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Republic of the Southern Ocean
Southern Ocean City


|150px|border|Flag of Southern Ocean City]]
MottoWe are the city of the ocean!
(and largest city)
Southern Ocean City
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages English
Species  Mixed
Demonym Southern Oceaners
Government Republic
 -  Mayor/President Icmer In Nyc
Free Republic City-state; governed by the USA until Icmer In Nyc came as president/mayor 
 -  Discovery December 12th, 1998 
 -  Recognization by USA May 18th, 2001 
 -  2015 estimate 5,000,000 
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Does not observe Daylight Savings
Drives on the Right
Footnotes Southern Ocean City is a city-state.

Southern Ocean City, also referred to as Ocean City, (officially the Republic of the Southern Ocean), is an underwater city-state in the Southern Ocean. It is the most populous city in the ocean (hence being the only one). Southern Ocean City is a major port city, where penguins from all around Antarctica come to do business here. It's strategic location between the states/Free Republics of Freezeland, The Happyface State, Calada, New North Etana, and Eastshield, plus the fact that Southern Ocean City is underwater/surrounded by water make it an ideal trading center. Due to SOC's financial prosperity, many large companies and scientific centers have made many advancements in science and technology. Culture and art thrives in Southern Ocean City--many studios, theaters and artists choose to base their business in Southern Ocean City.



On March 10, 1990, Captain Forgetti Pops sailed his ship over the bubble, before sinking into it. Finding many land creatures inside of it, he decided to map the area. News spread to other parts of Antarctica, and soon many explorers began to settle inside the bubble. The population was mostly small, as many penguins didn't want to live under the sea, much less inside a bubble.

In 1998, a group of penguins led by Slikcice Frosnow founded a colony, wanting independence from Colonial Antarctica and Puffle'and, settled inside the bubble and founded the colony. Though a small population of adventurers and explorers had already settled inside the bubble, this founding caused the small town to grow at an amazing rate. Soon, more penguins moved her, and by the early 2000s, the colony, now a city had a large population and bustling establishments.


In 2000, the USA became the first country to recognize Southern Ocean City, after it had grown to become a large city. Eventually, more countries followed suit, and Southern Ocean City gained more recognition. Thus, even more penguins found out about the city, and a large influx of penguins began to move to the city. South Ocean City became a powerful and prosperous country.

After the city-state began running out of space, the government of the city came up with a plan. The decided to create more large bubbles, that would join with the city itself. The plan somehow worked, and this significantly enlarged the city, by almost 60%, which created more space for development, and also made the city-state much less crowded.

Modern Era[edit]

In 2009 scientists discovered the danger of submarines entering the bubble, as it decreased its thickness and made it vulnerable to popping, which would destroy the city and kill most of its inhabitants. Thus, the scientists quickly made plans to strengthen the bubble. This event is celebrated every year as Expansion Day, which is on June 29.

In later years, Southern Ocean City established relations with many nations in the Free Republic Union, including Acadia and Dragonstone. The country's leaders also looked for ways to change the city, including placing it on land to decrease the chances of its destruction. Southern Ocean City has purchased many small, uninhabited islands in its proximity from the USA, and there are plans to build a large penguin-made island for the city.

Climate & Geography[edit]

Southern Ocean City is located in the Southern Ocean, in the space between Freezeland and its ocean territories, Calada, and Polaris. It's proximity to these states has made it become a trading city. Much of Southern Ocean City is built on a limited amount of space, hence why there is an Expansion Day. This encourages a high population density. The city's land is considerably flat, because of it's once underwater history. However, Expansion Day makes the newly reclaimed land very rugged and sharp, and requires extensive operations for the land to be suitable for development.

As of the 2008 Expansion Day, the city's land area is estimated at 360.8 square miles. The highest point is the City Center, which is 300 feet above the surface of the ocean and 700 feet below sea level (SOC is underwater).

The climate of Southern Ocean City is relatively stable and does not fluctuate unlike above-ground climates. The Whirlpool Bubble naturally insulates heat from within and also absorbs reflected sunlight from the water. The average temperature year-round is 5°C.

Formation of the Whirlpool Bubble[edit]

The underwater region where the city is located was once a swirling whirlpool traveling around its center. Over time, giant air bubbles were formed underground the whirlpool, connecting leading to even bigger air bubbles. Soon, the bubble got so big it swallowed up the entire whirlpool and a huge air bubble was formed under the Southern Ocean, now what scientists call the Whirlpool Bubble. The lining of the bubble is so thick that virtually nothing could penetrate it and pop the bubble. Scientists have estimated its formation to have occurred somewhere around 1500 B.C.E.


There are many famous attractions and landmarks of SOC that are widely visited by tourists. Here are the most notable ones:


  • City Center - Here you will find government buildings and a huge plaza. There is also an artificial waterfall.
  • Pond Village - It is named so because it borders a freshwater pond. The pond is not frozen because there is a magma heated source underneath. You could go for a dive or enjoy eating one of the districts' famous fish hot dogs.
  • Old SOC - This is the place where Slikcice Frosnow established his colony. You can visit the museum here or you can tour the icebreaker that Slikcice sailed here in.
  • Shopping District - Are you a savvy shopper? If so, this will be the place of your dreams!
  • Downtown - This is where the shopping district and all the big businesses and offices are.
  • Uptown - This used to be the former Downtown, and now this place is full of small mom-and-pop stores and once thriving run-down business. Now this place is full of apartments and residential complexes.
  • Boardwalk - Here you could take a stroll along the boardwalk or you could shop. This includes the citys' only beach.


  • Northwest Park - A huge recreation center/park. This is the place where you could relax and shoot some hoops or picnic and perhaps a canoe ride while the chicks play on the playground.
  • Puff Flags Under the Ocean - One of the many amusement parks of the Puff Flags] chain.
  • Ice Stalacites - Designed by Icmer himself, these two skyscrapers are one of the tallest in the USA.
  • Frigid Stadium - A stadium where sports events takes place. Can fit 45,000 spectators.
  • Subsurface Mall - Dozens of shops and stores under this one roof. It's the largest mall in Antarctica.
  • Circuit Store - A huge emporium dedicated to Pancakes Incorporated brand digital stuff.
  • Slikcice Frosnow International Airport‎ - An international airport based on an artificial external island.


Southern Ocean City is a republic. That means citizens of the city hold significant control over the area, but not entirely. Citizens have the ability to vote for politicians to be in office and are not prohibited from retaining a government job or running for a government office. However, due to influence from the USA, the judiciary currently holds a majority of the power in the city. The Executive branch's head is Icmer, and he therefore is the president of SOC.


Southern Ocean City is a hub for Antarctican trade and commerce because of its convenient location between the states of Calada, Freezeland, New North Etana, and The Happyface State. Goods and business for these states meet here at SOC. Many major corporations are headquartered here such as Pancakes Incorporated. The city is a major center for tourism, finance, trade, and technology.

The high-tech industry is a sector that contributes a significant amount of the economy. This includes video games, electronics, computer technology, semiconductor manufacturers, eco-hardware, and scientific research. Growth for this industry is subtle now, as demand has not increased in the past few years.

The most rapidly growing industry in the area is tourism, as many Antarcticans are now taking notice of the unique republic. It is estimated that about 125 million visitors come every year. This industry includes hotels, restaurants, rental car services, ticket booths, and other businesses of this nature.

Trade in Southern Ocean City has been very high ever since it became a Free Republic.

The metropolitan area has some 200 skyscrapers (over 500 feet tall), most of them offices.


Southern Ocean City is a center in the spheres of technology, art, film, theater, cuisine, literature, digital arts, museums, and media. The city's culture is mostly based on that of the USA's since that's where most of the city's inhabitants were from, though there are traces of Puffish culture, since a large number of the early settlers were from there, and Calada, since it is close to there.


Passenger submarines were added shortly after the city's recognition as a Free Republic. They could hold about 500 passengers each. Due to the submarines' known side-effect of decreasing Whirlpool Bubble layering, they are required to enter through the northwest side because the layering is thickest there.

However, passenger submarines are only used for traveling to and from SOC. Within the city, there is a complex network of streets and roads all designed very recently with fast navigation in mind. Southern Ocean City also holds a subway system because of the limited amount of space above-ground for any other type of mass transit.


Education is Southern Ocean City is on par with the rest of the Free Republics and the USA. Students who excel greatly often get admitted to the USA's finest institutions, such as Penguin University.


The armed forces of SOC is supplied with the latest high-tech weapons supplied by the SUPA-COOL Gadgets & Weapons subsidiary of Pancakes Incorporated. They are concerned about the Snoss Army's ambitions to conquer all of the USA. The military does routine drills and practices to prepare for the possibility of Snoss attack. SOC's military has 3 branches: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Southern Ocean City has one of the most effective naval forces in all of Antarctica, being located at the bottom of the ocean. The military cannot perform their training, drills, or practices in the city itself due to possible loss of civilian life because of proximity to urban areas. Calada has granted them some uninhabited islands to continue their operations.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • AcadiaFlag.png Acadia - Excellent Both countries, along with Dragonstone, have recently signed a treaty, forming an alliance between the three that brings the three closer together in economic, political, and military matters.
  • DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone - Excellent Together with Acadia, the Dragonstone and Southern Ocean City have signed a treaty of alliance between the two nations, connecting the three nations.


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