Spam Bomb

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Spam Bomb
Spam Bomb image.PNG
Type Weapon made by the Str00del Force
Effects Spams target, causes lightheadness and visions of dancing big-toothed seals
Source Alxeedoo Spammer, various Str00dels
Location Wherever it is thrown
Cost to buy ?200
Cost to sell ?200

The Spam Bomb is an item used to spam penguins. It is used by Str00del Force members to spam and annoy Penguins.


The spam bomb's modern form was said to be invented in 1996 by Alxeedoo Spammer, a pathetic member of the Str00del Force, even though similar weapons were made and used by Nightmare in his youth, when he was a normal curious penguin.

Many historians argue over who really "invented" the first true spam bomb, as even though Alxeedoo Spammer claimed to have invented it, patents were filed before he invented it that looked very similar to it and acted in almost the exact same way, except for the fact that it had one space inserted into the wikicode that Spammer's version didn't have, even though it functioned exactly the same.

Some have argued that the filer of the original patent copied it from Spammer while he was developing it and patented it so he could have all the glory.

Most historians do not believe this argument, as if the submitter had wanted to be famous, he would've inserted his name into the patent, while the patent made no mention of the submitter's name, although some have suggested that the submitter was too stupid to list his name.

Sadly no real evidence has turned up that would help historians figure out who submitted the patent, and nobody (for now), knows the real inventor of the true spam bomb.


Spam Bombs are a type of grenade that uses wikicode to erase 2,350 HP from all targets and spam the victim with str00del l33t. It's red with yellow letters that say: "SP4M B0MB. L0LZZZZZZZZZZ M05TLy 4LX33D0." Nobody has the slightest idea what that means except Str00dels. It contains over 9,000 lines of computer code and is surprisingly lightweight for all the code it contains.

Spam, the substance that covers you when you are hit by a spam bomb.

Deletion Bomb[edit]

The Deletion Bomb is a variation, and is much more dangerous. When it explodes, anyone caught in the radius is deleted. Only the PSA and EPF know how to undo the damage caused by this.

The deletion bomb.


  • It was first used to spam Alxeedoo1010.
  • It was used to advertise Waffleland by spamming victims about the "great" new country.
  • Quackerpingu uses the deletion bomb against villains.

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