Spectre Smashers

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Spectre Smashers
Image caption
Title Who ya gonna contact?
Gender Male
Race Walrus, Dorkugese, Dark Penguin, Tern
Faction Extermination Agency
Health I ain't fraid of no ghosts!
Level I'm not sure, why don't you ask them?
Status Spectre Smashing
Location All over Antarctica

The Spectre Smashers are a group of four creatures who "smash" (capture and relocate) problem ghosts. They are famous for the defeat of a giant evil Mister Tayto in 2002 and the successful capture of the ghost of the evil cracker, Looney the Purge in 2007.



Spectre Smashers started around 2001 when Pete Bankman, a tern studying in Dorkugal, was evicted from his university. Pete was always annoyed by a ghost that haunted his dormitory, screaming out the wrong answers for his homework. As a result, his work was always messy and incorrect. Pete needed a solution, and went to his friend Egoon Spangler, a Dorkugese Penguin studying the paranormal, mainly ghosts. Egoon explained that he had developed a way of catching ghosts and storing them, a Neutron Pack, and was hoping for a test run. Pete took Spangler to his dormitory.

Pete and Egoon successfully captured the ghost, destroying half the dorm in the process. Just then, a good Walrus called Rey Stance entered the room. The Walrus, unlike other Walri, wasn't interested in computers and was studying for a degree in Mechanics. The Walrus was amazed at their Neutron Packs and asked if he could join them. Pete and Egoon agreed to let Rey in on the secret. Unfortunately, the head of the dormitory evicted all three for destroying the room.

The three set up their own business, Spectre Smashers, where they became exterminators for hire, catching ghosts and storing them in Egoon's Containment Unit. They became very popular and soon, a Dark Penguin answered a job application to become another Spectre Smasher. There were now four. Unfortunately, PETF sent a representative down to check on the ghosts' containment unit and Pete pranked him beyond belief. He would be back later.

The guys had been successfully catching ghosts for a year now, and then they found out that their friend Daina lived at a hotspot for ghosts. They were on their way there when the PETF representative returned. He had a warrant signed by the PSA to investigate the containment unit. To the protests of the Spectre Smashers, they turned off the machine, and millions upon millions of ghosts escaped and started wreaking havoc. The Spectre Smashers were sent to jail, but were released to deal with the ghosts.

The Spectre Smashers made their way to the top floor of the highrise where Daina lived. Daina and her unlucky neighbour had been turned into giant puffles! A mystery spook, calling himself Growzer, turned into a giant version of Mister Tayto, the mascot of PoTAYTO chips. The giant Mister Tayto wreaked havoc throughout the city. The Spectre Smashers used their Neutron Packs to turn Mister Tayto into a giant pile of mash, which exploded, getting rid of the ghosts and turning Daina and her neighbour back to normal.

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