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Speeddasher using his shurikens.
Born October 2, 1883 (1883-10-02) (age 136)
Ard Mhacha City
Died March 15, 2175
Gender Male
Nationality Emperor Penguin
Other names Speed, The Dark Blood Ninja, Old Man (as Zone calls him)
Occupation Protecting Antarctica
Home town Ard Mhacha City
Height 54"
Weight 43kg
Known for Becoming what many call a "Penguin Weapon"
Title Dark Blood Ninja
Spouse(s) Not married
I've seen it far to many times than I'd like to. Some rookie fighter thinks they can challenge anyone they want just because they have some special power that they don't even bother mastering. Then when they fight someone with actual skill, they loose and completely fall apart. I thought Julian's son would be different, but I guess I was wrong.
— Speed after impaling Tails6000 with his katana on their first fight.

Speeddasher was a penguin who was experimented on by Khanzem during the end of the High Penguin Confederacy, though he physically appears to be around 25 despite his old age. He has a very short temper, and to him defeat isn't an option. His appearance resembles that of a Ninja. He's also a member of Antarctica's Protectors.


Joining the clan[edit]

Speeddasher as a kid

It is unknown who Speed’s original parents were, but as a young chick he was raised by a group of thieves who lived in the mountains of Freezeland. They didn’t care for him much though, and often forced him to do a lot of the dangerous work. Because of this, he often ended up getting many injuries and occasionally a broken flipper. His life changed for the better one day when he was sent to rob a teenage girl travelling across the mountain. Speed leapt out from the bush he was hiding behind and was ready to slice her head clean off with his sword, only to have the penguin turn around and deliver and powerful punch to his face. He attempted to fight back once he got back up, but his efforts were futile as she quickly overpowered him. After a few minutes the pain was just too much, and Speed passed out.

When he woke up, Speed saw that he was in a bed and bandaged up. He moved to a sitting position, only to see something sitting next to the bed that almost made him jump. It was an absolutely huge penguin with a beard and mustache that made him look like a catfish. The penguin eventually noticed that Speed had woken up and gave him a pat on the back which felt like a canon had just fired at him from only a few feet. The penguin then introduced himself as Li and filled Speed in on how he had gotten here. He told him that the girl he attempted to rob was his daughter Chiyoko and she had taken him back to this village that belonged to a clan of ninjas, which he and his brother led. Speed didn’t care about any of this and asked if he could be taken home, to which Li refused, saying that Speed was now his son. This caused Speed to yell in disagreement, but Li simply laughed and told him that he viewed any penguin that joined his clan as his children. Speed insisted that he never agreed to join, and after a few minutes more minutes of yelling, he decided that he would find his own way back. Li wasn’t having any of it though and punched him so hard that it broke the bed in half. He then brought Speed to the center of the town where he hoped he would socialize with his new siblings.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to one whole month, and Speed was determined to escape from the village. He’d been placed under the care of Chiyoko, who always foiled his plans. After thirty-one whole days of failing, Speed asked why she even wanted him to stay so badly. She laughed and replied that she could care less what happened to him, but she knew that her father saw something in him, and she wanted to make him happy. She also said it was just Speed’s wishful thinking that she would actually care for him. At this point Speed had just about had it and he attempted to take her down. The results were pretty obvious.

After bandaging his wounds, Speed barged into Li’s room begging for his freedom. The sensei simply laughed and told him that he was free to leave when he became powerful enough to beat him. After hearing this, Speed accepted the challenge immediately, and even accepted to fight now. The sensei laughed and reminded Speed that he was in a whole different league, and that he would have to go through years of training to beat him. Speed didn’t like the idea of spending years here, but he then realized that the only one who even tried to stop him from escaping was Chiyoko, and if he could just beat her, then he could be out of here in no time. He then accepted the sensei’s challenge and the old penguin said that his training would begin tomorrow.

Intense Training[edit]

Speed awoke early the next day and got ready for his training. When he found Li he was surprised to see another penguin who he'd never seen before. Li introduced the young penguin as Toshi Kojima, a young penguin who had just arrived the morning in order to train under him. The sensei decided that the two would be training partners, and gave them their first lesson.

Months passed, and the two had become much stronger since their first day. In the months that they had been training, Speed had become much more sociable with his new siblings (even Chiyoko). He was still very hot tempered though, and was very competitive. His training partner Toshi, had become his main rival, and at the same time best friend. To them, everything was a completion (who could slurp ramen the fastest, who could hold 200 degrees Fahrenheit tea in their mouth the longest, etc.), but at the same time they hung around each other more then anyone else. They had already gotten their brown belt, and were ready to go for the black belt today. They both challenged Li to a game of Card-Jitsu, and they both barely succeeded. A celebration was held for the two new ninjas, one which lasted for two whole days (ninjas party for a long time).

For the next few days after that, everyone was very tired. Li however was wide awake, and was ready to give an announcement. Speed and Toshi were currently around 12 years old, and they had both finished their training. This meant that they would take the trip that every ninja takes in their life. Basically, until they reached the age of 16, they live in the wilderness and train themselves to become even more powerful. When the training ends, they return to their village and fight alongside their siblings. The two penguins were each given katanas and their "Ninja Titles", and headed out into the wilderness, to complete their training.

For around four years, the two penguins lived together in the wild. They went through a lot of daily training that Li had told them to do (lifting 500 lb rocks up and down mountains, wrestling with Leopard Seals, and chopping down a tree with a mere dagger), and they somehow managed to survive. At the end of their training, the two had each grown into powerful ninjas. They set off towards home, ready to join the ranks of the most powerful fighters in Antarctica.

Becoming immortal[edit]

After many days of travelling, the two ninjas had arrived home. They were greeted by many of their siblings, as well as their master Li and his brother Tsoi. A feast was held in honor of their return, and the two were very happy to be home again. After the party was over though, Li asked to speak to Speed in private. He reminded the ninja about their agreement all those years ago, and asked him if he still planned on leaving. After a moment of silence, Speed assured him that he had no intention of leaving, and finally referred to Li as his father. The two simply laughed, and Speed went to his room to sleep. It may seem like this story has a happy ending, but unfortunately, it was not to be.

A few years passed; Speed and Toshi were now in their early twenties, and were assigned to the highest rank a ninja could receive (except of course for the title of sensei) along with Chiyoko. The three had become close friends during their time working together, but now wasn’t the time for happiness. For over a year now, a deadly disease known as the I Love U Flu Virus had struck their village, and lead many of their siblings to their death. At the time, this disease was incurable, and nothing could be done about it. Many more came down with it every month, and were put into quarantine in the south-west part of the village. A few days later, and even more horrible things had happened. Chiyoko had caught the disease. Speed was infuriated at how many of his siblings had succumbed to this disease, and went to confront Li about the matter. He told his master that they should seek the help of some of the High Penguins, saying that their magic might be of some help. Li refused though, saying that he was sure it wouldn’t do any good, and that he wasn’t going to spread the disease any other settlements. Speed insisted that they should at least try, but Li said that his word was final. Sickened by his master’s attitude, Speed marched off to his room and went to bed.

The next morning, he received the morning newspaper that had been delivered by a skua, and he was most surprised at the headline. It said that the famous scientist Harold Aye-Que had been kidnapped by Khanzem, a new military force that everyone was talking about. Supposedly they were forcing him to develop a formula that could cure any disease, and possibly grant immortality. What caught Speed’s attention though was the note that said they were accepting penguins who were willing to be test subjects for this project, and in return they would receive large sums of money. Speed figured that if he signed up, and the project became a success, he would ask for more of the cure instead of money, and then use the cure to get rid of the sickness. He ran to tell Li the good news, but then figured that his master would probably disapprove of it. Because of this, he decided that he would keep it a secret from everyone (even Toshi), and that night he sneaked out of the village and went to speak to their leader, Whoot Smackler Whoot.

After a few hours, Speed arrived at the Khanzem camp that Whoot was currently staying at, and told him that he wished to sign up for the experiment. The khanz penguin told him that he would first have to pass a test to see if his body was strong enough for the experiment. Speed agreed, and passed the test with great ease. The ninja told Whoot about how he’d need a lot of the cure once it was invented in return for helping them, and Whoot agreed to his terms. He then told the penguin to return to his village and to meet them at the same spot in two weeks when the cure was expected to be complete for testing. Speed hated to have to wait this long, but he assumed that it was better than nothing, and agreed.

For the next few days, Speed simply continued his duties and acted as if nothing had happened. Two weeks eventually passed though, and Speed made his way to the Khanzem camp. There he met the scientist Harold Aye-Que, who was going to conduct the experiment. The puffle told Speed that he admired how he wanted to help save his village, but reminded the ninja that this was a very dangerous experiment, and there was even a possibility of him dying. Speed simply shrugged and said that he would end up dying from the disease eventually anyways, so he really had nothing to loose. The experiment then began, and Speed strapped down tightly to a metal bed with iron bonds. Harold came by with a surgical knife and used it make a small cut on his right arm. He then held up a small bottle filled with a black liquid-like substance, and poured it onto the cut. It then worked its way into his bloodstream, leaving Speed wondering what happened. A mere few seconds later however, Speed felt an extreme pain surging through his body. The only real way to describe it would be to say it felt like his body was destroying itself from the inside out. And just when he thought it couldn’t get any more painful, he began to cough up all the blood in his body. It was almost as if something was forcing it out of him. He felt like he was going to die right then and their, but he was determined to survive for his family. After awhile, he was too weak to stay awake, and passed out from the shear amount of pain in his body.

Meanwhile outside, the camp was under attack by a mysterious force. Many of their tanks had been destroyed, and there were quite a few casualties. It was none other than Li and his army of ninjas. Li demanded to see Whoot, and the khanz penguin stepped out of his tent. The sensei told him that Toshi had caught Speed sneaking out of the village this morning, followed him here, and then came to get backup. He demanded to know where Speeddasher was, and Whoot simply smiled and told the penguin to come out and greet the guests. What stepped out was something that no one expected however. Standing proud and tall with a katana in each flipper, was a penguin with pitch black feathers all over his body. Despite the new color, there was no mistaking that this penguin was Speed. One of the ninjas quickly ran up to rescue his sibling, only to be stabbed right in the stomach. Everyone was shocked at what happened, and Whoot told them all about the experiment that Speed had signed up for, and why he did it. He said that while Speed had miraculously survived having the newly invented dark blood into his body, he had lost all consciousness, and was now under their control. Everyone trembled at what had happened to their brother, but Li was infuriated, which was very rare to see from such a kind penguin as himself. He held his sword up high, and proclaimed that he was gonna chop Whoot’s head off for tricking one of his children.

Forever Cursed[edit]

The battle had begun. Whoot had sent four tanks to take Li down, but the ninja master simply sliced them in half with his kwan dao. After the battle had progressed a bit further, Whoot decided he would send Speed out to fight. The ninja nodded and quickly rushed into battle. His siblings however, didn’t wish to hurt him, and even those who did manage to wound him found that he could easily just regenerate. Because of this, Speed ended up killing nearly every one of them that tried to face him. Li could barely watch his children fall at the hands of their sibling without him even being aware of it. All hope seemed lost, when something unexpected happened. Chiyoko was spotted running towards the battlefield, and fast as she could run being sick and all. Li and Toshi tried to stop her, but she ran right towards Speed and began to clash katanas with him. She attempted to remind him of who he really was, and that he needed to fight Whoot’s control. All of this didn’t have any effect however, and eventually she became too tired to continue fighting. It was then that Speed slashed right at her stomach, causing her to bleed uncontrollably. With every ounce of strength that she had, Chiyoko managed to give her sibling a warm hug in a last attempt to get him to remember. Speed felt the blood on her arms, and her fading life force. Somehow, this snapped him out of this state and he looked around to see his siblings dead. He yelled out asking what had happened, and then he noticed the blood on his flippers and realized that he had done all this. Speed started to cry, but Chiyoko told him that she chose to die here, because she didn’t want to die of the disease knowing that her sibling was a slave of Khanzem. She then gave him congratulations, saying that he finally managed to beat her. With that, Chiyoko took her last breath and fell to the ground dead. Li, Toshi, and the surviving ninjas were shocked at what had taken place, and Whoot was infuriated that Speed had broken free of their control. Speed however, was feeling horrible. He had just killed over half of his siblings and he didn’t even realize it. He couldn’t keep it in any longer. The ninja got on his knees, and began crying uncontrollably.

Whoot, realizing that the experiement was a failure, quickly got into a helicopter and took off with his top troops. Li attempted to go after him, but his children held him back. Speed meanwhile has started to run quickly to the back of the camp. He didn't know where he was running to, but he knew he had to get away from here. Li called for Speed to come back, but the ninja didn't respond. After a bit of running, he ran into Harold Aye-Que, who began wheeping as Speed had just been. Speed drew his katana out, ready to kill the puffle for injecting him with the blood, and Harold simply said that at this point dying would be a fitting punishment for the pain he'd helped spread. Speed was about to kill him, but he dropped his katana and said that he didn't want to kill anyone else. He did however run into the tent that the operation had taken place, and began to wreck all of the machinery and the dark blood. Eventually, the machinery began to malfunction, and the tent exploded. Speeddasher regenerated right were Harold was standing, and the puffle thanked him for destroying the cursed project. Speed then heard Li calling for him again and quickly ran off into the wilderness.

A few days passed, and Speed continued to live in the mountains. He didn't know what to do, or where to go, but he knew that his past life was over. It was then that he heard a sound in the bushes. He got his katanas out, and saw Tsoi (Li's brother) approaching him. Speed told Tsoi that he wasn't coming back, but Tsoi simply said he hadn't come to ask him to return, but rather to tell him that Li had sent him to kill him. Speed was rather shocked at this, but said that he'd rather die right now, and if Tsoi could find a way to kill him he would welcome it. Tsoi simply huffed, and said that he had a more fitting punishment for the ninja. He told Speed that on the other side of the mountains where there was a ferry that would take him to the Mainland. Speed was to be banished there, and to never return. Speed nodded and set off towards the small dock where the ferry was. Tsoi smiled and said to himself that his plan had worked. In actuality, Li wanted to ask Speed to come back, and Tsoi volunteered to go and find him. Tsoi however had no intention on telling Speed the truth, and wanted the ninja gone for killing some of their finest warriors. When Tsoi arrived home, he told Li that the blood in Speed's body had poisoned him, and that he gave the ninja a proper burial in the mountains. Li believed his brother, and since that day, the sensei was never the same again.

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As a chick, Speed's feathers were black, and he had semi-long black hair. He would always wear a fur coat that was much to big for him (having been made for medium size Khanz Penguins), possibly to make himself look sophisticated.

As an adult, Speed is a rather tall, muscular penguin who usually bears a rather serious look on his face. He's usually seen wearing a blue and white cap along with his ninja mask, belt, and cloud bracers. He doesn't appear to have hair anymore, though due to his cap it's hard to tell. He usually wears a large fur coat that is actually made out of a very heavy, but flexible metal. He often wears it during his training, but will usually wear it into battle aswell, possibly as a way to taunt his opponents by showing them that even with weighted clothing he can still beat them.

His voice is rather deep, and relaxed for the most part, except when he's made angry in which case it will become rather loud.


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(During his wilderness training with Toshi at night when he notices his friend walking)

Speeddasher: Say Toshi, do you ever think that we'll have gotten strong enough to be elite ninjas when this training is done. I mean, you've always told me you wanted to be a sensei, and I honestly think you have what it takes.

(Speed notices his friend walking farther away)

Speeddasher: Hey wait up! Where are you going?

(Speed catches up to his friend)

Speeddasher: Do you always go on nightly walks or something? I mean I guess it is pretty nice out here, but we've got a lot of training to do tomorrow and...

(Speed hears his friend snoring and punches him in the back of his head)


(An explosion occurs)


Because of his long training under the famous sensei Li, Speed possesses monster-like strength. An example being that during their first fight, Tails6000 (who had previously taken down villains such as the Jock Brothers and several members of the UPM) was unable to land one hit on Speeddasher, while the ninja forced Tails into merely dodging his katana blades, until he was finally impailed. Another example was that he was wanted in the USA, Freezeland, and the United Terra, with each country offering a reward of 10,000,000 coins for his capture. Combined with his regeneration abilities, that he received from the Khanzem experiment, Speed was viewed by many as nearly invincible. The few that were able to match him in strength were the Gaurdians of the Master Gem, Toshi Kojima, and Julian6000. Even in his second fight with Tails, in which the young penguin had gone through five months of training, he still gave the penguin a rather hard fight, until he was finally knocked out and defeated.


Speed's main weapons are two katanas that he always carries along with him. Their blades are forged with a rare type of metal from Diamond Falls that absorb the impact of attacks such as punches, making them nearly impossible to shatter. His also uses shurikens to fight, if he view his opponent as to weak to even bother using his swords.


  • Hasami Kiru - It's name translates to "Scissor Cut", is one of his basic attacks. While holding his katanas in a scissor-like position, he sprints towards his enemy and (if succesful) slices their head clean off.
  • Tatsumaki Suraisu Ken Saikoro - It's name translates to "Tornado Slice and Dice", and is one of his most deadly attacks. He pulls this attack off by rotating his katanas over his head at an incredible speed, and in mere seconds creates a tornado of razor wind that can slice through almost anything. This attack is usually used to fight off groups of enemies that he doesn't think are worth the time, but he also used it on Tails during their second fight, and nearly killed him. The attacks only real weakness is that Speed has no control over where it goes once he launches it, so he has to make sure he fires it correctly, or he could end up destroying more than his targets. Tails ended up commenting on how he thought the name was overly long during their fight.


Speed is not without his weaknesses though, and he does have several. For instance, he's incredibly vulnerable to light-related weapons (for instance, the Amulet of Light). If he were to receive a wound from a weapon like that, it wouldn't be able to regenerate. Speaking of regeneration, Speed's regenerative abilities, while technically a strength, also double as a weakness. You see, while he can recover from wounds very quickly his body still has to use energy to do so. Because of this, he can become very exhausted in a fight if he's wounded enough times. Speed is also highly allergic to Doom Weeds, and consuming one could kill him. Another weakness is his complete inability to use complicated technology. To put it simply, he's gone through about 55 computers in his lifetime, and he can't drive a car to save his life. He's that bad at using technology. He's also quite stupid when it comes to anything other than combat, and is pretty much useless in situations that involve thinking. By far his greatest weakness though is his temper. If it is even implied that he's old, Speeddasher will completely loose his cool, and begin yelling at whoever implied it. This can cause him to loose his concentration in a battle.

Relations with Others[edit]


When the two first met, they were enemies. Tails attempted to beat the ninja, in hopes that his friends could get away, but he was beaten quite easily and ended up getting impaled by Speed's katana. The ninja then tossed him into a freezing lake and said that if he could get himself to the surface he could survive. Five months later though, when it turned out Tails had survived and increased his strength from training with Toshi, the two battled once again, and this time they were pretty much evenly matched. Tails barely managed to win though, and the two were both brought to the hospital. When Speed woke up, he asked why Tails didn't kill him when he had the chance, saying that you should never leave your enemy alive. Tails just laughed and told Speed that he wasn't his enemy, and that he also knew about Speed's past. This gave Speed a change of heart, and he decided that he would join Antarctica's Protectors. Since then, the two have been on pretty good terms, but Speed still views Tails as childish.

Toshi Kojima[edit]

During their training together, Speed and Toshi became good friends. While they would often compete with each other in just about anything, they both shared similar ideals on how to be a good warrior. When Toshi (who had now become the new sensei) heard about Speed becoming a criminal, he approached his old friend in hopes of getting him to return to the Dojo. The ninja simply replied that he would never be able to return to his old life, and even threatened Toshi saying that if he ever got in his way he would kill him. Nowadays, the two have a friendship similar to how it was back during their childhood; being good friends, but still slightly competitive.

Explorer 767[edit]

If there are any members of the protectors that come close to being enemies it's Speeddasher and Explorer. The two don't seem to get along to well, mostly due to Explorer's constant jokes about Speed's age and temper. They are willing to work together if the situation requires it though.


  • Speeddasher is one of the few good guys who is willing to kill his opponents. Infact, before he joined the side of good, he threatened to kill Tails6000, and even Sensei if they got in his way.
  • Speed is known to be a heavy drinker, and often hangs out at Cream Soda bars in his spare time.
  • During his time as a villain, Speed would constantly drink herbal tea to calm himself down. The reason for this being that he wanted to appear as a very sophisticated penguin (hence the fur coat), and with his incredibly short temper that was hard to do.
  • According to Sensei, Speeddasher isn't even Speed's real name, but rather just a code name he came up with during his time as a villain. Once he joined the side of good, Tails asked Speed what his real name was, but the ninja simply replied that he was putting his past behind him including his name. He told Tails to call him whatever he wanted (except for old man), and Tails decided to just keep referring to him as Speeddasher.
  • He owns a special white puffle, Blizzard.
  • Speed is highly illergic to Doom Weeds.
  • He has an X-Antibody called Speeddasher X.
  • Swiss Ninja views Speed as a robot slave more than a Penguin, sadly.
  • Gottfried Hochstadt, Swiss Ninja's distant cousin and Sensei Li's great grandson, is good friends with Speeddasher since he trained with his great grandfather.


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