Special Activities Division

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Special Activities Division
Covert Operations Agency overview
Formed 15th July 2013
Jurisdiction USA, Antarctica
Headquarters Club Penguin
Employees 5,500
Annual budget 300 million Pebbles
Covert Operations Agency executive Dr. Kowlaski
Parent Covert Operations Agency Elite Penguin Force

The Special Activities Division is an agency separate from the Elite Penguin Force. It is responsible for conducting covert operations and black ops. The division is headed by a bureaucrat. The founder (and current bureaucrat) is Dr. Kowlaski.


As there were lots of chaos in the year 2013, the USA decided to "suppress" some of these chaos and destruction. At first, they wanted to form an alliance with all "good" nations in order to destroy "evil" nations, but the South Pole Council voted 'no' to this. In the end, the government had an idea—suppress these 'evil' nations by themselves. The South Pole Council voted 'yes' to this one.

By now, USA was allied with Nexon. They noticed that Nexon has a "Special Activities Division" in its national agency. Well, the ambassador had an idea. Why don't we create a SAD of our own? The ambassador requested for special ops soldiers to be sent to the Nexonan SAD's academies for training, producing the first wave of the current SAD. Next, they needed someone to head the new EPF division. The Director chose a man called Dr. Kowlaski for this, who gladly accepted the job (while still retaining his other jobs-army doctor and field agent in the Anti Terror Division).

During the 2013 Great Snowzerland War, as Snowzerland attacked USA, President Spike Hike granted the SAD emergency powers, making them in effect a secret police. Numerous agents were sent to assist the Castillans in the battles against the Snoss, with a high success rate. Soon after the war, the SAD were still allowed to keep their emergency powers.

The powers corrupted the SAD agents, who immediately started emblezzement and confiscation of properties and assets. Many SAD agents started to ruin their rivals' lives by detaining them and charging them heavy fines for "crimes against the United States of Antarctica". Most penguins were unaware of this, but not TurtleShroom. He feared that the SAD may end up just like the secret police he established in the Club Penguin Weekee, which may cause the downfall of the USA. The ex-dictator went to the new Bureaucrat's house and talked with him about this. Kowlaski agreed to this and took away most of the SAD's emergency powers. But for some unknown reasons, some agents were still corrupt and the SAD is used as assassins by a yellow puffle.

As of now, the SAD is a separate agency.

List of operations conducted[edit]

  • Operation 45 - Agent Isai Castro is transferred to SAD temporary, Nicktang 10, Rogue Tvarkov, and Dr. Kowlaski have to shape him from the clumsy foolish Penguin he is.


  • Dr. Kowlaski-Founder and Current Bureaucrat
  • Mike McHalberd-Kowlaski's vice Bureaucrat
  • Justin Chan-High level officer (commander)
  • Jackson 'Dude' Thin-High level officer
  • Agent Isai Castro-Temporary Transfer agent
  • Marine-Kowlaski's current girlfriend and a mid level officer

There are more members but their identities are classified.

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Things that are legal for SAD agents[edit]

These are things that were normally illegal for average citizens, but permitted for SAD agents.

  • Carrying a pistol in public.
  • Interrogation
  • Torture (With limits)
  • Bugging
  • Eavesdropping

Emergency powers[edit]

  • Confiscating houses (most commonly abused powers)
  • Permitted to execute corporal punishments to detainees
  • Permitted to kill any civilians
  • Allowed to detain penguins without trial or evidence
  • Use of conventional missiles and weapons.
  • Confiscating assets
  • Permission to suppress riots and demonstrations (brutally or peacefully)
  • Freezing bank accounts
  • Permitted to carry semi-automatic weapons in public

In other words, in an emergency, the SAD is a secret police.

Nuclear option[edit]

In a real emergency, the SAD is allowed to launch nuclear missiles if necessary. This is often criticized by many pacifists, for fear of an agent launching a nuclear missile at someone just because he hates the penguin's face. Currently, no nuclear missiles are launched. The SAD also has a stock of tactical nukes and even suitcase nukes.

Rules in the Division[edit]

  1. Don't abuse your powers.
  2. You must follow the Bureaucrat's order.
  3. Never be corrupt.
  4. Don't accept operations from agents of the same or lower rank.
  5. Don't pretend to be the Bureaucrat.
  6. Missiles are fired at enemies, not at those you hate.

Relationship with other Agencies[edit]

  • SIA - Great. The two have been working together on many covert operations and battles.
  • NRR - Decent. The SAD views the NRR as a rival, but they help each other when one of them needs it.
  • SSS - Horrible! SSS spies are often hunted down by SAD agents. All of them are executed.


The main SAD base is just next to the Anti Terror Division HQ in Club Penguin. Because many owners of the houses that the SAD confiscated 'disappeared', the houses also acted as meeting places as well. These are a list of the bases they have.

  • Main base-This is the official headquarters. It is complete with a shooting range, a gym, a mini airfield and a garage storing military vehicles.
  • SAD Beach house-This is the de facto headquarters. As the name suggests, it is located near a beach.
  • SAD Island-This island is owned by the SAD. In order to prevent penguins from finding this island, this island isn't shown in maps. The island is complete with beach villas, a large swimming pool, a bar that served almost every type of cocktails and drinks in Antarctica. The island is frequented by SAD Agents as a place for vacation. It is just 120 miles off the coast of Club Penguin.
  • SAD Boot Island-This island is also owned by the SAD. It is also not shown in maps like all other islands owned by the SAD. The official purpose of this island is a training base. Rebels of foreign countries that were supported by the SAD are trained here. SAD Agents also train here to sharpen up their skills and to reenact an operation.
  • SAD Nuke Island-The SAD Missile Island stores all of the SAD's nuclear missiles. Most of the SAD's nuclear scientists live here. So far, they have no orders to launch missiles.
  • SAD Convenient Island-It has the same function as the SAD Nuke Island, except that it stores conventional missiles.
  • Pizza Parlor-SAD Agents frequented this restaurant, making this a place of choice for agents to go to after a day's work.
  • Night Club-More corrupt and darker agents frequented this place, in order to look for criminals. Corrupt agents made deals here.
  • Coffee Shop-This is important, as SAD Agents eat their breakfasts here.
  • SAD Mansion-This mansion is located in mainland USA. It is another base.
  • SAD Prison-Just 40 miles from the SAD Mansion is the SAD Prison. In order to conceal it, the prison is built underground.