfeih:"Don't be shy. Tell your great-great grandfather what your names are."

The eldest spoke first.

"I am Gaston!"

"I am Swiss Ninja!"

"I am Fisch!"

Sensei Hung:"It is nice to meet you all. Tammyfeih, who was hatched first, Fisch or Swiss Ninja? I can obviously see that they're twins."

Tammyfeih:"Swiss Ninja was. Fisch was hatched 10 minutes later."

Sensei Hung:"So Fisch is your youngest child then, right?"

Tammyfeih:"Oh, no. I have one more. Clovis hatched two weeks ago and he's taking a nap right now."

Sensei Hung:"Ah. Clovis is his name?"

Tammyfeih:"Yeah, it is. What about it?"

Sensei Hung:"The Prophecies of the Senseis have pointed to Clovis as the Representative of Snow."

Tammyfeih didn't know what to say, nor Red River 2. They have not heard much about the Prophecies of the Senseis.

Tammyfeih:"Come, I'll show you Clovis if he's awake."

Tammyfeih led Sensei Hung to another room. Little Clovis had just woken up and was looking at the stranger who walked in.

Tammyfeih:"Clovis, say hi to Sensei Hung!"


Sensei Hung:"He's adorable, just like the rest of your kids."

Tammyfeih:"So, what is this prophecy about a representative and snow?"

Sensei Hung:"I don't know. Clovis will be involved in something along with his uncle Jock and someone else. I'm not sure."

Hung and Jock.png

It was about a year later, in 1989. Sensei Hung was going on his final trip to the island of Alemania to visit Li's grandson and his cousin twice removed, Friedrich Hochstadt. It had come to attention that Friedrich had given birth to a son, named Gottfried, and Friedrich, who very well knew the prophecies of the Senseis, believed that his son was the water representative. Thus, Sensei Hung decided to come along with his one year old great grandson, Jock.

Friedrich greeted Hung and Jock with a handshake and heartily welcomed into his home, the Hohenterngau castle.

Sensei Hung:"So you think your son is the Water representative?"

Friedrich:"I do think so. I thought I saw the ghost of Li a few moments before Gottfried hatched..."

Sensei Hung:"Hmm. Where is he?"

Friedrich:"I'll go get him."

Friedrich left and brought the young chick to Sensei Hung. Suddenly, he had a vision of Sensei Li standing on top of a mountain, smiling. He knew that Gottfried was the one.

Sensei Hung:"Yes. Yes he is. Now that I have seen all three representatives of fire, water, and ice, I know now that my reign as Sensei is short."

Chapter 9:The Communist Upheaval[edit]

December, 1989.

Sensei Hung was pacing around the Dojo frantically back and forth while Jock was playing with several toys from home. Pen Chi and Fuut Ga were outside, practicing Card Jitsu with other students. Alicia then entered the room, intending to bring Jock home.

Alicia:"Hung, what's the matter?"

Sensei Hung:"Don't you know the news?"

Alicia:"No...I suppose not. What is it?"

Sensei Hung:"Haven't you been hearing about the Communist protests? That group...STINC...they're rallying tons of protests across the mainland. I am getting worried that we are on the brink of war."

Alicia:"Oh...yes, I have heard about it, but I haven't paid much attention. Is it really that bad? It haven't seen it around town."

Sensei Hung:"No, because Club Penguin is rather peaceful and democratic. Thank goodness. But those Communists are a dangerous threat."

Alicia:"You look tired, Hung. Come with us to my igloo. We'll have tea and biscuits."

Sensei Hung:"Why not? And maybe some television."

The three Penguins arrived at the igloo. Alicia beckoned Hung to sit down on the couch and relax. Sensei Hung turned on the television, where there was a commercial on. Suddenly, there was breaking news.

Old STINC Logo.png

"We interrupt this broadcast for a Breaking News announcement! The Communist Party of Antarctica and it's military Force, STINC, has officially declared War on Antarctica! They have been readily allied with Opacus' Army, Rusca, Zhou, and North Alemania in the struggle! Battles have already begun in the Fire Kingdom cities and they are forcing citizens to take cover!

Sensei Hung jumped up from the couch in horror. The horrific news headline scared everyone in the room, even little Jock.

Sensei Hung seemed frantic.

Alicia:"Oh dear..."

Sensei Hung:"I'm sorry Alicia. I don't think I can stay for much longer. I need to get to the South Pole Summit as soon as possible. I'm sure they'll need me for an emergency meeting."

Alicia:"I understand. But wait...I should probably tell you something."

Sensei Hung turned away from the door to look at his granddaughter-in-law.

Alicia:"I have met a nice man recently. We've been talking, and he is also a widower like me. We're thinking about getting married."

Sensei Hung:"Oh, good! Congratulations, Alicia. I hope to see you married soon. Jock will need a man in the igloo."

Before he left, Sensei Hung assembled all of his students together in the Dojo to announce his departure and to have a small promotion ceremony.

Sensei Hung:"Students, a long and hard journey lies ahead. Antarctica is at risk of being taken over by the Communists, where they will instill a powerful totalitarian government that threatens the liberties of us all. In a society that they wish to promote, we can not eat, sleep, or work without their provisions. We must not let this happen. We must fight to defend freedom at all costs, because if we don't, life will be terrible. Card Jitsu will become outlawed. Ninjas or Ninja trainees caught will be executed. I face the threat of execution. Prepare yourselves for a war that our continent has not seen since Khanzem, which was a pretty bad war. With all the technology we have now that we lacked then, this war will leave scars that will take a long time to heal. FOR ANTARCTICA! FOR FREE ANTARCTICA!"

Students:"For Free Antarctica!"

Sensei Hung commenced the graduation ceremony as he began promoting penguins to their next level of belt. At the very end of the ceremony, Fuut Ga stood before Sensei Hung.

Sensei Hung:"Fuut Ga, after many years of training, I believe you have finally earned your Black belt."

Sensei Hung gave Fuut Ga his black belt, who took it with both of his flippers and bowed to his Great-Grandfather. Pen Chi, who was already a Ninja, stood and smiled at his teacher and fellow student.

Fuut Ga:"Thank you, Sensei Hung."

Sensei Hung:"Now, you must face me in a Card Jitsu match."

Fuut Ga proved worthy in battle. Though Hung gained ahead of him with more cards, Fuut Ga quickly caught up, and he finally won with a fire, water, and ice card.

Both penguins bowed to each other at the end of the match. Hung was proud to give Fuut Ga his ninja mask and Ninja suit. All the students in the room, including Pen Chi, cheered for Fuut Ga's accomplishment.

Fuut Ga was now a Ninja.

Now, Fuut Ga sat aside Sensei Hung and Pen Chi at the South Pole Summit meeting as a new member who would also represent the Ninjas and Club Penguin Island. Though inexperienced in politics, Hung wanted to expose him to politics in hopes that Fuut Ga would become a wise Sensei in the future.

Hung was the first to speak at the Summit's meeting.

Hung:"The Fire Kingdom is being racked by the Communist forces as we speak. What have we done so far to defend the other Kingdoms?"

Water King:"We have established troops on our borders near the invaders. We are ready to open fire on our enemies when they approach."

Ice King:"So have we. We will show them no mercy."

King Scarface of the Fire Kingdom:"You all are dreamers! Do you not know of what weaponry they possess?"

Air King:"Actually, we do not. Enlighten us, King Scarface."

King Scarface:"These Communists have invented beastly weapons! They have created highly advanced rapid fire machine guns that shoot lazer-like pulses of energy! It destroys everything in sight! We're losing men incredibly. Our technology is completely outmatched."

Fuut Ga decided to speak:"Perhaps the powers that the Sensei and his Ninjas have may help defeat them. Together, we are powerful."

The other representatives looked at Hung.

Sensei Hung sighed. He knew he had no other option. Many soldiers were dying in battle, and only the Sensei and his ninjas could manipulate the Earth's elements to defend Antarctica.

Hung:"I guess we have no other Choice. We will send Ninjas into battle against the communists."

Sensei Hung, Fuut Ga, many armed Ninjas and Antarctican Soldiers hid in the wilderness in front of the mountain pass that led to where the South Pole Summit was located. They silently waited as the sound of rolling tanks and marching feet grew louder and louder. The Ninjas and the soldiers quickly began to load their rifles and pistols, ready for an intense battle.

Sensei Hung:"Fuut Ga, have you heard of the Sensei State before?"

Fuut Ga:"Yes. How do you do it?"

Sensei Hung:"Any Hochstadt is able to do it. Close your eyes and meditate. The power of the Senseis are given to you, and you become an unstoppable force as you are able to control large portions of the elements around you!"

Fuut Ga:"Incredible!"

Sensei Hung:"However, there is a bad side to this. Anyone who is killed in the Sensei state will end the Sensei state permanently, and no other Hochstadt will ever be able to use it again."

Fuut Ga:"Harsh!"

Sensei Hung:"Yet it's OK, because the Sensei State is a last resort and is very effective."

Fuut Ga:"So are you saying that this last resort will be a high possibility?"

Sensei Hung:"No, not a high possibility. The moment we see any of these enemy soldiers, we must immediately reach the Sensei State! Their technology clearly outmatches ours, and we must give all we got!"

Fuut Ga saluted his great-grandfather.

Sensei Hung raised his flipper. The coalition of Ninjas and soldiers nodded as they moved into position. Sensei Hung threw his flipper down, and the Ninjas and Antarctican soldiers immediately opened fire on the STINC and Ruscan soldiers that were approaching. Such an action was not expected by the Ruscans and STINC, and the Antarcticans had an advantage as they began firing at their dazed enemies.

Meanwhile, Hung and Fuut Ga were still hiding in one of the bushes, already meditating. In a matter of moments, both of their eyes opened again, this time glowing. The air and snow around them began to circle violently like a tornado, and they began to rise into the air.

Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga then began to bend earth and began chucking large portions of it at every Ruscan and STINC soldier they could see. Such a sight was extremely scary, and by now several Ruscans and STINC soldiers began retreating for their lives. Nevertheless, the two penguins in the Sensei State and the Antarcticans pushed onward.

However, somehow, everything turned around. Something large was emerging from the forest on the Ruscan side. Then, Fuut Ga's Sensei state began to fade slightly as he saw what was approaching. Fuut Ga's eyes flashed back to normal and though he was still in the air near Hung, Fuut Ga blasted a huge amount of fire while airbending in front of Hung to shield him from the incoming missile. Immediately, the Missile exploded from Fuut Ga's blast of fire, and Fuut Ga and Hung were thrown back into the trees. Hung's Sensei State faded away, luckily.

Hung:"Woah! What just happened?"

Fuut Ga:"The Ruscans blasted a missile at us!"

Hung:"Great Scott! We can't defeat them when they have the advantage of having high level technology!"

Suddenly, several more missiles were fired and several Antarcticans screamed either in pain or fear.

Hung:"We need to escape before they murder us! The prophecy must live, Fuut Ga! I may die, but you must live!"

Fuut Ga:"Well, I am not leaving without you. Come on, let's make our escape!"

Fuut Ga grabbed Hung's flipper and they immediately jumped down to the ground. They ran for their lives towards the mountains. Luckily enough, they were fast and far enough before any of the Ruscans or STINC could accurately shoot at them. The two penguins jumped into a cave, and Hung earth bended to seal the cave closed.

Several hours later, the cave re-opened, and Hung and Fuut Ga stepped outside into the wilderness. There were only a few small forest fires occurring, and as the sun was setting, they could see the billowing black smoke from the areas of impact where the missiles had exploded.

Hung:"They have left a scar on this valley. I wonder how many of our men survived..."

Fuut Ga and Hung waddled down back into the forest, when they were immediately confronted by a large squadron of North Alemanian, STINC, and Ruscan soldiers.


Hung and Fuut Ga raised their flippers in the air; they knew that they could not fight back without getting killed or deleted in the process. Two soldiers approached the two penguins and handcuffed and blindfolded them. They were soon escorted deep into a forest and thrown into a truck. They didn't see Pen Chi sitting down next to several other STINC Soldiers eating cans of ...yellow snow.

Alicia held the flipper of her boyfriend as they sat in front of the blaring television. Jock was playing with toys in his room. Alicia covered her eyes when the images of the dead Kings, whose bodies were still hanging from the gallows to display STINC superiority.

Alicia sobbed:"They're dead! Hung and my beloved son Fuut Ga re dead!"

Her boyfriend caressed her in his arms, reassuring:"I don't think so. I don't see them hanging with the other Council Members. Maybe they managed to escape...."

Suddenly, the new reporter broke in with a new announcement.

"We interrupt this broadcast for a Breaking News announcement from the Communist Party of Antarctica! The Sensei of Club Penguin, Sensei Hung, and his student, Fuut Ga Hochstadt, have been captured by the glorious Communist forces. They are currently under North Alemanian jurisdiction and face trials and execution in Boorlin!

Alicia screamed and fainted.

Hung and Fuut Ga eventually found themselves in a grey interrogation room. There was only one light on, and both penguins had been handcuffed and were sitting on wooden chairs. Then, the metal door opened and two North Alemanian soldiers walked in. One was a guard who stood at the door, while the other seemed to be a high ranking general. Hung and Fuut Ga could not resist looking at the shiny red star on the General's hat.

General:"Vell vell vell, vat do ve have here? Zee Sensei Hung and his great-grandson, Fuut-Ga. How precious."

Hung:"Who are you?"

General:"You may not know who I am, Sensei Hung, but I know who you are. I have seen you before."

Hung and Fuut Ga looked at each other. The General knew what they were thinking.

General:"Get rid of zat zought in your mind! I know you zink zat it is creepy! But I like doing zat. Yes, it is zee truth zat I have met you, Sensei Hung. It was a loong time ago back during zee Khanzem War. Didn't you fight it?"

Hung:"Yes, I did."

General:"Back then I vas only a cadet! You and zee ozer Senseis were one powerful force back in zee day and I vas scared of you back zen so I ran for my life. Luckily, I am now a general in zee North Alemanian military."

Hung:"For being a coward?"

General:"SHADDUP!" The General's fist slammed the table. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath before resuming his speech. "But now I do not fear you...."

Hung interrupted:"Oh, you should be."

The General slammed his fist on the desk again. "SHADDUP! YOU IDIOT! DON'T INTERRUPT MY SPEECHES!"



Hung:"Yeah. We're not dying today."

Fuut Ga:"No way."

General:"Ha! You make me laugh! All right, let's take them to the court room!"

Hung:"Oh no you won't!"

Hung then kicked at the general, blasting a torrent of fire. He jumped back, and Hung was immediately caught off guard by the soldiers's tazers went off. The general cruelly laughed and walked out of the room as the soldiers began to lead the two penguins to the Court room. When they arrived, they discovered that they had scripts to recite in front of the court; the Communist court refused the two penguins to speak for themselves.

As the case began, the discussion mainly occurred between the accuser (who in this case, was the Top General of North Alemania's Military), the accuser's lawyer, and the defendant's lawyer, who was purposely not very bright. In the end, the final verdict was about to be declared.

The Judge asked in English:"Sensei Hung of Club Penguin Island, how do you plead?"

Hung looked down at the script, and to his great disgust, he saw that the answer was "Guilty". He would not stand to comply with the North Alemanian's intimidation.


The crowd gasped, and several soldiers began to scream in anger at him.

The judge pretended not to notice and said:"Ninja Warrior Fuut Ga, how do you plead?"

Fuut Ga:"Innocent!"

The crowd was now furious, spitting insults and curses at the two penguins.

Judge:"I now sentence both of you to immediate execution!"

Hung:"Too bad we won't be there!"

Suddenly, Hung began to earth bend, and the ground swallowed Fuut Ga and him into the depths of the earth. The Alemanians looked at the area where the two penguins had disappeared and were astonished to see that their escape had left a large crater in the ground; the floorboards were broken, and the dirt appeared as if it was never broken.

Meanwhile, Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga began running underground in a tunnel of dirt that Hung continuously was making.

Fuut Ga:"Where are we going?"

Hung:"South Alemania. It is the only safe place on this island! I believe that South Alemania rules half of Boorlin. It shouldn't be too far from where we are."

In West Boorlin city, an explosion occurred in one of the streets. Luckily, no one was injured, but everyone nearby rushed to the scene, including several South Alemanian soldiers. They all saw Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga surface from the hole that they had created. The citizens and soldiers cheered, for their heroes had been rescued. They were immediately transported to the mainland of South Alemania secretly, where they met the Chancellor of South Alemania.

Chancellor:"Good to have you, Sensei Hung. It is pleasurable to see you and your great-grandson to be alive and away from the harm of STINC."

Hung:"Thank you, Chancellor. Your help is surely appreciated."

Chancellor:"You are welcome. Any enemy of STINC is a friend of ours. What will we do now? STINC and Rusca have gained so much power...we're most likely the next target!"

Hung:"Don't worry, we will be leaving. I have decided to go to Puffle'and. They are the only ones capable to end this war."

Chancellor:"Well, there is also Castilla."

Hung:"Issues prevent it at the moment from fully participating. I wouldn't rely on them yet. I'm sure in a few years, Castilla will become what it used to be- a powerful nation."

Chancellor:"Agreed. Would you like us to ready a jet for you to Puffle'and?"

Hung:"Yes, please. And tell King Manley that he has visitors."

Chancellor:"Of course, Sensei Hung."

It was quiet day in King Manley II's palace in Snowdon, Puffle'and. King Manley was casually chatting with Lord Greg, his most trusted friend, when Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga slammed open the doors of the large throne room. Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga walked down the red carpet with two lines of marching South Alemanian soldiers.

King Manley II stopped speaking and sat up proudly on his throne while Lord Greg stood next to the other Puffish soldiers in a military stance.

King Manley:"Salutations, Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga. What good fortune have you both acquired!"

Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga bowed to the king in respect.

Sensei Hung:"Thank you, your highness."

Fuut Ga:"Thank you as well, your highness."

King Manley:"What has brought you to my palace, Sensei?"

Sensei Hung stood up and cleared his throat.

Sensei Hung:"We request an alliance, your Majesty. I believe it is time to strike back against STINC controlled Antarctica."

King Manley scoffed and replied:"Why would I do that? Puffle'and has suffered too many wars and too many independence wars with its colonies. Why must we sacrifice our own soldiers for a war that does not concern us?"

Sensei Hung:"Your highness, this DOES involve you! If we do not act soon, STINC and Rusca will advance! Puffle'and will be the next big target to hit! Puffle'and is the last major power left that has a good shot at defeating STINC Antarctica."

King Manley:"I am not convinced. We are ready to defend our territories at all costs. If STINC-zachal and Rusca dare to invade, we will give them our worst!"

Lord Greg stepped forward and spoke. "I understand where the Sensei is coming from sire, I..."

King Manley:"Silence, Lord Greg! It is not your turn to speak! I have had enough of this! Guards, send Sensei Hung away."

Sensei Hung:"NO!"

Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga transformed into the Sensei state once more. Their eyes glowed furiously and the room became as windy as a hurricane. The Puffish soldiers, though pointing their guns at the two penguins, soon found the earth swallowing their whole body up, except for their heads so that they could breath. Then, Sensei Hung turned into Sensei Li, though Fuut Ga stayed himself.

King Manley:"Who are you?"

Tsoi:"I am Sensei Li, the second of the Five Senseis, and the Great Uncle of Sensei Hung! You have failed to follow the commands of the Sensei, so you must pay the price!"

King Manley felt fear within himself.

"Oh please, Sensei, have mercy on me!"

Li:"Your heart was hard, and you refused to accept the wisdom of the Sensei! If you do not go to war immediately, Rusca and STINC will grow so powerful that your defenses will become futile!"

King Manley:"Yes! Yes! I will do it! Please, have mercy on me, Sensei Li!"

Li:"Yet you must still pay the price for what you have done! Once you win the war, you must abdicate to the throne!"

King Manley:"NOOOO!!!!"

Li slapped King Manley hard, and the puffle king flew across the room.

King Manley:"OK! OK! But who will be my heir?"

Li:"Lord Greg will be your heir, because you rejected his chance to persuade you, and because he will be of great use in the war."

King Manley:"As you wish, Sensei Li. I will do it."

Then, Li's ghost disappeared and was transformed back into Hung, who exited the Sensei State along with Fuut Ga. King Manley and Lord Greg rushed to the two penguins and bowed down to them, kissing their feet.

King Manley:"Oh great Sensei, I apologize for my rude behavior. I will do as you say."

Hung:"Good. Antarctica now has hope, and freedom will once again allow its citizens to rise back to power, where they belong."

Chapter 10:End of Hochstadt Rule[edit]

The Puffish commenced their operations a few days later. STINC was caught unguarded, and they immediately begged for their allies' help. The citizens of communist Rusca, who knew that it meant more war, were tired of their government's unfair policies and series of wars, and they vowed to start a revolution. Thus, Rusca had to withdraw, and STINC was left to fend for itself. Meanwhile, Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga returned to Club Penguin Island, where they arranged Alicia's marriage immediately. Afterwards, Sensei Hung went to talk to Fuut Ga alone, deep in the mountains of Club Penguin.

Fuut Ga:"What is the matter, Great-Grandfather?"

Hung:"I have had a dream last night. It was a vision from Tsoi's ghost."

Fuut Ga:"What did he say?"

Hung:"Tsoi says my time has come. It is time for me to step down."

Fuut Ga:"Then...."

Hung:"Pen Chi must ascend the position. Then, Toshi will return."

Fuut Ga:"So wait, wasn't I supposed to become Sensei?"

Hung put his flipper on his great-grandson.

Hung:"You have a long way to go, my boy, but by then you will be great, and you will rule for longer than you can ever imagine."

Fuut Ga nodded.

Fuut Ga:"So you are just going to resign?"

Hung:"No. Senseis can not step down. They serve for life and can only pass the position to other penguins through sharing the title or though death."

Fuut Ga:"But can't die!"

Hung:"All things that live must die, Fuut Ga. It is not for you to choose, but I will NOT die today."

Fuut Ga:"But then..."

Hung:"Ah, Fuut Ga! No more buts! They're disgusting. I was going to say that I will fake my death to the world. Afterwards, I will have to take Alicia, her new husband, and your little brother to the Antarctic mainland. To a small Viking village near Frostize."

Fuut Ga:"Ingenious? Is there something you want me to help you with?"

Hung:"Yes. You shall be the penguin who will conduct an avalanche on the Dojo an hour after I 'die'. Then, I will secretly escape to you and we will find Alicia and leave."

Fuut Ga:"Sounds fair to me."

Sensei Hung stumbled into the Dojo, appearing to be extremely ill and disoriented. Several Ninjas became concerned, and they ushered him into his bed.

Hung:"Penji! Where is Penji! Send me once!"

The Ninja appeared, and he rushed to his teacher's side.

Hung:"Everyone, clear the room! After what happens today, no one must return to the Dojo, for I must stay."

All the Ninjas nodded and left, taking last glances at their ill teacher. Pen Chi stood by his side, holding his flipper.

Pen Chi:"What is it, master?"

"I have taught you well young one. Continue your training on your own. But before I leave to join other ninja masters, you have earned a new name. Pen Chi. Use it well, for Penji is no more...."

With that, Sensei Hung's eyes closed and his head sagged. Pen Chi began to moan, and then he bawled like a child and ran out the door, leaving the "dead" Hung to lay in bed alone in the Dojo. Pen Chi had become distraught, and he immediately retreated to the waterfall.

An hour later, Fuut Ga stood on top of the mountain above the Dojo and used the Sensei State to unleash a powerful avalanche that engulfed the Dojo. By then, Sensei Hung had secretly escaped the Dojo the last minute before the avalanche struck the building. Immediately, Pen Chi and the Ninjas gasped in horror as they believed that their master and his residence had been wiped off the map. Pen Chi began to cry hysterically and he ran down towards the Beach. All the other Ninjas began to run to the scene.

They were astonished when they found that Sensei Hung's body and clothing could not be found.

Hung, who wore a cloak, went with Fuut Ga to Alicia's igloo. They knocked, and she let them in, since she knew about the plan and did not wish to waste time.

Alicia:"We are ready to go, Hung. Tell me, why must I leave?"

Hung:"Your husband doesn't feel at home here, am I correct?"

Alicia:"Well, he's a bit homesick. He wishes to go back to visit his Viking comrades."

Hung:"Well, that is where we must go. Your husband must regain his position in Viking society, and Jock must learn to be a Viking warrior! It is the prophecy!"

Alicia nodded, and she understood.

That day, Alicia, Jock and her husband left the igloo with Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga. They made their way into the mountains, where they would find the ferry to cross to King George's Island. From the island, a large fleet of Viking ships awaited them, for it was Alicia's husband's fleet. Everyone sailed with good heart to a small town nearby Frostize. Once Alicia and her husband had settled into their new home, Sensei Hung decided to make his farewell announcement at the very end of a small dinner party.

Hung:"My friends, my time as Sensei has come to pass. I have faked my death, and no other penguin knows of my disappearance. I trust you all to keep my secret. Alicia and husband, be good to your son, Jock, and train him well."

Alicia:"Where will you go? Will you stay in hiding for the rest of your life?"

Hung:"I am afraid so. I will run off into the wilderness of Antarctica, where I shall be confined to."

Alicia's husband:"Bah, that is madness! Stay with us! Why would you wander the woods and die a lonely death!"

Hung:"I seek not death in the woods. I seek what we all dream. I am going on a quest to find the lost city of Asgard."

Alicia's husband gasped.

Fuut Ga:"Great-grandfather, shall I come with you?"

Hung:"No, Fuut Ga. You must return to Club Penguin. Keep an eye on Pen Chi...."

Alicia:"We wish you good luck."

Hung:"Thank you."

Hung hugged his grand daughter-in law, her husband, and his two great-grandsons, Jock and Fuut Ga. Fuut Ga said good bye, and walked out of the house, still wearing his cloak. Fuut Ga ran after him.

Fuut Ga:"Please, please, don't go! Why would you leave us?"

Hung:"It is destiny, my son. I see that you have not accepted that yet."

Fuut Ga:"This is rediculous! You don't have to do this! We will miss you!"

Hung sighed, and said:"Here, take this drink."

Hung took out a small cordial and handed it to Fuut Ga.

Fuut Ga:"Medicine?"

Hung:"Uh, no. It is a drink."

Fuut Ga removed the rubber stopper from the cordial and drank everything all at once. Fuut Ga dropped the bottle and his pupils dilated.

Hung:"Fuut Ga, I am no longer alive. I am dead. I was killed in an avalanche. I no longer exist. Go back to Club Penguin immediately."

Fuut Ga:"Sensei Hung was killed in an avalanche and no longer exists. I will back to Club Penguin immediately."

Hung muttered:"Good. The potion works well."

Hung ran off into the woods, and Fuut Ga passed out.

When Fuut Ga woke up, he felt drowsy and forgetful. All he remembered was that his Great-Grandfather was dead and that he needed to go to Club Penguin immediately. Fuut Ga ordered for a cab to drive to Frostize International Airport so he could fly back.

While Fuut Ga went north towards Club Penguin, Sensei Hung was searching the woods for the city of Asgard, south of Club Penguin.

The End!