Space Colony 1

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Space Colony 1
The flag used in the colony, slightly change from the Yowien version.
Country United States of Antarctica United States of Antarctica
Area 20 square miles
Headquarters Control Station
Neighbourhoods Cabins
Mayor Dorkugal Billy Fence I
Population 620
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name The Colony
Foreign name Space Colony 1
Demonym Antarctican
Founded 2011
– Founder King Alexander
Time zone Lunar Standard Time
Area codes 80945

The Nation's Past, Present, and Future
Yowien Empire flag.png
Part of the Yow series of articles.
Yow's History
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Past Times
The Hokjoks
Populating the Yowien Sea
Space Colony 1
The Crab Wars
The Great Yowien War
Yowien Partition
Yowien Sea Islands
Old Yow Kingdom
June Islands
F Island
Rockhopper Island
Barbearer Islands
King George's Island
Royal Monarch of Bar Crab
Disparu Island
Future Times
Great Rebellion
King Alexander
Heimlich Zimmer
Feey1 Pie
The Pie Family


Space Colony 1 was founded in 2011 by the Yow Kingdom. At first it was just a research facility with just robots, but penguins wanted to start moving up to Space Colony 1. So King Alexander granted their wishes and set up a transportation system for people to move to the colony. In 2 weeks 75 penguins and 98 puffles moved to the colony. The colony at that point was just 2 buildings: The Mess Hall/Cabins/Wash Room and the Communications Office. The colony large and open to the small amount of penguins there. Soon after the colony was opened to the public King Alexander set up a Moon Rover Trail for penguins to ride on. The trail was 5 miles long. Many penguins enjoyed the Moon Rover Trail as they got to see moon rock, see the stars, and more. Sadly some crazy penguins decided it would be cool to go off the trail one day. As doing this they never came back. Alexander heard of this and then set the trail so penguins can't go off of it.

When the colony got larger, Alexander couldn't handle it and his kingdom at the same time. So he hired a governor to run the colony. The governor's name was Noah, and he was 34 years old. He drove the colony to a whole new level by extending the Moon Rover Trail to 10 miles, opening up a massive Garden/Park so the penguins there can get fresh foods, and making a launch pad for softer landings and launches. But on September 7th, 2011, a ship arrived to the colony, delivering orders to leave the colony and that they would return to Earth. The colony was abandoned, and would stay abandoned until Yow paid its dept off to the USA.

After The Great Yowien War, the USA took Space Colony 1, citing the debt owed to them by the Yowiens as a reason. The truth though, is that the USA and PASA had wanted Space Colony 1 for years. Every year since 2013, the USA has gotten around 150 volunteers to move to the colony, and together the populace works to expand and improve the vastly unfinished colony. In 2015, former Dorkugese CEO Billy Fence I decided to move to the colony for five years to serve as the Governor/Mayor of said colony, to match with things he said or started while he was a CEO, such as the "Age of Exploration", and his "go outside and explore nature" campaign. Plus, he always wanted to go to space (sciences lovers usually want to do that)! While in Space Colony 1, Billy shall be talking to Dorkugese scientists as well as Antarctican scientists, monitoring life and living conditions in the colony. Since Billy likes Micro Hard and Soft, he also got the company to sponsor the colony, by donating all of the computers that are there now (first personal computers in space), as well as paying for half of the costs of the colony (which makes Barrick Abanana very happy).

Food/Water/Oxygen Source[edit]

Food used to be dried out and transported to the colony. But after the Garden/Park opened their food is fresh and tasty. The Garden includes O Berries, and Pizza Plants. The Park also includes a stream so the colony can raise fish to eat. Water has been collected through drilling into the moon. Underground lakes have been found down there, and they give the colony water. Before the Garden/Park opened Oxygen had been made by using a massive machine that had turned the air fresh. Other foods, and drinks have been transported by monthly space shuttle landings.


Technology is extremely advanced in Space Colony 1. There are many inventions that cannot be found in the USA. Here is a list of inventions used daily in the colony:

  • Moon Rover.
  • Hover Board.
  • Butler Bot.
  • Emergency Pocket Air Tank.
  • Transportation Air Tubes.
  • Doors 10.


The only computers used in the colony are made by Micro Hard and Soft, and run on Doors 10 operating software. Micro Hard and Soft are the only computers used there because of its speed and data storage. MH&S laptops are also virtually indestructible, and have their own wifi connection built into each laptop, so they can connect to the internet almost anywhere.

Micro Hard and Soft products can withstand temperatures under -200 degrees Fahrenheit, especially needed if in outer space. All colony members were given 1 MH&S laptop for their household.


Official map of the colony.
  • Mess Hall-Where employees and citizens eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Cabins-Rooms for employees and citizens to live in. Each cabin has one bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.
  • Wash Rooms-Where clothes get cleaned and where most of the water systems and controls are located.
  • Storage-For penguins to store extra stuff they brought that can't fit in there cabin. Also is garage for all the Moon Rover rides.
  • Garden/Park-A great place for citizens to connect with nature. It has ponds, streams, and is the growing area for O Berries and Pizza Plants.
  • Control Station-Off limits for citizens, only employees can enter it. Has access to satellites, space shuttles, it is the colony's HQ.
  • Communications Office-Open to citizens and employees. Penguins can contact friends and family, it is also the station for getting ready to launch in a space craft.
  • Launching Pad-Made by Governor Noah, it is used to land and launch space craft.

Moon Rover Trail[edit]

The Moon Rover Trail is for citizens to explorer the moon on rovers. It is a great scenic route. While on it you can see the Earth, stars, Filly Canyon, Pall Crater, and Homey Cliff. The trail is 10 miles long, and loops around the colony.

The Moon Rover Trail highlighted in orange.


  • The colony was expected to be completely abandoned as Alexander wanted to head to Mars. It was later abandoned due to Yow's debt.
  • Space Colony 1 was one of the first space colonies, and was thud the best of its time. However, this is one of the major things that put Yow into major debt.
  • Scientist haven't been able to figure out server/inventory technology in space yet, so the residents here don't have very many items.

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