Southern Shops

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Southern Shops
Southern Shops' Flag
National name Southern Shops Island
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Capital city Vonkouver
Largest city Vonkouver
Formation 2011
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 3,100,000
Leader Shops Island government
Location Southern Shops Island
Alliances All other states of Shops Island
Neighbours Eastern Shops, Central Shops, Western Shops, Chill Island

Southern Shops is Shops Island's least developed state, but also the most populous state due to Vonkouver. It is also the second largest state in land area. Southern Shops is known as the "Oxymoron State" due to the fact that it's the least developed, but it still has the highest population.


Southern Shops is shown in Green.

Southern Shops is where Ben landed when he found Shops Island in the first place. The state was quite barren for a long time, until the Farmlands and Vonkouver were constructed. LMGT found Southern Shops to be very helpful while he was governor. During his time as governor, he had the underground headquarters as well as many other buildings constructed for the Shops Intelligence Agency. Due to miles upon miles of barren landscape, it served as the perfect location for the nation's intelligence headquarters (since it was basically hidden in the middle of nowhere).

New Years' Revolts (January 2014)[edit]

Throughout December 2013 and early January 2014, groups of immigrant penguins from foreign places such as Magyaria and Snowprus began to cause trouble in Southern Shops, namely Vonkouver. Their charges included fraud, murder, arson, and most famously mass-theft. However, instead of being arrested, governor Penquino harbored the criminals from justice because they "could be reformed" and because they "couldn't speak English". He stated that it was a civil rights action to save the criminals from "unfair persecution". Many citizens, however, especially victims of the crimes, weren't happy with Penquino's decision to give amnesty to the criminals. So, penguins and puffles began to take to the streets in protest. As Penquino kept reaffirming his position on the matter, the peaceful protests escalated into riots, of which SIA Police and police forces from the Axle Powers had to get involved. These riots became violent as property became damaged and penguins injured. The rioters began to chant outside the Southern Shopper government building for democracy. At the same time, governor Penquino was coming down with the flu and decided to step down for a while. The riots and protests continued while he was sick. However, the riots came to a climax when protestors breached the property boundaries of the Southern Shops Government Building and raided it. Governor of the time, Penquino, abdicated, leaving the office of Southern Shopper Governor vacant. Vonkouver's mayor, Marion Lancel, was put as the interim governor for the time being. Penquino returned and retook office a few days later, finally giving into citizens' requests and allowing the criminals to be imprisoned for their crimes.


List of Southern Shops' Governors[edit]

There are various times when there was no governor for Southern Shops. The current governor is Penquino. In a vote, the order of most popular governor goes as such: Penquino (favorite), Dps04 (2nd favorite), LMGT (last favorite). The people voted for Penquino and Dps over LMGT because of their interaction more with citizens, while LMGT was "always away working on secret things". However, due to LMGT's great personality, he and Dps were very close to a tie.

Number Name Length of term Current position in Shops Island government
1 Penquino July 29, 2011 - September 19, 2011 None; Retired
2 LMGT April 6, 2012 - August 20, 2012 Director of the SIA
3 Penquino August 26, 2012 - September 8, 2012 None; Retired
4 Dps04 February 1, 2013 - October 19, 2013 Governor of Moon Island
5 Penquino October 19, 2013 - Incumbent

(There was no formal government for this state until July 2011)

Cities and divisions[edit]

The only major city in Southern Shops is the capital city of Vonkouver, which has 1,810,000 of the state's 2,665,200 penguins. It was constructed in 2011 on almost totally artificial land.

Another well-known area is "CK Town", which was named as such in May 2012 by the citizens who live there in honor of the former governor Penquino von Cp kid (CK).

The only other large incorporated area is the "Farmlands". The farmlands are 6400 acres/10 square miles of land that were used as the island's official farming grounds and main source of crops from various times between 2010 and The Great Yowien War. After the war, it was still used as farming grounds, but mainly as crops for the residents of Shops Island since Northern Shops now handled all crop exports to other countries. There are a few cities and towns in the farmlands, with most of the residents being farmers.

In 2013, Dps04 started to plan for the construction of a new, planned city somewhere within the state to replace Vonkouver as the state capital. This is mainly because Dps04 considered Vonkouver "too far away from the geographic center of the state". Also, Southern Shops Governmental buildings in Vonkouver are scattered around the city owing to the limited space and crowded population of Vonkouver, and there isn't adequate space in Vonkouver for the construction of certain governmental facilities. The construction of a new city as the state capital is, therefore, an ideal way to solve the problem. In addition, the space emptied out after the government agencies are removed from the Greater Vonkouver area will, hopefully, provide space for further construction of housing estates which would alleviate the problem of insufficient housing in the city. This plan is still under discussion, but it is believed that, if constructed, that new city would most likely be built near the center of the state, somewhere near to CK Town. This plan was abandoned in October 2013 after Dps04's resignation. Higher members of government greatly opposed this proposal.


Southern Shops has 2 sub-divisions known as counties. They are:

1. Vonkouver

2. CK Town


Southern Shops' barren landscape is home to the (underground) headquarters of the SIA and the WAB, as well as the largest SIA military training base on Shops Island. The barren and isolated landscape is also perfect for testing and launching rockets. The two mainland nuclear plants on Shops Island are located in Southern Shops, while non-mainland plants are located in Plutonium Bay. When the SIA headquarters were built, an unknown number of secret presidential bunkers were also built here (it is thought to be about three).

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